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  1. Yeah the entire Reiner podcast would benefit from footnotes of reliable sources if he wants us to buy his take. I particularly didn’t think the “Oswald was groomed for spook work since age 13” was believable or well-supported.
  2. Not sure about anything but media articles, but can generally post excerpts with link but not full articles. However, few media outlets have the resources to track offenders. WSJ does.
  3. Sent it to your gmail, Jim. WSJ goes after people who repost full articles publicly. But this one is a doozy - JFK himself is responsible for the American public not buying the WR.
  4. Saw JFK: What the Doctors Saw and agree. Beyond the obvious ‘surgery’ in Kennedy’s brain BEFORE the autopsy, there was McClelland saying the top trauma room surgeon was told to never say the neck wound was an entry wound to the media again - or else. That suggests the coup leaders were in complete control shortly after the assassination and could do what they want at will. It boggles the mind but it’s the only conclusion that can be drawn.
  5. True with those involved in the cover-up. But those at the heart of the conspiracy knew they had everything to lose if they messed up. And they had to be incredibly sneaky and smart, or else. To quote Dylan: It happened so quickly, so quick, by surprise Right there in front of everyone's eyes Greatest magic trick ever under the sun Perfectly executed, skillfully done
  6. Haha. Sounds about right. FYI Jeff got a great story in NY mag today: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/jfk-assassination-documents-national-archives.html These kind of MSM stories never would’ve seen the light of day even a couple of years ago. I guess that’s progress.
  7. Thanks, Pat. Yes, I have been following Jeff’s work for years as well and knew about his Wapo background. I’ve probably read most of his JFKA stories in the MSM but this one - albeit an opinion piece - is the most pointed thus far. If you have an open mind and click the links to his blog that feature the govt docs, hard to believe a reader wouldn’t have some doubts about the official story. But human nature being what it is, probably still won’t change many minds I guess.
  8. I didn’t realize until now this was in Wapo. Pretty incredible. The MSM trusts Jeff. To me, if I was a DC power player, the Heath memo would throw me for a loop. The CIA didn’t buy the LN sorry either?!? Probably still won’t move the needle but does give validity to the conspiracy POV. And Jim’s absolutely correct - Wapo would never have published the piece with a direct accusation against the agency. But if you read it carefully, it’s there between the lines.
  9. Two points of view. I’ve always believed the first one, but I’m open to Mr. Kilroy’s idea. The question I have is since CIA was trying to incriminate Oswald, how would pictures of him entering or leaving either Cuban consulate or soviet embassy interfere with CIA agenda? I understand the general idea that CIA would not want to reveal operational interest in Oswald. They’ve done their best to deny it. How would submitting such pics of LHO compromise CIA? In your mind what was CIA doing with him in MC that they are trying to hide? Good questions, Paul. The CIA is obviously the only party who can answer them but they don’t seem too willing even after 60 years. My first guess is reputation protection. A photo of LHO outside the embassy of our No. 1 adversary just weeks before the assassination would be terrible, maybe institution-destroying optics for the CIA in the immediate aftermath. And would raise many questions the American public that would not be easily answered. The other is possibly LHO is with someone before he enters the embassy. It’s all conjecture and that’s the way the CIA wants to keep it. BTW, I’m not against the idea of Oswald being in MC AND being impersonated - at least on the phone.
  10. I think the point of Jeff’s post and of the family member he interviewed is that the CIA deliberately submitted the ‘mystery man’ photo who looked nothing like LHO to create confusion and divert attention away from what they were doing with Lee in MC. For 60 years that obvious deception has gone unconfirmed by the CIA or the USG investigation bodies. The CIA had the photo of LHO - they chose not to release it and instead lie to investigators and by extension the public. It’s also clear why they hold on to documents - they don’t want anyone involved in any way to be alive for questioning - in the matter of a presidential assassination. But you know, just some anonymous nut shooting from a warehouse window…
  11. It’s funny. I used to look at Oswald’s attitude and countenance during his brief time in the spotlight as impudence or arrogance. Now I see more of an expression that says, “I’ve been had.”
  12. There’s really two Oswald’s at least in personality. One is the guy giving a level-headed speech about his time in Russia at Tulane University, never once mentioning Castro btw even though it was the anniversary of the revolution. And there’s the guy the boarding house owners say who wanted the room nearest people and broke up a fight between two kids in their family. Then there’s the ‘fanatic’ willing to cross any line to achieve his goals: - the ‘suicide’ attempt to get in Russia - telling a DRE member to ‘hit me’ during the fracas in NO - brandishing a gun in the Soviet embassy in MC and creating a scene The question is - why was he only ‘mentally unstable’ in political situations? It appears to me he would do anything asked of him to meet the goals of an operation. That could include shooting Tippit as SOP - don’t let anyone get in your way if an operation goes south. There were plenty of coffeehouse communists to hang out with in the early 60s. Oswald never once sought them out. He was clean cut, didn’t drink and was publicly polite and reasoned unless he was ‘on the clock’ as an intel asset. Figuring out who he was is key to getting a final understanding of the JFKA. It’s amazing after 60 years no one has gotten close. That’s one helluva good cover.
  13. There’s a good possibility he left his ring because he wore his Marine ring that day which in those days was worn on the ring finger. If you figure out you’re the patsy, that may also be the reason he left to get a gun. He had no clear escape plan.
  14. Yeah it would have to have been someone who wouldn’t go along with a dishonest investigation ‘for the good of the country’ like so many did.
  15. It’s a great story, Ben. I’ve read it before but didn’t recall the Gonzalez connection - the same rep who torpedoed Sprague. Wow. it also reminds me that JFK was unlucky in so many ways in facing the conspirators - the first neck shot making him mute, the back brace essentially making him unable to get down, etc. In the supposed investigation to follow, he was unlucky in having his brother as AG. A less emotionally tied AG just might have been strong enough - and seen as independent enough - to demand a truly thorough investigation. Instead we have asst AG Katzenbach and his ridiculous lone gunman memo.
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