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  1. Allan Dulles and Frank Wisner Dulles and Wisner were closely involved in setting up and administering many of the CIA operations and projects said to have touched on or directly affected Lee Harvey Oswald. This would be the U2 program, the Project MKUltra at Atsugi, Japan, the Defector Program, the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs invasion, and the continued interest in invading Cuba. There are key words of interest in this discussion: These are OSS, Switzerland, Easter European refugees, NSCID No. 14, propaganda, economic warfare, …including assistance to underground resistance groups, guerrillas and refugee liberation groups, Richard Helms, Belarus, Belarussians, Belarus Brigade, Richard Helms, Kim Philby, and Richard M. Bissell Jr. Allan Dulles: (From Wikipedia) Allen Welsh Dulles (/ˈdʌləs/; April 7, 1893 – January 29, 1969) was the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), and its longest-serving director to date. As head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the early Cold War, he oversaw the 1953 Iranian coup d'état, the 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état, the Lockheed U-2 aircraft program, the Project MKUltra mind control program and the Bay of Pigs Invasion. He was fired by John F. Kennedy over the latter fiasco. …Dulles was one of the members of the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Between his stints of government service, Dulles was a corporate lawyer and partner at Sullivan & Cromwell. …In the 1948 Presidential election, Dulles was, together with his brother, an advisor to Republican nominee Thomas E. Dewey. The Dulles brothers and James Forrestal helped form the Office of Policy Coordination. During 1949 he co-authored the Dulles–Jackson–Correa Report, which was sharply critical of the Central Intelligence Agency, which had been established by the National Security Act of 1947. Partly as a result of the report, Truman named a new Director of Central Intelligence, Lieutenant General Walter Bedell Smith. …DCI Smith recruited Dulles to oversee the agency's covert operations as Deputy Director for Plans, a position he held from January 4, 1951. On August 23, 1951, Dulles was promoted to Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, second in the intelligence hierarchy. In this capacity, in 1952–53 he was one of five members of the State Department Panel of Consultants on Disarmament during the last year of the Truman administration.[27] After the election of Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, Bedell Smith shifted to the Department of State and Dulles became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence.” Frank Wisner took Dulles place as Deputy Director for Plans. Dulles and Wisner worked hand in hand as Director of the Central Intelligence and Deputy Director of Plans for many years. Frank Wisner: (Daily Beast) Daily Beast: CIA and FBI Spied on Americans and Immigrant Refugees as Early as the Late 50s “Soon after World War II ended, the Department of State recognized that there was a huge, untapped pool of Eastern European refugees. Harnessing them to fight the communists they hated was the brainchild of Frank Wisner, a former Wall Street lawyer turned Office of Strategic Services spy and the State Department’s expert on European war refugees. In a secret February 1948 policy paper, Wisner and his study group recommended that the National Security Council sanction the “systematic” use of such refugees. The NSC took Wisner’s advice. Two years later, on March 3, 1950, the council issued a top-secret intelligence directive (NSCID No. 14) authorizing both the FBI and the CIA to find and jointly exploit the knowledge, experience, and talents of the approximately 200,000 Eastern European refugees living in the United States, as well as the hundreds of thousands still trapped in displaced-persons camps in Europe. The NSC, FBI, and CIA fully understood at least one of the legal implications of NSCID No. 14. There were bound to be poopoo collaborators among the targeted Eastern Europeans: Einsatzgruppen volunteers who helped the SS round up and kill Jews and Gypsies, Waffen SS brigade volunteers, ethnic-cleansing militia guerrillas, and members of pro-poopoo fascist groups like the Romanian Iron Guard and the Croatian Ustasha. To avoid future embarrassment or legal challenges, the NSC charged the Justice Department with finding ways within and around the law to recruit and protect its new Cold War army. Frank Wisner (From Wikipedia): Wisner was recruited in 1947 by Dean Acheson to join the State Department to become the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Occupied Areas. On June 18, 1948, the United States National Security Council approved NSC 10/2 which created the Office of Special Projects.