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  1. I've only seen the director's cut. Any information about why that scene was omitted from the release version? Another critical scene in the film (for JFKA related issues, I presume) is when Anthony Hopkins says, "If Dick Nixon is going down, EVERYONE is going down..."
  2. Speaking of the stimulus check issue, how about this important study of Trickle Up/Keynesian economics from Stockton, California? It works! We have repeatedly witnessed the failure of "supply-side"/Trickle Down economics in the U.S. since 1980. Keynes was right 90 years ago. Capitalist economies can remain in a stable, depressed equilibrium indefinitely in the absence of adequate consumer demand. Ergo, extreme wealth inequality is a major drag on economic growth, not a stimulus. A city gave people $500 a month, no strings attached, to fight poverty. It p
  3. The most nauseating thing about the current GOP obstruction of Biden nominees is that these are many of the same Senators who rubber-stamped the nominations of several of the worst Cabinet appointees in history, for Trump-- Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Louis DeJoy, Ben Carson, Mick Mulvaney, Bill Barr, et.al. Ted Cruz just voted in committee against Merrick Garland's appointment as AG, then Cruz falsely claimed that Garland had refused to answer questions from the Judiciary Committee!
  4. I just got an appointment for the Pfizer vaccine on Friday, March 5th. I got lucky, because it's the very first day that I became eligible here in Denver. Meanwhile, it's worrisome to hear about Governor Abbot terminating COVID precautions in Texas.
  5. Shocker. Trump's flying monkey at the Pentagon-- acting Sec Def Chris Miller-- blocked D.C. security during the January 6th coup attempt. (Trump fired Mark Esper after the November election and appointed Miller acting Sec Def in a move that raised serious concerns about the transition to Biden's presidency.) D.C. National Guard Commander Recalls 3-Hour Delay In Approval On Jan. 6 : NPR
  6. I love this lady. Just watched the Netflix documentary about her life. I always thought that Dolly Parton was just a redneck bimbo with a goofy blonde wig. Never realized what a truly remarkable person she is. From 'Jolene' To Vaccine: Dolly Parton Gets COVID-19 Shot She Helped Fund Dolly Parton Gets First Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine She Helped Fund : Coronavirus Updates : NPR
  7. Thanks, Cliff. Speaking of wipeouts, I caught a ski in a snowboard rut up at Keystone today and had quite a tumble. No major damage, so it was all good. 🤪
  8. Now we're cooking Cliff. Here are two surf rock classics that I recorded with my Peckerwoods studio band many years ago-- Walk Don't Run (1960) and Wipeout (1963.) Walk Don't Run was recorded by Chet Atkins in 1956 before the Ventures made it a hit in 1960. Walk Don't Run by Willie Wunderlich and the Peckerwoods | SoundClick Wipe Out by Willie Wunderlich and the Peckerwoods | SoundClick
  9. Did someone say, "Surf Rock?" Now you guys are getting into a genre of great interest to me and my one man Peckerwoods studio band. How about this cool Fender Strat opus from 1960?
  10. And now we learn that Donald and Melania Trump were secretly vaccinated in January. Apparently, they didn't want to risk setting a good, life-saving example for their fans. 🙄
  11. It's especially upsetting to hear about this happening on NPR-- somewhat like hearing Warren Commission Report propaganda being promoted on the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour at PBS over the years. (I've noticed that NPR has also promoted government disinformation about the U.S./NATO/Saudi proxy war in Syria during the past decade.)
  12. 41 percent say they are not willing to receive coronavirus vaccine 41 percent say they are not willing to receive coronavirus vaccine | TheHill
  13. Apparently, about half of all Republicans in former Confederate states, (in addition to Kentucky and Oklahoma) now want to secede from the U.S. And Texas Governor Greg Abbott has not yet objected to a Republican Party resolution in Texas calling for secession. Meanwhile, for a little comic relief, here's Al Franken's re-creation of Mitch McConnell's post-impeachment acquittal speech. 🤥
  14. Mike Pence, apparently garnered just 1% of the C-PAC vote for 2024 GOP Presidential candidates today-- trailing such Never Masker GOP luminaries as Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem. This is all the thanks Pence gets for patiently standing and smiling while having to smell Donald Trump's horrible KFC farts for the past four years. 🤥
  15. I wonder if JFK's stoicism/resignation about being assassinated (or having a whiskey glass thrown at him) was an outgrowth of his lifelong struggles with spinal pain and serious health problems. From what I have read, he seems to have developed a kind of stoical indifference (perhaps denial?) about illness and personal danger from an early age. He was a true hero in WWII, but his indifference to personal danger may have also played an indirect role in his murder in Dallas. He, obviously, knew that he was in "nut country" on November 22, 1963. And JFK must, surely, have
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