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  1. Interesting Vox interview of Columbia University historian Eric Foner -- about the long history of white supremacist subversion of American democracy. What Reconstruction teaches us about white nationalism today Historian Eric Foner on the long tradition of white nationalists clashing with Black people exercising their rights. What is Reconstruction? The era offers lessons on white nationalism, Trump, and the Capitol riot. - Vox
  2. I noticed that known CIA asset, Mayor Earle Cabell, avoided direct eye contact with the camera throughout the first interview, (above) while continually looking from side to side and even frequently turning his head away from the camera. In the second interview, he clearly demonstrates his early complicity in the bogus "Lone Nut' narrative.
  3. For some reason, I was never a big fan of the Quadrophenia album-- in contrast to Who's Next. IMO, Who's Next ranks among the greatest rock albums in history for the high quality of the song writing, ensembles, (guitars, synthesizer, Entwhistle's horns, violin, etc.) and musicianship. Every song was a masterpiece. (I was also a big fan of Walter/Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Bach Moog synthesizer recordings at the time.) What an outstanding, ground-breaking piece of work it was.
  4. IMO, those nincompoops, along with the right wing agent provocateurs who posed as "Antifa," played a major role in helping Donald Trump garner 74 million votes in November. I agree with some of their "Black Bloc" political views, but their methods are truly self-defeating.
  5. Here's a disturbing Phil Spector obit... 😬 Phil Spector defined the toxic music svengali – a figure that persists today Phil Spector defined the toxic music svengali – a figure that persists today | Music | The Guardian
  6. I didn't phrase my question quite right. To rephrase-- Was the popular Halberstam and Sheehan fiction about JFK and Vietnam a result of shoddy journalism, (projected guilt, etc.) or deliberate collusion in an LBJ/CIA disinformation campaign? My impression is that LBJ, et.al., worked very hard to disguise LBJ's reversal of JFK's Vietnam withdrawal policy, because they didn't want the public to discern a Deep State motive for JFK's murder. Halberstam and Sheehan played an important role in bamboozling the public about NSAM263.
  7. Very interesting article, Jim. I wonder if both Sheehan and the NYT (in their published version of the Pentagon Papers) covered up the evidence about JFK's plans for a phased withdrawal-- and LBJ's reversal of those plans-- through an agreement with LBJ and the CIA's "Mockingbird" propaganda establishment. It seems like LBJ, the CIA, Halberstam, and Sheehan all colluded in a cover up of LBJ's reversal of NSAM 263 by NSAM273 and escalation of the war after 11/22/63. Hard to believe that Halberstam and Sheehan were not working with Mockingbird-type journalistic contracts.
  8. Since this is a scholarly forum, I wanted to add a few possible sales items to Joe's proposals for the Trump Presidential Library gift shop. 1) An inflatable Stormy Daniels blow up doll. 2) A Mike Pence doll with a gallows and noose that fits around the V.P.'s neck 3) A Rudy Giuliani doll with a supplemental blonde wig and pink dress. 4) Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan dolls with detachable Presidential Medals of Freedom. 5) A Kimberly Guilfoyle doll that yells loudly when you pull a string.
  9. I thought Trump's entire Presidential library was erased when he got kicked off of Twitter... 🤥
  10. There seem to be converging lines of evidence about the Trump administration blocking security measures to protect Congress on January 6th-- ignoring FBI warnings, not responding to requests for National Guard intervention, not providing riot gear to the police, etc. I saw an article today about how the Trump administration has long been suppressing DHS surveillance of right wing domestic terrorists-- even after Christopher Wray told Congress last year that right wing groups posed the greatest terrorism threat to American citizens.
  11. I knew Dr. Michael Holick in 1981, when he was a young Attending Physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital during my three month MGH medical clerkship. He's the guy who first identified the structure of the 25-hydroxy Vitamin D molecule (when he was a biochemistry grad student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.) Brilliant guy, and unpretentious. The first thing he told me was that the residents and interns at MGH were excellent, and smart enough to ask questions when they were unsure about what to do. Boston University doctor: Vitamin D can help reduce coronavirus risk b
  12. I kind of hate to admit that Donald Trump is correct about anything but, in truth, Mike Pence is a p*ssy. 🤥
  13. IMO, Donald Trump admires his own tremendous wonderfulness too much to commit suicide. (Recall that Nero only offed himself because he was about to get lynched by an angry mob.) I do wonder whether Trump will flee the country, though, to avoid prosecution in New York-- assuming he can be perp-walked out of the White House after January 20th. Meanwhile, Colorado Rep. Jason Crow is asking the Army to do supplemental security screenings on military personnel deployed to Washington, D.C. for Biden's inauguration. I shudder to think about how many armed Trump fans in uniform are
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