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    Then I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President.

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  1. There's also Article 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment. The 14th Amendment’s Disqualification Provision and the Events of Jan. 6 - Lawfare (lawfareblog.com)
  2. There isn't anything saying he can't be charged by state and federal authorities. There's a limit to the protections Government officials have from Qualified Immunity and such. Same-same Clark and C. Flynn et al.
  3. I think he bought an old Atlas silo in Kansas or something.
  4. Useless. Into congressional hearings he goes without being able to claim the fifth. States hold their cards until that is over with and into the piranha pen forthwith as he walks out the door. He's in a very tough spot whereas if he was actually given the usual pardon based on mercy or contrition he might have skated. This likely gives more ammo to Republicans to convict Trump too. The good part is if he's not convicted Trump is mumbling about forming his own party which would sideline the Republicans for the next few cycles by peeling off ten or twenty million (or possibly less)voters. T
  5. The problem is the two terms "incite" versus "provoke" which are legal terms of art that make a distinction between levels of culpability. Provoke is a softer term which seems to indicate he's keeping the option open of letting the scum bag escape once again. I don't think they actually whip votes in an impeachment generally but it's not like the chickens can't find the coup. We'll see but the spineless AH's that make up the republican party these days aren't likely to muster 17 votes. They'll throw the clown into double secret probation for an attempted coup d'état. Ridiculous. We'll hav
  6. I kinda liked "The Keystone Coup" myself but hey, this is good too.
  7. Yeah but they shouldn't have shot her. It's sad all because of the narcissist in chief.
  8. Pelosi and Schumer calling for a 25th or else they'll impeach. If they impeach and remove him he won't be able to run for office I believe.
  9. I'm really curious if any of the idiots in Congress will point out to Hawley that disenfranchising the people of Pennsylvania and canceling their votes for following what the PA election commission has told them to do is penalizing the victim of the so-called malfeasance. It's really simple: if the legislature, Governor or SoC has actually done anything wrong or against the constitution of the state (I doubt it very much) the remedy is NOT invalidating the vote of the citizens of the state. Why nobody has pointed that out to the dumb as$ is beyond me. I suppose he knows there are enough i
  10. Looks like a done deal. Called at 215 EST. See ya Mitch ya POS. I wonder who's helping Donald burn files in the Rose Garden?
  11. Even without direct communications from whoever the actors are the various agencies that look at these things can do detailed traffic analysis to determine what is going on. The IC groups in all these countries play games with each other all the time and to sort through what may actually be happening from the outside looking in is very difficult. The Solaris dropper is a good example. Although it's been claimed that we didn't know about it, it's just as likely we did but are playing possum IMO. It's possible and very probably likely that the attacks used against us (or anyone else) can be
  12. Jeff it's useless to present evidence to you of anything. The Cuban Missle Crisis sources and methods for confirming the assertions were RB 47s flying over the country. Wasn't a big secret. Even when I pointed out to you the Dutch compromised the IRA and tapped their cameras in the facility and videos them you still denied it. The reason why I transfer them onto you is because you're the one demanding a full confession from Putin himself, in writing and notarized, as proof. You refuse to accept any possibility whatsoever that the IC assessments, congressional investigations, SSCI and seve
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