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  1. That's awesome Ben, those images allowed me to find exactly where it is on Google Earth and I'm now building a "Project" on that platform to show the locations involved and their relative proximity to one another. Anyone know if there are any transcripts of those documents so I can get a clearer read? I had a look and in one part it seems to say that Walker was in "The most northerly room on the lower floor" whereas another states that he was toward the back of the house at the time of the shooting. I understand that extensions may have been built in the past 55-60 years, but the mos
  2. Ooh. Serendipity? I haven't been around for a while, and was about to conduct a search on The Forum for any threads pertaining to this very subject, before risking starting one that had already been covered. Top Hole! (as no one in England says any more.) It has always been confusing that Oswald was shown to be an OK shot with a semi automatic rifle on which he had received training, (and my experience with rifles is limited, but I always figured that semi-automatics would be easier to maintain aim than a bolt action...), but according to the Warren boys, using the manual bolt action
  3. That's where I got the notion that there was a contamination issue. http://22november1963.org.uk/oswald-rifle-and-paraffin-tests Note 5. Near the bottom of the page. "The presence of almost identical, small quantities of barium and antimony both on the inside of the cast, which had touched Oswald’s cheek, and the outside, which had not, suggests that the cast had become contaminated. The results were complicated by the fact that they were conducted later than the spectrographic tests, which involved applying chemicals to the casts, then washing the casts. This has the effect of
  4. I thought that the paraffin hand casts tested positive at DPD? The way I understood it, that was one of the things that gave them so much confidence in proclaiming Oswald the killer? It was one of the most oft repeated inaccuracies in the News reports in the following days and weeks, (thereby cementing his guilt in the minds of the public) NBC, CBS and WaPo were repeatedly saying that the paraffin wax tests on his hands came back positive on both hands, "proving" that he had fired a rifle that day. Ignoring the obvious points a) that there was no such evidence on his face, and b) that at t
  5. On a more serious note, I'm sure I'm not breaking new ground with this idea, but as far as I'm concerned it was THAT speech that nailed Oswald in the public eye, and the Warren Commission was never going to be able to shift public opinion after the media kind of accepted that the "accused" was automatically the "killer".
  6. I guess that's why CBS never made "CSI Dallas". The episodes would last about 8 1/2 minutes, and 6 of those would be a montage of cops in cowboy hats fabricating evidence and intimidating witnesses while Kid Rock music plays in the background.
  7. Yeah, I've heard that the nitrates, barium, antimony etc can be picked up from sources other than GSR such as various types of printers ink. But I've also read that the Wade led Dallas prosecutorial record of the time is littered with subsequent exonerations and guessed that they weren't too worried about False Positives. The identification of nitrates would not automatically prove the presence of GSR, but a complete absence would strongly suggest that a gun had not been fired. I'm just wondering if the tests were actually used in Texas court trials around 63 as evidence.
  8. Hey guys, just been told something that I don't believe is accurate, but I would still like to make sure. What I was told is that Paraffin Wax tests weren't used as evidence in Texas in 1963, as they were notoriously unreliable and just as likely to give a false positive as a real one. I always believed that they were simply replaced over time by more advanced methods using advanced scientific equipment. Can anyone fill me in on any details surrounding this.
  9. Thanks Jim, that memo does make for confusing reading... in the space of a paragraph he seems to go from, "You realize this is complete malarkey, right?" to "We have to make sure everyone believes this malarkey... right!" Kirk Coleman... I'll get right on that. It seems kind of... counterproductive for the WC to put Oswald in the frame for Walker, when his ability with a rifle is one of the most concerning issues they would have to explain. The notion that at night, with a solid fence to rest the gun, and a clear view of the stationary target inside an illuminated room, at an ideal
  10. Sorry to drag you back to this Jim, But I've only just realised that you were talking about the same guy who wrote the memorandum which infamously says that the witness testimony on Oswald's movements after the assassination just as easily put him in Ethiopia. Just for my ow peace of mind, do you think he was being sarcastic when he said the whole "We know he could have done it..." thing? Reading that memo back again is interesting... I'd never really given it much thought, but the further down he gets, the more caustic his language becomes. He really wasn't impressed with th
  11. Just a quick return to the rifle evidence for a moment... I've read numerous times that the bullet retrieved from the Walker crime scene was discovered to be a 30.06 calibre, but just reading through the WCR, it states it was 6.5mm. I am no expert on ballistics so have no idea whether this is simply different terminology for the same thing, a mistake in the WCR, a case of confused half truths morphing into "fact" or something else entirely? Could anyone clear this up for me?
  12. It's kind of unusual that a guy like Walker didn't have a ready made list of enemies he could produce at the drop of a hat. He was no Fred Rogers from what I understand. I had to check that Wikipedia had it right when it said that he'd run for Governor of Texas in the primary on the Democratic ticket but lost out to John Connolly... (It's almost a shame in a way that Oswald wasn't the shooter... If Oswald HAD been the shooter... had missed Walker at his home as a sitting duck, but then hit Connally and put five holes in him, when aiming at someone else... well... that would be pretty much th
  13. Cheers Pete, so that's certainly suggestive there was no cooperation, since Hosty would have undoubtedly been involved if there had been. I wonder if anyone higher up in DPD might have had the info that a known communist and defector was in town, but just neglected to act on it? I also wonder if Oswald ever came up as a suspect for the Walker assassination attempt? All the documents I can find on Walker say that it remained "unsolved" (until the WC swept in and kindly cleared it up as it was seemingly busy solving everything else that had little to no conclusive proof) but I imagine it d
  14. Something just occurred to me, and I'm not sure whether it warrants another thread. I don't think so, since it follows on the path that this discussion has been heading... but can anyone tell me about Hosty and the DPD? Did he talk to them prior to investigating Lee and Marina, or was the FBI observation all hush-hush? If he was on "Oswald Watch" did he have any contacts or friends in the DPD? Was he in an official liaison with DPD? Or, maybe, was there any inter agency tension? Sort of "Get off our patch!" stuff? Anything on this would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Sorry... yes, reading that back it is a little vague. Allow me to clarify... I see him in a very negative light. This is the guy who was handcuffed to Oswald and was charged with his safely negotiating the suspect through the POLICE STATION in one piece. If I'd been caught on film and shown to the world performing one of the most famous examples of dereliction of duty in history, I'd have to accept, and learn to live with, other people making jokes about the way I failed to keep a man alive... But I, for one, would struggle to grow a pair big enough to make jokes where the punchline i
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