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  1. Dear Evan (and All), I’m pleased to inform you that I published 2 days ago (https://www.academia.edu/40162365/Seven_Conclusive_Technical_Reasons_Proving_that_U.S._Astronauts_Really_Landed_on_the_Moon_Between_1969_-_1972 ) a fresh study, showing 7 conclusive technical reasons that refute once forever any claims that human moon landings might have been "faked". This can be very interesting for those who look for technical explanations to counter supporters of “Moon hoax”. You may find everywhere short articles briefly discussing and denying those claims, but here you can find more detail
  2. WHY WILES’ “PROOF” OF FERMAT’S LAST THEOREM IS JUST A “MATHEMATICAL PARADOX” (and why the great Carl Gauss was right ) I don’t like to waste neither my time, nor yours. I’m not a “crankpot”, but a serious physicist. All my papers are based on classical physics and quantum mechanics, the most sound theories of physics, all experimentally proved. You can disagree on my results - of course - but my method is correct. The first person that can prove me I’m wrong – if he/she can –wins a 4 days FREE stay at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Hotel (Como Lake). http://www.villaserbell
  3. @George I was forgetting…. The TOTALLY NEW very important fact that Gianluca Iori’s investigation discovered these days, and that was TOTALLY UNKNOWN so far, is that OSWALD’S CARCANO 91 (that he bought through a mail-order) WAS JUST SHOOTING MAGNETIC STEEL –JACKET BULLETS, AS PRODUCED BY SMI, AND NOT COPPER-JACKET (non-magnetic) BULLETS AS CE399. This makes even less believable that CE399 could be one of the bullets that have been fired (even allowing that Oswald’s rifle really fired!) that Nov. 22. 1963.
  4. @George You wrote: “ However we already knew the rifle found on the sixth floor TSBD and the rifle on display in Wash DC are not the same. That fact was so ably pointed out by David Jacobs on this forum.” What you wrote is correct, of course, but just partially. One thing is just an indirect, documental, logical proof. And yet, very much stronger and persuading is any MATERIAL EVIDENCE proving directly a fact beyond any doubt. For example: one thing is that you, me, etc. believe that President Kennedy was struck by the 1st bullet on his throat, by a frontal shoo
  5. @George + Paul Please, note that Director Gianluca Iori is not a “conspiracist”. He does not suspect neither that Oswald could be a framed “patsy”, nor that probably he did not fire at all from TSBD that Nov. 22, 1963. And Iori does not suspect that CE399 is a fake bullet, that is - in its turn - different from the one (another fake probably planted by Jack Ruby) described by Tomlinson, and lacking several signatures by the officers who handed and inspected it. Mr. Iori is believing the “official” version by WC, and he simply think that Oswald was the lonely gunman, and
  6. GROUNDBREAKING NEWS! OSWALD’S TRUE MAIL-ORDERED CARCANO 91 FOUND LAST WEEK IN ITALIAN MUSEUM. When I recently wrote my paper https://www.academia.edu/32346233/Six_Compelling_and_Irrefutable_Reasons_Proving_that_President_Kennedy_was_Killed_by_a_Well-Organized_Plot summarizing the 6 main reasons proving beyond any doubt why JFK was killed by a well-organized conspiracy, I devoted (see section 2) of course a lengthy analysis to the impossibility that exhibit CE-399 could really be the actual bullet striking Gov. John Connally. But now, another surprising and unexpected confir
  7. Thanks a lot Paul, George, and Roger... With reference to the other painful comment, about the "cuff link", ah ah, that's really amusing, I'm still laughing. Maybe some persons are desperately trying to persuade us that John Connally, Henry Wade and Bobby Nolan were all idiots, totally uncapable to distinguish between a BULLET (or a large fragment of it) and a CUFF LINK! Maybe they are desperately trying to persuade us that if you show a cuff link to a world war veteran as John Connally, or to an expert district attorney as Henry Wade they all are saying "oh, it's a bullet!!"
