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  1. This is the professionally made video. The question, is the "S Force" real?
  2. Is there a black and white film of the assassination that we know nothing about? http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/kellerma.htm Roy Kellerman's Warren Commission testimony. Arlen Spector cuts him off immediately after Roy says this. Mr. SPECTER. Have you seen any other films of the assassination? Mr. KELLERMAN. Yes; I saw a black-and-white, but I didn't--I saw a black-and-white film. However, I didn't get enough out of it there to--
  3. I don't see it that way. He slows the limo down in front of the Shelter #3 (Pergola) where the Nix Film shows two shots came from. He is looking at JFK while his head is practically blown off. The timing of the first shot in the Nix Film show a shot that coincides with JFK's head shot(You can see brain matter halo) He accelerated after JFK's head is practically blown off and JC slumps downward The timing of the second shot(Vapor Trail) in the Nix Film show JC slumping downward After the first time that he looks back, along with SSA agent Kellerman, at least 4-5 seconds pass before the head shot. Here is Roy Kellerman's testimony. Mr. SPECTER. As you are positioning yourself in the witness chair, your right hand is up with the finger at the ear level as if clutching from the right of the head; would that be an accurate description of the position you pictured there?Mr. KELLERMAN. Yes. Good. There was enough for me to verify that the man was hit. So, in the same motion I come right back and grabbed the speaker and said to the driver, "Let's get out of here; we are hit," and grabbed the mike and I said, "Lawson, this is Kellerman,"--this is Lawson, who is in the front car. "We are hit; get us to the hospital immediately." Now, in the seconds that I talked just now, a flurry of shells come into the car. I then looked back and this time Mr. Hill, who was riding on the left front bumper of our follow up car, was on the back trunk of that car; the President was sideways down into. the back seat. After the first time they turned around, Kellerman told Greer - "in the same motion...let's get out of here", That is 4-5 seconds before the head shot and what does Greer do? He slows the limo down. I have been looking at the Zapruder frames from z201 on and I am not sure, but it sure looks like Greer is looking at Shelter #3. Robert Croft photo seems to show Greer looking at shelter #3 (pergola) Then we have @Vince Palamara interview Richard Greer: ...His son Richard told me, when I asked him what his father thought of JFK, 'Well, we're Methodists...and JFK was Catholic" - This statement alone is concerning. He is referring to the "Troubles" conflict in Ireland where Catholics and Protestants practically hate each other and Greer lived through the thick of it. Did William Greer tell his son, Richard, who told him to slow down the limo? Questions need to be asked before it is too late! P.S. - Greer was in the ER room at Parkland and at the autopsy. The limo driver at a presidential autopsy!
  4. So where do I start with Mr. Greer! Let's go over his Warren Commission (WC) testimony. THE SHOTS HE HEARD... Mr. SPECTER. After turning off Main onto Houston, did you have any opportunity to take a look at the building which you have since identified as the Texas School Book Depository Building?Mr. GREER. No, sir. I had not any chance to look much at that building at all. When I made the turn into Elm Street, I was watching the overpass expressway--the overpass, or what was ahead of me. I always look at any--where I go underneath anything, I always watch above, so if there is anyone up there that I can move so that I won't go over the top of anyone, if they are unidentified to me, unless it is a policeman or something like that. We try to avoid going under them.Mr. SPECTER. Now, when you turned off of Houston onto Elm, did you make a right-hand or a left-hand turn?Mr. GREER. I made a right-hand turn off of Main onto Houston.Mr. SPECTER. And when you turned from Houston onto Elm, was that a right-hand or a left-hand turn?Mr. GREER. That was a left-hand turn.Mr. SPECTER. And as you turned onto Elm Street, how far, to the best of your ability to estimate, was your automobile from the overpass which you have just described?Mr. GREER. I wouldn't have a distance recollection at all on how far it was. It wasn't too far. I just could not give you the distance.Mr. SPECTER. At that time, did you make a conscious effort to observe what was present, if anything, on that overpass?Mr. GREER. Yes, sir. I was making sure that I could not see anyone that might be standing there, and I didn't