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  1. Site of the old Dallas Herald building cleared circa 1935
  2. Below shows the old Dallas Herald building (no longer occupied by the Herald) across the road from the Southern Rock Island Plow Co building (later TSBD) The Dal-tex building was then the John Deere Plow Co, circa 1926
  3. Croft, Betzner and Willis etc would have been standing on the site of the Dallas Herald building.
  4. That gunman insert is an old mock-up that I put together to give me an idea what Brennan etc should have seen. Using the box as an armrest, the rifle holder's face should have been visible.
  5. Old 1870s sketch showing the original Dallas Herald building location across from the future site of the TSBD History The Dallas Daily Herald and the Dallas Weekly Herald originated from Dallas Herald, the town's first local newspaper. Founded by James Wellington Latimer and William Willis in 1849, the Herald circulated as a weekly until 1873. As railroads arrived in Dallas in the early 1870s and the population boomed, the Herald's then owner, John W. Swindells, recognized an opportunity for expansion. In 1873, Swindells began publishing the Daily Herald and renamed the weekly edition the Dallas Weekly Herald.
  6. I guess the only way to confirm the information I've provided below is to find the documents that show when Jennifer Juniors was established. 1949 and 1952 presents a problem with Zapruder and Jeanne working together.
  7. I have both Jeanne LeGon and Zapruder as working for Benny Gold/Nardis, but I can't place them there in the same time period. If anyone has anything definitive, please let me know.
  8. Initially, they were setting Oswald up with 7.65 rounds, so that has to taken into account. A smaller hole than the planted shells would be hard to explain.
  9. Yes, the deviation through the windshield would have been a careful consideration. The only thing I have, and I've mentioned it before, is that both the Kennedys looked momentarily at the middle of their seat, then JFK raised his head (behind the sign) as the shot was fired (re Jean Hill's testimony). Therefore an intended forehead shot became a throat shot. Another point I'd like to make, is that the idea was to assassinate the President, not wound him. A possible scenario could have presented itself whereby Jackie pulled her husband down to protect him after the first shot, just like Nellie did with Connally. In that case, any further shots to JFK would have been an impossibility. An opportunity lost.
  10. Interesting to note: If the first bullet, the one that caused JFK to raise his arms, had of caused JFK's head to "open up", that moment would have been obstructed by the Stemmons Sign. Further, no existing moving film, that is known, would have captured that moment. There would have been no further point in additional shots as the "head opening up" would have been obvious to the telescoped eye or spotter. Remarkably, the sign that Zapruder "neglected" to take into account when he told "them" that he was going to get the whole view, could have masked the fatal head shot that killed JFK.
  11. We see Sitzman has been suggested as part of "them". Sitzman was on the pedestal and could see the back of the Stemmons Sign blocking part of Elm. The location for attaining the "whole view" was supposedly chosen after three attempts; A: 12:15 p.m. I was looking for a place where to stand so I would be able to take pictures of the arrival of the President. Q: Was anybody with you at this time? A: Yes, one of my secretaries. Q: Did you find such a location? A: After three attempts, yes. So this would be after Zapruder, it has been suggested, told Sitzman he was going to get the whole view. You would think that Sitzman would tap him on the shoulder and point out that the sign obstacle is contrary to what she had just been told, keeping in mind that his previous attempts to find a location was an effort to find a unobstructed view. It was not like Zapruder was running out of time to find an ultimate location. He practised by filming the Hesters and Sitzman from the pedestal before the motorcade arrived. We see them casually interacting.
  12. During the Reagan years, around the time he was shot, an historical society in Dallas interviewed Lillian. She also said that they kept the original of the Zapruder film. She said that based on the fact that their copy retained the private family footage at the beginning of the roll. So this was many years later that she was interviewed, and she has the idea that their copy was original, so I would assume her husband had indicated it was, or it was never discussed between them and she assumed wrong.
  13. Foster CD 897. He heard a voice from the motorcade "get out of here" and immediately surveilled the area but could not see the west side of the overpass and White due to the train.
  14. No, two trains are implied. White said the train he saw was heading NORTH. Foster said the train he saw was heading SOUTH
  15. Lets take that further. There's two people on the pedestal. Zapruder is close to the front edge, pivoting with a camera. He hears a shot, sees the reaction from JFK, keeps filming, he hears another shot, JFK's "head opens up", he keeps filming all the way to the underpass. He's supposedly on zoom, the gunshots, the reactions, the head opening up didn't phase him. If he was "lured", I'd say he was forewarned to expect carnage. Zapruder was composed on that pedestal. He knew as he panned that the President was as good as dead; "I was walking toward--back toward my office and screaming, "They killed him, they killed him" An effort worthy of a wartime photographer on the front line
  16. Lillian said that Zapruder phoned her at 8pm Friday night from Eastman Kodak, and told her, "your not going to believe this, mine is the only film of the assassination." Where did that information come from?