[9] On September 1, 1948, the office was formally established, although it was renamed to the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) for obfuscation purposes.[10] Wisner was chosen to lead the OPC in the capacity of Assistant Director for Policy Coordination (ADPC).[11] The OPC initially received services from the CIA but was accountable to the State Department.[12] According to its secret charter, the OPC's responsibilities include "propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and evacuation procedures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, guerrillas and refugee liberation groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world."[ On August 23, 1951, Wisner succeeded Allen W. Dulles and became the second Deputy Director of Plans, with Richard Helms as his chief of operations. J. Edgar Hoover and U.S. Senator McCarthy succeeded in forcing CIA director Allen W. Dulles to dismiss one of his key staff members, Carmel Offie, in 1953 over Wisner's objections.[17] Wisner worked closely with Kim Philby, the British agent who was also a Soviet spy. Wisner was also deeply involved in establishing the Lockheed U-2 spy plane program run by [1] Wisner was also deeply involved in establishing the Lockheed U-2 spy plane program run by Richard M. Bissell Jr.[1] Another project he was involved in was with regard to the Belarus Brigade's leaders, a unit incorporated into a German SS division, who were assisted into the United States after the Second world war, due largely to his efforts. In defiance of federal law, John Loftus asserted, the Office of Policy Coordination helped obtain visas for poopoo collaborators from Belarus — who were believed to have facilitated numerous atrocities by the poopoo Germany. According to Loftus, it was all part of a Cold War scheme to wage guerrilla warfare in Soviet-occupied Europe, in which the poopoo collaborators were to play a key role. When the project collapsed, however, the Belarussians quickly settled in and obtained US citizenship – and intelligence agencies protected them from exposure for decades.[16 From Harvey and Lee Website: Frank Wisner and World War II Refugees Frank Wisner was a Wall Street lawyer and during WW II worked for the Office of Strategic Services (predecessor of the CIA). After World War II ended thousands of Eastern European refugees were brought to the United States under his supervision. National Security Council (NSC) records show that Wisner, the CIA's director of clandestine operations, oversaw the re-location of thousands of anti-Communist exiles to the United States as a means of rewarding them for conducting secret operations against the Soviets. Wisner became the CIA and State Department’s expert on European war refugees, and secretly subsidized the refugee relief organizations that brought these Eastern Bloc refugees to the United States throughout the 1940s and early 1950s. Wisner and his group recognized they could use these Eastern European immigrant's knowledge, customs, and familiarity with their respective homelands. Wisner asked the National Security Council (NSC) to sanction the “systematic” use of such refugees, and they (the NSC) agreed. The NSC soon issued a top-secret intelligence directive (NSCID No. 14), which even today remains "classified," that authorized both the FBI and the CIA to find and jointly exploit the knowledge, experience, and talents of well over 200,000 Eastern European refugees resettled in the USA. The CIA soon contacted the Displaced Person's Commission (DPC), which worked closely with the leaders of refugee organizations in the USA. DPC chairman Ugo Carusi sent a memorandum to all refugee organizations in the USA that read: “We would like to advise that the U.S. Commission [DPC] has a formal agreement with the CIA to cooperate in every possible way to facilitate their programs. It is, therefore, altogether desirable that local representatives of the voluntary agencies and State Commissions and Committees make available to fully identified CIA agents the addresses of displaced persons.” Many of the things mentioned in this discussion can be related to Lee Harvey Oswald. And, may give insight into the character of that mysterious person shot at the Dallas Police Department. We refer to this person as Harvey Oswald, one of the other people involved in the Oswald Project. I apologize to Tony Krome. This has gone way off the subject of the Backyard Photos. But, it is part of the history of who the person in the BYPs is.
