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  1. I love showing these to perplexed juniors when they ask why and what for... particularly appreciate 'art as therapy'. I often define it most broadly as self expression, whether its for historical documentation or shock the audience it's all about self preservation...
  2. Just updating this thread with the incredible resource of Google Arts and Culture. It is such an incredible connector of objects and artworks to others across time. Google Arts and Culture is an online platform that has been referred to as a ‘museum of museums’. The Google Arts and Culture platform was developed in 2011 by Amit Sood who believes in the democratisation of knowledge and his goal for developing the project was to use technology to improve access to artworks and artefacts. The project originated with 17 museums and there are now over 1200 cultural instituti
  3. Great thread - a most important one. It's all to do with the writing of history. From the 1972 of Linda Nochlin she argued that the “white, Western, male viewpoint” has been “accepted as the viewpoint of the art historian.” Since there is no feminist art history, one has to be constructed complete with theoretical basis and methodology. As a high school Art Teacher and Artist I find the best place to start is taking a look at the Guerrilla Girls and their political and social critique of the art world: http://www.theartstory.org/artist-guerrilla-girls-artworks.htm I wrote a pro
  4. I am a high school Visual Arts Teacher in Sydney.
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