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  1. Genius here is what you wrote:. Quote He’s done everything he can to make Covid worse, killing higher numbers of the elderly, Blacks and Hispanics. Eugenicist wet dream. Now if you look at the definition of therapeutics you get the statement pasted below. Now who made an error in fact genius? relating to the healing of disease. "diagnostic and therapeutic facilities
  2. Of course dont waste your precious time. I get it. Pelosi and the current anti Trump Dems from California have no connection to Jim Jones, or Manson or the Zodiac (ask Kirk Gallaway) for that matter. And yes Mark Lane is a real hero that is if you like the enemy that killed JFK. If you like that then Mark Lane is a real hero. Just ask congressman Leo Ryan who Lane got shot to pieces in Guyana. Only thing missing was a limo and Bill Greer.
  3. Maybe Prince Charles? Hey put your Village People avatar back in action and maybe the Prince will ask you on a date. You can both talk to plants.
  4. And Ron, Barack Obama modeled his healthcare program after Hitler and to this day you say nothing. Congrats.
  5. Genius you stated he (President Trump) has done everything to make covid19 worse and now you provide a non sequitur therapy vs vaccine. Cliffy who pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Accords-- it was Donald J. trump so you can take your fake report that Trump wishes to kill people and shove it. Once again you're wrong with Sugar on Top.
  6. I just posted a late news story from Houston press that the first 5,000 hits of anti covid19 has arrived in Texas. Better catch up Cliff old boy.
  7. Anthony, long live the Queen and hopefully with help from the British Empire we can finally solve the JFK murder. https://larouchepub.com/other/2006/3339j_train_intro.html
  8. Oh no Trump is now a eugenicist? Please tell me Cliff who is it exactly that pushed the Green Agenda; it wasnt President Trump. In fact Trump got out of the Paris Climate Accords. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-president-trump-paris-climate-accord/
  9. How is it a straw man? I dont think you know the facts. Pelosi and company from San Francisco in the late 1970's were all supporters of the Reverend Jim Jones. Jones had been the leading vote getter for th Carter and Mondale Democratic ticket in 1976. You seem to be totally unaware of what you're talking about but what else is new.
  10. Houston gets 5,000 hits of President Trump's Covid19 vaccine. Texas gets 5,800 doses of COVID treatment that Abbott touted. The medication is welcome news to many in the state’s health care community, but its supplies are so limited that some hospitals are weighing how to ethically prioritize eligible patients.
  11. Joe , let me show you again why you seem sleepy like your name sake Joe Biden. You first claim that POTUS doesnt have a strong following. Here is a video titled Ministers of Truth and the video covers big tech's role in running the coup against Trump. At the 8:52 minute Mark Dianne Feinstein laments the following facts. 1. Stop the Steal was a group that was first formed on Face Book 2. It had over 300,000 members in less than 24 hours (try that one on) 3. Zuckerberg shut down the group proving once again the top down attempt to keep the lid on this election fraud. And for Robert Wheeler who may question the power of the British Empire to effect US policy there is this news slug. It is typical that the British Empire controls our financial system via Wall Street banks and their off shore money centers. Their best trick is the control of culture. You can see it in the freak out on this site against Donald Trump. You have Kennedy assassination researchers who are completely unable to see the truth in the case of President Trump. Share By Capucine Yeomans, Editor at LinkedIn News Updated 2 years ago Facebook has hired former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to lead its global affairs and communications team, making him the most senior European politician to take up a senior executive role in Silicon Valley. The social media platform is expected to announce a loss of as many as 1 million European users over the summer as a result of the roll-out of GDPR, where users were required to either opt in to having data collected or cease using the site.
  12. Sorry Jim but just reading the name Lorenzo Lamas makes me laugh. He's a real pip.
  13. Lets see you dont believe there was election fraud but you do believe there was a kidnap plan of the Governor of Michigan by rabid Trump supporters? Okay then, have a good day.
  14. The oligarchy has made a big mistake this time. They cannot control events and it's mainly because President Trump is willing to fight them. He's not only willing to fight them he openly mocks them and shows disdain for them. The population sees this fighting spirit coming from the President and they go "all in" in the war against these elites.
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