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  1. What are you talking about? Are you serious Jeff? Novichok anyone? There's more FSB/SVR/GRU in the states now than there ever were KGB etc during the cold war. When a "democratically elected" leader of a country seizes control over the military, judicial, intelligence and law enforcement agencies of their country what do YOU call that Jeff? Fascists maybe? Your uninterrupted, slavish devotion to Putin and the Russian Federation without questioning any of their actions or policies is ridiculous. Bot-like. I've never defended the shenanigans the US has engaged in to the extent you do t
  2. Just exactly who is lighting the box Jim?? You still insisting that the Crimea invasion was all a black flag op?? Give me a break. Your pal Putin has shown exactly what he is and anyone who is still defending him is probably still defending Trump too. Hunter? Really? Why do you think it's unusual for him to be on the board of a company? It's common. Ask William Shatter about how much he got for Priceline.
  3. Ok it's not related but where are all the Putin defenders these days? Carter has been silent for a long time now. Is Putin just providing cover on the border to allow the Little Green men to infiltrate in larger numbers or is he just going to flat out invade? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. Oh I know YOU can make an argument about libertarian this and libertarian that but the vast majority of these people just parrot idiots they find somewhere to validate whatever they're puking out. Some just don't even care. Many couldn't find their own ass with a map and flashlight. I for one have a spouse that doesn't get to use her "rights" or "libertarian ideals" to throw these f*ing chumps out on the street when they show up at the hospital. She has to treat them regardless of their carelessness or stupid attitudes about masks or whatever.
  5. I disagree. There's no philosophical bent, they're just plain, flat out, stupid. Hopefully the stupid f*s just weed themselves out by dying while dragging as few others with them as possible. These are the idiots we're seeing in hospitals with CV clogging up the system where people with cancer, blood disorders, trauma victims and on and on can't see their physicians in person for care. It's not as bad now because people have been doing better but as time goes on the dumber get sifted out into slag. I'm so tired of it I just don't care what happens to them or their grandmas. This sh!t coul
  6. This is flat out wack job stuff. It's real. Get the vax. The dangerous variants come from INFECTIONS in the population NOT vaccines or their effects. Seriously dangerous stuff and the people who work in the field get tired of this crap because their families have to suffer with effects of the kookville, no mask, no vax, whack-a-doodles who perpetuate this sh!t. F off and skip doctors Dennis next time you need one. We're all tired of people like you who can't have the common decency to take precautions so my wife and family can get done with this crap and not KILL another FIVE HUNDRED
  7. Three Top Russian Cybercrime Forums Hacked — Krebs on Security Ok. Now that it is public knowledge, or at least assumed to be, Carter and some of the other nay-sayers around here can read it and weep. This is not all of the back story of the intel sources used in recent years but should suffice to explain some of the reasons why the IC knows certain information that it is not willing to make public that Binney and others have not had any knowledge of. This is a quote from the article: According to Intel 471, on March 1, 2021, the administrator of the Exploit cybercrime forum claimed
  8. Yep. Tactical error or sacrificial nominee?? Good question.
  9. All they would need to do is let us vote on it! Hahaha!! That would do the trick. We could split California in half so we could keep the 50 stars and the math still works for other stuff.
  10. I believe he can change the job itself. That is he can alter the authorities given the Post Master thereby rendering the position meaningless. That's the tree I'd bark up at any rate. Or the the ankle I'd nip at hahaha
  11. Yeah this gag got forgotten fast when Bush deregulated the energy companies and allowed them to scam consumers. They took plants offline on purpose using ridiculous excuses, shipped power out and then back in across state lines on and on. There were untold amount of scams going on as FERC was stripped of regulators and Bush's boy at the head played Mr. MacGoo. He and Cheney should have been prosecuted for that and many other things. The Republicans are really the worst scum bags on the planet and obviously they're getting worse. Unfortunately their supporters, who are mostly pretty good people
  12. You know what's really (not so) funny? They're all going to have to pay maybe as much as four or more times as much for their power in the next billing cycle because that's the way it works in a market rate system. When Bush was elected in 2000 and the scum bag let FERC switch the grids over to the republican cherished "free market utilities" aluminum plants in Washington closed down to sell their contracts into the grids at ten times the rate they had contracted for. They actually paid their employees to go home. Biggest scam ever until the magic "unregulated derivatives" scam they foist
  13. I suppose it depends on who is doing the counting and how they're doing it but yes, that's the thrust of my point. I doubt they'll be able cross the finish line with most of the country save the Confederacy. The Republicans are making it so bad they're going to have cheat to win national seats (which they've done before) because they can't garner enough votes to win a popular election. With Texas shading blue and the possibility of losing Florida during the next cycle they won't be able to get an electoral college win. Zero chance without Florida and less than zero if Texas tanks. The mil
  14. Yes I think Trump will do a fade. What the percentile numbers show at 40% is what I believe to be a skewed number as independents and centrists have leaked out of the party and their overall number is much lower. Sure maybe 40% is still there but I believe its out of a vastly lower number total. They've f'd themselves and really have been doing this for decades by trying to appeal to a base that is made up of Tea Party types (the old Confederacy basically) that can't govern in a majority. Unfortunately this makes the Dems govern in more of a coalition type of party which sidelines some p
  15. This is typical Dem softball BS again. I don't know why they don't set up a commission and make the idiot testify as evidence comes in over the transom and let the trial play for a while. In my way of thinking a blizzard of evidence of all the various scams and lies as well as the conspiracy to commit a coup d'etat with all his little ass buddies should be painted all over the scum republicans in congress. Punching the trial out in a couple weeks with the attendant acquittal is a big mistake, regardless of Biden's wishes.
  16. Judas and the Black Messiah looks like it will be really good. (10) JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH - Official Trailer - YouTube
  17. ‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years – ex-KGB spy | Donald Trump | The Guardian
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