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  1. And one needs to consider eye-witness reports, like from his grandmother: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/Blogs/Message.aspx/3074 Obama's birth was published in a Hawaii paper some 11 days after birth. Newborn babies could fly with parents without passports in those days.
  2. Since this is a Science-based forum, one should consider the following: https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2020/04/while-media-mocks-trump-for-suggesting-light-treatment-for-coronavirus-patients-bio-tech-company-working-with-fda-and-cedars-sinai-on-uv-light-treatment-to-kill-the-virus-in-patients/ UV light in the lungs can help fight the disease.
  3. How many shots are we really talking about? 5 that hit JFK (3 head, neck, back), 1 for Connally, 1 for James Tague, 1 grass shot. That makes 8.
  4. Rather than spotters/snipers using radios to communicate, the "full car stop" may have been a signal to shoot. The double head shot was within 0.1 seconds, this may have been a fluke, or more likely timed for when the car came to a complete stop for 0.5 seconds or so. Some Z-film frames may also be missing so that the double head shot actually had a window of 0.3 seconds.
  5. Still, it is good to have someone review all these documents and try to summarize any new information they contain.
  6. Yes, he may be looking at a revised book. He may have been threatened with a lawsuit. Or James Files wanted his name out of the book, and live a normal life now that he is out of prison.
  7. I was wondering if anyone would comment on the reasons why an author may spend six months and read 50,000+ documents researching and writing a book. Publish it for 3 months from July 2018 to Oct. 9, 2018, remove it from sale, put it back up in July 28, 2019 and then remove it again Nov. 8, 2019. Jerry Kroth made a video to promote the book: And had a 38-page book sample on Amazon Kindle: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UJWjG9ffrZZ2oUG7gK5xzZ6nCzjzcc6a I can get access to the book, but do not want to publish it due to copyright. He claims to have discovered 80 NEW insights from these 50,000+ documents. Here are the first 9 from the video: 1. An FBI informant was keeping track of Ruby. 3 hours before the JFK hit, Ruby called the guy, and asked if he would like to meet him at Dealey Plaza and "watch the fireworks". They met and were standing together across from the Texas School book depository (TSBD) at the time of the shooting. So, Jack Ruby knew that JFK was going to be shot in Dealey Plaza at 9am. Ruby was all Mafia. 2. Eugene Hale Brading arrest record from 1953 was released. He was found inside the Dal-Tex building, across from the TSBD, just after the shooting, arrested, and then released. 2 months before he legally changed his name to Jim Braden, and that name had a clean record. He was connected with the Mafia. The story before was he was an innocent passerby who was looking for a telephone. 3. New memos: Eugene Dinkin and David Christensen. Two men with Army Intelligence. One in Germany and the other in Scotland. One is a cryptographer, the other decrypts coded messages. Both discover in the first week of Nov. 1963 that there is "chatter" on CIA channels about the killing of JFK in coded messages. Dinkin flees to Geneva and was about to talk with the media at the U.N., was arrested and put in a mental hospital for 6 months. Christensen mentions it to a friend, was also arrested and put in another mental hospital for 6 months. The names "william harvey" and "guy bannister" were mentioned. Dinkin later says that he wrote to the Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, as soon as he knew in early Nov. 1963. And that he did everything possible to stop the assassination. 4. Oswalds letter. Nov. 8, 1963. (not a new document) "Dear Mr. Hunt, I would like information concerting my position. I am asking only for information. I am suggesting that we discuss the matter fully before any steps are taken by me or anyone else. Thanks You, Lee Harvey Oswald" This letter was mailed anonymously to 3 journalists in 1975 from Mexico. It was handwritten. Maria Oswald says it was her husband's (Harvey) handwriting. He was dyslexic, and wrote "concerting" in another letter. Thus, it is very likely written by Harvey Oswald. "Hunt" was likely E. Howard Hunt, the guy arrested at Watergate, and who had a deathbed confession of the CIA operatives involved in the JFK hit. Oswald was planted in a job, and was in the dark about what was going on. He didn't want to work at $1.25/hr for nothing. He wanted more information. 