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  1. I'm trolling you? Funny, with your long distracting posts. What this comes down to is which do you trust most. His Friday night right after it happened Sheriff's Department report of 6 or 7 boxes of Castro supporter info. Or what the FBI says it found out about four days later in a cop's office concerning 3 boxes of Ruth's fluff. Cover for Walther's 6 or 7?
  2. I've become refreshed somewhat so to speak on Moore recently thanks to discussions on the forum. He should have had his feet held to the fire by a real investigator for more info but it's too late now. Still pretty incriminating what he said and did. Vince posted the name of Deputy SS Chief Paul Paterni on another thread. This is the guy I was thinking of. I don't know where I got the idea he hated JFK because I haven't found that. I re read the pages on him in Survivor's Guilt. Secret Service since the 1930's but also OSS in WWII. Serving in Milan Italy with Angleton and CIA Warre
  3. Plague news from the Sunshine State, home of the new EX prez. Florida adds 13,719 COVID-19 cases, 272 deaths — its most since August as positivity soars (msn.com) Has 1.5 million vaccines a day become a realistic goal? Biden now hopes for 1.5 million vaccinations a day, a big jump from earlier comments (msn.com)
  4. Biden's top priority is not exactly featured in the MSM. Maybe it will just go way, someday, if we live long enough. The better video featuring Bobby Flores. I neglected to click submit the other day.
  5. 3 were Ruth's, 4 were Oswald's where do you get this stuff Greg? Any documentation? How did Oswald tote his four around from Fort Worth to Dallas to New Orleans to Dallas. He told Ruth he hitch hiked to Dallas per her. A bit of luggage for a hitch hiker.
  6. Maybe we need to bump this post too for Greg. Paine telling Walthers over the ironing board "He's a Communist". If that's not Michael implicating Lee I don't know what is.
  7. History Matters Archive - Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XIX, pg (history-matters.com) "Also found was a set of metal file cabinets containing records that appeared to be names and activities of Cuban sympathizers. All of this evidence was confiscated and turned over to Captian Fritz of the Dallas Police Department and the Secret Service officers at the city hall." Walthers report 11/23/63.
  8. You've still not really read the thread though have you? A DPD Officer and a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff noted the files and their contents in their reports. Michael told one of them this was the type of stuff Oswald received from Castro supporters. But they were his and Ruth's files.
  9. I remember drinking Cabell's milk when I visited my grandmother in Irving, the Dairy developed into corner stores sold to the Southland Corporation who called them 7-11's. Mayor Cabell and the General both provided local CIA connections to other city powers that be from the Police and Sheriff's Department the Citizen's Council and more, even the Zuroma Club. Earle Cabell papers A Guide to the Collection (utexas.edu)
  10. I guess I had heard of him when I read Crossfire many years ago but it didn't sink in. Much more detail about him here along with the bigger picture. I passed economics I & II but it wasn't my strong suit. This is pretty straight forward. There was another guy under Dillon in the Secret Service whose name I can't remember that hated JFK who seemed like a natural conduit from the top to the bottom. I though it surprising I didn't find any reference to Saxon in the index in Battling Wall Street.
  11. They are more expensive, $35 for a 10 pack at amazon. They should be NIOSH certified with a TC number, they have head bands as opposed to ear loops. A KN-95 mask is inferior. N95 respirator - Wikipedia
  12. N-95. Looks like the way to go... The face mask that could end the Covid-19 pandemic (msn.com)
  13. 57 years, plus, to get to the need for this. Trump Impeachment Trial to Start Week of Feb. 8 (msn.com)
  14. Speaking of assassinations of Black Men in the 60's with deep implications, anyone else already aware of this or care to comment? I found it interesting and intend to watch it. 'MLK/FBI' Director: 'America Has Reached a Tipping Point' (msn.com)
  15. Matt I just reread the full ten pages referenced in the index, 380-390. I didn't come across anything about RFK. It does relate Walton, confirmed by Carbajal also hearing Morales say we got that sob about JFK. Still, I would not be surprised if Morales was helping orchestrate things from a distance, maybe an observable one, if evidence of such surfaces. He was Wet to the core, but his tongue rambled when he drank heavily.
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