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  1. So, its almost 30 years later, what did these guys end up publishing in their books regarding the two colonel's? One of whom confessed to two people he was involved in JFK's assassination. Did we ever find out how? What else came out about Burris?
  2. Hi Mr. McBride, Did Johnnie live anywhere close to 10th and Patton in late 1963 and by close i mean really close? Thanks for taking time to reply, A.J
  3. Hi Mr. McBride, Did you ever come across J.D ever having anything to do with a Johnny Witherspoon in Dallas during 1962 and 1963? Also what happened to Officer Mentzel post November 22nd 1963? Regards, A.J
  4. I still believe this is all one of the greatest military strategical ploys ever devised: stage 1 pull out all coalition forces. Stage 2 allow Taliban scattered across the middle east to return to Afghanistan and think they have won a great battle. Stage 3 give the Taliban 6 months to accumulate in large numbers in several cities whilst being watched by satellite and secretly installed surveillance equipment. Stage 4 make up some bullshit sighting of tactical nuclear weapons being constructed in several Afghanistan cities by Taliban. Stage 5 surgically nuke Afghanistan cities off the face of the earth thus destroying 80% of all known Taliban. Stage 6 have strike teams assassinate all suspected Taliban cells around the world at the same time as air strikes with tactical nukes begins. Stage 7 when the world starts to complain the US can just stick its fingers in their ears and go..."la la la I'm not listening la la la". Stage 8 give things a few weeks and life goes back to normal. Stage 9 send a txt message to China and North Korea saying pull your heads in or your next motherxxxxers. Stage 10 Biden reveals he and Obama put this 10 year plan together in 2012, Joint Chiefs release statement saying Biden planned this in 2012/13 and they backed him all the way, CIA announces they had no knowledge of plan. Biden wins 2022 noble peace prize. AJ P.S This post is not to be taken seriously....have a nice day😀
  5. I'm sure many may have seen this from a few years ago, it pops up occasionally on my youtube searches. So just in case some of our forum's readers have never seen it, i thought i would post the Kennedy family's message here today.
  6. Why has Buell never said, "lee was on the steps/TSBD entrance with me and other staff members in the minutes leading up too and during the shooting"?
  7. Nice presentation Gil, There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, individual's within in the DPD of 1963 aided in the assassination on a passive participation level (that being they did little to prevent the act) important DPD officials conducted terrible evidence collection and processing, poor witness interrogation, record collection and preservation, whilst several officers took part in intimidation of assassination witnesses post event for many years. I would like to hear from the forum's J.D. Tippit expert Joseph McBride on a not so simple question. From your research Mr. McBride do you think it was possible for officer Tippit to be patrolling his assigned zone prior to 12:00-12:10pm on November 22nd then drive into Dealey Plaza, take up a position behind the picket fence by 12:20-12:25pm fire one shot at 12:30pm stay behind the picket fence area for 5 to 10 minutes pretending to search/crowd control the railway yard parking area, then drive over to the Gloco fuel station by the time he was reported parked up there? Your book confirms J.D was an excellent shot with a rifle, his actions post assassination are peculiar and frantic to say the least and become incredibly suspicious due to his shooting death and the location that shooting takes place. Maybe J.D. Tippit realy is the assassinations "Rosetta stone". My problem is in 60 years no conclusive evidence/witness identification puts Tippit behind the picket fence or in touch with any known major players thought possible of being behind the assassination. Someone like J.D.Tippit definitely looks susceptible to manipulation by someone posing as an authority figure (SS/CIA/Military). Regards, AJ
  8. As a follow up, would E.H.Hunt also be the type of man, who would take an opportunity such as this(knowing his opinion or information regarding the JFK assassination would be looked upon as valid truthful deathbed confession insider information) to sully the reputation of men he may have disliked or been screwed over by in his opinion? Men such as William Harvey, David Morales, Cord Meyer and Antonio Vecianna? Thanks again, AJ.
  9. Hi Mr. Caddy, From your contact and interaction with E.H Hunt, in your opinion would he be the type of man that would use his son to take one last shot at obfuscation regarding the Kennedy assassination in service to the CIA he loved working for? Would he also be the type of man to realise that any information he gave to his son could be used to profit his children financially should a book or movie be produced using his information as a foundation for the story? Regards, AJ.
