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  1. Here is a close up of of the two people that many researchers refer to as the "Hesters". Man in suit and tie sitting on bench, lady in green dress standing. The same two people can be seen on the Z pergola footage with Sitzman.
  2. The article mentions George Senator who knew Ruby at the time Below is a later photo of Senator on left and the Camera man on right
  3. 1960 Minox advertisement. $100 in 1960 would be around $800 today
  4. No controversy, if you read the above posts, you will see where Dave commented on the last few seconds of the video clip where it shows a man next to Ruby handling an object. Those few seconds on their own do not determine if the object is a camera or not, but what appears to be the same man seen earlier in the clip at the 50sec mark is holding what seems to be the same object to his face, like a camera. The camera may belong to that man or may not, we don't know. As far as the Minox relevance and similarity of the camera, here is Detective Gus Rose on property from the Paine household; "We found this camera and of course, we brought it and a whole lot of other property in, as possible evidence in the case. And, uh, while we were marking the evidence for later identification by us to be used in evidence we did, Stowall and I, did take a close look at this Minox miniature camera and it did have a roll of film in it. As time passed and after the Warren Commission was appointed, uh, a couple of F.B.I. agents made three different trips to our office to talk to me about this camera. They said that after they had received all the property they found that I had made a mistake, and that really wasn't a camera, it was a Minox light meter. However, as I told them at the time, I was sure that I had not made a mistake, it definitely was a camera and definitely did have film in it. However, they wanted me to change that in our property invoice to read Minox light meter and not read Minox camera. We never did change it. Uh, Captain Fritz instructed me if I was sure I was right not to make any changes in any reports, to stay with what was right."
  5. He holds it like a camera, definitely not a harmonica, too high on the face
  6. At the 50sec mark of the video, the man with the camera is holding a black case in his left hand. Could be a camera case. I believe Light Meters came in black case too.
  7. Certainly inconsistencies; Mr. BALL - When was the last time you can remember you saw Lee? Mr. FRAZIER - You mean on the 22d? Mr. BALL - On the 22d, that day. Mr. FRAZIER - Somewhere between it was after 10 and somewhere before noon --------- Gary: How long after the assassination do you think this was? Buell: Oh, probably five to ten minutes probably. Gary: So, you remember seeing him briefly coming down Houston Street along the side of the building? Buell: (nodding) Yes.
  8. I don't buy into either of them ... so far so good I doubt those two made anything up on their own So no Oswald strolling down W 5th with a long paper bag
  9. Of course that's possible, Frazier may have invented the charging of the alternator and Oswald walking ahead, but we are left with a long package on Frazier's back seat. If no long package on the back seat, we have both Frazier and his sister inventing.
  10. So no sack photo in situ No rifle ordered No Oswald with Frazier and I understand no-one knew anything about curtain rods except Frazier? Then we have Oswald arriving at the TSBD Friday morning by other means with no long sack or rifle, correct?
  11. Failure of the first rounds to mortally wound Kennedy would have Jackie moving closer to her husband. The greater risk would be hitting Jackie, hence the slowing/stopping of the limo.
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