see anything that I was afraid of on the overpass.Mr. SPECTER. Did you see anything at all on the overpass?Mr. GREER. Not that I can now remember.Mr. SPECTER. What is your best recollection of the speed at which you were traveling as you turned left off of Houston onto Elm?Mr. GREER. My best recollection would be between 12 and 15 miles per hour.Mr. SPECTER. And how far were you at that time behind the police car which was in front of you?Mr. GREER. Probably 50 feet maybe approximately. I will say approximately 50 feet.Mr. SPECTER. As you turned onto Elm, did you have any opportunity to observe how far behind you the President's follow-up car was?Mr. GREER. No, sir. I was not looking in my mirror; I could not say how far it was behind me at the time.Mr. SPECTER. And what was the nature of the crowd as you made the turn onto Elm Street, if you recall?Mr. GREER. To the best of my memory, the crowd had thinned out a great deal, and there was not too many people in front of that building.Mr. SPECTER. How many lanes of travel were there on Elm Street?Mr. GREER. It was either three or four lanes wide. I have forgotten.Mr. SPECTER. In what portion of the street were you traveling?Mr. GREER. I was right in the center of the street.Mr. SPECTER. Would you describe for us the contour of the street at that point--whether it was level, hilly, or what.Mr. GREER. It was starting to go down--gradually going down toward this underpass. It was a down grade.Mr. SPECTER. Now, would you tell us just what occurred as you were proceeding down Elm Street at that time?Mr. GREER. Well, when we were going down Elm Street, I heard a noise that I thought was a backfire of one of the motorcycle policemen. And I didn't--it did not affect me like anything else. I just thought that it is what it was. We had had so many motorcycles around us. So I heard this noise. And I thought that is what it was. And then I heard it again. And I glanced over my shoulder. And I saw Governor Connally like he was starting to fall. Then I realized there was something wrong. I tramped on the accelerator, and at the same time Mr. Kellerman said to me, "Get out of here fast." And I cannot remember even the other shots or noises that was. I cannot quite remember any more. I did not see anything happen behind me any more, because I was occupied with getting away.Mr. SPECTER. Now, how many shots, or how many noises have you just described that you heard?Mr. GREER. I know there was three that I heard--three. But I cannot remember any more than probably three. I know there was three anyway that I heard.Mr. SPECTER. Do you have an independent recollection at this moment of having heard three shots at that time?Mr. GREER. I knew that after I heard the second one, that is when I looked over my shoulder, and I was conscious that there was something wrong, because that is when I saw Governor Connally. And when I turned around again, to the best of my recollection there was another one, right immediately after.Mr. SPECTER. To the best of your ability to recollect and estimate, how much time elapsed from the first noise which you have described as being similar to the backfire of a motor vehicle until you heard the second noise?Mr. GREER. It seems a matter of seconds, I really couldn't say. Three or four seconds.Mr. SPECTER. How much time elapsed, to the best of your ability to estimate and recollect, between the time of the second noise and the time of the third noise?Mr. GREER. The last two seemed to be just simultaneously, one behind the other, but I don't recollect just how much, how many seconds were between the two. I couldn't really say.Mr. SPECTER. Describe as best you can the types of sound of the second report, as distinguished from the first noise which you said was similar to a motorcycle backfire?Mr. GREER. The second one didn't sound any different much than the first one but I kind of got, by turning around, I don't know whether I got a little concussion of it, maybe when it hit something or not, I may have gotten a little concussion that made me think there was something different to it. But so far as the noise is concerned, I haven't got any memory of any difference in them at all.Mr. SPECTER. Describe as best you can the sound of the third noise.Mr. GREER. Just, to me it was similar, to the first two. They all sounded practically the same to me.Mr. SPECTER. You testified that at the second noise you glanced over your shoulder.Mr. GREER. Yes, sir.Mr. SPECTER. Which shoulder did you glance over?Mr. GREER. Right shoulder.Mr. SPECTER. And describe or indicate how far you turned your head to the right at that time?Mr. GREER. Just so that my eyes over, caught the Governor, I could see, I couldn't see the