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  1. Because the behavior of the Russians was an unprecedented attack on our country? Maybe that is what everyone was so concerned about? But Trump and his campaign and transition team were attempting to reward them? Jeez. Jeff I don't see why you defend this. It laughable - you sound like Putin et al are bunch school girls being treated so unfairly - it's an outrage! Besides which, I don't remember Trump ever having any public policy initiatives toward Russia during the election. At that time, he was denying he had any relationship to Russia.
  2. With due respect Mr. Di I disagree with your answer. Russian meddling would surely be investigated. Remember, Trump was warned that Russia was trying to make contact with his campaign. All evidence of Russian meddling would have been thoroughly investigated. And it would have turned up the same info. The investigation wouldn't have been impeded by all the stonewalling and lying.
  3. So the conspiracy plan was to "find" Oswald in the Texas Theatre. They needed the DPD to have a reason to look for him there. Was it "Lee" Oswald's job to go into Hardy"s Shoes looking panicked, suspicious and afraid in order to lead "someone" (J. Brewer, or J. Brewer via T. Rowe) in the shoe store to the theatre and to call the police? Is this what you're getting at?
  4. I thought it was Maine accent until I heard her say she worked for the Boston PD. Then I changed my position. Now, I think you're right. Oh well... Now, back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  5. This is good. I think I see a trend. Let's continue the hostilities via Twitter.
  6. I think I see what you're referring to. She says "Up to a point they was probably witnesses, after that I suppose they didn’t care." The wrong verb tense. Makes her come across as "uneducated". Living in NH, as I do, I hear it all the time. But, I think, the "putting on airs" affect is the result of the Mass. accent. But, you could be right. Sadly, I never knew many hookers .
  7. You're right Paul. She has a heavy-ish Massachusetts accent. I'm guessing she was born in MA, as I was. It's not really as thick as many from MA, though. Nor is mine--generally, the more schooling, the less the accent. David, I don't see her slipping in and out--the accent is consistent throughout. She's a little nervous, as were many of Mark Lane's interviewees. I think Mark's formal manner and the general format of the interviews created a bit of an artificial setting that made the interviewees self-conscious. Sorry for the hi-jacking....
  8. So, David, you'd be pretty sure that the head shot we see in the Zapruder film came from the direction of the South Knoll, correct? It certainly looks like that to me. Just to add another thought to what you're saying to Ron, in the instant before the explosive head shot, JFK's face was pushed down and forward by an almost simultaneous shot from the rear. This would have made the entrance of the head shot bullet higher on the forehead than it otherwise would have been, but still consistent with a shot from the South Knoll.
  9. Jim, thanks so much for posting this info. I knew of none of that! Perhaps, at this point in my life, I should actually read "Harvey and Lee" :>). At any rate, I think you and JA have very compelling arguments.
  10. Everything about the conspiracy was very audacious. I'm thinking the conspirators were very confident that they could control the narrative, especially with the unsophisticated Dallas cops and the "respect" for higher authority that was prevalent in those days , but I take your point. It was probably important to kill "classic" Oswald (thank you Jim Hargrove). They spent so much time setting him up to take the fall for a good reason. As for Lee Oswald, he'd been hanging out with the likes of Frank Sturgis, et. al. And, from my reading, was a man full of hubris and arrogance. He m
  11. I'm new to the forum and I know you've been at this for a long time, but have you, by chance, read this: http://harveyandlee.net/Tippit/Tippit.html? It'll tell you what John Armstrong's ideas about it are. Just my 2 cents, but I was quite wowed by it. For me, it answered all kinds of questions I had about what went down with the Tippit killing. I read it slowly, while imagining how it fit with the greater conspiracy. Personally, after reading it, I was even more dismayed at the depth of the malevolence in the whole conspiracy--sadder but wiser.
  12. Just a small observation here. In Mercer's statement (Julia Ann Mercer-1) dated 1/16/68, she said her statement to the FBI was altered. No surprise there. Additional evidence of an altered statement is shown within the statement. The FBI has her saying that the truck was parked on the right side of Elm Street, but later has her saying the man who took the rifle out of the back of the pickup "...then proceeded to walk across the street and up the grassy hill..." Someone got it wrong...
  13. I never saw this before. Is Jackie snatching her hand back from JFK's head just after that flash?
  14. I know Robert. It's depressing, very depressing. I agree with you. We did have a chance with John Kennedy. We can hope for another chance, by way of another president with similar personal courage (FWIW, my money's on Elizabeth Warren). But one thing, to me, is sure: enough Americans will have to continue to pay very close attention, after the election to the machinations of those vested interests trying to continue "business as usual". What I'm trying to say, is that it's going to take more than a leader with immense personal courage to turn this ship around. It's going to take cou
  15. I think the pictures are taken inside the Secret Service garage. My memory is fuzzy, but Harrison Livingstone in his book High Treason goes into the provenance of the limousine and the windshield and how the bullet hole evidence was negated. And Doug Horne covers the subject thoroughly and credibly. Within the first few days after the assassination, the vehicle was sent (flown?) to Detroit. There was a witness there who confirmed the windshield had a through and through bullet hole right where you see it in the Altgens photo. As I said, my memory is fuzzy about who covered this in
  16. I believe what you're looking at are bloodied rose florets from the bouquet of roses Jackie was holding.
  17. Hey, I've been reduced to rubble by people far smarter than you....
  18. See Lance, it's just a game, like the "Conspiracy Game", just a game... you're taking yourself pretty seriously, aren't you. These posts don't take me but a minute, while your wall of words must take hours...
  19. You seem to require irrefutable proof of a conspiracy, for example Harvey and Lee, yet, as far as I know (haven't read the paper yet this morning) there is no irrefutable proof of the existence of God but you are a believer. My comment probably seemed a little obscure to you because I only paid attention to the last little bit of your OP. Yet again, I couldn't bring myself to scale your wall of words.
  20. For that matter, are people who believe in God conspiracy theorists?
  21. Spoken like someone who's never been involved with a narcissist. And you don't have to be trained to make the observation W.N. has. Anyone who's done any soul searching and behavior watching can see it. And Trump is definitely getting worse. He can't help himself--it's no act!
  22. If only Arlen Specter had .gif's available to him...
  23. The whole point of the Warren Report was to go public. It was supposed to convince the public that there was no conspiracy. Unfortunately for them, they raised more questions than they answered. Allen Dulles thought no one would read it --this from the pinnacle of Intelligence.
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