5. New Orleans bar owner. Says that Oswald met with FBI agent Warren de Breuys. Said that after Oswald left Oct. 3, de Breuys followed him to Dallas. Was threatened by de Breuys to not testtify. de Breuys testifies that he went to Dallas after JFK was shot, not before. A new FBI document states that de Breuys leaves for Dallas soon after Oct. 25. (The bar owner is telling the truth) 6. The anti-Castro cuban named Antonio Veciana ran guns into Cuba and organized small raids. He met with David Phillips of the CIA (Western Hemisphere contact) in Dallas regularly. At one of these meetings, Sept. 6, 1963, in the lobby of a hotel (Southland Center), Oswald was there with Phillips when he arrived. Oswald acted shy and didn't say anything. There was a birthday party for a teenager named Wynne Johnson. When they were leaving, they met this guy at the door. He also remembers meeting the 3 men at the door. (Oswald (Harvey) was in contact with a high CIA official) Phillips paid Veciana $273,000 in cash (another document released) 7. Hoover's call to LBJ after Nov. 1963. The voice and the pictures of Oswald in Mexico in Sept. 1963 are not of Oswald. Someone is impersonating him. (why? someone is trying to make Oswald a pro-communist) 8. A new memo: David Phillips asks Veciana to bribe a couple in Mexico to say they saw Oswald. It didn't work. 9. French anti-degaulle terrorist/assassin entered US in NYC Nov. 19, and leaves at Laredo, Texas Dec. 6. A memo from French Intelligence. Kept secret for 54 years. (A man has come forward who claims to have run the safe house in Dallas at the time, and that he saw the French assassin arrive for the JFK hit. His story was that he was a low level mafia person, and that a U.S. intelligence agency sent him for training to make fake ID. He then made fake ID for people sneaking into Cuba. He also ran the "safe house" in Dallas, and trained to work assisting doctors in the operating room. After the JFK hit, he noticed people around him getting murdered, so he made several fake ID for himself, and then slipped out of town quietly and worked for a circus in California. Then went to Canada, Europe and South Africa and stayed there for 10 years. He came back to the US, under an alias, and went public with his story only in 2006.)
  8. "It was just myself and a couple of technicians in the room. We lifted the body out of the coffin and put it on a table. " So, he was there when the body was removed from the Bronze casket at 7:20 (?) PM. How credible is this man, and his story? It would be good to get an idea of what happened to the two caskets. I assume the body was put into the Bronze casket after the autopsy, and I assume it was kept at this morgue until the Monday ceremony and burial. And the shipping casket was just stored with all the other shipping caskets and had no importance?
  9. After LHO died, she lived for over 17 years in the Dallas area. And she wrote a book that was never published. It seems odd that she would keep a secret for so long. I wonder what was in the book ? It seems more likely that, IF there were two Oswalds, then she was in the dark about the other one. In those years from 1963 to 1981 I wonder who her friends were, and what they remember of her? Did she leave any books or clothes or letters behind ? (a possible source of DNA).
  10. RE: the idea that LEE Oswald was killed sometime soon after Nov. 1963. Another take on it is that he had enough family connections in the USA, that killing him off would have had unknown consequences. see http://www.harveyandlee.net/Norton/Norton.html So, if LEE took over the identity of "Donald Norton", married "Lexie", and they had two children (Chris & Amy). One would think that someone could track down these kids, and compare their DNA with that of Robert Oswald's family members.
  11. I'm surprised no one has done so yet. I think Robert Oswald lived in Texas somewhere. And Maria Oswald stayed in a nearby state. It's only a matter of time before this is done. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BSKZFDD/ref=dp_cerb_1
  12. No evidence from me. In life, mistakes happen and all the pieces of a history puzzle do not fit together well. People's memories are faulty etc. OTOH, one solid piece of evidence cannot be denied, and can overturn a whole lot of speculation. Did someone say something about a Mastoid bone in Harvey and Lee...
  13. Let's put this in context: My wife went back to Africa a few years ago and met her two brothers for the first time in 4 years. She said that she didn't recognize them -- adults about the age of 25 - 30. That is just 4 years. Imagine a woman aging for 10 years, and putting on the weight. Would people recognize her?
  14. 1. So, try to paint a whole scenario for me. Robert O., the patriot, knew something odd was going on, but was dealing with sparse information. He was not close to his real mother for over 10 years. And then he was told that she was on some "special mission" to Grenada or some far off place, and got malaria and died. It all seemed plausible. And he knew that Lee and this Hungarian Russian-speaking guy were up to some covert activity, for the good of the country. He wasn't close to Lee either. And then Lee had gone undercover for a time for things to "blow over", and then he died of malaria too. And the message to him was: Don't ask too many questions and everything will be fine with you. The only way to see if this is true is a DNA test on the kids or grandkids of Harvey and Robert. Why not start a GoFundMe campaign to get saliva from these two families. I'm sure that some good sleuth can track them down, invite them for coffee, and then keep the cup for a DNA test. Is anyone willing to try?
  15. One of the problems with the Harvey & Lee theory is that fact that many other people connect to their lives. 1. Their mothers. If H&L is true, then one of the mothers was murdered, and her history erased. 2. Family and Friends. If H&L is true, then the family, friends and neighbors of these boys would have all known these two boys, and classmates and parents of kids in his classes would all remember them. Did this happen for both boys?
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