President. I just could see the Governor. I made a quick glance and back again.Mr. SPECTER. Was the movement of your head just then approximately the same?Mr. GREER. Yes, sir.Mr. SPECTER. As the time?Mr. GREER. Yes, sir.Mr. SPECTER. You just indicated the turn of your head slightly to the right.Mr. GREER. My eyes slightly more than my head. My eyes went more than my head around. I had vision real quick of it.Mr. SPECTER. Exactly where was Governor Connally when you first caught him out of the corner of your eye?Mr. GREER. He was--he seemed to be falling a little bit toward Mrs. Connally, to the left. He started to go over a little bit to the left.Mr. SPECTER. And how far did you catch his movement during the time you were able to observe him?Mr. GREER. Just a second. He probably hadn't gotten his shoulder, he hadn't fell down or anything. He probably was in a position such as I am now.Mr. SPECTER. Did he fall to the rear or to the side or how?Mr. GREER. In my opinion, he fell toward Mrs. Connally which would be to his left or to his side.Mr. SPECTER. Did he fall then on his left shoulder and arm or in some other way?Mr. GREER. He appeared to me to be falling on his left shoulder when I glanced. He had only started to move that way whenever he--when I saw him.Mr. SPECTER. Were you able to see anything of President Kennedy as you glanced to the rear?Mr. GREER. No, sir; I didn't see anything of the President, I didn't look, I wasn't far enough around to see the President.Mr. SPECTER. When you started that glance, are you able to recollect whether you started to glance before, exactly simultaneously with or after that second shot?Mr. GREER. It was almost simultaneously that he had--something had hit, you know, when I had seen him. It seemed like in the same second almost that something had hit, you know, whenever I turned around. I saw him start to fall.Mr. SPECTER. Did you step on the accelerator before, simultaneously or after Mr. Kellerman instructed you to accelerate?Mr. GREER. It was about simultaneously.Mr. SPECTER. So that it was your reaction to accelerate prior to the time--Mr. GREER. Yes, sir.Mr. SPECTER. You had gotten that instruction?Mr. GREER. Yes, sir; it was my reaction that caused me to accelerate.Mr. SPECTER. Do you recollect whether you accelerated before or at the same time or after the third shot?Mr. GREER. I couldn't really say. Just as soon as I turned my head back from the second shot, right away I accelerated right then. It was a matter of my reflexes to the accelerator.Mr. SPECTER. Was it at about that time that you heard the third shot?Mr. GREER. Yes, sir; just as soon as I turned my head.Mr. SPECTER. What is your best estimate of the speed of the car at the time of the first, second, or third shots?Mr. GREER. I would estimate my speed was between 12 and 15 miles per hour.Mr. SPECTER. At the time all of the shots occurred?Mr. GREER. At the time the shots occurred. ...THE BACK SHOT... Mr. SPECTER. During the course of the autopsy did you hear any doctor say anything about the wound on the right side of Mr. Kennedy's back?Mr. GREER. That was the first time that I had ever seen it when the doctors were performing the autopsy, they saw this hole in the right shoulder or back of the head, and in the back, and that was the first I had known that he was ever shot there, and they brought it to our attention or discussed it there a little bit.Mr. SPECTER. What conversation was there concerning the wound on the right back?Mr. GREER. Well, the doctors and people who were performing the autopsy, when they turned the body apparently over they discovered that this wound was in the back, and they thought that they probably could get a bullet out of there, and it took a lot of--then they took more X-rays, they took a lot of X-rays, we looked at them and couldn't find the trace of any bullet anywhere in the X-rays at all, nothing showed on the X-rays where this bullet or lead could have gone.Mr. SPECTER. Approximately where in the President's back was the bullet hole?Mr. GREER. It was, to the best of my recollection it was, back here, just in the soft part of that shoulder.Mr. SPECTER. Indicating the upper right shoulder area?Mr. GREER. Upper right, yes.Mr. SPECTER. Was there any effort made to probe that wound by any doctor?Mr. GREER. I believe, yes, I believe the doctors probed to see if they could find that there was a bullet there.Mr. SPECTER. Do you know which doctor that was?Mr. GREER. No, sir; I don't, I don't have their names at this time.Mr. SPECTER. Did any doctor make any statement about the results of his probing effort?Mr. GREER. I questioned one of the doctors in there about that, and when we found out that they had found a