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  1. Do not know. The source document is a book that only lists the names of directors and executives and companies they are associated with.
  2. Bloomfield was a director of New Continental Oil Company of Canada and Israel Continental Oil Co. and secretary of British Controlled Oilfields.
  3. Yes that would make sense, Bloomfield probably provided legal advice to the Bronfman family. Why are you interested in Bloomfield's relationship with the Bronfman family?
  4. Leslie: Did not find any Bronfman documents in my Bloomfield file, however when I was researching him I was focused on Permindex not the Bronfman family. Bloomfield was a well-connected lawyer and business man and am sure he knew them. His files are available online. If you want to review them I can show you how you can access them. Found a letter in my files that was sent to Allen Dulles regarding a resume received from Bronfman's daughter, Mindy. Found this letter in Dulles' papers that are available online. https://archive.org/details/dulles-bronfman
  5. Bloomfield was not an attorney for Permindex, his role with this company was to represent the interests of some of its shareholders. I read Metta's book and wrote a book review. His book does not prove that Permindex had any connection to to Kennedy's assassination. https://www.kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/the-canadian-archives-michele-metta-and-the-latest-on-permindex
  6. Robert: What evidence do you have of his connection to Kennedy's assassination?
  7. James Day has written an interesting article about the 7.65 Mauser. https://jamesfday.medium.com/the-jfk-assassination-hunting-down-the-mauser-6c30c8f6c6e5
  8. James Day author of The Mad Bishops: The Hunt for Earl Anglin James and his Assassin Brethren has made a video about David Ferrie that premiered at the American Documentary and Animation Film Festival.
  9. You can download a copy of John Armstrong's book here. https://www.krusch.com/books/kennedy/Harvey_And_Lee.pdf
  10. There are a lot of groups helping these children. This will provide us with a starting point for looking for Harvey.
  11. Jim: Vassar College told me that they do not have Bentley's papers.
  12. That fellow is sending you very good leads. That committee must have received many inquiries regarding the adoption of refugee children. If their records are available they may have the names of people who adopted them and the names of children who were adopted and one of them maybe Harvey.
  13. Jim: That is a very interesting lead. Her position on that committee could have put her in contact with refugees.
  14. Jim: Found some info on Edwin Burdick on Ancestry. Edwin died in 1976 and his wife died in 1991. They had a daughter named Gail who died in Tuscon, Pima Arizona in 1998. Not sure what the chances are of getting info on Bentley from people mentioned in her will. You can add it to the list for future reference. Do you know how Margaret Fuhrman met John Pic or anything about her Hungarian background? They had a son born in 1966, he may be able to shed some light on their relationship. Do you know when Edwin Ekdahl divorced Marguerite Oswald? NYPL is still processing my order.
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