  17. Paul, Lillian (Zapruder's wife) said that he came home for the camera. Lillian: "He came running home to get his camera". So we can discount his wife, otherwise, it would be "I told my wife I was going to get the whole view" "Them" would be 2 people or more that he told at the same time before filming. I have considered the Hesters, but they were right there and it would be obvious to them that the Stemmon's Sign would be in the way. So saying that to them and then choosing a place where the sign was an obstacle just seems nonsensical. Why would Zapruder then relay what he said to the Hesters to Liebeler? The context in the way he told Liebeler is very strange. He's almost apologetic.
  18. What do you make of Zapruder's testimony below where they are talking about the Stemmons Sign? Who was them that Zapruder told that he (Zapruder) was going to get the whole view? Abbreviated version, and without Liebeler's interuption; Mr. LIEBELER - ......It appears that a sign starts to come in the picture ..... Mr. ZAPRUDER - Yes; there were signs there ... I told them I was going to get the whole view and I must have neglected one part ....... Here is the complete version; Mr. LIEBELER - Now, I've got a list of them here that I want to ask you about--picture 207 and turn on over to this picture. It appears that a sign starts to come in the picture--there was a sign in the picture. Mr. ZAPRUDER - Yes; there were signs there also and trees and-somehow--I told them I was going to get the whole view and I must have. Mr. LIEBELER - But the sign was in the way? Mr. ZAPRUDER - Yes; but I must have neglected one part--I know what has happened--I think this was after that happened- -something had happened. It appears Zapruder, prior to filming, told people that he was going to capture an unimpeded view of the motorcade as it went down Elm St, but he neglected one part, the Stemmons Sign. Thoughts?
  19. Jamey is on the right track, the Z-film is a template. Look at the other films of Elm street and we see a series of synchronised snippets. Gene, I would say the whole of Dealey Plaza was closely monitored. Jean Hill was informed that afternoon that a bullet struck by her feet by someone at the Sheriff's office, and we saw Featherstone make a beeline for Moorman's camera. They were watching Jean and Mary closely, and no doubt everybody. Another example was Holmes with his binoculars watching the Hesters from the Post Office building.
  20. The key is that Jean Hill knew there was something white on the seat between the Kennedys. She filled out her affidavit that afternoon, stating she saw something white, before she could have known that Jackie was in the possession of that white stuffed toy. Jean Hill was right there, very close to the limo, yelling for their attention, so that Mary could take a photo; Mrs. HILL - The President's car. We were standing on the curb and I jumped to the edge of the street and yelled, "Hey, we want to take your picture," to him and he was looking down in the seat---he and Mrs. Kennedy and their heads were turned toward the middle of the car looking down at something in the seat [Jackie's white stuffed toy she thought was a white dog as per affidavit] Here is a possible scenario around the sign sequence in the Z-film; JFK was waving to the right, he brings down his arm as he and jackie momentarily look down at the gifts between them, Jean Hill yells out, the first boom was heard and a deflected bullet enters JFK's neck, then he raises both arms to his neck.
  21. This would be the view perspective for Jean Hill to see the white stuffed toy and hand on knee.
  22. Reading below, one is left with the impression that the expelled matter from the fatal head shot landed in multiple directions: Hargis; “When Kennedy was shot in the head, brain matter and blood and stuff had all come over and hit me as I rode through it." "Bud Brewer says, ‘Bob, you got something on your lip.’ And he flicked at it, and it was a piece of Kennedy’s brain and a piece of skull bone." Kellerman; Mr. KELLERMAN. Senator, between all the matter that was--between all the matter that was blown off from an injured person, this stuff all came over. Senator COOPER. What was that? Mr. KELLERMAN. Body matter; flesh. Connally; "Immediately I could see on my clothes, my clothing, I could see on the interior of the car which, as I recall, was a pale blue, brain tissue, which I immediately recognized, and I recall very well, on my trousers there was one chunk of brain tissue as big as almost my thumb, thumbnail"
  23. Kilduff gave the game away at Parkland, so we have indications that a bullet struck the right temple. We also know from Parkland doctors that there was a large right rear occipital exit wound. The Tolson/Belmont report has a bullet lodged behind the right ear, so I would think that bullet would not be the bullet you believe "disintegrated". The Tolson/Belmont report also has the Secret Service, on Friday night, in possession of another bullet that struck JFK. A "lodged" bullet would imply it was pressed into interior bone behind the right ear. You have a frontal shot that entered where? right temple? but disintegrated with no exit (not lodged bullet) Then you have another bullet entering where? Do you have it exiting out the occipital wound?
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