bullet in Dallas, I questioned the doctor about it and he said if they were using pressure on the chest that it could very well have been, come back out, where it went in at, that is what they said at the time. ...THE HEAD SHOT... Mr. SPECTER. Did you just mention, Mr. Greer, a hole in the President's head in addition to the large area of the skull which was shot away?Mr. GREER. No. I had just seen that, you know, the head was damaged in all this part of it but I believe looking at the X-rays, I looked at the X-rays when they were taken in the autopsy room, and the person who does that type work showed us the trace of it because there would be little specks of lead where the bullet had come from here and it came to the--they showed where it didn't come on through. It came to a sinus cavity or something they said, over the eye.Mr. SPECTER. Indicating the right eye.Mr. GREER. I may be wrong.Mr. SPECTER. You don't know which eye?Mr. GREER. I don't know which eye, I may be wrong. But they showed us the trace of it coming through but there were very little small specks on the X-rays that these professionals knew what course that the bullet had taken, the lead.Mr. SPECTER. Would you describe in very general terms what injury you observed as to the President's head during the course of the autopsy?Mr. GREER. I would--to the best of my recollection it was in this part of the head right here.Mr. SPECTER. Upper right?Mr. GREER. Upper right side.Mr. SPECTER. Upper right side, going toward the rear. And what was the condition of the skull at that point?Mr. GREER. The skull was completely--this part was completely gone.Mr. SPECTER. Now, aside from that opening which you have described and you have indicated a circle with a diameter of approximately 5 inches, would you say that is about what you have indicated there?Mr. GREER. Approximately I would say 5 inches; yes.Mr. SPECTER. Did you observe any other opening or hole of any sort in the head itself?Mr. GREER. No, sir; I didn't. No other one.Mr. SPECTER. Specifically did you observe a hole which would be below the large area of skull which was absent?Mr. GREER. No, sir; I didn't.Mr. SPECTER. Did you have occasion to look in the back of the head immediately below where the skull was missing?Mr. GREER. No; I can't remember even examining the head that close at that time.Mr. SPECTER. When President Kennedy was being treated in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital, were any pictures or X-rays taken of him there?Mr. GREER. No, sir; not that I know of. I didn't see any being taken.Mr. SPECTER. Was he ever turned over that you observed while being treated at Parkland Hospital?Mr. GREER. No, sir. I can't recollect him ever being turned over.Mr. SPECTER. Do you have any recollection that he was in fact not turned over?Mr. GREER. No, sir; I couldn't even say. I didn't see them turn him over in any way in my vision, although my back was to him quite often and because I was attending to the door and they could have done it.Mr. SPECTER. Was he on a stretcher at the time he was being worked on at Parkland Hospital?Mr. GREER. I can't remember whether they changed him from a stretcher to a table. I am not sure on that. So, let's decode Greer's WC testimony: From reading his testimony, he did not know that the limo was under attack, until after he saw JC with the corner of his eye. He partially moved his head and saw JC with the corner of his eyes. He did not see the President he says, he did not slow the limo down, he accelerated after seeing JC and thinking that something was wrong. Now, let's decode Greer's actions in the Zapruder film: Possibly in z250, but let's say z258 - z293 Mr. Greer turns his head around and starts to look at JFK. Then again at z301 to z318 he turns his head around, slows the limo and starts to look at JFK until after his head is practically blown off. Opinion: Mr. Greer omits in his testimony that he turned his head around twice, for a good amount of time. The second time he turned his head around and at the same time starts slowing the limo down, he turned it back around only after JFK's head was practically blown off and then accelerates. He is the limo driver and he is allowed in the operating room and then he is allowed in the autopsy of JFK. Is it just me that finds his actions peculiar? Or in other words, this man is as guilty and Judas.
  5. Use google translate. My French is not very good! How and when are we Americans are going to be able to see the documentaries?
  6. Does anyone know the names of the three men standing on the staircase of the knoll. They are seen in the Nix Film and on the Mary Muchmore film. Emmet Hudson is one of the persons. He is the grounds keeper.
