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  1. Anyone ever see Executive Action, I assume most have? Early 70s version of the assassination with Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan. It's not bad but obviously not factually correct and slow compared to Stone's flair. Definitely an interesting early look. Shocked that it got made.
  2. For the film "JFK" the deleted scenes are also pretty good and useful. Also watching the film with Stone's commentary is enlightening because he can explain what were composite characters and also what he used for cinematic effect. The deleted scenes are on youtube.
  3. Good stuff, I need to read your book, just need to find it at a good price. Thanks for your work on the Tippet case sounds like the definitive info.
  4. Great article, I mean these other plots, would seem to credit the Dallas conspiracy. It's probably the greatest evidence for a conspiracy in Dallas.
  5. I personally always thought that. Also wasn't Oswald potentially an informant for the Miami or Chicago plots? Either Hosty didn't take him seriously or was told to ignore Oswald.
  6. A while ago I was able to send something and Bill Kelley emailed me for a short bio. Which I emailed him back. Not sure how it's working currently.
  7. An essay on that would be helpful. I love Crossfire but I assume recent finds may have made a thing here or there inaccurate. Prayer Man for example.
  8. Although not sure I agree with the rule that you can't criticize the forum at other sites, I don't understand why if you like being part of the site and the debates you would want to go trash the site elsewhere. I am part of the FP for JFK FB page and do not love everything that gets posted over there but I don't rip that page here. I don't see a point in it. If I don't like something then I should debate it. Seems like a lot of wasted time and stress to go and bash a site you like. IMO
  9. The redirect link is fine, brings you to the story. What a terribly written news article including using the name Farris and Ferris. I guess they don't have editors. Also, what's the point of the article? Is there a revolution to change the plaque and remove "allegedly"? I praise the historical commission that they actually are not definitive and shocked that the word is on the plaque. But that news story is garbage.
  10. Did Marina sign the petition? She would be a big name.
  11. Ok, Maybe I overreacted. I should assume positive intent.
  12. I just saw in the Facebook group Fair Play for JFK that DVP copied the link to this particular forum on this topic. Is that appropriate? What's the point of doing that? That group seems more appropriate for his views on the assassination anyway so why be here? Just to gunk up further learning and thoughtful discussion?
  13. I think it depends where you live. As a teen in the 80's I somehow(can't remember how) got a copy of Henry Hurt's Reasonable Doubt and did a social studies report on how Oswald was innocent. Now my kids can take a Vietnam War course in High School, something I never had a chance to take. The offerings in our small city high school are surprisingly good, now they would never have an assassination class. The other issue is my kids won't take a class like that. College look at more of the science, math, English classes. they look at history classes as easy blow off classes. Which I do not agree
  14. Alex Jones being on our side is a problem. He is just a performance artist/conman. He is everything wrong with the conspiracy community. People think we are nuts because of that. I think TV or film is the best medium to push it back into the nation's conscience by scholarly people.
  15. We need a Netflix Documentary series. This could go on many seasons, each episode diving into different aspects of the case with debate from multiple angles, providing evidence and scholars. The Tippet case alone could be one full season. Netflix shows are hot and streaming is the big thing. Netflix and chill.
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