  10. I just happened to be reading thru the HSCA testimony of acoustics expert Jim Barger and found this passage that relates back to Rosemary Willis actions in Dealey Plaza and the Zapruder film splice/distortion at Z156-Z160... Mr. FITHIAN - Now, in the location of targets, are those, as nearly as you can compute from the Zapruder film or otherwise, the exact location of the President and Governor Connally in the limousine?Dr. BARGER - No; with regard to target No. 3, which was positioned to be at the same place as the limousine in frame 313, it was put in that place as well as we could determine it.Mr. FITHIAN - And is target No. 1 in the same location that you presumed the first shot was fired?Dr. BARGER - Of course, I don't know exactly where the limousine was when the first shot was fired.Mr. FITHIAN - I guess basically I am asking you why did you locate the target there?Dr. BARGER - As I recall, we sought to place the first target at about the position of the limousine, at about frame 158-160. The reason for that was that the preliminary screening that I described earlier of the impulses on the tape, indicated that if the first pattern of impulses that could be seen occurred prior to frame 313 by enough time to place it back at about frame 158. That is why we tried to position the target at that place. AJ Science you gotta luv it!
  11. Wait, so Gary Mack, Mary Ferell, Fletcher Prouty, Jack White, Barr McClellan, Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi, John Lattimer all told fibs and tried to muddy the assassination waters? Ok got it....
  12. Hi Gayle, just wanted to ask, in your research did you ever come across any truth to Sylvia Odio being in Puerto Rico in mid 1963? Regards, AJ.
  13. Hi Michaleen, You said "I still believe there was an earlier missed shot that caused James Tague’s wound. I think it’s clear from ZF that JFK stops waving for a moment, a little girl in a white sweater stops running toward the president and looks toward the TSBD, and Connally looks grim and to his left." Rosemary Willis is the little girl who halts her run and stops in just a few frames of the Zfilm and looks back and upwards to her right almost directly at the TSBD. This happens when the Zfilm has a splice or conniption at Z156 to Z160 she later turns her head back towards the limo to see what happened down Elm st. With many plaza witnesses saying a bullet struck beside the limo, that a bullet struck concrete beside the manhole cover on Elm St, that a bullet made a worm hole path in the grass near the manhole cover and the damaged conrete roadside guttering near Teague...we have plenty of evidence at least one shot may have been fired prior to Z224-5 when jfk emerges from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign showing he is hit. My belief is that Rosemary Willis stop, turn back towards the TSBD and then back towards the limo is proof a shot was definitely fired from above and behind the limo at Z156-160. What it hit and where it hit we can only speculate from the Dealey Plaza witnesses suggestions. AJ.
  14. I stumbled across a site called jfkboards.net and found an interesting post, i was wondering if our legal expert in Washington DC, Mr. Douglas Caddy did you gain any knowledge of or information from the one and only E.H Hunt concerning these two CIA high ranking officials mentioned in the post....these two guys must have been the gatekeepers of everything Angleton and Helms had protected/hidden? It looks like from 1974 they become the CIA assassination cover up kingpins...may they burn in hell. (Hope my cut and past job isnt breaking any rules). George T. Kalaris, Angleton's successor, instigated an investigation into Angleton's filing system.His team found "entire sets of vaults and sealed rooms scattered all around the second and third floors ofCIA headquarters". They came across over 40 safes, some of them had not been opened for over tenyears. No one on Angleton's remaining staff knew what was in them and no one had the combinationsanymore. Kalaris was forced to call in a "crack team of safebusters to drill open the door".http://spartacus-educational.com/00kalaris1.jpghttp://img.brainsturbator.com/img/james-jesus-angleton.jpgGeorge Kalaris James Angleton The investigators found "Angleton's own most super-sensitive files, memoranda, notes and letters... tapes,photographs" and according to Kalaris "bizarre things of which I shall never ever speak".The investigators also found documents concerning Lee Harvey Oswald and on 18th September, 1975, GeorgeT. Kalaris wrote a memo to the executive assistant to the deputy director of Operations of the CIA describingthe contents of Oswald's 201 file. "There is also a memorandum dated 16 October 1963 from (redacted butlikely Winston Scott) to the United States Ambassador there concerning Oswald's visit to Mexico City and tothe Soviet Embassy there in late September - early October 1963. Subsequently there were several MexicoCity cables in October 1963 also concerned with Oswald's visit to Mexico City, as well as his visits to theSoviet and Cuban Embassies."John Newman, the author of Oswald and the CIA (2008) has pointed out: "the significance of the Kalarismemo is that it disclosed the existence of pre-assassination knowledge of Oswald's activities in the CubanConsulate, and that this had been put into cables in October 1963.""Angleton had been quietly building an alternative CIA, subscribing only to his rules, beyond peer review orexecutive supervision."Over the next three years "a team of highly trained specialists another three full years just to sort, classify,file, and log the material into the CIA system."CIA Officer Leonard McCoy was given the responsibility of inspected the most important files. McCoy wasadvised "to retain less than one half of 1 per cent of the total, or no more than 150-200 out of the 40,000.”The rest of Angleton's files were destroyed. CIA's man in the Sixth Floor Museum Charles Briggs Gary Mack and I had a “private” conversation about Charles’ status. Charles Briggs had more knowledge ofmore secrets in the CIA than probably anyone other than Angleton (and it appears he was the keeper ofAngleton’s files as well, moving about 15% of the 400 yards of files into the main CIA database and overseeingthe destruction of the rest). Chris Newton what do we know about these to