  7. I have looked at the deep-fake video of the Nix Film that the Sixth Floor Museum has and distribute to researchers. There are various aspects of the Sixth Floor Museum Nix film that are missing while they are shown in the Robert Groden version of the Nix Film. I have contacted the Sixth Floor Museum by email and I have tried various times by phone for the past three years, I have never been able to speak to anyone there. Their reply by email is always the same. We need the Sixth Floor Museum to provide researchers like us a version of the Nix Film and other films that have not been enhanced, color corrected, or modified in any way. I would like to see the Sixth Floor Museum provide 4" x 5" transparencies of the Nix Film frames, similar to how the Zapruder film was digitized. #thesixthfloormuseum #jfkassassination Dear Keyvan, The version of the Nix film seen in our online collections database at jfk.org is a high-definition transfer from a first generation print and has not been enhanced. While we are able to provide you with an MP4 for your personal research and reference only, it will be from the same transfer found on our website. If you wish to request a copy of this transfer, please submit the request using this form - - https://www.jfk.org/the-collections/rights-reproductions-request-form/ Thank you, Megan Megan P. Bryant | Director of Collections and Interpretation The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza 411 Elm | Dallas, TX 75202 Main: 214.747.6660 | Direct: 214.389.3060 From: Keyvan Shahrdar <keyvan@shahrdar.com> Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2021 11:03 AM To: Megan Bryant <MeganB@jfk.org> Subject: RE: Contact Form Submission ATTENTION: The following correspondence is from an external source. Please be cautious when clicking on links or opening attachments. Dear Megan, Has it been digitized and not enhanced? Because the digitized copy that is on your website is enhanced. Do you have a digitized copy that is not enhanced? Do you have a digitized copy of the Nix film frame by frame? The reason I ask is because there are inconsistencies with what is seen on the enhanced version that you provide versus other versions that are not enhanced. From: Megan Bryant <MeganB@jfk.org> Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2021 9:54 AM To: Keyvan Shahrdar <keyvan@shahrdar.com> Subject: RE: Contact Form Submission Dear Keyvan, The copy of the Nix film in the collection of the Museum has been digitized. If you wish to submit a request for research use or licensing of the film, please submit your request through our online form - https://www.jfk.org/the-collections/rights-reproductions-request-form/ Thank you, Megan P. Bryant | Director of Collections and Interpretation The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza 411 Elm | Dallas, TX 75202 Main: 214.747.6660 | Direct: 214.389.3060
  8. I would like to get in touch with Robert Groden. Does anyone here have his contact information?
  9. Does anyone have access to the Secret Service or FBI testimony for Darrell Tomlinson? If you do, can you share it?
  10. Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know if Jerry Belknap was in the military?
  11. Does anyone have any information on Jerry Belknap? Is he still alive? Jerry Belknap had a seizure at dealey plaza minutes before JFK was assassinated.
  12. this is zframe 298 I believe, way before the head shot. You can see what happens after the head shot here. IMO - Shot from the pergola. https://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/zimmerman/frontmenu_g000008.mp4
  13. What I hear from Mr. Paine is that he could not have a conversation with LHO because he was irrational, yet they both spoke to each other in length about various subjects. A contradiction from Mr. Paine.
  14. Thanks Steve, it reads like a comedy of misinformation from the Tramps, to the police officers that arrested them, to the Dallas Police Department.
  15. https://web.archive.org/web/20191022151301/http://jfkassassinationfiles.com/fbi_124-10151-10221 The Tramps stated in a FBI report that they went to the Irving street mission in Dallas, Tx. I have searched for it on Google and have not been able to find it. Does anyone know where was it located?
  16. Thanks James, I am trying to find the sourcing from Granna - "The New York Times published the information that Kennedy had ordered FBI agents to secure the offices of the Pentagon military chiefs." Have you heard of this?
  17. I found this article from the Atlantic that discusses JFK vs the military. - https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/08/jfk-vs-the-military/309496/
  18. I could not verify any of the information in this article. Does anyone know about General Lemnitzer and an attempt to unseat JFK? http://www.granma.cu/idiomas/ingles/international-i/18oct-KENNEDY.html
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