  8. I totally agree with Robert Harris. He proved that Exhibit #399 (the infamous magic bullet) CANNOT be the TRUE bullet that stroke Gov. John Connally. It was Connally himself who totally debunked this hypothesis, when he wrote in his book “In History Shadow” (1994)– black on white – “the most curious discovery of all took place when they rolled me off the stretcher, and onto the examining table. A metal object fell to the floor, with a click no louder than a wedding band. The nurse picked it up and slipped it into her pocket. It was the bullet from my body, the one that passed through my back,
  9. @Ray + George RIFLE : distortion of length of rifle by the photo. Ray, you’re correct about the rotation of rifle ON THE SAME PLAN OF PERSPECTIVE. Of course if you make a frontal photo of a watch, there’s no distortion of lengths of second/hour hands when they rotate, you still keep watching/photographing the SAME LENGTH when the second/hour hand is being kept vertical at hour 12, and when it is on hour 3, 6, 7, etc. What I mentioned – and clearly Adrej did not catch – was the MOVEMENT IN DEPTH/AHEAD of the rifle, changing the perspective (and size of objects
  10. Andrej: Sorry, but in my modest opinion you are in error in several points: 1) You cannot show me your drawings, pretending to compare them to original PHOTOS. It makes sense to compare a photo to another photo, it makes much less sense and it is a lot questionable to compare drawings that you made with photos. 2) Your drawing of windmill "view from top-right", for instance is totally wrong. The top blade of windmill remains front-view, whereas the one next to it is turned for almost 45°! How can it happen? Look this photo for instance The blades of the water mill,
  11. Andrej, I already posted yesterday the original photo, please look at the attached PDF file here enclosed, I’m posting it again. TSBD Weapon.pdf As you can see, Day is handling the rifle just a little bent, for no more than 10° to the right, and for no more than 5°-10° ahead. This little displacement can only change the size of rifle in the photo for no more than 1.5% = 1 (length of rifle when viewed at 90°) – sin 80° ( 0.985) = 0.015 Therefore that photo allows a quite precise evaluation of sizes, and comparison with CE139 rifle So, the great discrepancies between t
  12. @ Andrej + Pat VERY IMPORTANT! I forgot the "middle rifle" ...now I took also the sizes of your "medium rifle" (the one in the middle between the longest and the shortest) Its scope (on my pc screen) is 4.8 cm. and its total length is 16.4 cm. So, ALL 3 Andrej's rifles have THE SAME ratio/percentage of scope's length, compared with the total length of rifle, namely: Rifle A) (the longest) = 5.2 cm. scope ; 17.9 cm. total rifle's length : 5.2/17.9 = 0.29 = 29% Rifle B (medium size) = 4.8 cm. scope; 16.4 cm. total rifle's length : 4.8/16.4 = 0.29 = 29% Rifle
  13. Thanks a lot indeed Andrej, because your drawings/3D model are 100% confirming still further what I wrote ! You wrote: "I have prepared a comparison of a 3D model of a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle " On my computer screen, the first of your rifles on the bottom appears 17.9 cm. long and its scope is 5.2 cm. long, whereas the most inclinated rifle on top is just 15.5 cm. long and its scope is just 4.5 cm. long. (= nearly 85% of length of scope of the other longer rifle) You wrote also: "The total length of the rifle gets shorter with an increasing inclination angle while the lengt
  14. @ David + Tom Your objection has fully been considered as the main logical objection, of course, it is serious and makes sense, but there is a logical explanation , to answer your doubt. Please, read better the article I enclosed above, and the METHOD they followed (which I 100% endorse). Clearly two different photos of the same object can never be 100% coincident, neither as size, nor as perspective from which they were taken, we all agree on that And yet, the method followed by “JFK-le complot” website was to take either the rifle, or the scope, and MATCH IT to the siz
  15. Here are the 2 files and photos for comparison of lengths... CE139 & TSBD Weapon.pdf Comparison 1.pdf
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