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  1. I wasnt talking about an imposter in Russia. His name was allegedly used in NO while he was in Russia. With Bannister being involved in the Cuban operations going on there I'd assume he was involved
  2. I'm new here and dont really know who any of the banned members are besides Doyle. There are a couple other JFK forums that I read besides this one. If I bring up a subject I see somewhere else that I agree with and it's from a member I did not know was banned will I be penalized? Or do I have to specifically mention that persons name?
  3. When Oswald was in Russia during 1961 someone was using his name to buy Jeeps. I'm assuming that was tied to Bannister's operation in NO. Do you know if an Oswald ID was produced then?
  4. Does anyone have a link or pdf of layers 1-3 they could share?
  5. I agree 100% he did not kill anyone. I just dont remember ever reading about the blank bullets. I'm not sure how anyone can say that he did. Besides RFK being shot from behind there is so much more evidence proving multiple guns were used.
  6. Do you believe that Sirhan fired blanks? I dont ever remember hearing that until Lisa Pease wrote that in her book.
  7. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/2e80e581a0e41b53ab93a358aa6e49cf20190219145741/a24b26a978159066efcc6f5bd02d93e120190219145741/80ea29
  8. I also believe he bought a ticket. That explains why Julia Postal burst into tears both times she was asked by Jones Harris if she sold Oswald a ticket.
  9. Whatever his role was that day I think we can agree when the shots rang out he realized he was being set up and went into crisis mode
  10. That's a good point. Just like he possibly was to meet his handler at the Texas theater.
  11. Or maybe he was informing on the group who was planning the assassination and was told to be outside taking pictures as the motorcade came by. This area of the subject baffles me as do many other areas.
  12. Although I do struggle with him not being on one of the upper floors. If he was being set up and I believe he was I would assume he would be told to be on one of the upper floors. I've read in different books that he was told some sort of demonstration would be taking place. A banner or something similar would be flown. I do think there was a shooter in the TSBD but not certain it was the 6th floor or at least the window they claim it was. But you would think if he was being set it whoever was guiding him would make sure he was on an upper floor of the building.
  13. I haven't read Lisa's new book yet but listened to an interview on a podcast with her this past week. She does make the case of Sirhan being hypnotized alot stronger in my opinion.
  14. That site may be the one of the most vile forum I've come across and not just on JFK. I joined there a few months back because I wanted to contact a member over there. I made 1 or 2 comments on a couple different posts and had an inbox full of messages calling me names and telling me I'm an idiot. I have no idea why people who believe in a conspiracy even bother posting there.
  15. Thanks Larry. Was it Hecksher who used the alias Robert Graham and if so has that found to be true? I think it was in Russell's On the trail where I read that. It's been a while since I've read it so I'm a little foggy.
  16. It's a good podcast for sure. I've been listening to it for a few years and listen to Chuck Ochelli and Len Osanic's show as well. They always have good researchers on with them. Another underrated one I like is Night Fright. Mr. DiEugenio has been on a few times himself. Not sure new episodes have been made lately but there are quite a few on JFK,RFK and MLK. I dont always agree with everything they say but like you said it's good hearing other peoples points of view. Personally I dont know many people interested in the subject so these podcasts really come in handy for me.
  17. Hi Larry, big fan of yours here. Does the updated version of TMWKTM contain much more than previous versions? I believe the copy I have is from the late 90's it may even be the original print. Also I just purchased 2 of your books. Unidentified and Killing King. Really into the King book. One of the best I've read on his assassination so far. Thanks for the work that you do.
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