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  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/fbi-operatives-were-unindicted-co-conspirators-organizers-capitol-riot-report What a shock, a cover up in America.
  2. I have wondered about what Oliver asked Putin off camera during his series of interviews in regards to the JFK (and maybe 9/11) case, it seemed there was definitely off limit questions for Putin. The Soviets were saying it was a domestic right wing coup contemporaneously, but now have nothing to reveal? Interesting. I mean, Putin has already been called a "killer" by thou who shall remain nameless, what does he have to lose? I imagine the KGB had significant infiltration into the White Russian community and if memory serves, wasn't there a higher ranking White Russian priest who made comments about the "Old man will take care of it" or something to that effect in regards to the JFK issue? It seems likely to me that they would've pieced the conspiracy together from at least Dulles downwards to a significant extent. This also reminds me of what Stalin supposedly said to Elliot Roosevelt about his father being killed by the Churchill gang in the sense that the intel agencies of these superpower countries have a great amount of resources.
  3. Same story when he toured with the Grateful Dead. According to ex-Dead band members, Dylan wanted to be a permanent part of the Grateful Dead and they voted on it. Apparently, everyone said yes except bassist Phil Lesh because he rightly figured it would be Dylan and the Dead and their own thing would've never been the same. If you listen to the album they made out of that tour, it is fairly evident Dylan was all over the place. Bob Weir said Dylan would start a song they rehearsed in a different key without saying anything. Imagine that in front of 30,000 people!? Most of his songs are diatonic and easy for most musicians to change on the fly, but there's just no good reason why anyone would do that without at least telling the band what new key you want before you count it off, ridiculous. I also have some recordings of some of their 1987 rehearsals, very interesting to a musician type. Boy those days (types of "rehearsals") are long gone for any band thats playing stadiums I imagine.
  4. Any thoughts on Joni Mitchell's comments on Dylan being a fake? I've read some analyses that make a case for his career being "guided" so to speak. Also, its worth noting she has Morgellon's Disease...
  5. The CIA "authenticated" the film? Very creepy. What kind of society doesn't have an in depth interview with whoever in the CIA supposedly authenticated this and asked basic questions? Your crap-o-meter should ping with this type of stuff imo.
  6. Good instincts Chris, this is the goal, total control. If Biden cared about health of the public he could have subsidized organic farmers, told the FDA to remove toxins from food, yelled to the public about the FDA approval of soy leghemoglobin, helped states improve their water supply, etc... Instead, he only seems to care about aligning himself with the desires of globalist types emanating from places like the WEF. This is for those who emotionally reacted when I suggested there was massive censorship regarding anything out of the covid narrative line... Facebook working with BigPharma and the CDC to quash objective information. Again, this was obvious last year when US and UK intelligence announced they would start cyber operations against anyone questioning vaccines or lockdowns, but now it is beyond any reasonable debate. Remember when the MSM ostracized and removed social media accounts for suggesting a lab origin? It's difficult to see people who understand how the corporate media can turn science into a fantasy for the sake of a narrative, buy into it all over again hook, line, and sinker. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/05/31/facebook-censoring-vaccine-hesitancy.aspx?ui=f15ab20a4fdd6880671c85e576ed09bb765ec49e4da52b670e4fa63050b20122&sd=20210405&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1HL&cid=20210531_HL2&mid=DM898856&rid=1171768859
  7. Considering the “confirmed” videos have only shown basic obvious technology that existed in a roughly similar form over 70 years ago, this is some kind of misdirection in my opinion. Many have speculated that genetic bioengineering combined with the genuinely modern advanced flight tech may be another “great reset” type of propaganda for centralizing control. I personally doubt that, although i suppose anything is possible. From my perspective, this advanced tech is likely far far more advanced than the recent videos appearing in our media suggest and it is not necessarily a country vs. country political situation. I also do not see any good evidence that ET’s are real, every story ive read can be explained by unverifiable source or mind control techniques. Also, most of the UFO phenomena began through shadowy connected figures after world war two. “The 9” for example. When a certain group has TIA and the public does not, many things are possible in my opinion. The increased cultural prominence of UFOs being ET’s is intriguing.
  8. Good lord how lazy can you get? To constantly challenge information you do not have full knowledge of is a bad look. I find it difficult to believe there are honest people still pushing this. Seriously, take a step back and think how many facts have to be covered up or manipulated to come to this LN conclusion, its stunning and took that well funded, half ghost written Bugliosi disgrace over 2000 pages to cover up only a small fraction of what is known. It seems certain people cannot get themselves to think critically and require psychological/cultural approval from “mainstream” sources in order to accept a certain view. They constantly discount/question almost any piece of data that wasnt presented through a compromised mainstream channel. They imagine a world where somehow the government and their largest corporations are inherently telling the truth on big issues. Trusting the FBI? Are you kidding? They knew about Ferrie and let him go AND publicly reprimanded a DA. Case closed. Considering our current situation, the JFK case proved to be a crossroads in history that was enabled by the failure of the public/government to hold the perpetrators accountable, ever. The conclusion is obvious, the “government” is compromised at the highest levels and has been ever since, at least.
