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  1. article: We are all hostages to 9/11: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/09/article/we-are-all-hostages-of-9-11/
  2. Right on the button I think. I was surprised at myself for not "getting" 9/11 sooner after all the JFK reading I had done. Some got it right away - Peter Dale Scott for example. And Christopher Bollyn is the Vincent Salandria of the case matching the early and prescient observations of Feldman and Castro. My own first exposure was reading a long book by Dr Judy Wood called "Where Did the Towers Go" which brought into view the notion of thermite and explosives used. David Ray Griffin seemed to "get it" right away and his book brought the sense of a recurring process into my vantage point. Phili
  3. Such an appropriate and elegant response to some of the toxicity that has weaved its way through some recent threads.
  4. This picture has a haunting quality to me. Just finished reading The Assassination of James Forrestal by David Martin published this year. It's not the best edited work one will find, but it has all the essentials. His "suicide" reminded me of Epstein's--new night time watch, confusing stories about timeline and strange conclusions based on finding the body. He was found with a bathrobe belt around his neck as if he tried to hang himself from a nearby radiator but no robe was ever found; he was allegedly suicidal, but placed on the 16th floor with easy access to open windows. There was no aut
  5. Joe, I recently posted this comment on a YouTube video on the Netherlands which, like many countries in Europe, combine a capitalist culture with social activism, leveling the playing field a bit. For example, no CEO is allowed a bonus in excess of 20% of their yearly income; private health care plans are regulated by the government, allowing wide participation; communities and housing are planned so that no one with huge bank accounts and equally huge egos, can dominate an environment. Native New Yorker who has lived in Washington DC and California and now resides in the Netherlands. T
  6. This dribble from the guy who recently dumped on the site and said adios and then returned without any acknowledgement of the contradiction of his "bold announcement." Even recently he wrote that "someone" had told him that his input was desired, so he deigned to return and give his "legal" insight (not that he was looking at the site, mind you, cause he dumped on it, but "someone" told him he was needed.) It must be lonely talking to cats in Arizona and the need to expound his "insights" overcame his revulsion at the depths to which the site had fallen. The final indignity? He thinks all sho
  7. https://milnenews.com/2019/07/15/what-if-we-told-you-william-barrs-father-didnt-hire-jeffrey-epstein-and-could-prove-it FWIW- I find this timeline more persuasive, but perhaps in time, we will know for sure.
  8. This is apparently not true. I spent sometime researching it. Barr Sr. was in a dispute with the Board of Dalton over their desire to be more "progressive." (During the Wilson presidency someone described a "progressive" as an "idealist" without any principles. I saw him in a 1974 interview with Benjamin Spock,and Edward Bloustein on PBS. He didn't seem the type to hire someone like Epstein and I started popping about. The website "amazing polly" (with 157K subscribers) did a report: New York Times: re Dalton: Barr Quits, stayed until June 1974: https://www.nytimes.com/1974/02
  9. When I heard the news, I started to see the "neck injuries" as a way to remove him from other prisoners in a separate suicide watch cell. There business could be taken care of easier. Wonder if the coroner will play along. . The cellmate on watch was to wear only a paper gown, no blanket provided to assist any"hanging" and the watch would be continuous and unobstructed 24/7. A friend called earlier and suggested maybe a guard walked by, slipped him his belt, and then found $300,000 in his locker enabling him to retire. My own take is more - broken camera, in-and-out, done deal.
  10. I had assumed that most readers familiar with modern poetry would have had this impression; it was the reason I compared it to Pound's Cantos or Peter Dale Scott's Minding the Darkness. Reading some of the posts here - as disconcerting as it was - at least illuminated the thought processes of the NJ Governor and the State's Legislative members. This "discussion" reminded me of a Wall Street Journal essay a year or so ago by the Dean of Drexel who is an English professor. She refers to two plays I've mentioned in previous threads. Pertinent portions of her essay: The great wo
  11. What I loved was this tweet: "I am not into conspiracy theories," Scott Hechinger said. "But Epstein had destructive information on an extraordinary number of extraordinarily powerful people. It is not easy to commit suicide in prison. Especially after being placed on suicide watch. Especially after already allegedly trying." When a culture is brainwashed with meaningless terms, one must begin expressing that one is NOT "one of them" who is a "theorist" about conspiracy...BUT
  12. WN- The above mouthful from a guy who dumped on the site and then said "adios." Remember Henry Fonda's line in Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West about a guy who wore suspenders and a belt--"How can you trust a guy who doesn't trust his own pants." In this case, it's "his own mouth."
  13. Thought this guy said "adios." Guess he's not a man of his word.
  14. Thank the Lord for common sense. The use of the term "conspiracy theorist" was, like the use of the term "buff" to describe JFK skeptics, invented by the CIA as a form of mind control. Give the people who can't think for themselves something that they can use to discredit others who question their understanding of truth.
  15. Paul- I certainly don't see why you are offended. I never said you were the anti word, although at least 3 posters here used that tired smear and it was to them, that I made reference. I believe WN's intentions were similar. I "threw in" underwear wearing Dershowitz as an example of the Israeli Lobby trying to control the narrative; of the perception of Israelis as anything other than victims and do gooders whose only concern is justice. Any suggestion of nefarious behavior is immediately met with accusations of anti-you-know-what. It's the finger in the dyke approach to ANY criticism--l
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