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  1. https://swprs.org/q-anon-may-have-been-an-fbi-psyop/
  2. Back to "normal" with the new Republican party. This is a disgrace. I guess we can start the international death toll count for Biden. Add this to his complete (FDA) inaction on the recent report about dangerous levels of heavy metals in baby food in the US and he's really off to a great start. Oh yeah, and his political censorship actions with BigTech. It would sound like a joke to even ask if Garland is going to actually prosecute these protected criminal banks or ignore them like Obama and Trump did. Is this seriously what the "left" wing consists of at this point?
  3. Sorry Doug, I do not believe UFOs are from anywhere other than Earth and i have not seen any evidence of that which could be confirmed of extraterrestrial origin. This stuff sounds like an offshoot of the Urantia eugenics/alien garbage. I find the UFO story interesting because it points to advanced technology that is controlled and confined to a certain covert power structure. Until the public knows exactly what technology exists, how can we evaluate UFOs in a meaningful way?
  4. Sorry, I thought we were discussing the cooperative censorship on this issue between government and bigtech. It's not difficult to explain Cliff. Simply, more and more people began to realize there is something wrong about what they thought they knew about vaccines; due to people like RFK Jr's social media presence. For the good of all, I think we're done here.
  5. Do we need further proof that government an social media are in tandem censoring information Cliff? Seeing you viewed the Schiff demand for "moderation" as old news, this was today. https://www.usnews.com/news/top-news/articles/2021-02-19/exclusive-white-house-working-with-facebook-and-twitter-to-tackle-anti-vaxxers Same here, and it is regrettable to certain degree.
  6. https://schiff.house.gov/news/press-releases/schiff-sends-letter-to-google-facebook-regarding-anti-vaccine-misinformation Good luck Cliff. It will be tough to hold onto private property rights in the future anyway if this Gates/WEF/Central Banker push actually succeeds. It's not difficult to see where the demand for censorship is coming from on this issue. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/how-bill-gates-controls-global-messaging-and-censorship/ Jeff/Chris, good posts. That Edward Curtin article is on point with this topic. Another link to the same article for those
  7. Moderation = free speech? That's kind of bass ackwards Cliff. Moderation would be something like violating community rules that all members agree on when they sign up, like this forum for instance. I challenge you to find the IG rules that state asking a question about someones' death is not allowed or could get you banned. If you want to defend to the right to "moderate" questions, that's fine, but that is what your argument boils down to. Here's another reason why I completely disagree Cliff. Facebook (who owns IG), just like Amazon, Google and other BigTech companies that y
  8. Well said Jim, but please, don't slander the Gallagher brothers. Regarding the LA protest. This brief article is worth a read. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/dear-the-defender-media-wrong-about-dodger-stadium-protest/ Also, regarding Jan 6; I'm sure there is more (or perhaps far less) to the story, but it certainly looks like this Antifa guy was pretending to be a pro-Trumper on Jan 6. It's on many different sites at this point. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/raises-serious-red-flags-cnn-nbc-paid-black-lives-matter-leader-john-sullivan-35000-piece-us-capit
  9. Cliff/Kirk, RFK Jr. was banned from IG for saying Hank Aaron recently had the Moderna vaccine and then died within a few weeks. That is a non-contestable fact. The legacy media then made up a story about how the coroner's office assured everyone his death was not vaccine related, that was scientifically not possible as RFK Jr discovered they never had his body at any point, much less examined it. This has not been redacted as far as I know. That story is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things and I (or RFK Jr) am certainly not saying he died from the vaccine. The point is that we
  10. Are you serious Cliff? Government officials serve and answer to the public, obviously private citizens do not. With government, the public at least theoretically has the capability to hold them responsible or at least demand answers. I agree with Cory's statements, it is odd people are fine with so much private influence, but can't stand it from government. I would at least partially attribute that to many years of anti-government propaganda from such areas as the Koch brothers, Rockefellers, CFR types etc... Of course government is bad for them, its the only feasible entity standing in their
  11. Cliff, if you read my entire post I mentioned the exact post regarding Hank Aaron that IG used to remove him after they took him out of context and then apparently lied about information related to the case. What does Parler have to do with this? We are in a situation that requires some logic and reasonable lawmaking, I hope we get it. Just about everyone under the age of 20 are on their phones constantly. In terms of information they are exposed to or are given, the majority of of them use private companies like YouTube, Twitter, and IG. Those are all censored media outlets. Private
  12. RFK Jr's social media accounts were recently deleted and permanently removed. He had roughly 800k followers. Additionally, his niece wrote a hit piece for the NY Times (or another high profile paper, I forget) that was full of factual inaccuracies. They did not allow RFK Jr to publish a response! Many other accounts were purged at the same time last week that related to questioning the covid narrative, vaccines, etc... We all know what happens when only one side of a story is promulgated through the authoritarian "official" channels of information delivery, this is bad news. It is to the
  13. Pat, I agree with you about Amazon. Interesting take on the Stone documentary. But I would think of all Hollywood directors, Stone would know that making anything (never mind a documentary) about the JFK case in 2020 is not going to be a financial win like his 1991 movie may have been. Either way, I really hope we can watch it soon. With Jim being so central to the content, the potential is extremely high in my opinion.
  14. Somehow missed this excellent thread... Sorry Ron, but I have a hard time believing "experts" from our intelligence agency revealing anything genuine about UFO's or even technology. As mentioned in this thread, the material Nitinol was invented almost 100 years ago. That is what they are "revealing" in 2021? I think the technology available to whomever controls this stuff, is so far beyond even flying discs, that the need to have some kind of cover is obvious. One question that does spring to mind for Larry (I just purchased your book, which currently says "under review" at am
  15. Since when do documentaries need to be fact checked to get on Netflix? There's more garbage on there and Amazon Prime then almost anywhere.I really don't see how the entire American media structure will be able to ignore this documentary if it goes to Cannes. Also, Oliver mentioned a documentary on energy. Does anyone know anything about this? Projected release? Talking points? Authors/researchers used? It will be interesting to see if Netflix shuts that down too.
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