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  1. so, now it's burkey, burke, and, burkley. way to muddle a thread. anyway, one of the techs said it was a high-ranking uniform smoking a cigar - in the gallery - that instructed not to explore. Was burkley in the gallery smoking a stogie, or, standing on the floor with the autopsists, smoking a stogie?
  2. "Maybe They Don't Do This Anymore, But Are There Any Recent Polls Regarding Warren Report Belief or Disbelief?" One of the indications of a question is a question mark. Funny that.
  3. Google is your friend. Innane questions such as yours serve only to hasten more important issues off the front page.
  4. CIA, like Oswald, was a patsy, but, it served as such for all manner of Military ops including the Joint Chiefs' 'get the Kennedys' project. That's why it was established by Military brass in the first place - to draw heat. Look at how many JFKA 'researchers' spend so much time and energy on the CIA 'done it' conclusion, as well the number of obvious agents who entice those researches into that line of inquiry and conclusions with false leads and inflamatory accusations against its heads and personnel - which may very well be accurate but hardly conclusive of CIA supervision over the JFKA plot.
  5. When all the euphemisms, nicknames, and, other examples of avoidance speech, which are used to describe the rulers of the USA and much of the rest of the planet - the Deep State, the Shadow government, the One Percent (this is a pretty good label for the 3.5 million employees of one very persuasive Department of the government in a nation of 350 million citizens - but it was popularized during Operation: Wall Street, and, talk about a mis-direction), the Banksters, and, the future terms people will come up in their quest to run from the cold hard truth - are stripped away, we'll be left with just one word; Junta. Say it with me, now.
  6. James W. McCord - Army Air Forces (must have been near the point the Air Corps became the Air Force). Made 2nd Lieutenant in WW2 as a bombardier. Made Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Air Force Reserve in _____ and served in this capacity from _____ to _____. Can anyone fill in the blanks on yet one more Colonel lurking in the shadows of U.S. power during its coups and the orchestrated removals of its civilian Chief Executives.
  7. Continued running of the CIA 'done it' narratives most always ignore the Military's involvement at any random stop along the JFKA highway - most involvements occuring before CIA involvement. One of those narratives concerns the toxic warfare studies that are ascribed solely to Central Intelligence; the fact is they were actually conducted from their U.S.-funded inception by the Military and continued - if the Military is to believed - until 1975. The two individuals mentioned most often in these narratives on the subject of post-ww2 chemical warfare - L. Wilson Green and Sidney Gottlieb - worked at Military facilities, ran testing at Military facilities, sent instructions to CIA from Military facilities, drew pay from Military facilities, reported to and under the command of a Military officer. That one of them proposed in a paper to his superiors that "American Military scientists be given a mission" in this arena of study - predating similar CIA proposals by five years - tells us one thing, and, answers The Kennedys and King website review's own query ' where else but in the CIA'.
  8. Richard Helms USN Reserve 1942 - ? 1945, assigned to the Berlin office of SSU (Strategic Services Unit) which was then a key element of the War Department. In short order it became a large component of the Central Intelligence Group, remaining under control of the Military, and, directly managed by two Joint Chiefs. Helms was assigned to head the European Branch of this group whose whole inventory - including all the cmdrs and personnel - went in 1947 to the newly formed CIA. Appointed DDCI by Johnson in '66, while Admiral Raborn headed up the agency. 'Admiral Raborn'. That sounds - as does Helms and, now, the putatively civilian Central Intelligence Agency - suspiciously Military.
  9. Winston Lawson: Served U.S. Army Intelligence, CIC (Counter-Intelligence), 1953 - ?
  10. The Dems and Republican parties - and, as long as it clings to official narratives, the Greens - are barely concealed Pentagon contractors perenially vying for 2 and 4 year service contracts. The media, and, the local Pentagon players theatre troupes sprinkled in heavy numbers across every square hectare of this great land, provide to the gullible plausible reasons why this one, or, that one, or, a combination of this one, that one, or, the other one (the Greens), will win in imminently corruptible electronically-tallied elections - where the DOD takes all. As an aside, U.S. Captain Chuck Hagel went fresh from the military to heading a holding company with majority ownership in a computerized voting machine corporation - the type that keeps cheating into 'power' a steady stream of cheats, dumbasses and thieves - and, in all probability, himself into a Senate seat.
