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  1. I would also be willing to contribute via annual subscription.
  2. Were the documents posted in another thread? I cannot locate them.
  3. It looks like Greg's original timeline is no longer available. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance.
  4. James, The pic seems to have been removed. Do you still have it? Thanks, HL
  5. Pamela, What is the address of this apartment? I'm close enough to find the apartment and get this objective drawing if the apartment still exists. Sorry, I just saw this... "I am not finding an exact address for Judyth and Robert's apartment in NOLA. That is odd, because Judyth is such a stickler for minute detail when it helps her cause. In this case, I have to wonder if she might have withheld the address because people would be able to check on the building and/or the apartment, the drawing of which she claims is in LHO's address book (CE18). I will keep on looking, though, just in case she mentioned it somewhere..." Please do let me know if you find it. I'd love to investigate firsthand. Thanks, HL
  6. Can we assume Larsen is no longer with us, and if so, I wonder if his son now has those missing interview clips?
  7. I see that Mr. Griggs has not been on since 2008. How can I get in touch with him?

  8. Greg, I'm interested in your comments regarding the multi-sate prostitution ring you referenced in a couple of threads. How can I find out more about "the Circuit"? 


  9. Does anyone have any new information on Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo?
  10. Yes. Janet married Joseph F Conforto, Jr. Angelo and Jerome were his brothers.
  11. You are so right about the cynicism it leaves you with. I'm in Louisiana. Often, we get one of those rain storms where you barely see the road. Looking through the wipers, many times over the years I remembered the scene from the movie where the vehicle was lost.
  12. Paul, I completely agree with you here. Until I'm proven wrong, I am of the opinion that the man in Mexico was indeed Lee Harvey Oswald and that he was anxious to get into Cuba—not Russia. If you concur, I'm curious as to your thoughts on the other location where Oswald was reported to be around this time. Do you believe the testimony of the other Sylvia—Silvia Odio? Regards, HL
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