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  1. I got so used to seeing the backyard photos, I flipped the image to see it afresh. By that I mean, the stance should be achievable whether horizontally flipped or not. Looks just as awkward.
  2. John, it was Friday midnight. Looks like this frame just about matches the final news reel pic in the gif;
  3. Happy to help; Here's one citation relevant to Jenkins; and the other source that clarifies the "mother" mentioned above; https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=145501#relPageId=73&search="chicago_office has revealed that a weapon"
  4. My source is the FBI files over at Mary Ferrell, FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File
  5. By the way, the "MRS" is no mistake on behalf of investigators. They went on to say that they suspected it may of been the mother of Oswald that rented the PO Box. So someone, very early on, witnessed "Mrs Lee H Oswald" on a PO Box application form that indicated her as the primary.
  6. Mr. FRITZ. I asked him about the photograph and he said someone else took it. It wasn't his picture at all. He said someone in the hall had taken his picture and made that photograph. And get this .... Oswald claimed his poached face photo was taken at the DPD. What do we find in old news reel footage 50 years later? A pretty good match.
  7. I wish I hadn't read that, I've been saying woo woo all day
  8. According to Fritz, Oswald and he had a lengthy conversation regarding the backyard photos. Oswald explained that he suspected the image of his face was taken "in the hall" of the DPD. This image was then superimposed onto the backyard photos. Oswald, at the same time, was declaring his innocence, and if fact told the world just that. In order for any credibility, in a future courtroom setting, Oswald would have taken into account, during interrogation, that anything he said that could incriminate him would be used against him. When shown the backyard photos, Oswald confidently declared they were fake. You and Mr. Cohen have the backyard photos as "real", and therefore you have Oswald incriminating himself. Not only that, but you must think Oswald is quite the fool. Here's why; 1. The "real" backyard photos were in the Oswald family photo album. 2. You say Marina actually took the photographs. 3. A backyard photo was given to DeMohrenschildt. The above evidence, if Oswald knew existed, when presented by the prosecution in a courtroom, would demolish Oswald's credibility. If the backyard photos were real, Oswald must have decided on Saturday, to sink any chance of a credible defense. Again, if they were real, Oswald was better off admitting they were because the indiscernible weapons in the backyard photos can't be tied to the weapons in evidence on the 22nd. Those rifleman pistoleer photos look a little out of place on that page ... ps. Recall Marina said she took a photo, then after presented with two photos, she said she must of taken two photos. When another photo was later found in 1976, Marina said she took three photos. If another photo emerges, she will say she took four photos.
  9. The earliest FBI information regarding Post Office Box 2915;
  10. You are highlighting some confusion on behalf of Robert Oswald. Vada's parents, who owned the farm, said Oswald visited only on two occasions. Once in 1962, when he came back from Russia, and once before he entered the Marines. On both occasions they said he went rabbit hunting. Vada's dad said he noticed that Oswald's shooting skills had not improved even after his time in the Marine Corps, a statement that implies that Oswald was at the farm before the Marines.
  11. This is unaltered original news reel footage. Nothing sinister going on. Some cameras are picking up the contrast of light and shadow differently. That's why we see Oswald's eye sockets appearing blacked out, and the neck shadow accentuated to form a square chin. No need for spies to alter every frame of original film in film archives to match a few backyard photos. Whoever superimposed Oswald's head, may have used a frame from the Friday midnight press conference footage that shows a squarish chin. It really is that simple.
  12. Below is a comparison of the different cameras used to film Oswald at the midnight press conference that are seen in the film clip posted in this thread. The neck shadow captured by the camera on the left has the effect of squaring off the chin. If you have read accounts of people that were familiar with Oswald, you will note that they remark that Oswald had this peculiar way of pursing his lips. Try it yourself, it slightly alters your chin shape, in Oswald's case, even more so. Regardless of member's fascination with chins and jawlines, if Oswald was correct in his analysis of the backyard photos, his superimposed head could have been captured at the Friday night press conference, and manipulated through the night to eventually end up in the Paine garage. As highlighted in the original film reel footage, there was no need to place his face on top of someone's square chin, his whole head could have been superimposed on someone's body.
  13. Note that Oswald is wearing the CE150 evidence shirt at midnight, allegedly the same shirt he was wearing at the Tippit crime scene.
  14. Had to have been Friday night, right? Now how did those manipulated photos drop into the Paine garage in time for the 2nd search on Saturday? *** Gif is not my creation, credit to author ***
  15. Jack was at approx 6' 2", 170 pounds, and 40 years old.
  16. Voebel was closest to Oswald at Beauregard. He later accurately recalled that his teen friend had dark wavy hair. The studio photo on the left shows in better detail, Lee's dark wavy hair;
  17. Thats good enough for me. I agree, it's Lee Harvey Oswald depicted in both photos, both wearing the same shirt, classroom clown photo taken the same day by Voebel when photographs were taken for the 1955 Yearbook
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