  2. Kennedys and King Home Paul Bleau Saturday, 29 July 2017 06:00 Oswald’s Intelligence Connections: How Richard Schweiker clashes with Fake History Written by Paul Bleau “Oswald and Intelligence: Odds and Ends Before getting to who Oswald links up with let us look at general points where we can find fingerprints of intelligence. From Jim Marrs’ Crossfire we can read about how Oswald: Possessed a Minolta spy camera. Had a notebook that included microdots. Loved James Bond and the spy program I Led Three Lives. Worked at Atsugi air base in Japan as a radar operator with possible security clearance. This was the base where the CIA’s U2 top-secret high altitude surveillance program was housed. Was discharged from the Marines, entered Russia through a favorite spy-friendly crossing point in the middle of a false defector program, threatened theatrically to give away U2 secrets to the Russians in the U.S. embassy, and returned easily to the U.S. with his Russian wife, who herself had ties to Russian intelligence. All this with financial support in ways that could have only been state-sponsored. Learned Russian in a way which New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison, himself an ex-marine, concluded could only have been through special training for an intelligence assignment. He also discovered that Oswald’s base for his Fair Play for Cuba activities was right in the heart of New Orleans’ intelligence establishment, and that he was most probably playing an agent-provocateur role. He grew convinced that intelligence assets were obstructing his investigation into Oswald’s links, something that was confirmed by the HSCA and ARRB releases. Applied, while in the Marines, to a very obscure Swiss college called Albert Schweitzer that appears to be CIA-linked.?” No. 1 is a telling point. How would a non-agent or wannabe agent have or even know about 35mm Minolta spy cameras. There is a lot of things that Oswald knew about that wasn’t general knowledge to the public. No. 2 is spycraft. I guess Oswald could of made these at the photo lab of Jaggers, Chile, etc. No. 3, I don’t see this as very relevant. IMO, the only Bond film or book that approaches what is done in spying is From Russia With Love. Number 4 is something I would go farther with. Atsugi Naval Base was the premier intelligence base in the Far East. There were major cold war secret operations done at Atsugi. 1. U2 flights and operation was conducted at Atsugi against the Chinese and Russians. 2. There was a major operation with nuclear weapons at Atsugi. The nuclear weapons were stored on Naval ships at Yokohama. In the event of their use they would be transported to Atsugi and armed. 3. Oswald lived in the same barracks as the U2 flight personnel and could have learned major secrets there from the mechanics and repairmen. He was trained early on in aircraft maintenance and repair in California before being trained in radar technology. These two trainings indicate Oswald was being prepared for something involving U2's. 4. There were many other spying facilities there. A Korean village to train infiltrators into North Korea is an example. No. 5 is worth looking at closer. Oswald’s time and job at the Minsk factory is something that needs further review. In October of 1959 there were two Oswalds in Europe. Perhaps around mid-October Harvey Oswald was in Finland and his double the real Lee Harvey Oswald was on a MATS flight to Germany as discussed in the Steenberger testimony before the HSCA. No. 6, if looked at from the Harvey and Lee perspective has Harvey Oswald as the Russian speaker has a consequence of his birth and youth. Also, in No. 6 is further connections to intelligence. I once listed 10 people in the military/Russia, in New Orleans, and in Dallas that had a military or intelligence background. Other people have done a much better job of relating Oswald’s intelligence connections. No. 7 is another case of how Oswald knew something. Albert Schweitzer College was a little known school to the public. How would Oswald have known about it and why did the accept him a high school dropout. The college was associated with the CIA. This was not known to the public. “Researcher Mae Brussell argued that Oswald’s mission in Russia was to help the Russians bring down Gary Powers’ U2 flight over Russia and therefore sabotage Eisenhower’s attempt at rapprochement with the Russians at an upcoming summit meeting. Others have pointed to those who were convinced Oswald was a spy, including Marines Oswald served with, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Oswald’s mother and others.” This was the reason Oswald defected into the Soviet Union. Oswald was not a wannbe spy, but a high-level operative on a carefully defined and setup operation at the highest levels of US intelligence. Oswald and his double had been trained by the US for some significant operation that would take place in the future.. This project, the Oswald Project, was a long term project which began in Switzerland when Allen Dulles was assigned there in the OSS and helped refugees from northern Europe, particularly Poland and Russia, escape the German invasion.