spooks and any connection to the jfk assassination? i found this on Briggs: BRIGGS Charles A. Briggs, Sr. Charles Ackerly Briggs, Sr. of Brookside Lane in Vienna, VA passed away in his home while surrounded by loving family on November 4, 2015. He was born on August 1, 1926 in Erie, PA to Robert and Edith (Ackerly) Briggs. He served as a Corporal for two years in the US Army during WWII. He attended Wesleyan University and was an active member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. He married Catherine (Murphy) on April 22, 1950. In September of 1952 he was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency and over the course of the following 34 years he climbed the governmental service ladder from a Junior Officer Trainee to the top position of the CIA Executive Director. He served his country in administrative roles in all four divisions within the Agency, including postings as Inspector General, Comptroller, Director of Services Staff, Congressional Liaison and Executive Director. His participation in the US Government's Senior Seminar in 1970 was a highlight of his life. He holds the unique distinction (in June of 1983) while serving as the Executive Director, of being briefly designated as the Acting Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and Acting Deputy Director (DDCI), serving in all 3 positions simultaneously. He was awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Medal in honor of his service and accomplishments. After retiring in 1986, he was called back in to serve the intelligence community as a private contractor with a combined total of 60 years. A notable contribution was serving as liaison for the creation of the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, TX dedicated to the JFK Assassination. He served five years as Chairman of the Board for the Central Intelligence Retirement Association (CIRA) and also four years as Chairman of the Board for the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). In 1999 he was awarded the distinguished David Atlee Philips Founder's Award by AFIO for sustained and exceptional contributions. He also served the local Vienna community as PTA President at Madison High School and was active with his children in numerous local sports leagues and organizations. He was preceded in death by his wife Caty in 2008 and is survived by three brothers: Bob Briggs, David Briggs and Larry Briggs, all of Erie, PA. He was the loving father of nine children who survive him: Cath, Carrie, Steve, Deb, Pam, Mike Charley, Sarah and Martha. He was the beloved Bompa of 20 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren and Uncle Chuck to 11 nieces and nephews with an additional 29 grand nieces and nephews. He was a true "leader of the band," bringing music into the lives of his family and inspiring all to appreciate the printed word. He will be missed. Visitation and viewing services will be held at Money and King Funeral Home in Vienna, VA on Sunday, November 8 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Memorial Service and Life Celebration will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax at 2 p.m. on Monday, November 9. In lieu of flowers, donations and/or memorial contributions can be made to Capitol Caring Hospice, 2900 Telestar Court, Falls Church, VA 22042. Reference: IMO Charles A. Briggs (In Memory Of).In lieu of flowers, donations and/or memorial contributions can be made to Capitol Caring Hospice, 2900 Telestar Court, Falls Church, VA 22042. Reference: IMO Charles A. Briggs (In Memory Of). Kalaris retired in 1980 and died in 1995.....did any researchers ever speak with him.....this guy could have written an amazing book. AJ. Found i fo
  15. Interesting read on another time the CIA conducted legal phuckery to protect themselves in a trial... https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2000/04/24/fallout-from-a-cia-affidavit/6db123a0-d1c4-4625-8cd3-07ff3254a9f6/
  16. Not sure what your trying to get at John. The bell frames are fine just a fraction apart, Altgens photos helps corroborate bell frames, you can even see Patrolman Foster has taken a couple of steps to his left and stepped up onto a railway box to get a better view. The martin image is who knows exactly how long after the last shot was fired, so not sure what you feel is happening in this group of images? AJ.
  17. Hi Pamela, I've been reading your work on ss100x for almost 20 years, the white house garage photos taken between 1am and 4:30am on 11/23/1963, the logs and testimonies of SS staff and FBI staff that were there on that night plus the Vaughn Ferguson memo and two of the Altgens photos taken in Dealey Plaza during the assassination are in my opinion as David Lifton would put it best evidence when it comes to the limo regarding a thru and thru bullet hole(spoiler: there wasn't one). All of these earliest accounts of ss100x condition are made and recorded within seconds, minutes and hours of the event taking place. Ferguson's within and during the first 24 to 96 hours after the assassination. Not a single sole on the planet can or has discredited Vaughan Ferguson's account of what he witnessed and wrote down in his memo. No one can disprove he was there, no one can dispute the man was on his hands and knees in the back of that vehicle on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of November 1963. He had contact again on Monday, Thursday and Friday the following week completing his work. He helped the SS remove the windscreen from the limo by kicking it out with their feet. So to further corroborate that fact, disproving a south knoll shot thru the windscreen striking JFK in the throat should put the issue to rest. Mainly because every thru and thru bullet hole proponent goes one step further saying the shot resulted in JFK's neck wound. I would like to be clear, I'm not saying JFK wasnt struck in the throat from front on. I'm saying he wasn't struck from front on by a bullet that penetrated thru the windscreen. The post's i have made on this thread and others all relate to my observations while walking thru Dealey Plaza on multiple occasions over the years between 1997 and 2002. They also relate to my experiences as a hunter since my teens and discussions and video sessions with other hunters and shooters far better than me. All the best,Pamela. AJ.
