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    Then I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President.

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  1. I kinda liked "The Keystone Coup" myself but hey, this is good too.
  2. Yeah but they shouldn't have shot her. It's sad all because of the narcissist in chief.
  3. Pelosi and Schumer calling for a 25th or else they'll impeach. If they impeach and remove him he won't be able to run for office I believe.
  4. I'm really curious if any of the idiots in Congress will point out to Hawley that disenfranchising the people of Pennsylvania and canceling their votes for following what the PA election commission has told them to do is penalizing the victim of the so-called malfeasance. It's really simple: if the legislature, Governor or SoC has actually done anything wrong or against the constitution of the state (I doubt it very much) the remedy is NOT invalidating the vote of the citizens of the state. Why nobody has pointed that out to the dumb as$ is beyond me. I suppose he knows there are enough i
  5. Looks like a done deal. Called at 215 EST. See ya Mitch ya POS. I wonder who's helping Donald burn files in the Rose Garden?
  6. Even without direct communications from whoever the actors are the various agencies that look at these things can do detailed traffic analysis to determine what is going on. The IC groups in all these countries play games with each other all the time and to sort through what may actually be happening from the outside looking in is very difficult. The Solaris dropper is a good example. Although it's been claimed that we didn't know about it, it's just as likely we did but are playing possum IMO. It's possible and very probably likely that the attacks used against us (or anyone else) can be
  7. Jeff it's useless to present evidence to you of anything. The Cuban Missle Crisis sources and methods for confirming the assertions were RB 47s flying over the country. Wasn't a big secret. Even when I pointed out to you the Dutch compromised the IRA and tapped their cameras in the facility and videos them you still denied it. The reason why I transfer them onto you is because you're the one demanding a full confession from Putin himself, in writing and notarized, as proof. You refuse to accept any possibility whatsoever that the IC assessments, congressional investigations, SSCI and seve
  8. Jeff I have my own experiences with this stuff but I'll give you some examples that I know can be shared and I have intimate knowledge of. In a CI investigation the purpose of that investigation is not to develop a criminal case to prosecute. As an example, the Purple Japanese code was a closely guarded secret whose product was not allowed to be even public knowledge until the seventies. There were many potential prosecutions that weren't pursued because the cost of revealing that information was deemed too steep. It's just common sense. I realize that makes for an unfair argument and tho
  9. Since you're so interested in the "law" Jeff why don't the Russians under indictment come to prove their innocense? Let me get this straight. You think the IC should provide "proof" of their guilt regardless of the consequences to possible sources or methods but do not have to respond to an indictment or even accusations that have been leveled against them. Is that correct? What you claim to be "evidence free" is ridiculous and I suppose is based on the assertions of a former analyst that hasn't worked in the field since 2001.
  10. Do tell. Who "thoroughly discredited" the Steele Dossier? In fact it hasn't been "thoroughly descredited" at all. Even if it had been do you really think the NSA and other agencies would "publish their real sources"? I know that isn't exactly a fair counterpoint (they have secret sources we don't know about etc) but in fact it is likely the IC would use something like that to put forward a claim without "publishing" the fact that the encryption being used by an adversary was compromised. I've mentioned this before but I don't think most people understand what actually is occurring be
  11. He's there to continue the scam. Republican Senators are now joining the rush to scam stupid supporters into sending them money. It's so funny that these idiots fall for this crap and now all the low rent Rs are rushing in such as Blackburn, Cruz, Lankford etc absolutely knowing it will make no difference but they see Trump conning these clowns and don't want to miss out. I'm sure Wheeler's kids are going to have to go to State colleges or maybe Junior colleges now hahaha. "Forget Princeton now, Bobby. It looks like we're going to have to shoot for Capella Online U!"
  12. Wow. I was 8 miles away and missed it hahaha. I guess it was virtual?
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