  11. One certainly can conclude that the forces (most likely the armed type) that murdered JFK ran broad media, then, and, continue to do so to this very day. That leaves out advertisers, media execs, media owners of record, U.S. presidents, civilians, civilian office holders, Queen Elizabeth, the pope, the prime minister, Jews, the heads, or, practicioners of any religion, or, ethnicity for that mattered, and, the lizard people. However, what remains, is organized psychopathy, innate and embodied within the leaders, and, induced within the ranks. Final approval for what appears on a television, or, in a newspaper - on or off line - must necessarily fall under the authority of the killers, who, by definition, must be martial in nature and power, global in reach. Otherwise, a U.S. President could never have been hit in broad daylight, utilizing military tactics and organization, or, have every news source on the planet bury the facts surrounding that action, forever thereafter.
  12. Initial forays into Google yielded the following info on key players assigned to JFK's S.S. detail. All served U.S. branches before hiring on at Secret Service. Most of my initial sources have no mention of any personnel being in the Reserves simultaneous to S.S. employment. One Ernie Olsson was AF reserves but his obit stated he was honorably discharged before joining the S.S.. The following list of names will indicate branch and job whenever possible: Ernie Olsson U.S.A.F. '55 - '58, Reserves after college. Rufus Youngblood Army Air Corps WW2 Wm. Greer Naval enlistee WW2 Clint Hill Army Cointel Spec Agent 1954 - Charles Zboril QUA Company U.S. Marines, In infantry training at the same time as Oswald Jack Ready USN enlistee @ end of WW2. Served again in Korea. Wm 'Tim' McIntire Army flight instructor for 4 years Jerry O'Roarke Trained Military marksman, branch unspecified. Also a 'conspiracy theorist', asserts a second shooter at Dealey. Winston Lawson joined the Army in '53, CIC Counter-Intel, severence - if any - from service date not available Gerald Blaine voluntary enlistee USN Korea Forrest Sorrels no military history noted but 4 year gap on info between H.S. graduation and joining the Bureau of Narcs at the age of 22. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if he pulled a hitch before that. That's it so far - quick cursory examination of S.S. personnel with military jackets. The jobs and circumstances of all suggest strong allegiances to the military mindset, the chain-of-command if you will. Some bios suggest/show even stronger ties to MI. Gratitude for some of this info to Vince Palmera who dug it up long ago. Will be checking for branch affiliations among the FBI personnel with attachments to the JFK assassination pre and post event. That's all for now. My working hypothesis is still that the U.S. Military under its full institutional authority, embodied in the Joint Chiefs, their staffs, and various commanders and personnel, murdered the President and managed the cover-up.
  13. Looks like WE have but a bit of work remaining to convince the ignorant and stupid the U.S. military assassinated an American president - at least once. But, don't forget to keep microanalysing - it's proven most useful as a tool to keep sincere attention to the case turned away from solution. Hey, but maybe after the martial solution has been fully realized by a critical mass of researchers and the public we can turn ourselves over to the task of exposing self-important 'researchers'/flies as military, themselves. Mind your manners, bub.
  14. Thank you - hope you can agree with the following, as well. Now that we know MI (military intel/ counter intel) were a guiding force before, during, after, (and, as I allege, behind) the Nov 22 murders in their capacities within pivotal positions at DPD, then time has come to examine the SS and FBI personnel who were also in close proximity to the event, for being under military command as their status as reserves would dictate, at the same time they occupied pivotal positions within their respective 'civilian' agencies at each stage and every phase of the case.
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