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  1. Yes, --or the sun will be blotted out on Monday and I, alone, can fix it.
  2. I remember hearing on TV media, discussions about "directed energy" right after the Havana event. I'm gonna guess very high frequency sound waves ...wonder how dogs are reacting to this story...
  3. And yet, that is where CTers actually found the evidence for conspiracy.
  4. After she was freed, Israeli hostage offered a handshake to Hamas (nbcnews.com) https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2023/10/24/israel-hamas-hostage-released-testimony/?itid=lk_inline_manual_29 "In the video showing her release, Lifshitz turns to shake hands with one of her Hamas captors, also sparking questions about whether she had been coerced. In an interview with Kan News, her son Yizhar said she shook hands with her captor upon her release “because he had kept her alive and she thanked him. That is all. It has nothing to do with the savage murderers who rampaged through the kibbutz. Her rage at them also remains.” I commend her peace activism and her noble gesture, but she was still a bargaining chip.
  5. I saw the first episode. It's very good. Gives a good flaver of that time period and the dark side of the CIA in those decades...
  6. Pat, I know you said this is not about film alteration, but that bone fragment just appears out of nowhere--obviously a sign of frame removal. I'll bet it co-incided with Greer's miraculous head turn. How did you find out about this bone fragment? It's not something easily seen....
  7. The "new" Brugioni interview footage Doug Horne provided to us was Dino and Doug sitting in front of the laptop where Dino was pointing out anomolies as the Z film rolled. I found it interesting to hear Dino telling Doug that there was a lot more going on in the film he originally saw than what is shown on the extant film from the time after the head shot all the way to the underpass. We've heard testimony from some, of activity around the limosene immediately following the "head shot", for instance SS men swarming (my word) toward the limo, which is not in the extant film.
  8. Keven Hofeling, I was convinced by Doug Horne's analysis of the Two NPIC Events years ago. I knew he also suggests that the Z Film was shot at 48 fps. I wonder what your thoughts might be regarding the idea that Dino Brugioni, seeing the "original", watched the film that night in slow motion along with crystal clear images that resulted from the aperature settings of the camera being much faster? It's no wonder it made such an impact on Dino.
  9. Have there been mis-steps? Absolutely. And naturally. I recall the Washington Post's Thomas Friedman column that Doug shared a few days ago--that there's a daring, grand strategy afoot. Would that Barak had've been as daring. This has been a work in progress. Mistake were made along the way. It's a tightrope that the administration is walking. I was disappointed that the US vetoed the cease fire resolutions, but it was still early in the catastrophe. The US was still dancing with Netenyahu. Now it's become a major goal to get neighboring Arabs on board and a two-state solution, with Arabs helping to govern Palestine in the interim. Think Biden can handle that? I think so...
  10. I wonder if the forward movement of JFK's head and body at Z312, and Dan Rather's observation "moved violently forward", is actually a result of the back shot...?
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