  3. None in the grand scheme of things. The grand scheme of things being the JFKA. Oswald's defection pre-dates any notion of the JFKA. So, there are other grands schemes at work then. Marina and Oswald meet before anything is actually thought of or put into works for the JFKA. I see the relationship between Marina and Oswald as spy vs. spy. IMO, Oswald was sent to the Soviet Union as a triple spy. Stage 1 spying would be his defection to the SU. Stage 2 would be his actual defection to the SU by giving them US military secrets involving radar. This doubling would have to be very convincing to KGB authorities so that they would accept him as a genuine defector. This acceptance of Oswald as a worthy defector was real. He was sent to Minsk which was not a faraway place of no importance. Minsk was a top industrial and military center. It had the Soviets best and biggest factory for electrical products. Oswald was sent to the radio and tv factory as a regulator. Most people wonder what that was and simply take the simple answer that he was a lathe operator. That was not so. A regulator was a supervisor. Oswald was a supervisor in the experimental shop of the factory. This was where new products were made. He was paid more or the same as the factory manager. Why? Because what he was doing in the experimental shop was of top priority to the KGB and Soviet authorities. I, like others, believe Oswald was instrumental in providing info that eventually caused the downing of a U2. This was why he was sent into the Soviet Union. His mission was to sabotage the upcoming summit meeting and continue the Cold War. Still, he was not trusted. It was said that 30 KGB operatives were assigned to watch him. And, then comes Marina to fulfill Oswald's lonesome desires. It's Spy vs Spy. Marina, IMO, is a KGB spy. She attaches herself to Oswald and in the process doubles as a spy so that Oswald will find her attractive and be sympathetic to her desire to escape Russian, communism, and the hard life she has led as a spy. When she gets to the US she triples. Spy vs. Spy. When the Oswald couple gets to the US, the authorities, particularly the FBI, want to keep an eye on her for that reason. It is probably the last thing they would want to do. Can you remember hiding under your desk in school in an atomic bomb drill. This was the atmosphere of the late 50's and early 60's. The Hungarian revolution. The Quemoy and Matsu incident. The Cuban missile crisis. The U2 affair. Trouble in Southeast Asia. And, many others. Since the Soviets were behind us in missiles, missile technology, and nuclear bombs, they would not want to press war. Threaten, yes. Cause trouble on the side lines, but a direct confrontation, no. This is the background of Marina and Oswald's spy game. Spy vs Spy.
  4. It's obvious that Marina was an agent of some government body in the Soviet Union. KGB, or military intelligence, the GRU, are the most likely candidates. There are stories of Marina with a Bulgarian ambassador, a Moroccan individual, and with Robert Webster prior to her meeting Oswald. Her people were in intelligence work at a high level. I don't know much about her parents and her early years. Supposedly, she ended up in Minsk due to an Uncle. And, then she meets Oswald. Since I am a Harvey and Lee fan I have to ask which one? Did she have a relationship with both in the SU and the US. Jealousy may be the reason for her occasional beating. That's just my pet theory lacking evidence to say confidently. But, several of the stories have her with an Oswald while another Oswald is elsewhere. She said she was married to two men. Many take that metaphorically. I don't. Yep. Marina is very suspicious. Particularly, her behavior after the assassination and her help in framing Oswald.
  5. Sorry, I have diabetic polyneuropathy. It's a gift from the government and the army. I can't feel which keys my hands are on and just apt to type anything. I rely to much on spell checking I looked at Lipton and since the spell checker said nothing. Sorry for the misspelling. In the future I will try to do better.
  6. Absolutely. IMO, the people who planned the assassination wanted a film to just do that. They wanted to manipulate the memories of people who were there in two ways. One by limiting, or coercing, or out right changing witness testimony. Secondly, with altered media such as the Zapruder film and others that apparently show the same thing. After decades have passed, a witness standing at the time of the assassination in the intersection of Elm and Houston sees and hears shots fired in front of the TSBD. Later, let's say about 1975, he sees the Zapruder film that shows shooting down by the Grassy Knoll. What is he going to remember in 1985? Or, what would he remember in 2000? I give you Jean Hill as an example. She bitterly fought Arlen Specter to say she was just across from the SW corner of the TSBD in 1964 (See Hill Exhibit No. 5). Years later in a film, she is down at the Grassy Knoll with Mary Moorman saying the shooting took place there. Bonnie Williams had his memories adjusted 4 time before he got it right. Originally, he said he heard shooting when the p. limo was at the Main and Houston intersection. And, on it goes for many witnesses. David Lifton is absolutely right the Zapruder film was designed to manipulate memories of the event. His example of Gov. Connally indicates they were doing this early on within days of the assassination. through altered film/photos and witness testimony.