  18. Tony, no i wouldn't, back in 63 I'm sure most outsiders would assume that the bubble top was bullet proof. However whoever was running the show would have known the bubble top was on when JFK left love field. By the time the parade hit Dealey Plaza a go or no go regarding the bubble top would have been already made and passed on to shooting teams. Hi Chris, wow 20ft above the limo or ground level in the parking area? sure didnt look like I'd need to be 20ft higher then ground level when standing in that parking lot. Adam.
  19. Hi Ron, I've been there a few times myself. On one trip to Dallas i was really only interested in whether the throat shot at Z223-Z225 came from the south knoll. Its really the only shot i honestly believe may have been able to be made from that area during the assassination, because of what we see on Zapruder, Nix and Bell films. I spent 2 or 3 hours up there on two consecutive days watching cars roll down Elm Street from about a dozen possible shooting positions. The second day was sunny and clear and i made sure i was there from 11:30am untill about 2pm. My conclusion was the shot couldnt have been taken from up on the triple underpass Commerce Street section or the downward sloping exit section of the walkway. I decided if a shot came from the South knoll it had to have come from the postal annex building parking area in the north western most corner area. Even then i believe it would have to have been fired from 4 to 8 feet above the ground level. I dont think lying prone on the ground at the wire fence line would have been a good option. So if i was gunna fire from there, i would have been in the back seat of a car firing out one of the windows or in the back of a truck or in the back of a tray back truck parked in that north western corner...take my one shot and be gone asap. My reasoning is I'm never going to fire from over the South Knoll and have my round have to go thru the limo windscreen to hit my target, by moving further to the right into the carpark area and by adding some additional elevation to my firing position i would take the windscreen and passengers out of the equation. Then it was just a timing, distance and windspeed evaluation and make your shot. This shot, then has difficulties but not impossibilities. Even after all these years reading books and forums and watching YouTube videos i trust my eyes and my experiences more then anything else and by physically walking Dealey Plaza the above details are what i believe would have been possible. Whether that is what took place, i dont know. Some of David Joseph's posts, some autopsy info and David Liftons video tapped interviews have lead me to question my initial belief's and look at this frontal shot possibility. The bruised right lung, the undamaged pluera matter around the right lung, the reported search of a downward bullet track thru JFK's body that was stopped at the autopsy are all things i cannot reconcile that point to a possible front to back trajectory for the throat wound. However I'm still 80%/20% that the throat wound was a back to front trajectory and the round continued on past John Connelly's left shoulder and ear and struck the inside of the limousines windscreen. Wow, i feel clean again. Stay safe everyone, wear a mask, wash your hands often. Adam.
  20. Hi Tony, The mirror in your post, that picture is it from the 1963 Presidential limo?
  21. Whilst your rear vision mirror is definitely the same model as the unit in GG300, gunna need an amazing story to varify it was the unit in dallas limo on 22/11/63. Moving past that, the white house garage image shows that the rear vision mirror has clearly buckled above the selector switches to the first bevelled line.....your photo clearly shows what that finish should be.....in the white house garage photo that section has been dented. Regards, Adam
  22. Q: What is the most logical explanation as to how an object could have caused this damage to the back of the limousines rear vision mirror during the Dealey Plaza assassination? A: The back of the rear vision mirror was struck by an object bouncing back off the windscreen glass with force. Therefore the object must have entered the limousine travelling from the rear towards the front of the vehicle. If only there was evidence an object struck the windscreen. Whats that? No! You mean there are photographs showing a strike on the windscreen with a clear contact point and radiating cracks. Two photos while the car was still on Elm St. No, this cant be. Follow Up: If you have damage to the back of the rear vision mirror .... and you except the most logical way it was caused was by a bullet bouncing back off the windscreen. You have just eliminated a frontal south knoll shot thru the windscreen into JFK's throat. Have a nice day. 🙂 Your welcome.
  23. I think its impossible today to logically push the idea of a south knoll shot thru the limo windscreen taken by someone up on the triple underpass crouching behind the concrete structure above Commerce Street or the Commerce Street section of the underpass......Patrolman Foster would of had an almost unobstructed view whilst Patrolman White had a 100% clear line of sight to anyone walking, standing or crouching in that area preparing to fire a weapon. This image is from 1967.
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