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  1. No date as to when this Rose, Sovall and det. Adamcik report was submitted but some great details... https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth337959/?q=rifle
  2. Heres a great hand written copy of officer Marion L Baker's first statement... here is a link https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth338819/m1/1/?q=rifle
  3. Some great early 11/22/63 and 11/23/63 evidence photos and affidavits on this site used above....just follow the link provided of one of the rifle photos.... here are some that interested me... those 3(three) backyard photos found within 28 hours.
  4. Thanks for posting the files Bart sent you Jim. Great info in those notes of Betsy, what a read that was. Is she still alive? The review on the kennedysandking website was also an amazing read. Thanks again.
  5. Amazing effort by Dr. NEWMAN... So we have Lemnitzer and Lemay and possibly one other JCS member agreeing JFK has to go in early or mid '62 they order Ed Lansdale to plan the hit with the goal of pinning it on Russia. Angelton is playing his mole hunt with Oswald and somehow either Angelton, Harvey or Helms spills info on Oswald to Landsdale. Landsdale then decides to use military intelligence officers disguised as CIA to manoeuvre Oswald to appear connected to Castro and the Soviets. Once ship dipped the MI officers get Oswald into place near the chosen ambush site, this is h
  6. Just throwing this out there for consideration. What if Lee under instructions was told to produce the BYP's whilst he had access at jaggers for some purpose down the track, but gave himself some deniability by superimposing his face from one image onto another image of his own face? Creating some sizing or shadow issues or cut lines that if ever the image(pic) was used against him...he could get experts to agree the image was doctored. Sneaky of him but if he was at all paranoid of his role in things to come...i think he was capable of trying to create himself some insurance had the notion en
  7. David, I was not having a dig at you by pointing out at 51 years of age I learned a new word from your post. HOWEVER as an Australian I can 100% guarantee you that "ya cant" is positively legal tender in the southern hemisphere. All the best, stay safe, Adam.
  8. I've been saying for a while, since back on Robert Harris JFK site that a 30 ish Michael Paine could easily pass for a 23yr old LHO in 62/63 as long as it was brief 1 off contacts especially from a some distance away. eg. At a rifle range or post office or in and out of a corner shop, or sitting/driving by in a red convertible or walking into a foreign embassy in Mexico City whilst having your photo taken. Which wrist did Mr.Paine wear his watch on? Did he like to lurk around in doorways whilst secretly praying? Was he positively confirmed to be at work at Bell between noon and 1.30pm on
  9. I just want to inform you all that i have submitted my tender to build the Trump Presidential Library on a vacant bargain basement site i have been able to secure first option to build on in Atlantic City(only cost me $80 and a carton of Michelob Light). I am confident my $1.3 billion project bid with a $200 million bitcoin personal donation to the Trump Family Trust upon receiving the first $500 million library project advance payment will help to secure the deal for me. Should my tender be successful i would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all well and adios! P.
  10. I will throw another issue at you guys other then hair to consider. In the photo in Minsk above and the photo in the US with Marina and the new baby LHO has a watch on his left wrist. Prayer Man has a watch on the right wrist or a large bracelet or some other large light reflecting piece or pieces of jewellery. Not something you would wear while at work lifting, stacking and moving boxes. The piece of jewellery also appears to me to be a lot larger then a single silver Marine I.D bracelet for those ready to suggest thats what it is. Regards Adam.
  11. Who says ya cant learn anything new on this forum, ladies and gentlemen i give you the word "verisimilitude"
  12. Possibly the most logical answer is because the wallet was returned to the owner(who was at the scene), once the DPD had cleared its owner as being a non suspect.
  13. Elmer Moore was a foot soldier who followed orders.....who gave him those orders.
  14. Hi Paul, Not really a fan of the surveillance state at all, but unfortunately i have accepted that it is the way of the present and the future. You mentioned not being a fan of "preventing acts of violence by increasing police presence." I dont think we will have to worry about physical police presence in years to come, but i am very worried about this...
  15. An Afghan born us resident and an Egyptian student where two successes of the SAR's program. Whilst racial profiling cops a bad name, i'm guessing it would save a couple of hundred million in tech purchases and man hours of wasteful and unnecessary data collection on families out on a ferry ride to an island that were taking photographs. In all honesty, all of these intrusions on personal liberties is one day going to be widely accepted as normal. When planes are hijacked and rental trucks and RV's are used as weapons these surveillance systems give us answers to the who did it and why(u
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