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  1. Hi Ron, I was trying to exactly place the other patrolman J.C. White who was also wearing a black uniform and white hat. He said he was standing over on the western side of the overpass. Unfortunately in his testimonies he mixes up exactly where he was in relation to whether he was standing above Commerce or Main St when limo was going down Elm? I found him in the McIntyre photo which i will display below it shows him just over the main street section of the overpass only 1 or 2 metres from the Commerce Street section but this is after the limo has left Dealey Plaza....i just wanted to confirm it from film footage taken 5 or 10 seconds earlier from the plaza side of the overpass. I can make out a black shape with white dot above it but its not clear enough to say for sure its patrolman white(maybe 75%)....with Foster you can make out his body, right arm, head and right hand moving lit by sunlight. If we can finally place patrolman White standing on the western side above the join between commerce and main, then it makes it incredibly hard for a south knoll shooter to be up on the overpass firing from the overpass commerce edge/exit section...patrolman white would have had a straight line of sight to anyone there.
  2. Hi Chris Davidson, Is there any chance you can extend this gif another 10 to 20 frames? I think i spot something interesting right at the very end of the gif. Would much appreciate if you could produce another gif of last 10 frames of currently posted gif and any additional frames you can include... I know this may take some of your time, but I'm clueless and the footage you have accessed is the clearest and best quality ive ever seen. Much thanks in advance if you can help, Regards from Australia, Adam.
  3. I'm crap at this stuff, just cant waste the gif's clarity: Please zoom in on overpass people as close as gif allows, you can clearly see slight movements in some of them, which makes them standout.
  4. Great gif, awesome quality and clarity......... Zoom in peoples. PLEASE enlarge this gif and pay it some close attention to the top left hand corner and activity on the overpass........ Anyone see a train on the triple overpass.........No, right OK, good. Can everyone make out patrolman Foster on the triple over pass....last person visible on the top lefthand side of this gif(obscured by sprocket hole briefly) he is wearing black uniform with a white hat...he is standing a few steps behind the last two railway workers on the left hand side (standing over main street section of overpass). YOU MIGHT NEED TO WATCH GIF 3 OR 4 TIMES. This is exactly where he said he was in affidavits, a few feet back from railing so he could watch over the 11 or 12 men he allowed to stay there to his immediate left. It places him back from the railing by 4 to 6 feet. And approximately 6 to 10 feet into the Main street section of the overpass. This would give him a clearer view to his right hand side to see if anyone was up on the overpass above the Commerce Street section and the bend towards the downward sloping exit from the overpass. Where patrolman Foster never saw anyone whilst he was on the overpass. AJ.
  5. Calvin, i enjoy reading your posts and this is another interesting one...but..where is it leading regarding LHO? Do you believe he was in the TSBD 6th floor window at 12:30 firing a rifle? Or was just manipulated to be onsite and available to be used as a scapegoat?
  6. Hiya folks, Ron i agree with you 100% the throat wound/tracheotomy incision was explored, enlarged and made jagged at Bethesda. I have been firing rifles for 30 years at kangaroo's, wild boar, feral cats and rabbits. 30-40 yards shots at a stationary target i could make with one testicle tied behind my back. This shot is a little special Ron. Anyone 50 yards from the limo and able to strike JFK in the throat with a frontal entrance trajectory at Z190 to Z224 would have been standing out in the open in Dealey Plaza. A frontal shot made between Z190 to Z224 would have to be made by someone concealed so well, we still havent found them almost 60 years later...they had to be at least 130 plus yards away from the limo(from the plaza plats ive seen)...behind cover and in an elevated position not on the horizontal or below the limo. They were not standing up on the overpass above main or commerce or just to the south of commerce (they had no cover from the 2 dpd officers up on the triple underpass). They couldnt have fired from JFK's right because the trajectory would put the bullet into his spine or out the other side of his neck(which didn't happen). The shot is getting harder even with a .22 here Ron and you have to take into account whatever psychological factors the shooter was dealing with, especially capture or death from law enforcement once he fired and risked giving up whatever concealment they had...its a tough tough shot... In my opinion all this means getting back to your post Ron is no shooter on earth is taking the assignment "you have to shoot the President in the larynx after you hear the first shot to shut him up!". I too enjoy reading your posts Ron, sorry to be a little harsh...all the best stay safe. PS. I still feel its getting more likely he was struck from the front and in the back (2shots), but its also still possible it was a back to front shot from the Dal-Tex aswell, and that part of the bullet made its way out JFK's throat and thru his shirt and tie then struck the inside of the limousine windscreen. Something flew closely passed Governor Connelly's left ear as the president was hit prior to Z225.
  7. HI RON, you said, QUOTE: "Why he was aiming for the neck." To take out his larynx and prevent any verbal reaction to the back shot or any other that wasn't the kill shot. I.E. a miss that say hit say is ear or neck instead of the head. I have wondered before if in their expertise or experience they didn't expect such a shot to cause him to sit up straight grabbing for his throat and provide a clearer elevated target for the head shot(s). Ron, i think you maybe over thinking it and you might be giving way to much credit for how accurate a shooter could be... If there was a frontal shot that struck jfk thru his neck tie, i have to say that in my opinion it was just a poor shot. What i mean by this is the shooter misjudged his required firing point. A frontal shooter had to allow for cross wind, targets speed in approaching the shooters firing position, the increased downward slope the limo was about to undertake while traveling further along Elm Street towards his firing position and track any movement forward,backwards or sideways by JFK. Basically to hit JFK between the eyes they may have set there crosshairs on the tip of his nose or mouth or chin...depending on there range/distance to the target and how powerful the rifle was and the ammunition they had chosen. To be honest if the throat wound came from the front it was more likely someone aiming at the chest(centre mass) of JFK but failed to take into consideration that the bullet would strike above the point of where their crosshairs were aiming, due to the limo moving towards the target reducing range and the limo being on a downward trajectory. I have stated on this forum many times before i do not believe a frontal shot went thru the windscreen and struck JFK in the throat. I do believe it was possible for a shot to pass over the top of the windscreen and hit JFK in the throat. Unfortunately im still not totally convinced that is what happened.
  8. Lets hope S.S. Agent Greer relived his view of the frontal headshot impact every time his head hit the pillow and he closed his eyes. Unremorseful xxxxx. No wonder he tried so hard to control the evidence at Parkland and Bethesda personally.
  9. Here you go Ben, https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/arrb/master_med_set/md176/html/md176_0001a.htm
  10. No date as to when this Rose, Sovall and det. Adamcik report was submitted but some great details... https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth337959/?q=rifle
  11. Heres a great hand written copy of officer Marion L Baker's first statement... here is a link https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth338819/m1/1/?q=rifle
  12. Some great early 11/22/63 and 11/23/63 evidence photos and affidavits on this site used above....just follow the link provided of one of the rifle photos.... here are some that interested me... those 3(three) backyard photos found within 28 hours.
  13. Thanks for posting the files Bart sent you Jim. Great info in those notes of Betsy, what a read that was. Is she still alive? The review on the kennedysandking website was also an amazing read. Thanks again.
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