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  1. The above passage is a nice succinct summary of what it was all about in 5 sentences.
  2. Indeed, that is exciting. The Tannenbaum (or maybe it was Sprague?) story about seeing that video of Oswald and Shaw together at the CIA cuban training ground (forgot the long name, in Louisiana though I think?) was always stunning to me. You can’t get much more of a smoking gun than that. Of course, that info was essentially known, albeit not visually, at the Shaw trial, but a little character assassination by the CIA defense team made it go away. I hope Tanenbaum will include that video story in his book. Maybe he even knows what happened to the film? I’m sure Hank will reassure us that t
  3. Lol, I think we can close the thread with this beauty. I mean really, in 2021 this is a howler. It reminds me of an interview of an "ex-CIA" agent who got irate with the interviewer and screamed something like "There has never been a conspiracy in this country ever!" Humour is important. What respectable person would invent a fake identity to go to a academic conference about a covert operation that killed a president? Well, I guess someone who agrees to link to CIA recruitment webpages and uses utterly stupid terms like "factoids" to deal with reality that didn't fit his paycheck.
  4. Absolutely, and at no point was I attempting to shut down any discussion or even viewpoint. I merely suggested that if people have not yet read the two previously mentioned items in regards to this issue, they probably should. The ufo community is rife with what appears to be either very naive researchers or something akin to disinformation agents. Just consider how many in the field take the MJ-12 documents to be legitimate which leads to this JFK nonsense, that is the point I am making here. Along those lines, it is ridiculous to think that the upcoming Rubio report on UAP's is somehow
  5. The definition of herd immunity (like other things) has been changed to exclusively mean vaccines. The next part of the propaganda will seek to blame non vaccinated people for the continuing “crisis”. So healthy people who never got sick, or even people that did and recovered who have immunity, will become the enemy. A few simple pseudo scientific industry articles about how the vaccine is the only way to live and voila. The desperate populace will go along. Don’t question its origins or real epidemiology, or many non vaccine treatments, go with the unproven nano tech whose companies refuse to
  6. Sigh... this very old and very non-scientific idea is very cynical and narrow minded, not to mention great psychological cover for those that hold the resources in society. It has been pushed in various forms for hundreds of years and always fails to consider the fundamental structure of society in any possibly democratic way other than the currently perceived “normal”. But seeing the comments here, I won’t even bother going further. The US Constitution was an amazing document and really illuminates just how un-American much of this vaccine passport talk is. Btw, despite the apparently attract
  7. With all due respect, this thread started with a serious discussion of UFOs being a possible reason why JFK was killed....
  8. Indeed. The Democratic party has a problem with people needing a photo ID in order to vote (to the point of asking corporations to get involved politically on their side, hmmm, government and corporate power blending...), but they wish you to have a digital passport which requires you to take part in an experiment (officially, with a never before used technology) for something that you likely (if you are healthy at least) have a 99.9%+ survival rate for AFTER you unluckily catch it, in order to go to a restaurant or travel. If you cannot smell the strong fascism there, or somehow think they wo
  9. I strongly suggest (if any haven't already) that forum members of this thread read Larry Hancock's "Unidentified" and the aforementioned Seamus Coogan 6 part series on K&K. I am not suggesting that will lead you to any ultimate answers, but the UFO field has more minefields in it than the JFK case. Even Celestial Seasonings crops up if you go deep enough!
  10. Let's not forget the Royal family Chris. Is virus loving Phillip still with us?
  11. Never before in history has a government (through the "advice" of technocrats like Bill Gates and Fauci) made healthy people so vilified. Real science has shown that asymptomatic people (who never develop symptoms, formerly called immune and almost never tested for a virus) are responsible for almost no transmission, within the margin of error of 0 in some studies. Pre-symptomatic people (those who test positive without symptoms and go on to develop them later) make up about 7% of transmission. Considering the lockdowns have possibly killed thousands, it makes absolutely no sense to require ma
  12. Hi Paul, You can read about the hack here: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/regulators-major-concerns-pfizers-mrna-vaccine/?itm_term=home Here is a link to a BMJ article about it as well. https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n627 Notice near the bottom “Regulators and manufacturers contacted by The BMJ for this article did not wish to address any of the questions raised by Ulm’s rapid response.” Here is an article about the mask effectiveness study, but I would recommend looking at the actual data. Del Bigtree’s show from last week covered that well. A link t
  13. Has anyone else seen this? Btw, wait for 3:02 for a JFK reference out of left field, Tucker is an interesting anomaly on MSM media no matter what you think of him.
  14. Chris, that is a decent video in my opinion considering most people have no idea how much money the Gates Foundation doles out to numerous PR firms, the WHO, NIH, almost all "news" outlets including NPR, vaccine companies, and on and on. Jeff, I agree with you that we have a real virus, the latest investigation points toward lab creation and I have no doubt that a leak, whether intentional or not, is possible. The problem with the "lockdown" people in my opinion is that they do not perform due diligence in analyzing the effects of lockdowns. For example, the 1980 Bluestone study c
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