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  1. Haha. I seen someone on another forum mention something similar except they serious.
  2. Surprised it took so long for him to commit “suicide”. Wonder if the rest of the files will be released now.
  3. Will do thank you! I don’t think that pic is of Oswald at all. While the pic is small the guy is a lot different in the face and while you see him sitting at a table it seems like he’s a big guy.
  4. Should have added that they testified to the WC that a train was running at the time of the assassination and they didn’t see or hear a thing
  5. Officers J.W. Foster and J.C. White were on the underpass during the parade.
  6. Thanks Jim. I knew about the guns and jeeps with Cuba but was wondering if there was anything Intelligence wise that could connect him directly with the shooting of Oswald or Oswald in general. I’d imagine they were just using cutouts in the mob like McWillie(I believe it was McWillie but could be wrong) or the radio DJ Gordon to give him orders.
  7. Do you think Ruby had direct contact with intelligence or was he getting his orders from somewhere else?
  8. No problem. I was hoping a website would do the dirty work and post the files but I still haven’t really found one. Thanks
  9. Heres an article that mentions the 100rd mag. https://time.com/5643405/what-to-know-shooting-dayton-ohio/
  10. The lawyer for Kurzburg said that he worked for Mossad in the past but in another country not the US. A few of the pictures the FBI had released were taken the day before 9/11 while the men were working. They clearly show 9/10 on the bottom of the photo. These are the only pics that have the actual day of the month shown. The ones from 9/11 only show the month and year. One picture dated 9/10 shows Kurzburg holding up a lighter with the city skyline in the background. While that doesn’t prove anything it’s mighty suspicious. The FBI also claimed at one point that all of the pictures wer
  11. Do you have the files that were released by dark overlord? I tried to get them when they 1st released them but the download wouldn’t unzip for some reason.
  12. Did they give you a reason? Wonder if it’s because they think this is a conspiracy site and want to censor that stuff.
  13. Houghton was in charge of all the detectives during the time of both cases
  14. Definitely. Maheu was a big time player. I couldn’t imagine they didn’t know each other.
  15. I believe it was William Turner that said in his book Houghton assigned Pena to control the direction of the investigation and his say was final. There’s your Goliath.
  16. Robert Houghton was the lead investigator on both cases. He was the officer who wrote the book Special Unit Senator. Off topic but is anyone else having problems with the Kindle app? It’s saying my account is expired but it’s not.
  17. I read something last night that said they may have mutual friends years before the murders. Let me try to find the link. The article was interesting.
  18. Just searched it and remember reading a little about that a few years back but never read the full story until just now.
  19. Are these stories about Bugs something you heard in private or is it something that can be found digging around online? I’m curious what else is out there about him.
  20. If you decide to search for files I’d recommend either the Mary Ferrell site or theblackvault.com. Both of those have a search function which makes it a little easier than the national archives site to find files.
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