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  1. I know Joseph! Yet another dangling participle ...the forum is rife with stuff like this :>)
  2. I completely agree with you. After reading Doug Horne and David Mantik's evaluations I came to the same conclusions, but you've taken the conclusions a few steps further and have provided some very interesting food for thought... I never thought Dan Rather was lying. I believe he saw what he said he'd seen.
  3. Thanks for the correction David. So much for "i before e except after c." And I have read "Pig on a Leash."
  4. 10-4, Chris! The Zapruder film is a weird thing--it shows evidence of what happened and, at the same time, it shows evidence that it has been manipulated. Where those boundry lines are is anyone's guess...
  5. Yes Chris, I completely agree. But I would have expected to see some movement while he was trying to deal with the pain and the choking. In the film he's virtually stone still. We don't see him struggling to breathe at all. I do agree it was a bullet through the windsheild. I was suggesting Zapruder frame removal after having read Chris Davidsons posting of Hickey's statement about JFK trying to straighten up. We don't see that in the film.
  6. Ben, we've already seen video of "protesters" being let in. It was on the opposite side of the Capitol. It wasn't filtered by the media. I think I remember reporting that said it was a republican congressman who held the door open for the protesters in the back. I didn't pay much attention to it as it was one of those items of interest that were oh so common during our last 5 years.
  7. Well for God's sake Jeremy, become an expert! It won't take more than a day's reading before you realize the truth in "controlled demolition". It doesn't take any trust -- the evidence is right there (unlike the JFK case).
  8. There are some interesting common themes in this thread: instinctively knowing something's wrong, innate curiosity among us... We're probably all people who, for whatever reason, have always questioned authority. I'll bet we're all the same, somehow, in how we get through life. I turned 11 four days after his murder. My mother was a big JFK fan and that's why I was too. Like Joe, I watched the wall to wall coverage that weekend. And, like Joe, I sat watching LHO's transfer live! And, again, like Joe, I was stunned when Ruby wacked Oswald. I instinctively knew something was wrong and I went screaming about what happened to my mother. I'm with Ty--I search high and low for someone else here in central New Hampshire to talk to about it. My wife has little interest in it :>)
  9. From my reading: There were some citizens who collected samples of the dust at ground zero as souveniers. Some of the "souveniers" were tested and found to have contained thermite residue. I have a feeling you already know about that Chris. In fact Jeremy, there was work being done on the building in the weeks preceding 9/11/01 -- some of it at night. They were working in the areas above the ceiling and inside the elevator shafts. I doubt anyone cut through steel joists, but it's pretty non-disruptive to apply thermite explosives and wiring using hand tools and battery operated drills. Structures are usually designed to provide easy access for re-doing wiring and plumbing.
  10. 6 or 7 years ago, while working as a self-employed, small-time remodeling contractor and having some time on my hands, I looked into 9/11 "conspiracy theories". The subject came up so often and, being a convinced JFK conspiracy believer, I thought "mabey there's something to this after all." I spent more than a week reading, but even after the first day, I was completely convinced the building was brought down by controlled demolition. The evidence was overwhelming. To this day I remain convinced. I've spent hours considering the ramifications of this being true. It, very much, follows the JFK assasination handbook and I blame Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. I know this is the JFK Assasination forum, but I do believe the two are inexorably linked.
  11. Something I'm not understanding here. In the first half of the gif, the side by side comparison, why do the jaw lines look so different?
  12. I always thought it was wierd that JFK stayed so slumped over and still all the way down Elm St., from Z225 until the head shot/s at Z313. He was not mortally wounded during those seconds and should have been trying something physical to deal with the wounds in his throat and back. But he just sat, stone still, until getting blasted in the head. And then the slight movement of his head foward toward the limo front at Z312 is an indication of a shot from the rear -- the first bullet to hit his head...
  13. Then how do you explain the Zap film not showing the blowout in the back of the head and the blob on the right front? Did experts Zavada and Fielding just miss these "obvious artifacts"? Hmmm...
  14. Tony, just shooting from the hip here, but I read that Marylin Sitzman convinced Zapruder to go back to the office and get his camera. Could the "them" refer to people in the office? BTW, I don't discount the idea that Zap was being "run" by some people...
  15. Indeed Ron. Doug also suggested the Z film was shot at 48 fps. All kinds of data: head movement, exit debris, reactions of other occupants, limo speed, shot sequence, etc. could have been removed and still present a coherent film. And to Jeremy, there were (3) copies (possibly 4) and one original already in existance by Friday afternoon. Pretty hard to make a case that the film was accidentally destroyed when there are already four or five copies floating about.
  16. The one thing Dino Brugioni saw in his version of the film, that he distinctly remembers, was the huge billow of pink cloud material rising far above Kennedy's head. He was quite adamant. I doubt his memory about that was fogged. We don't see that in our version. In my view, frame removal is almost certain.
  17. Then, of course, there's the idea suggested by Doug Horne and others, that the Z film was recorded at 48 fps and edited down to closer to 16 fps like the other cameras. I wonder how much the Z film would have captured that the other films didn't. After editing, wouldn't all films still sync with each other?
  18. The only way would have been if JFK's head was rotated toward the GK at some point--something we don't see in the Zapruder film. Dr. Mantik, based on his studies of the X-rays in the Archives, believed there were 3 shots to the head--above the right eye, tangential entrance just above and in front of the right ear, and a posterior shot at the base of the skull. Witnesses say the shots were nearly simultaneous. Any of the shots could easily have rotated JFK's head to make it possible for a shot from the GK to impact Hargis. Of course, none of this is seen in the manipulated Zap film. Another thing to ponder, is that the metalic debris trail across the top of the head means that JFK must have been sitting upright at the time of the shot. We don't see that in the Z film either.
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