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  1. 28 minutes ago, Lance Payette said:

    It did indeed take hours, but it was part of a larger and more substantial project.  Your "Twitter posts" take but a minute and say precisely nothing - this is your idea of a game, is it?  Does the game have any point, or is it truly mental masturbation?  Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me here?  (Mae West, for the uninformed.)  My point is simply that even your one-liners better receive more attention than they seem to be receiving, or I will cheerfully reduce you to rubble.

    Hey, I've been reduced to rubble by people far smarter than you....

  2. 2 minutes ago, Lance Payette said:

    How would you know?  You had just said you didn't read it.  If you want to match wits with me, pal, you're going to need to bring your "A" game - and your batting helmet.

    See Lance, it's just a game, like the "Conspiracy Game", just a game... you're taking yourself pretty seriously, aren't you.  These posts don't take me but a minute, while your wall of words must take hours...

  3. 1 hour ago, Lance Payette said:

    You'll have to educate me here:  In what sense do you think "believing in God" (or for that matter "not believing in God") resembles a conspiracy?  That is like saying "believing the JFK assassination occurred" resembles a conspiracy, is it not?

    You seem to require irrefutable proof of a conspiracy, for example Harvey and Lee, yet, as far as I know (haven't read the paper yet this morning) there is no irrefutable proof of the existence of God but you are a believer. 

    My comment probably seemed a little obscure to you because I only paid attention to the last little bit of your OP.  Yet again, I couldn't bring myself to scale your wall of words.

  4. 2 hours ago, Cory Santos said:

    How can you diagnose someone without personally examining them?  For all you know,  and you do not, publically it is an act.  Privately he could be different to some degree.  Sorry, diagnosing someone from an armchair and without a personal evaluation is concerning.  

    Spoken like someone who's never been involved with a narcissist.  And you don't have to be trained to make the observation W.N. has.  Anyone who's done any soul searching and behavior watching can see it.  And Trump is definitely getting worse.  He can't help himself--it's no act!

  5. 53 minutes ago, Denis Morissette said:

    They had 8 months to produce a report. Errors and mishaps always happen when you are on a rush. If the people in high power had wanted to cover up the truth, they would have never made the report and their several volumes public. Think about it.

    The whole point of the Warren Report was to go public.  It was supposed to convince the public that there was no conspiracy.  Unfortunately for them, they raised more questions than they answered.  Allen Dulles thought no one would read it --this from the pinnacle of Intelligence.

  6. 1 minute ago, Denis Morissette said:

    CTers wrote a lot of books by being creative and selective with the facts. With a little effort and imagination, you could certainly come up with a scenario however stretched out it is.

    Ironic that you think CTers are being creative and selective.  It was the Warren Commission who's creative and selective actions necessitated further research.

  7. 13 minutes ago, Denis Morissette said:

    Probably an innocent man who for some reasons attracted police’s attention. At the wrong place at the wrong time. The same happened to a friend of mine after a shooting in a mall. Because he looked like one of the suspects he was handcuffed and put in a police car just in case. That’s good police practice. Nobody at DPD bothered writing a detailed report with the name of this second arrest. 

    Sure, an innocent man who looked exactly like Lee Harvey Oswald.

  8. 1 hour ago, David Von Pein said:

    And even if Brewer wasn't actually physically in the alley, it's possible that a witness who was in that alley could have still gotten a view of the cops grabbing Brewer at gunpoint just inside the back door of the Texas Theater.


    But Bernard Haire said the look-alike was taken to a police car.  He wasn't just inside the back door of the theatre.

  9. 3 hours ago, Ken Rheberg said:

    It appears that Dan really viewed the Zapruder film in the KRLD projection room on the Monday after the assassination, not in an attorney's office.  According to KRLD's Bob Huffaker, after bringing a copy of the film in a few days following the shooting and viewing it with Bob over and over for about an hour, all the while taking notes, Dan typed up his notes and reported his observations from those notes on the CBS Television Network the same day.  That would be Monday.  The record shows that Dan made one radio report and three televised reports that day.  You can see Dan constantly looking down to his notes during those televised reports. How else could he remember all that?  There were no other reports regarding his Zapruder film viewing made on any other days that I'm aware of.  This version flies in the face of the story Dan has told over the years.  I interviewed the late Bob Huffaker extensively back in 2001, reviewed some things with him in 2007, and I trust what he had to say about everything he told me.  The story about Bob and Dan is also in his book, "When the News Went Live."

    How did Dan Rather get a copy of the film for extended viewing?  Do you suppose the new and improved version was fed to him by authorities?

  10. 2 hours ago, David Josephs said:

    The problem for me is our basic assumption derived from the evidence.... McWatters recants, Jones describes a diff person, and Bledsoe is fed clothing details. 
    McWatters never mentions the 2 cops (if one of them took a transfer or two it might have made him a bit scared to mention it...  do we know if ANYONE corroborates Roy's Policemen boarding the bus story as there were 15 people on the bus according to ROY...  why do we not have a statement or report from the 2 cops who boarded the bus or from any one of the other passengers?

    So your thought is the bus and taxi rides may have been concocted to refute what Roger Craig had seen?   Oswald's reaction regarding "Mrs. Paine's car, etc." is what made me think maybe it was Harvey Oswald, after all, that got into that Rambler.  And, of course, that threatened the conspiracy because of the implications --Oswald had help, who was driving, looks pre-planned, etc.