  9. The above passage is a nice succinct summary of what it was all about in 5 sentences.
  10. Indeed, that is exciting. The Tannenbaum (or maybe it was Sprague?) story about seeing that video of Oswald and Shaw together at the CIA cuban training ground (forgot the long name, in Louisiana though I think?) was always stunning to me. You can’t get much more of a smoking gun than that. Of course, that info was essentially known, albeit not visually, at the Shaw trial, but a little character assassination by the CIA defense team made it go away. I hope Tanenbaum will include that video story in his book. Maybe he even knows what happened to the film? I’m sure Hank will reassure us that those two eminently respectable professionals made that story up and the tape never existed. Phew, that was a close one! Instead, we should listen to the guy who was selected to replace them and investigated everything but the CIA and then claimed the CIA lied to him 30+ years later even though it was probably himself that censored the CIA section of the Mexico City report which is another piece of evidence that no longer exists (as far as I know). No wonder its tough to “change the view of history” as an honest citizen. Sidenote (after seeing one of Hanks links): I still cant get over the term “factoid”. One of the most anti-intellectual, idiotic phrases I have ever come across.
  11. Lol, I think we can close the thread with this beauty. I mean really, in 2021 this is a howler. It reminds me of an interview of an "ex-CIA" agent who got irate with the interviewer and screamed something like "There has never been a conspiracy in this country ever!" Humour is important. What respectable person would invent a fake identity to go to a academic conference about a covert operation that killed a president? Well, I guess someone who agrees to link to CIA recruitment webpages and uses utterly stupid terms like "factoids" to deal with reality that didn't fit his paycheck.
  12. Absolutely, and at no point was I attempting to shut down any discussion or even viewpoint. I merely suggested that if people have not yet read the two previously mentioned items in regards to this issue, they probably should. The ufo community is rife with what appears to be either very naive researchers or something akin to disinformation agents. Just consider how many in the field take the MJ-12 documents to be legitimate which leads to this JFK nonsense, that is the point I am making here. Along those lines, it is ridiculous to think that the upcoming Rubio report on UAP's is somehow going to reveal the truth about the phenomenon. In my opinion, the dichotomy that the legitimate ufo crafts flying around in the 40's and 50's (Larry's book proves this in my view) creates could not be understated. Someone or something has been operating advanced technology aircraft (possibly spacecraft) for over 70 years without being exposed. Whether the origins are alien or domestic is almost irrelevant in a sense because the implications of 70 years of covert advanced technology are enormous and could potentially threaten humanity if not in nice hands. Sorry but this sort of thing is not very instructive as to why JFK was killed as the author claimed. It is not even logically coherent within its own hypothesis. I wish people in the JFK community would mitigate their intense desire to know the "why" of it all, its an understandable emotion, but it seems to force unjustified leaps in investigative logic with many people.
  13. The definition of herd immunity (like other things) has been changed to exclusively mean vaccines. The next part of the propaganda will seek to blame non vaccinated people for the continuing “crisis”. So healthy people who never got sick, or even people that did and recovered who have immunity, will become the enemy. A few simple pseudo scientific industry articles about how the vaccine is the only way to live and voila. The desperate populace will go along. Don’t question its origins or real epidemiology, or many non vaccine treatments, go with the unproven nano tech whose companies refuse to tell you the bio-distribution (bmj article based on EMA leak) of even though you paid for its development. There are many “reputable” news sources to advise that exact course of action. They also tell you Oswald shot JFK 🤣 In my state, out of 17,000 deaths of people “with” covid, 149 had no pre-existing conditions that they know of. Thats official MA CDC data. So 610k cases, 149 deaths for healthy people. Even on this vanilla level, it makes no sense. When the Constitution starts to sound revolutionary again, look out. Democrats aren’t interested in Constitutional freedoms anymore though it seems. Remember that great Franklin quote about those who would trade liberty for “security”?
  14. Sigh... this very old and very non-scientific idea is very cynical and narrow minded, not to mention great psychological cover for those that hold the resources in society. It has been pushed in various forms for hundreds of years and always fails to consider the fundamental structure of society in any possibly democratic way other than the currently perceived “normal”. But seeing the comments here, I won’t even bother going further. The US Constitution was an amazing document and really illuminates just how un-American much of this vaccine passport talk is. Btw, despite the apparently attractive misinformed idea that anyone disagreeing with the current corporate messaging is under the influence of fox news is really ridiculous. Imagine if Trump delegated $1.5 billion to create propaganda for criminally convicted private companies that have a product that has not been approved by the FDA and is immune from liability? You really need to buy the CDCs credibility unquestionably in order to swallow that down. Paul, if you really believe what you say, I hope you demanded no procreation amongst your family, otherwise, who should we eliminate first? Poor black Africans? Who makes this decision? What gives them that right?
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