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  1. "So...the draconian measures may actually backfire...and severely injure the youngest and healthiest sector of our population, while trying to save the oldest and sickest part of our population." Agreed...seems like they are willing to break the system to save the most vulnerable, who would most likely suffer from normal flu and disease anyway. Is there something else going on here? Here in the UK shops are also pretty bear. I'm not sure if people are still hoarding (though now can only buy 3 of each item) or if deliveries have slowed/stopped. I really don't understand why the
  2. Interesting part from the transcripts regarding the Zapruder film: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1284&search=zapruder#relPageId=96&tab=page
  3. haha....do profile pics have to be of yourself or can you use any picture? I thought Lennon was relevant with regards to his assassination.
  4. Thanks Joe. I don't doubt Craigs statement. I'm just wondering what the Mauser was doing there.
  5. There is evidence of a Mauser being found in the TSBD. Why was it there? Was it left behind by another shooter, or planted? What was the significance of this other rifle? (other than suggesting two shooters and a conspiracy). Would love to hear peoples thoughts on this. Thanks Lewis
  6. Posted by Robert Kennedy Jnr on 12th September on his instagram page: Thane Eugene Cesar died today in the Philippines. Compelling evidence suggests that Cesar murdered my father. On June 5, 1968, Cesar, an employee in a classified section of Lockheed’s Burbank facility, was moonlighting as a security guard at the Ambassador Hotel. He had landed the job about one week earlier. Cesar waited in the pantry as my father spoke in the ballroom, then grabbed my father by the elbow and guided him toward Sirhan. With 77 people in the pantry, every eyewitness said Sirhan was always in front on my f
  7. Another typical and well 'researched' Daily Mail article. " Following the assassination, five government investigations concluded Oswald was the killer." - really?? "The most famous of these is the grassy knoll theory..... But, the theory has been disputed countless times over the years. " - really??
  8. I also have my doubts about the official story of 9/11. The official report on WTC7 said it fell due to office fires, yet here John Kerry believes otherwise:
  9. Interesting radio show. I know O'Neill wants to sell books, but it would be nice to have a little more information in the interviews he does. Better order the book I suppose!
  10. I was interested to read the comments about Bugliosi. Sort of questions his credibility over the JFK stuff.
  11. Interesting article about Manson and Vincent Bugliosi. "...people who worked with Bugliosi in the D.A.’s office, and the cops, the majority of them didn’t trust him. I found plenty of documentary evidence that Bugliosi procured false testimony, withheld evidence, and covered up information during the trial, and that law enforcement knew a lot more about the family’s potential for violence even before the murders." https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/spotlight/journalist-misses-his-deadline-on-manson-article-by-20-years/ar-AAF2BLW?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid
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