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  1. This pic has a better view of brain and/or skull fragments. Something about the way they are arranged looks weird to me. Looks like they were set in place. I could be totally wrong but it just looks off.
  2. Plus if the Secret Service did wipe down the car you’d figure they would start with that mess of blood and what looks like brain matter. I’d think there would be less where JFK was sitting since he slumped into Jackie’s lap. I agree that this is a staged picture. Any idea of where the car is parked when this was taken?
  3. For those interested in Dino Brugioni here is a video of him speaking with Doug Horne.
  4. There are definitely cons to making it private. I wasn’t trying to sway his mind one way or another. It would hurt this place more than help. James said he didn’t really have any options and I was just letting him know that isn’t really true at all. Like you said if someone does an internet search they won’t find anything from here and that will keep new users from signing up. I’ve been a mod on quite a few forums over the years and it has helped many but also hurt some. At this point since DVP isn’t able to comment I see no real reason for him to continue to copy posts. But if
  5. I was just letting him know that blocking an IP will not keep someone away. I have no dog in this fight but thought in case something happens in the future that James should know there are options that can be considered.
  6. I was looking on the Invision forum and read that you can make sub forums into “clubs”. It wouldn’t make the whole site private just whatever section you wanted. If you did want to go that route it is possible to do.
  7. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of free vpn apps or programs available. If someone wants to read this forum you can’t really stop them unless you close it to all non members
  8. Have you talked with them about making it private? If that’s the route you want to take it should be able to be done very easily. Ive modded a few forums in the past which were under different providers and they all had an option similar to what I stated. It would just require people to login to be able to view posts. Like I said earlier it may limit new members but it would be private.
  9. Banning his IP won’t keep him from browsing here or from him collecting posts. Honestly the only way to do that is to make the forum totally private to members only. I’m on another forum that is private and non members cannot see anything. That would hurt you in getting new members though. By using a VPN or similar program it’s very easy to get a random IP address from anywhere in the world.
  10. True but by the time he talked to Joan Mellon alot of the people he talked about were dead so he really had nothing to worry about. Not saying what he told herself the whole truth but it’s something to look into.
  11. Thanks for that. I recently listened to an episode of The Opperman Report that dealt with the Process Church and have started reading about it. Edit: I see that video is from William Ramsey. He has a lot of of stuff online about the Process Church and Crowley. I listened to an episode of his podcast about the Son of Sam and possible connection to the church. Not sure how accurate it was but some made sense and was very interesting.
  12. Are there any good forums dedicated to Manson and the Tate/LaBianca murder that anyone can recommend?
  13. Of course they cut him off. Beckham knows a good bit of what went down the weekend of the assassination and the time leading up to it. Joan Mellon wrote that LJ Delsa and Robert Buras were suspended from the HSCA by Blakley for giving Beckham an unauthorized polygraph. He brought up Fred Lee Crisman and Buras and Adela’s wanted to have him investigated. Funny thing is Louis Stokes gave them permission to do so. Beckham ran with the guys in New Orleans and claimed he met with Oswald at the TSBD. Do you have any clue if he’s still alive? I thought I heard on a podcast he still was but am n
  14. Was it definitely left to his brother? I only read one article today and it said was left to a trust he established. The name of it I forget but it had “1953”,the year he was born in the name.
  15. That picture is 100% fake. Take a real good look at the details and it’s easy to see. I’m suprised so many people have been fooled by it. There were a lot of errors made photoshopping it.
  16. Are there any pics of him from around the time Mae Brussell and John Judge met him?
  17. Nice guy too. I don’t live far from him and he happened to be doing a book signing a few years back at a little hole in the wall book store in my neighborhood. I ended up talking with him for about an hour about JFK, Jon Benet Ramsey and his career in general.
  18. Here’s an interview with Dr. Cyril Wecht on Epstein breaking bones. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/dr-cyril-wecht-on-epstein-death-have-not-seen-multiple-fractures-in-simple-leaning-into-suicide-hanging-in-examining-over-20000-autopsies-video/
  19. Didn’t he send his mother and brother letters from Russia? If so I’d imagine the Govt read all of his mail and would have seen he lied on the application.
  20. I’ve read a few stories that said he knelt downwith the sheet ride around the bed but who knows how it really happened right now. I browsed around online for a while looking into the broken bone and from what I read it mostly happens when the person drops down a few feet with the rope around their neck. The force breaks the bone when the rope or sheet in this case snaps back. I have a hard time believing he broke it just by kneeling down the way some sources claim he did.
  21. If any of you have watched the HBO show The Wire this reminds me of when D’Angelo “hung” himself in prison
  22. I’m no doctor but from reading up on how the bone in the neck breaks during a hanging he would’ve had to have dropped 5-8ft. Didn’t he just tie the sheet from a bunk and kneel down to cut of oxygen to his brain?
  23. Like Anthony said I’d recommend using DuckDuckGo while searching JFK related subjects. You’d be surprised how different the results are.
  24. I looked around for an hour or so and couldn’t find a thing. I ended up emailing the Lee Institute at New Haven and asked if copies of the report were available. If they get back to me I’ll let you know.
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