  7. The hole on right side (button side) of the Kennedy's shirt does not match the left side. The hole under the left side is much smaller. If that is the hole on the button hole side? If not please advise. I can't tell if there is anything that looks like a bullet hole further down from where the arrow is pointing. The hole in the back of the shirt looks larger than the hole on the left below the button hole. The large exit wound looks like it matches with the bullet holes in the Kennedy shirt. You might notice that both the larger and smaller wounds are key shaped as said to be the type of wound made by tumbling rounds. This wound site in the back of Connally's shirt indicates he was shot from the front just as Kennedy was. The wound hole is 3/8 x 3/8 inches. That translates to .375 or a .38 caliber round. This is not a standard military or high powered rifle round size. It's more of a pistol size. That suggests this might be a tumbling .25 caliber Carcano round. The keyhole shape suggests it is the same type of hole seen in the Kennedy backwound as an exit wound. Both wounds were made from the front and exited the back. I have always thought that the Kennedy shirt evidence has been manipulated and Governor Connally's clothing suggests the same thing. Are they really the clothing worn on the day of the assassination? I have always wondered if that was so. The hole in the jacket does not match the description above for Connally's shirt. This suggests at least to me that the jacket does not match the shirt for a frontal wound. More shady official story evidence?
  8. Hmmn? A person wants a single fact, but says there are none, and he as a "serious researcher" wouldn't believe it anyway. The question here, which I advise Jim Hargrove form time to time, is "why waste your time on answering something like this?". The "never believeable" facts. The strident saying you didn't answer the question over and over again. The endless request for facts that are never believed, and the endless questions that have been answered over and over again. Why waste your time with these as one researcher says are cointelpro techniques.
  9. Chris, Do you really think that Marina took those photos? And, she took them at at around 4:50 0'clock in the afternoon 3/31/63? Do you believe her? She has a rep of saying what the WC people want her to say and then changing that when it didn't meet expectations. I believe Marina was a Soviet Spy and still was serving the fatherland after the JFKA. Didn't we have some conversation about the date and time several years ago and you suggesting that since this was close to the Vernal Equinox it was difficult to tell whether these photos were taken several days after either the Vernal Equinox or Autumnal Equinox sense the light would be the same in either Sept. or Oct. Tony's claim of being made from film taken on a Friday night doesn't quite fit this. These are the BYPs meaning they were taken in the back yard where Marina and Oswald were living at the time of the photos. So, in this photo the back of the house is where this gate in the photo is? And, is the Oswald figure is standing in the backyard and the house is orientated North/South rather than East/West? For the sun to be behind the house is ok for the shadow that the Oswald figure makes. For the Oswald figure to he highlighted the way he is the light must come from above to produce a shadow directly under the nose. The light is not consistent with the nose shadow and the body shadow. the shadow should bend to the left hand as the body shadow does. It's just one of many inconsistencies in the light in this photo. And, not last because I have got to run, what about Jack's other statements?
  10. Gil, Thank you for this information. There are lots of info that I didn't know in your work. The one above is something I have never heard anywhere in years of research. I can cast reasonable doubt that a shot was never fired from the 6th floor Sniper's Nest. And, the rifle, Oswald's alleged Carcano, was never fired by anyone on the 6th floor making that reasonable doubt a certainty.
  11. And, this bit from Steve Thomas falsifies the notion that the film was used to provide the material for the BYPs. And, the chin of someone was used in the BYPs with Oswalds face ending at the chin.
  12. Tony, Your contention here is that the Backyard Photos were made or altered during the weekend of the assassination. And, that the broad chinned Oswald in the film you show provided the basis for the BYPs. If I am remembering correctly someone, I believe Chris Bristow, figured out the time of the photos by measuring the angles of the shadows in the photos. His conclusion was that the photos were taken near the time of an equinox. He couldn't figure which one, the Vernal Equinox or the Autumnal Equinox, since they would provide essentially the same light and shadows. That being the case the BYPs were made at least two months before the weekend of the assassination.
  13. Be glad to go through that article when published. There are too many people finding too many faults with the BYPs for them to be anything other than fake.
