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  1. Did O’Neill resign on his own? I always thought it was a forced resignation. From what I recall he wasn’t making any friends in the FBI or the CIA. He did a lot trying to bring counter terrorism agents from both sides together to share information and the higher ups in each agency didn’t like him doing that. Richard Blee who was a station chief even blocked communications between O’Neill and a friend of his in the CIA, Mark Rossini. If he was still in his position in the FBI leading up to 9/11 there’s a good chance it doesn’t happen.
  2. Thankfully they were able to get him that fast. He had a 100 round drum on the gun he was using. The garlic fest shooter had a 75 rd drum load and multiple 40 rd drums as back up. Like you said there’s no reason something like that should be available to a private citizen.
  3. There’s quite a bit of dirt on the guy online. People who claim to be former patients posted on a forum about him. This guy sounds like a nut. Apparently he was on coast to coast a while back and made serious claims he’s able to project energy from his eyes into a speaker and a create a tone sound. Trying to find the clip of that now. Edit: Forgot this but OJ Simpson wrote a book on the murders of his wife and Goldman. Do you think he was innocent?
  4. http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/owner-of-8chan-says-the-manifesto-was-not-uploaded-by-the-el-paso-walmart-shooter/ Screenshots from IG were posted on reddit last night but of course they were taken down. That site is censored worse than google anymore.
  5. Turns out the manifesto was originally posted to Instagram by the shooter and another person uploaded it to 8chan. I don’t recall the news mentioning IG at all
  6. Apparently the shooters father has an interesting background that includes working at a mental health facility that was shut down by the state. He worked with a guy named Colin A. Ross, who was an “expert” on CIA mind control experiments. Reading about some of this stuff now and it’s pretty crazy. This Ross guy was doing MK Ultra type experiments on patients going back to the late 80s. Like I said earlier I don’t know enough about what happened to question the official story but when you start looking into some of these mass shooters and their families background it sometimes be
  7. 8chan is back up but not everything has been restored. That site is a nightmare to navigate so if you wanted to read the full version I can see if it’s available again.
  8. A guy who reports alternative news had his twitter banned for posting this pic of info about the El Paso shooter. I’ve seen quite a few people banned on social media sites over the last 2 days posting their views that don’t align with the official stories of the Ohio and Texas shootings. I’m not saying anything other than what has been reported happened but banning someone over this is ridiculous. The top part of the pic was taken when his name was 1st released and the bottom was taken a few hours later. The pic was too big so I posted an imgur link to it. https://imgur.com/galle
  9. Larry I am just now getting into watching the interviews that Gene Wheaton did. I know you and others have written about him but wanted to finish the interviews before I got into any of that stuff. Does most of what he says match up with what you have found out about him?
  10. This is kind of off topic but does anyone know if there are any video interviews of Sandra Spencer out there? I was reading through her ARRB testimony the other day and was curious if anyone ever had the chance to interview her before she passed away.
  11. Never seen this Hoffa doc but that YouTube channel has some good stuff on it. A lot of it is about African American street gangs and drugs but there are some interesting videos on there.
  12. This is a Netflix movie? Is it not going to be released to theaters everywhere? I would think with the cast and crew behind this that a world wide theatrical release is scheduled.
  13. Thanks for putting this up. Ive been reading a lot about the Simpson case the last few months.
  14. Talking about conspiracy theories is domestic terrorism now? What about when they harassed MLK Jr from the end of 1963 until he was murdered? The phone calls telling him he should commit suicide weren’t domestic terrorism? Hoover once said about MLK, “No holds were barred. We used similar techniques against the Soviets.”
  15. Here’s a couple good articles for you Stephanie. https://www.google.com/amp/s/larryhancock.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/red-bird-and-oswald/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/larryhancock.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/red-bird-leads/amp/ https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-mystery-of-red-bird-airport
  16. Maybe in Larry Hancock’s Someone would have talked? He has done more on Redbird than anyone I can recall. Search his name and Redbird airport and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. There are also a few old posts on here about the airport
  17. I take that back. The page didn’t fully load. I thought it was you who wrote that and not Ed Haslam. I was pretty confused there for a minute.
  18. Reading that article you posted it seems you did at some point. Kind of weird though. You titled it Poking more holes in JB. Then at the end say you come to the conclusion her story is real.
  19. Your link doesn’t work Ron. Edit: Nevermind it’s working now
  20. Wow I just read the letter from Mary Ferrell and thats a shock to me. The way JVB presents herself I’d never guess that she acts like Mary described. I don’t think I’ve ever really heard anyone talk about JVB personally just about her stories.
  21. Just read a little bit of your blog and enjoy it so far. This is random but is Fetzer still a prof at UMD? I find it crazy that a university would employ him considering all the nonsense he promotes now a days.
  22. I agree with everything you wrote but after reading David’s piece at K&K if there was a women with Oswald in Jackson who could it have been? Parts of her story I want to believe and I did for a while after I seen her on TMWKK but there is no real evidence to back it up. Just another well read story teller like James Files it seems to me.
  23. Thanks. I’ve heard the story of the torn bills hundreds of times but don’t remember actually seeing any type of evidence of them.
  24. Glad someone realizes this isn’t a Manson film. Not talking about anyone here but on a few other forums I’m on people are talking about it as if it’s specifically about the Tate /Bianca murders. I’ve even seen headlines on major entertainment sites going back 6-8 months that describe it as Tarantino’s Manson movie. Like you said Manson has a “walk on” role.
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