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  1. Not saying Kissinger has anything to do with this but his age really has nothing to do with it. Look at the age of some of the people who were involved in Operation Yewtree. All those guys were involved with underage children.
  2. I’m pretty sure Penn Jones was the 1st to write about him being killed by a karate chop. Edit: Actually it goes back further than that. Found this on Spartacus Educational. David Welsh, Ramparts (November, 1966)
  3. He said special housing where he’s at is basically the same as a suicide watch cell except the surveillance isn’t as strict. He also said they don’t follow regulations like they are supposed to due to not wanting to pay overtime so who knows what really goes on.
  4. Not sure if this helps but my friend drew this rough sketch of a special housing cell. He said the only thing on the ceiling is the camera. Again that’s at the prison he works at. Edit: I’m not sure this is right. I’m pretty sure he drew a suicide unit. He’s at work now waiting on a response about the special housing unit.
  5. Just got a text back from my friend. At the prison he’s works at in NY the only cells that have cameras are the suicide watch cells. Special housing where Epstein was does not have them. Now this is a different prison but both federal.
  6. Theoretically if he ratted everyone out and had proof does anyone think he would have been eligible for witness protection? Would they let someone with the charges he had against him go? Just wondering if they got to him before he had a chance to start talking and naming big names.
  7. Even though he was off suicide watch he was still in a special housing unit for health, safety or discipline reasons so a camera should have been watching him. Trying to get some info on how special housing runs but my friend works at a different prison so not sure they all have the same regulations. You’d think they would though since they’re federal.
  8. A guy by the name of Michael Coudrey tweeted earlier a camera malfunctioned. I have no clue who this Mike guy is but here’s his website if you want to check his cred. He’s from LA maybe you’ve heard of him. http://michaelcoudrey.com/
  9. It’s come out that he wasn’t on suicide watch but a friend of mine works in a NY federal prison and posted this in a group chat today. Seems like they are pretty lax on watching prisoners at least where he is at.
  10. Carol Leonnig put out a tweet saying that people close to Epstein fear he was murdered and that he reported to authorities that someone tried killing him weeks before. There is a full story on the WaPo web site.
  11. Well they definitely are saying he wasn’t on suicide watch anymore. Do you know if they have cameras in the regular cells?
  12. Someone sent me a text of a news story from a few hours ago. It was from an independent journalist who reported it earlier today. I actually don’t see anyone else anywhere reporting it so I’m guessing it’s just rumor at this point. I apologize I jumped the gun there and should have noted that in my original post.
  13. True but that was a big story that deserved to be covered. Point is the mainstream news has picked what it wanted to cover for a long time and it’s just getting worse
  14. Mainstream news is terrible of course they were trying to avoid this. Different set of circumstances but it reminds me of the 1999 trial involving the MLK JR assassination. Remember how much attention that got?
  15. I think his friends turned into his enemies when they realized he was keeping track of their contact and had these girls reporting back to him everything they did and said.
  16. I agree with that last part. His lawyer said not too long ago he’s at risk of being killed in jail. It was only a matter of time before he started to talk if he wasn’t already
  17. The recent shootings took over the news. Not surprised we didn’t hear much about him. I don't think I even heard much about the files that came out either. I don’t watch much tv so can’t be certain but I believe everything I heard about them was from reading/watching online.
  18. One can be hopeful. If I had to guess I’d say it all disappears in a couple weeks if that long
  19. He liked collecting evidence on the people he associated with. Wonder if he had a dead mans switch like Assange and his personal files will be released by his attorney. I really think this is all going to go away but am holding out hope that it doesn’t.
  20. Not sure how one would hang themself under suicide watch after already attempting it once. Shouldn’t there be cameras in his cell and he be checked on hourly? Hoping this doesn’t get swept under the rug now. The docs that have been released so far are damning to some powerful people.
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