  14. JC, I don't believe I said all media has been altered. What I've said is most if not all have been altered. And, even if I did day all, then that is closer to the truth than not. Consider this about the BYPs without howling about "moon landing" Jack White: Jack White and the backyard photos, Many others have come to the same conclusions and have added even more. Gil Jesus talks about the BYPs in this part VIII discussion available here on the forum. Photographic expert Jack White has studied these photographs for two decades and testified before the House Select Committee. His conclusion is that the photographs are fakes. His pointed findings include: 1) STANDING OFF CENTER: White concludes that Oswald is standing off center and outside the weight bearing alignment of his feet. A person could not stand in such a position. 2) PROPORTIONS: When the body proportions are brought into alignment from the knees to the head by adjusting the size of the photographs, one head is much larger than the other. 3) OVERALL BODY SHADOWS: Although the photos were supposed to have been taken just seconds apart, the overall body shadows in the photographs are all different. In 133-A the photograph has a 10 o'clock shadow, 133-B a 12 o'clock shadow and 133-C a 10 o'clock shadow again. 4) ARM AND ELBOWS: White said that the elbow is too high in one photograph and the elbow doesn't show up on the one photograph of the arm were Oswald is holding the rifle. This pose had been attempted to be duplicated but could not. 5) HANDS AND FINGERS: On the photographs the left hand and finger looks normal. Yet the right hand is missing fingernails and the hand looks stubby. 6) WATCH: The photographs reveal that Oswald is wearing a watch but all witnesses have stated that Oswald did not wear and didn't own a watch. No watch was found among the possessions of Oswald and he was not wearing one when he was arrested. 7) RIFLE: When the photographs are blown up to the actual height of Oswald that was 5'9", the rifle in the photograph is too long. When the rifle is adjusted in the photograph to it's proper length, Oswald's height is six inches too short. 😎 SCOPE: White noted that in the photograph the rear end of the rifle scope is missing and pants wrinkles appear where the end of the scope is supposed to be. 9) FACE: The face shows Oswald with a flat chin but Oswald had a clift chin. There is a line that breaks up the grain of the photograph that runs across the chin that many say is where the cut took place to paste Oswald's face onto the photograph. 10) PHOTOGRAPHIC OVERLAY: When Mr. White took 133-A and 133-B and adjusted and overlayed them, nothing matched up which isn't suppose to happen with two slightly different poses. However, the faces on the two photographs did. 11) FACE SHADOWS: Both photos show the same V shaped shadow below the nose. However, on one of the photos Oswald's head is tilted but the shadow does not adjust for this tilt. 12) NECK SHADOWS: On one of the photos there is light on the right side of the neck but the same photo shows the rifle casting a shadow to this angle. 13) COLLAR SIZE: The collar size can be determined from the photograph using a mathematical formula which came out to size 16. Oswald wore a six 14 1/2 collar and all his clothes found among his personal belongings were in the 14.5 to 15 inch range. 14) BACKGROUNDS: White determined that one photograph had the top cropped off and the other photograph had the bottom cropped off which made the photos appear like they had been taken at slightly different locations. However, except for small fractions, everything lines up on both photographs when the two were compared. That is, the camera did not change position and the only way to do this would be with a tripod which was not used. 15) SMALL DIFFERENCES: For many months White was puzzled by the small differences he noted in the backgrounds but they were not off much. After looking at the photographs some more he determined that on the background of one, the camera appears to be slightly tilted. He then took another copy of the photo by tilting it on a board and everything came perfectly into alignment. During the 1991 JFK Assassination Symposium held in Dallas,Texas of November of that year, computer image processing expert Tom Wilson corroborated all of the White analysis and added that he inspected the feet on the man in the backyard photograph as to light refraction and compared this to official records of the day concerning the position of the sun. Wilson stated that the photograph was taken at 9:12 A.M. if it was taken on the day it was alleged to have been taken. But Marina Oswald's testimony stated that the photographs were taken in the early afternoon which is completely inconsistant with the Wilson study.
  15. I see little difference between the two frames. So, compression issues on the left and right. Whatever the state of the film due to technological concerns, the two frames do not appear to be different. The broadening of Oswald's chin by highlight and shadow is unnatural. From the same film without shadowing and highlighting. Oswald's chin as it should be and untouched. If you notice the other figures in the scene are not shadowed and highlighted either. Same film. Natural film effect.
