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  1. There is a vast array of problems facing humankind that would be solved with population control. There aren't very many problems left that wouldn't be solved by population control. I have been in favor of population control since the early seventies.
  2. Calvin, Andrej was making a joke. It's YOU. That's what he meant.
  3. I just had my second shot yesterday. I was still in the process of pulling up my short sleeve when the EMS guy said he was done. He stuck me and had a bandaid on me and I didn't feel a thing. Maybe we can vaccinate these morons in their sleep. You know, a deep state conspiracy of sorts.
  4. You guys are right. The use of zooming was used to manipulate what the frames showed. I'd never noticed before that the camera is much more zoomed-in in z133 versus z01 and 02, as well as later in the film.
  5. People can say whatever they want about Biden, but one thing is clear: he is totally and completely commited to turning the United States toward peace in the long term. You can see it when he speaks. He's got no hidden agenda. Reminds me of John Kennedy.
  6. The language here is remeniscent of "Reefer Madness". Cannabis will turn you into a Communist and make your eyeballs hang from their sockets.
  7. David Lifton, thanks very much for weighing back in. In my mind, this all gives credence to the John Liggett story ...a quick and sloppy job of evidence destruction. Done on the plane back to Washington? The assasination happened 4 days before my 11th birthday. It is seared in my memory. I remember watching the live feed during Oswald's transfer on Sunday morning when someone, out of nowhere, jumps out and shoots Oswald in the guts. I was stunned and ran to tell my mother what just happened. I followed everything for weeks afterward ...the Life articles and pictures. But, soon
  8. The man built himself an alternate reality, and is now totally distraught over the newest developements in that alternate reality. C'mon man, just change your mind! Jeez...
  9. Very well said Robert. But I don't know if I have the courage to be that resolute.
  10. Thank you Mica. I didn't realize this info was known already. I read Best Evidence in the early '90's. There is a good deal I know now that I didn't know then, so much of it didn't really register.
  11. Thank you for posting this link Doug. Very, very interesting interview. Along with most others, I anxiously await "Final Charade." The little teasers Lifton leaves for us ..."the esophagus was hanging out of the throat wound", "throat wound sewed up with sutures" ??! And he suggests he understands what the original plan for the body and the evidence the body would show were. "Best Evidence" was the first book I read after seeing Stone's JFK. It was a paradigm shift for me. I hold David Lifton in very high regard. I have always wondered where the pre-autopsy body alteration
  12. The guy with the glasses, escorting Brennan, is Sheriff Bill Decker. At 2:00:30, you see video of him. The narrator refers to him as Decker.
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