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  1. Whenever there is big money riding on a contract like the TFX project there is scandal and corruption. Congressfolk will not be looking at the merits of the proposals. They will be looking at the benefit to their state or district. Dallas won the argument.
  2. Warren commission investigators/ panelists/ (I can’t recall who was who, or their titles). as well as witnesses, were baffled by some of the twisted accounts that clearly pointed to an alter-identity / personality / agent, that explicitly left them dumbfounded, and stating that the situation needed to be sorted out ( eg. the Furniture Mart / The Barber shop LHO)). The length and breadth of the deep research done for H&L is extraordinarily valuable. Specific and ultimate conclusions cannot take that away. Some of Marguerite’s alleged associations are beyond remarkable, if true. I have always found the characterization of H&L researchers as a camp or squad as extremely unhelpful in getting the answers from those who are being queried. The inquiries are almost always framed in a manner that is fairly described as ridicule. I am saddened to see RCD pose his question in the same manner. He is so far above that. If I were truly curious about, and wanted an answer to, a question, I would never pose a question in such a manner: knowing that I would invoke defensiveness rather than a thoughtful response. It is strange that the H&L queries almost always shake-out this way.
  3. G Gordon Liddy died https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/30/us/g-gordon-liddy-dead.html
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/30/us/g-gordon-liddy-dead.html
  5. He was active fairly recently on the Jfkassassinationforum site. If you want to PM me with some mode of contact for you, I will PM him with that.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0KxHI0i8fuoWNgBWZPtvEw
  7. IIRC The best, or only, candidate for the source of the trike motor recordings was identified as a unit stationed at the Trademart.
  8. @William Kelly wrote on FB, today... William Kelly Mike Clark The release of the remaining records will happen this year if Biden does nothing. It was supposed to be automatic in Octobet 2017 until Trump was convinced to continue withholding them until 2021. Biden will have to issue an executive order to continue withholding them beyond this year.
  9. If I recall correctly, January 20th is the date to which Trump deferred the final release of JFK documents. It was remarkable because Trump used the words “I have no choice” when characterizing that decision. I’m not sure but I might have sold my soul and had his back If I knew he would have released the records. In one sub domain of my life I feel that is the most important thing for this country, or, if you will, the country that existed prior to The Coup of 63.
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