    But I have been wedded to the bus and taxi events for so long, it's hard to imagine that it didn't happen --for the reasons that Jim and John A point out.  And Whaley has seemed very credible, but perhaps succumbed to authority to an extent.   But I wonder if it was an Oswald look-alike (as you say), that took the bus and taxi.  How much of an issue was it that the conspiracy needed to explain how Oswald left the TSBD  and, therefore, pre-planned the bus and taxi rides?  Then there's Tippet waiting at the Gloco station along that bus' route...  so much to consider!

    But, I'm lost in a sea of evidence.  Who's credible, who's not, what was planned to have happened, what was improvised...?

  11. 13 hours ago, David Josephs said:

    Just a thought... he'd be going home after work Friday anyway.... he'd shower at home for the weekend....

    Could "someone" have taken Whaley's cab to the 500 block of N. Beckley? - Sure...

    How many different "Oswald's" would YOU plan to have leave Dealey Plaza to confuse the issue?  Each witness tells the truth, yet they ALL can't be Oswald.

    again, Just a thought.

    For a while now, I've had a hunch that conspirators in the TSBD arrived there late Thursday night or in the very dark hours of Friday morning with weapons and a rifle to plant.  They hid on the seventh floor or the little shack on the roof.  Among them, of course, would be LEE Oswald.  As I just posted in another thread, I'm wondering if it might have been LEE Oswald that took the bus and taxi.  Whaley's description of a disheveled wino would fit the bill for a guy who just spent an uncomfortable night in a warehouse.  It might also account for Mrs. Bledsoe's claim.


  12. 13 hours ago, David Josephs said:

    Hey Jim, ya think that maybe the bus and taxi BS was created to negate one of Dallas' finest's recollection, brought up in front of Oswald and commented upon?
    Or do you think Craig was lying.... too?

    David, are you speculating that it was Classic Oswald who got into the Nash Rambler that Roger Craig witnessed?  What might have happened after that?  Do you think he was driven to his rooming house?  ...and to the theatre?

    Speculation:  Is it even remotely possible that the bus and taxi ride did happen, but the rider was LEE Oswald... that John A got it right, but the roles were reversed?

  13. 1 hour ago, John Butler said:


    I am sorry that you misunderstood what I was saying.  Are you saying that the only Zapruder frame that was torn and spliced is frame 157?  Or, are frames 156, 158, and 159 also torn and spliced?  I have never heard that from anyone.  The two Davidson frames, darkened and blurred, were not done by the Hawkeye works as originals.  The ones below were.

    Are these four frames torn and then spliced?  If so, I have never heard of that.


    No John.  A splice at 157 alone could explain the extra long leg.  The other frames look normal to me and can be explained by leg and shadow.  When you first brought it up days ago, I looked at my own copies of Costella's frames.  The only anomalies I saw, in that film vicinity, were in frame 157.

    But now I see Robin's postings of the different versions, MPI and Groden.  This is the first time I've seen a comparison.  This is quite interesting...

    But you haven't answered my question about what you think happened in the actual assassination that isn't reflected in the Zap film in this area of Elm St.  Not putting you on the spot, but interested in your speculation.  If I misunderstood what you were saying, could you clue me in?

  14. 2 hours ago, John Butler said:


    There is free software on the net titled Easy Gif Animator.  It is simple and easy to use.  With it you can look at the individual frames of a .gif.  And, you can determine whether a newspaper is really a hat.  In this occasion the newspaper was a hat.  There are 43 frames in the .gif.  It seems that there is an alteration of blurred and clearer images.  But, that may just be the way the frames turned out.  However, Z frames 157 and 158 appear to be altered to suppress the image of Phil Willis.

    Thanks for the head's up on the gif animator John--I'm interested.

    I've believed that the Zap film was altered for many years now.  My info is mostly from Doug Horne's work.  His interviews with Dino Brugioni are mind boggling, but, over the years, there were dozens of analyses I watched and read that convinced me.

    At first, I was confused by what I was seeing in frame 157.  There were a number of things in that frame that were very strange, but once I realized that a splice was made in that frame, it became clear that these odd things are a result of a splice.

    I'm not sure what your overall point is though, John.  You said "altered to suppress the image of Phil Willis".  Why would the film lab at Hawkeye Works have even bothered?  They had plenty enough to do already.  Is your point that the whole assassination was completed right there in the turn from Huston onto Elm?  I believe all Zap alterations were about hiding evidence of shots coming from anywhere but the 6th floor and giving time enough for one man on the 6th floor to complete the assassination.  Your thoughts?

  15. 8 hours ago, Chris Davidson said:


    That clip is the MPI version which includes the splice.

    If you add in the missing frames from the Groden version, this is what it would look like.

    btw, it's a hat not a newspaper.


    I see the difference Chris.  The movement makes more sense now.  I think you included, in the .gif, the frame with the splice--I can see it flash by oh so quickly.  I do believe that Willis' long leg and JFK's "dead body hanging over the edge of the limo" are artifacts of the splice.

  16. 2 hours ago, Chris Davidson said:

    You might look closely at the women next to Willis.

    There are other ways to show film manipulation.



    I don't know if I'm missing your point Chris, but there are definitely some frames missing here.  Check out the guy waving the newspaper in the upper left corner --right where there's a splice.  Suddenly, his left arm is at rest by his side. 

  17. 6 hours ago, David Josephs said:

    Do you understand that when a frame is torn the images within the frame MAY BE AFFECTED ????


    You can see the tear splice as it moves thru the frames... 

    Thanks for this David.  It explains, for me anyway, one of the issues I was seeing in this frame.  It is the result of a splice.

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