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  1. Hey, folks, since this is a scholarly forum of experts in photographic and video analysis, I think I found a video of W. Tracy Parnell, Hank Siezant, and Steve Roe. 🤥 Roe isn't wearing his cowboy hat in this one, and Siezant has dyed his hair, but I think these are the guys.
  2. Isn't Trump heading to New Jersey for the summer? I read somewhere that he had a farewell party at Mar-a-Lago recently.
  3. Talk about Orwellian DOUBLE SPEAK... Now l-i-a-r-s are "Truthers?" 🙄 That's quite a public relations trick by our M$M-- equating JFK assassination and 9/11 "Truthers" with those who are lying about the January 6th attack on Congress. I wouldn't be surprised if they paid someone to write a book called, I Was a Teenage Truther.
  4. Ron, My impression is that LBJ abruptly championed Civil Rights legislation after JFK's murder as a way of wooing Democratic Party liberals, and reducing suspicion about his complicity in JFK's assassination. After all, he had, repeatedly, colluded in the sabotage of Civil Rights legislation during his tenure in Congress. He also skillfully concealed the fact that he had reversed JFK's foreign policy directives, including JFK's decision to get out of Vietnam.
  5. Can someone please tell me how to put W. Tracy Parnell and Steve Roe on ignore? I value this forum as a rare place on the internet where people interested in "untold history" are focused on learning the truth. I'm not interested in disinformation, deflections, and the usual ad hominem nonsense. There's more than enough of that everywhere else in our society.
  6. Indeed. It's a sign of how little the general public and even members of Congress, apparently, know about 9/11 and Phillip Zelikow's ridiculous 9/11 Omission Report. I saw a stat somewhere indicating that less 5% of U.S. citizens even know that Larry Silverstein's 47 story WTC 7 skyscraper was explosive demolished late in the day on 9/11. The story has been completely blacked out of the U.S. mainstream media for almost 20 years now.
  7. Benjamin, At the very least, LBJ was "complicit" in the JFK assassination in the sense that he was the POTUS that the Cold Warriors wanted in the Oval Office -- the guy who would escalate the war against Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and against the PKI in Indonesia. LBJ also put the kibosh on JFK's diplomatic outreach to Khrushchev and Castro. LBJ signed NSAM 273 on 11/25/63 and, allegedly told the Joint Chiefs in December of 1963, "O.K., gentlemen, you can have your war (in Vietnam.) Just make sure I get re-elected next year." Who had the clout to influence J. E
  8. Thanks, Benjamin. Your points are well taken. I'll probably proceed with the popular Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, and LBJ biographies by McCullough, Ambrose, Dallek, and Caro, without expecting much in the way of Deep State history. It's somewhat funny that the only biographies of LBJ that I've ever read are Joachim Joesten's The Dark Side of Lyndon Johnson, (written shortly after JFK's assassination) and Phillip Nelson's LBJ-- Mastermind of the JFK Assassination-- both highly unflattering, to say the least. People I know who have read Caro's hagiography have been puzzled when I ha
  9. One of my all-time favorite movie scenes. I kind of hate to see it reduced to a metaphor for the latter day defenders of the Warren Commission Report. As for Litwin, I wonder if his recent propaganda disparaging "conspiracy freaks" is also partly related to the aggressive mass media black-listing and devaluation of the scientists, historians, and scholars in the 9/11 Truth movement. Just a hypothesis.
  10. Any free historical advice from the forum? Since I retired two years ago, I've been reading a long series of Presidential biographies, and I've worked my way up to 1945, having just finished James MacGregor Burns' two volume Definitive FDR opus. (Incidentally, I was impressed to learn more about FDR's Atlantic Charter anti-colonialism, including his belief that the French needed to get out of Indochina.) Now I'm entering the era of American history-- and significant "untold history"-- when the CIA and Operation Mockingbird became active in the mass media and academe.
  11. Ron, LOL. I know that old song from one of my Country Gentlemen bluegrass LPs. The CGs played it up tempo with a five string banjo back in the day.
  12. It's a stretch, but perhaps Tracy does bear a slight resemblance to Charlton Heston. 🤥
  13. "Unfortunate," but Fred still, apparently, convinced himself that the fatal head shot was fired from the TSBD, eh? He must have skipped physics while majoring in marketing and creative writing in college.
  14. The title of Litwin's book, itself, is a crafty piece of salesmanship-- implying that only a naively misinformed teenager would doubt the validity of the Warren Commission's "Lone Nut" narrative. As I told Fred Litwin here when he first notified the forum about his book, his intellectual journey on the JFK assassination case was the diametric opposite of mine. I was a teenage Warren Commission Report dupe.
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