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  1. Would like to see the proof that he actually wrote it but even if he did, Torbitt's story is truly outrageous and is with out any corroborating evidence. You should read it, it really is disinformation.
  2. Read the Torbitt Document, it is all misinformation. If you read the article about Permindex in Lyndon LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review you will see that they are almost the same. Both can be downloaded online. Not sure about William Copeland being the author as no one has provided definitive proof of who wrote it.
  3. Did some research on Roy aka Blackburst who has passed away. Litwin's book said that he got the manuscript from a guy named Stephen Tyler. Jim if you, or anyone reading this post knows Tyler, can you let me know because I want to contact him. There are many problems with Litwin's book including writing about Garrison's state of mind, something he is not qualified to do. He also attacks Oliver Stone regarding his support for Putin. Stone's relationship to him has no relevance to Garrison's case against Shaw. Another problem is in the book's dedication that blames Garrison for Bloom
  4. Jim: Is a copy of the finger print card and arrest report available, is at Mary Ferrell or do you know anyone who has it?
  5. Litwin also wrote about Shaw's Bertrand alias. Does anyone know if Shaw actually stated that he had an alias when he was arrested and if yes, is a copy of this document available?
  6. He refers to Aynesworth as being such a great journalist and also mentions that he was a confidante of Garrison before going over to Shaw's defence team. What Litiwn should know is that you can't be a journalist and write a story about the Shaw trial if you are embeded with the people you are writing a story about. This is common sense, Aynesworth lacked objectivity. But Litwin didn't take that into consideration.
  7. Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of Stephen's unpublished book about David Ferrie: Perfect Villain: David Ferrie and the JFK Mystery.
  8. Calvin: What is the source for this document?
  9. Found this document as well, it is from the Harold Weisberg archive regarding the same document. In 1993 David Perry was searching for the same document. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg%20Subject%20Index%20Files/P%20Disk/Perry%20Dave/Item%2017.pdf The document also references an article that refers to the document and to document 105-9987. This can be found on Mary Ferrell. You do not need a membership as you can do 3 searches for free. I also recall an article about Paine and her membership in the Friends organization but I do not recall the title.
  10. Ruth Paine Papers on Marina are located below. The document and related information may be there. http://archives.tricolib.brynmawr.edu/resources/5109pain
  11. I contacted Jim about the document and his reply is below. "The document is for real. But it turns out that either the FBi agent was wrong or the source was wrong. THey checked it out for the PBS special in 1993, and the guy denied he said it."
  12. Can't find it in the second edition. If the document has a number attached to it you may be able to find that document in Mary Ferrell's database. One of Oswald's relatives, Dorothy Murret, may have had intelligence connections. Maybe Ruth Paine was investigating this connection.
  13. They probably gave him the job because he was a rabid right-winger.
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