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  1. Yes, one of the book company managers or salesman. He brought in a new 30-06 he bought to deer hunt with and a .22 bought for his son, showed them off to Truly in particular if I remember right, among others. I can't remember the guy's name at the moment. As an aside it not a 30 odd 6, it's a 30 Ought 6. My dad had one as a deer hunting rifle, I was told converted from a M-1.
  2. Let's get right here. Some need to ketch up. Ruby was at the Tropicana in Vegas 3-4 days before the assassination asking for his idol Lewis Mc Willie. Documented, FBI source and separate Vegas Sheriff's office source. Plus he cashed a check at the Sands using Mc Willie as a reference. The same Lewis Mc that was Jacks best friend in Dallas for many years in the 50's who left for Havana to work in the Tropicana there for Meyer Lansky and Santos Trafficante. Ruby was the bag man to get Santos out of jail in Cuba after Castro's revolution and Santos ensuing incarceration. Lewis moved on to Vegas, and the Tropicana there. Johnny Roselli went AWOL from LA the week before the assassination. He was under FBI surveillance, phone, neighbors, tailed etc. He did this deliberately, deceiving his followers, evidence of documented. His former home, home away from home base was still the Tropicana in Vegas. In addition to management and other casino deal fees over the years it was his bread and butter. He owned the parking and gift shop concessions. So Jack was at Johnny's place looking for Louie three days before the assassination. And Johnny, buddy of Bill Harvey, was MIA. If you don't believe me read the new book by David Boylan, Bill Simpich and Larry Hancock. Pages 174 and ? (Look for yourself!). Tipping Point: The Conspiracy that Murdered President John Kennedy: Hancock, Larry: 9781736440902: Amazon.com: Books
  3. Weird. A post on this thread I was composing disappeared in mid sentence. A glitch in posterity I guess.
  4. Wasn't Police Chief Curry called to the phone for a conversation with Mayor Cabell immediately before the transfer of Oswald began? Thus he was not there in the basement supervising the security of the most important prisoner in History? How convenient.
  5. JMO but I think the introduction of the Carcano was well planned in advance. The whole staged purchase and non delivery after story is well researched by David Josephs on K & K. The gun was junk, it wasn't used, it was a plant to frame Oswald.
  6. Ruby was not a buffoon. He orchestrated football bets for Harrison Lafayette Hunt in the 1950's. The richest man in the world at the time. Yes the H L Hunt Oswald supposedly wrote the letter to questioning his role. And the one whose office building Ruby visited the day before the assassination.
  7. I'm not sure what to think. Mickey Cohen as Ruby's idol? Never read this before. Nor the supposed depth of the Lansky connection. I think I've read of one meeting between them, seems like Ruby approached him with his hat in his hand. I thought Ruby's idol was Lewis McWillie. Doesn't mean it might not all be true, just I've not read some of it before. Ruby was from Chicago. Dallas was controlled by Carlos Marcello of New Orleans. NO and Chicago had a working agreement, splitting profits, controlling different enterprises (e.g. slot machines - Marcello). I think Ruby's control was through Chicago and the west coast, maybe not so much Cohen though. Maybe more so through Roselli via Chicago (Giancana) and New Orleans (via Campisi in Dallas) when it came to orders to assassinate Oswald. Which couldn't be refused.
  8. I have to admit I don't think I'd ever read of Melvin Belli being a close friend of Mickey Cohen. Though that does make sense given the prior times in LA.
  9. Regarding the south knoll shot, I know others have offered reasons for what I can't reconciliate, back and to the left from that angle. I need to re read Sherry Fister but I've been there and looked. I never had physics in college. But looking from the south end of the overpass or the Post office parking lot, back and to the left in the Zapruder film seems impossible
  10. Maybe for Ruby's whereabouts but otherwise No regarding Shaw. I defer to the comments of others on the site regarding his "work".
  11. Richard I don't know if this is the same thing Mr. Caddy was trying to post but it's pretty fantastic in it's claims as you get deeper in the article. That said, I'm only about a third of the way through and had to skip to the end to look at the sources. They seem overall legit. Peter Dale Scott, MFF, Lancer, jfkfacts.org and more. It's all Very interesting. Thanks.
  12. PDS is deep. I've only read two of his books. He makes me Think. Go back and re read and think some more. Wish I had time for more of his excellent work. An honest man, dedicated to pursuit of the Truth. imho.
  13. Thanks for this Gene. I've never dug into the Cabell brothers. I was aware of some of this but not near all of it. I do remember the radio TV and newspaper ads as a child in the FW/D area for Cabell's Milk. Which I believe I later read of dairy being a family business in Dallas back into the 1800's. Seems like one of their grandfathers was a Confederate General in the not so Civil War. I also think I remember their father or perhaps a grandfather being Mayor of Dallas. All quite interesting given Earl's position as mayor and a CIA asset in 1963, and, Charles former CIA assistant director position and open hatred of JFK. Both worthy of suspicion and further investigation regarding pulling strings behind the scene in the assassination. Earle implying the mayor had no influence over the Police Chief or DPD, or, for that matter the Sheriff or his department sounds like bs to me.
  14. I don't see how he's called a Professor of History. I thought that required a desire, a commitment to teach the Truth about History. A duty to research such before you write about a given subject on it. Jumping from the Senate in 1956 to the Presidency in 1960 and beyond when the book ends in 1956 is not a review of the book. It's propaganda, a personal diatribe based on the authors opinion, a perversion of True History. I wonder if he's done enough research to understand what he's a victim of. Operation Mockingbird has become institutionalized with the 1-5% owning 95-98% of the Main Stream Media. He likely does know which side his bead is buttered on. jmo, off the soap box.
  15. I'm sure Gene and most likely Chuck are aware Mayor Earle Cabell was the brother of General Charles Cabell of the CIA, fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs along with Bissell and Director Allen Dulles. One might infer that Crichton among other things was helping choose the motorcade route at the behest of the still active Dulles and his former (still) Director of Counter Intelligence James Jesus Angleton, Oswald's ultimate "handler" some might say.
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