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  1. Yep looks like it got taken down after I posted this, David.
  2. Just like the extant Zapruder film, this supposed raw footage is filled with cuts, jumps and splices. Just like when the limo is on Houston, you see the motorcycles then the limo is magically down Elm, this whole film seems to leap ahead in sequence in several places. Why can't we be allowed to view unedited raw original film of ANY aspect of the JFK assassination? The only reason film is edited is to tell the specific story the editors want it to tell - nothing more and nothing less. Thanks
  3. https://intel.securecomm.network/45files/JFK_FILES/ I hope that the fine researchers who are on this forum can make good use of these; I have no way of knowing if they were previously available before today. Thanks
  4. In the video of Dan Rather, around 4:30, Rather says "The car was moving all the time, the car never stopped." This lines up with the extant film but goes against many witnesses who said the limo did in fact slow to a stop. Thanks
  5. There is so much about this that is inconsistent with the extant version of the Z Film today, a few observations: - Around :35, Rather says a single Secret Service man was standing on the back bumper of the limo, not seen in the film today. - Around 2:30, Rather demonstrates how JBC turned to his right with his arm outstretched towards President Kennedy, not seen in the film today. - Around 2:39, Rather says JBC's white shirt is exposed and pointing "to the full view of the assassin's window", not seen in the film today (and virtually impossible given the curve in Elm away from
  6. Kevya, Your compass orientation is off by 180 degrees. Mr. Zapruder is at the west end of the pergola, the bench in your picture is at the east end. The entire northern knoll is (obviously) on the north side of Elm - your picture is facing north. Thanks Rick
  7. I imagine LBJ would not have let the opportunity pass him by to dig at Bobby deeper than the experience already did. From what I've read LBJ had the personality, motive and opportunity to do so. This to me is an extension of this not-so-famous post AF1 oath picture: Thanks
  8. John, I live here in north Texas, and have taken several pics in and around DP. Here is one pic I think is useful to your reply here that shows the whole area from above the Commerce Street section of the bridge over the TUP, just about directly above where James Tague was standing, about 15'-20' from the end of the bridge. The 2nd maroon vehicle in the center lane is right over the first "X" in the street; the maroon car downhill from that one is over the "head shot" X. This picture is from the southern end of the walkway, right at the gate leading to the parking lot behind
  9. A compelling list of books and documentaries in progress posted on 9/9/92020 by Bill Kelley: http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2020/09/works-in-progress-re-political.html Thanks
  10. For those who think the body alteration before the autopsy is far-fetched, please explain the multiple records and witnesses of the multiple casket entries, multiple caskets, multiple wrappings of JFK's body and multiple conditions of the wounds, particularly the head and brain. Jim Jenkins, Paul O'connor, Jerrol Customer are completely credible and each present a very different story of the above than the "official" story. How could Jerrol Custer be walking JFK x-rays through the lobby at Bethesda when he saw Jackie and RFK arrive in the ambulance from Andrews that was carrying the heav
  11. Kathy, THANK YOU for doing this. Not all of us here are against Trump or blindly for him, most of us do our research, think for ourselves and support/vote accordingly. Seeing all the anti-Trump posts here was getting very tiresome, just as seeing anti-Clinton or anti-Biden posts would be. Now there's a separate playground for all that and this forum can go back to focusing on the coup that happened in 1963. Thank you!
  12. Greg, You mentioned this in your original post: "-- In this reconstruction, JFK's raising of his arms and elbows and appearing to be reaching both hands to his throat, of Zapruder, becomes a reaction not to the bullet of the rear occipital entrance and exiting through his throat--that shot has not happened yet--but rather is a reaction to the shot that hit JFK in the upper back." I cannot see anyone reacting to being shot in the back with both hands coming up to hold his throat. I could see his dominant hand reaching over his shoulder trying to get to his back like anyone would. JF
  13. Well - what is seen on the Zapruder film was not described by any of the medical professionals who had ample opportunity and expertise to examine the entirety of the president's skull; a huge blob like what is shown in the film would have been mentioned by at least one of them. Your supposition that that very large blob / wound it was no longer observable because Jackie "pushed back together" just doesn't make any sense. Conversely, what was observed by the medical professionals at Parkland is not seen in the extant Zapruder film: a single large defect at the back of the head. What
  14. Equally fascinating to this frontal head shot evidence and observations is the total lack of anyone at Parkland describing anything close to the huge orange blob/flap shown in the extant Zapruder film. So this is doubly convicting - JFK was shot twice from the front and the orange blob/flap was manufactured in the film. Thanks
  15. Chris, The fact that none of the Parkland medical personnel saw nor described anything like the blob on the extant Z film to me is the greatest evidence for it being added into the film at some point, ala Doug Horne's fine work on Dino and the NPIC events. A close second is the fact that what the Parkland doctors DID see and describe is NOT seen in the extant Z film. Thanks
  16. Sandy, Wasn't the Moorman photo taken by some authority (FBI?) on the scene and when it was returned it was marred by the thumbprint partially obscuring the motorcycle cops? Couldn't it have been altered during that time? What is the actual provenance of the Moorman photo? Thanks
  17. I would like to add Sherry Fiester to the list for her incredible work on trajectories. Being on site, standing near (~15' in the picture below I took in February 2019) the south end of the walkway over the triple underpass makes shot(s) coming from there as she posits in her book really come to life. Thanks
  18. Chris, Watching that video from an angle that is rarely shown (usually, it's the video from another camera angle that shows LHO and not the police car), it has always struck me that the timing is ever so close when the car hits Ruby in his left leg/knee just after he shoots LHO. If it had arrived a second sooner, Ruby would have been hit harder before shooting and who knows if he could have still made the shot. In addition, at :16, you can see LHO's head really bounce hard against the ground, something I hadn't noticed before. Thanks Rick
  19. FYI here is another thread here on EF that focuses on Mr. Capehart. Thanks
  20. William, This post is intriguing, could you please fix the picture links? Thanks
  21. When Dan Rather dies, the MSM will of course laud him like all the others, and leave out the fake news he helped perpetrate (how JFK moved violently forward in the limo from the head shot, how he was busted over George Bush's Vietnam era National Guard military record, etc.). If you sing the government's tune, you'll get a great career and protected by the whole gang. Thanks
  22. W., Welcome to Texas! Having been to DP several times (I go once a year), I avoid the Museum and the multiple vendors. I try to go on a sunny Friday. East of DP on Elm, there is a tiny little joint where you can get incredible diner burgers around lunch time which is when I usually go. Then, I walk it off in DP. I always walk down the Elm street extension in front of the TSBD building, behind the pergola and behind the picket fence in the parking lot (where Lee Bowers saw all the automobile activity) and to the triple underpass walkway. Walking south over the TUP, you get a great pe
  23. Agent Hill seems to be the only one doing his job - who is his SS counterpart on the passenger side, who was supposed to be protecting JFK in the same manner? Certainly he would have seen the same four circumstances that Hill did that made him get on the rear bumper of the limo. That he was frozen in place makes me think he was ordered to stay there (I may have recalled reading that, maybe from Vincent Palamara's book), like the agent was ordered to stay at Love Field (which you can see in news coverage of that day). Were they both ordered to stand down by the same SS agent in charge? Ther
  24. If this isn't as clear a statement of motive and what happened on and after 11/22/63, I don't know what is. The day after he died, the army and Joint Chiefs of Staff got the power and the escalated war they wanted. LBJ enabled it all.
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