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  1. Jeez. Was Ida a insert ??? Part of the cover up? Used? Manipulated? My mothers first name was Ida. She nor Ms. Dox was a Red.
  2. Jim, as you petitioned Joe Bauer regarding Californians contacting Newsom how about Joseph Mc Bride, Pat Speer, David Talbot, maybe Dr. Scott among others you know better than I?
  3. I'd agree with Sean. When Oswald heard JFK had actually been shot in front of the TSBD he knew he'd been lied to, and, that he would be a suspect. JMO. He also knew he had to get out of town. He didn't have a car, he'd be seen on a bus, not enough cash for a plane ticket. His last best hope was a pre arranged backstop with someone he thought might be there. Then again I think he was set up, led there. It was a planned backstop by a certain organization in case he wasn't killed or captured at the TSBD. Remember there were Two Oswald's in the Texas Theater. The real one was already there when the other one led the police there. JMO again, from reading over the years.
  4. Threat's of violence. Proud boys and oathkeepers. Should law enforcement be prepared, this time? FWIW, with a kick including 3 great guitarists. Buffalo Springfield - Mr Soul - Live HP 1966 - Bing video
  5. David, since you inadvertently brought the subject up regarding "Oswald's" pistol (revolver), not to detract from "his" (Not) rifle . . . I know you've discussed this in detail but for the benefit of others and to refresh my memory did his revolver come from: a. Seaport Traders - with no proof of delivery/evidence of being picked up. b. A pawn shop in Fort Worth as he allegedly said once during interrogation, if I remember right. c. Westbrook or one of the other arresting officers at the Texas Theater. Which would mean he didn't have a revolver until after Tippit was shot. Then was it a .38 or a .38 special. But wait, the first reports were of "automatic" shells. A witness saw him unloading the gun and throwing the shells down. A semi automatic pistol uses a clip and ejects the shells after each shot. One empties the shells from a revolver's cylinder to reload it. Why didn't the WC say, huh? Which was it? Enjoy your flight, and Tipping Point. I read it disjointedly over time and should re read it more focused, maybe take a few notes. It's worth such, I do remember That much.
  6. The ratville link Larry provided is deep. This section on Dulles (not really dealt with in the 1st 1/3) does illustrate Prouty's knowledge and operation in upper levels of the Pentagon/JCS and CIA. Maybe he inflates his role in operations, who knows for sure. He was there. I find the insight fascinating and overall reliable given the detail. Understanding Special Operations (prouty.org) "Deception is an extremely important function (of intelligence operations), rarely talked about. I don't know anyone who's ever written about it properly." "In other words I'm not going to depend on Allan Dulles and the CIA . . . NSAM 55 was more important during the Kennedy administration than anything else than the assassination. In fact it may have caused a major move toward that deadly decision."
  7. Out of my pay grade in retirement. Any chance of a synopsis? Thanks for the second link. Just started reading the part about Prouty on Dulles.
  8. That last sentence says more than a mouthful Guru. Trying to make sense of Oswald's actions or motivations in the summer of 1963, possibly Mexico then Dallas in the fall are puzzling enough to confuse some of us for years. It's almost like that was the intent. Not an accident or happenstance.
  9. Well darn it. I read All The President's Men many years ago out of a library. So I don't have access to the footnotes but this is interesting. The "ultimate [Nixon] dirty trick". I thought that happened in 1968, on his behalf by his benefactors with RFK. Wallace did win Florida hands down in the 1972 primary though he faltered afterwards in the North. Did he provoke a preemptive strike by a lone nut?
  10. Regarding Dulles was the person responsible for Lansdale's promotion to General? That's what I've read. I don't recall where or the documentation for sure. Likely some from David Talbot's Devil's Chessboard, and, I believe it's been discussed here on the forum before. Dulles during his assentation from the OSS to the Director of the CIA became fond of Lansdale's philosophy and methods in the Philippines and elsewhere. Then the story of Le May visiting Dulles office and while waiting on him searching his office, for a cigar, and Dulles not seeming to care when told. They reputedly exchanged Christmas cards. Supposedly Dulles petitioned Le May for Lansdale's generalship to maximize his usefulness. I believe there are more details if you dig around.
  11. I guess many have already seen this. It didn't take quite 56 years to get to super pac's but I just watched this earlier, missed it last year when it came out. Chuckled again multiple times throughout, at the irony at times, then laughed out loud near the end about the about a small town gaming the system. An interesting statement about the political world we live in and dark money (inspired by Jane Mayer?). Irresistible - Trailer (imdb.com)
  12. Glad to see you come clean William. Regarding the ongoing problem since childhood, ever thought about talking with a psychiatrist?
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