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  1. Pat Speer made an interesting observation earlier in this thread about Worrell that applies to the other witnesses statements/testimonies I've read recently regarding the back of the TSBD. None of them saw Vicki Adams and Sandra Styles run out the back dock door and around the back of the building to the rail road yards. Two of them would not have. Sam Pate and DPD Sargent D.V. Harkness didn't arrive in the area until 4-5 minutes after the last shot. But Worrell ran what 50-60, maybe 70 yards (maybe 40) after the 3rd shot to almost directly across the street from where they wou
  2. Beto O'Rourke: Gov. Abbott’s mask mandate reversal ‘sure looks politically convenient’ (msn.com)
  3. Right before spring break, screw masks, open the bars and restaurants fully. Party hearty. Wait on vaccinations? Ha ha ha. I fully expect a significant resurgence in cases and deaths in a month, climbing from that point. He's running for governor again. Trying to distract the base from his leadership failure in the great freeze out. My only long term hope is enough voters remember the freeze out. And the fact O'Rourke now has name recognition and a base. Maybe false hope. But a year ago I doubted any of the Democrats running would beat the chump. Beto O'Rourke Calls Gov.
  4. Well I guess Congress or the Senate won't be working on pandemic/stimulus relief tomorrow. Or anything else. House Cancels Thursday Session After Security Agencies Cite Risk of New Violence (msn.com)
  5. I guess by November I'll be able to get on a list, after I turn 65.
  6. Did anyone notice the colors on the stage were an overwhelmingly softer, friendlier Blue? Not Red.
  7. Barnett states in his testimony he was looking up as he ran. While focused on the roof and fire escape initially, one would have to look around at ground level as he ran to see where he was going. Would someone running in front of him not catch his eye? He then ran on past the fire escape to 20' beyond the back of the building. Where he observed it, the east side of it including the fire escape, and the rail road yard. But he never noticed Worrell standing across the street, by himself. and Worrell never noticed him either.
  8. I've never listened to Lady GaGa. Stumbled across this. She does wail in it. Mick seems a bit flustered at one point. Never seen him dance With someone like this on stage before. Keith, Ron, Charlie, just another day at work. Wanted to share somewhere. She's pretty nimble in those heels.
  9. This is historic. A JFK vs US Steel moment? The banshee's on the right will howl. The bill the left want's to pass will have them screaming. "overturn state right to work laws". Inside Joe Biden’s decision to dive into the Amazon union drive - POLITICO Joe Coors is probably rolling over in his grave. THE COORS BOYS STICK TO BUSINESS - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  10. In the 1970 interview Pate talks about being at Elm and Houston when the parade turned off Main onto Houston, then taking off in front of them. Seeing them in his rear view mirror as he went under the triple underpass, along with smoke from a gutter drain. Hearing Curry on channel 2 on his police radio say to get men back into the railroad yard. Speeding up to get ahead of them them making a u turn on Stemmons freeway, passing the limo going the wrong way with SS agents standing up with machine guns. Entering the area behind the TSBD where fire trucks were arriving and they were roping it
  11. One thing I can't figure put is how James Worrell and Officer Barnett did not see each other or why neither mentioned such in their testimony. Worrell says he was turning and starting to run north on Houston from Elm and Houston as the third shot (of four he said he heard) went off. He ran up the sidewalk next to the TSBD to the back of it then crossed over Houston and stopped to catch his breath. He said he was there approximately three minutes when a man came bustling out the back door and ran south on Houston. Barnett said after the second shot he thought it came from high up,
  12. I thought this link posted in the 56 years thread by Douglass Caddy should be posted here as well. It's well worth the watch imo. Inside a Covid I.C.U., Through a Nurse's Eyes | NYT Opinion - YouTube
  13. They're trying to say any resemblance was unintentional... For all that believe that I've got some ocean front property in Amarillo for sale...
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