  16. "In general, the movie's attempts to connect the JFK assassination to a wider cause -- such as when it seems to claim that Trumpism was set in motion by the failure of the USA to investigate the assassination properly -- fall flat," he explained. "It's impossible not to laugh at this babyish filmmaking. Oliver Stone means well, but a film of this sort would never be given the time of day by any other director." I remember reading such as this about the JFK film by Stone years ago. The cover up continues.
  17. I believe it is the same film. Just a different area. And, it's not compression issues. It is clearly frame editing with black ink. These shadowed areas pointed to by the red arrows are unnatural and clearly put there by someone. The deputy behind Oswald has what looks like a black beard. You can see a paint brush stoke on Oswald's left chin. This shadowing technique was poorly done. It doesn't matter whether it is or not since the frames go by so quickly one just sees shadow. In that day when the editing was done that was good enough to get through and past the JFKA. Once that was done who cares? One needs to slow down the gif frames where you can see things properly frame by frame. I'll repeat the alterations here are poorly done. This film has areas where Oswald is not unnaturally shadowed and areas where he is. As far as I know this is the same film on the 23rd. The description is the same as the one you and Chris are using.
  18. Chris, A glare is different from a glow or shine. Hold you hand under a light. The keratin or hard substance in your nails reflects more light than skin. Except for one small area just above the nail. I don't know why that area shines more. Nails are hard to paint if you don't consider all of the details concerned. But, once you do you can make an almost photographic depiction. Most people don't consider how many different skin tones have to be accounted for to make a two dimensional object into an apparent 3 dimensional object. That's the illusion that an artist creates. Different skin tones means different light reflections.
  19. Don't you love it? Six wallets. Oswald may or may not have had a wallet fetish. It seems likely with 6 wallets. I like the reasoning of Jim Hargrove about there being more than one Oswald. If we split 6 wallets among 2 people that might be reasonable. I am just saying that if there were 3 Oswalds then that would be 2 wallets apiece and that might be very reasonable. The problem with this is Marina's relationship to 1 or perhaps 2 Oswalds. A third Oswald and Marina hiding his wallet in her room To much for my ancient and creaky mind to consider. But, unfortunately the number of wallets do not equal the number of Oswalds. There is just no way to prove anything other than cover up. And, that says everything. Propaganda, disinformation, altered evidence, coerced witness testimony, and dead witnesses are some of the things one wades through to find some sort of truth in the JFKA.. I didn't know Lee Bowers disappeared for a short period of time and upon his return he was missing a finger. Wasn't there something about Howard Brennan's hair turning white along with his sand blasted eyes. Rough games in those days by the cover up people. So, Oswald having six wallets seems rather mild. Astounding, but mild. Maybe his wallet had something to do with spy Vs spy tradecraft in those early days of American Intelligence. Maybe some kind of thing left over from the CIA bosses OSS days.
  20. I have to admit I am no expert on the history of the BYPs. But, this sounds more like the accounting of their find then the photo album. I am not saying I disbelieve Tony Krome's account. I just haven't seen or heard anyone speak about a photo album. But, like everything else in the JFKA there is point and counter point arguments abounding. Don't you love it? I don't know why but the processor does not want to save this reply. This has been a constant headache in the past month or so. Any solutions?
  21. Can you prove that? What about the width of the hips of the 3 figures? I understand your bias. Your bias is based on strong conviction rather than the facts. As a gentleman said earlier there are no facts you will agree to other than your personal bias.
  22. Which of these is Harvey Oswald? The man shot at the Dallas DPD. How to compare. Compare the width of their hips. I don't want to hear anything about camera angles and lighting. All 3 figures are in a stance directly in front of the camera. The New Orleans Oswald has wider hips and wears his trousers lower on his hips. How high or low you wear your trousers on your hips is variable from one person to the next. But, individually does not vary for a single person.
  23. This is your assumption and you draw it like a gun repeatedly. Do you think that if you say it enough someone will believe it. Do you have any facts that that would back up your speculation proving that the easier method is the best method?
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