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  1. Denny, do you think this implies that both of them know what's in the documents. Certainly some in the CIA know what's in them. I've wondered for a while why nothing has ever leaked. If Trump knew what's in the docs, I can't imagine him keeping his mouth shut -- unless he feared for his life. I'm also curious how a CIA briefing with the Presidents might go. Would there be worries about what the Presidents might reveal? It's interesting to imagine how these things must've played out. I'm kind of wondering what others think.
  2. I'm on the edge of my seat Chris. 🗝️
  3. I know Joseph! Yet another dangling participle ...the forum is rife with stuff like this :>)
  4. I completely agree with you. After reading Doug Horne and David Mantik's evaluations I came to the same conclusions, but you've taken the conclusions a few steps further and have provided some very interesting food for thought... I never thought Dan Rather was lying. I believe he saw what he said he'd seen.
  5. Thanks for the correction David. So much for "i before e except after c." And I have read "Pig on a Leash."
  6. 10-4, Chris! The Zapruder film is a weird thing--it shows evidence of what happened and, at the same time, it shows evidence that it has been manipulated. Where those boundry lines are is anyone's guess...
  7. Yes Chris, I completely agree. But I would have expected to see some movement while he was trying to deal with the pain and the choking. In the film he's virtually stone still. We don't see him struggling to breathe at all. I do agree it was a bullet through the windsheild. I was suggesting Zapruder frame removal after having read Chris Davidsons posting of Hickey's statement about JFK trying to straighten up. We don't see that in the film.
  8. Ben, we've already seen video of "protesters" being let in. It was on the opposite side of the Capitol. It wasn't filtered by the media. I think I remember reporting that said it was a republican congressman who held the door open for the protesters in the back. I didn't pay much attention to it as it was one of those items of interest that were oh so common during our last 5 years.
  9. Well for God's sake Jeremy, become an expert! It won't take more than a day's reading before you realize the truth in "controlled demolition". It doesn't take any trust -- the evidence is right there (unlike the JFK case).
  10. There are some interesting common themes in this thread: instinctively knowing something's wrong, innate curiosity among us... We're probably all people who, for whatever reason, have always questioned authority. I'll bet we're all the same, somehow, in how we get through life. I turned 11 four days after his murder. My mother was a big JFK fan and that's why I was too. Like Joe, I watched the wall to wall coverage that weekend. And, like Joe, I sat watching LHO's transfer live! And, again, like Joe, I was stunned when Ruby wacked Oswald. I instinctively knew something was wrong and I went screaming about what happened to my mother. I'm with Ty--I search high and low for someone else here in central New Hampshire to talk to about it. My wife has little interest in it :>)
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