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  1. You guys make me laugh sometimes, thank you. Let us be careful not to infringe on the forum policies however. Every conspiracy is mind boggling when you first hear about it, perceptions... Instead of me supplying you with "factoids" which some of our members would undoubtedly recoil to the safety of various MSM articles in order to reacquaint their beliefs, I recommend looking for yourself. I've posted various places where this information is available several times. The general "plan" is well known and talked about openly, its overtly called the great reset. The political reacti
  2. The "rumors" are much worse and much more dire than that, although that is obviously happening. Unfortunately, the majority of the population apparently believes the mainstream corporate narrative despite having been burned by them time and time again. There's a reason sleepy Joe keeps saying that the worst is yet to come.
  3. It wasnt nixon, it was john dean. The book by Cutler, if you can find it, would be a good starting point on this case.
  4. I highly doubt it will ever be possible to know who the first person to suggest killing JFK was and what they represented, but it seems likely that many in Israel viewed having nuclear capability as critical for survival as their later efforts appear to demonstrate. With Angleton being the liaison with Mossad (if memory serves), it would hardly be a shock if there was Israeli influence. LBJs response to the Liberty attack does nothing to quiet JFK concerns either. Beyond that, I do not recall any solid evidence that Piper presented (read it many years ago now) which indicated it was an Israe
  5. Thank you Van/Eric. I applaud Dylan for his Murder Most Foul, but this certainly took more courage to produce, as the censorship proves.
  6. Is this you admitting you were wrong Sandy? Apology accepted. Let's also watch as Biden likely ignores one of the better genuinely Democratic proposals that Tulsi has introduced. The excess profits bill. This is exactly the type of thing that will show what has happened to the Democratic party. I hope I'm wrong and millions of well informed Democrats will call their congressman and tell them to support this, but more likely is another bill that would bring us one step closer to New Deal type Democratic action goes unnoticed. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/12
  7. Thank you for the morning chuckle Cliff. Obama's "Successful liberal policies" and no, I do not need to see you re post your arguments thereof it is ok that we disagree. It's easy to attack liberalism when it doesn't exist in a historically recognizable form. Today, it apparently means, corporatism with a touch of tokenism. Also, it seemingly can mean anything other than serious economic reform and regulation (and disagreement with CIA/CFR on all foreign policy matters). If your not attacking that then what are you doing for Wallace's Common man?
  8. Sandy, if you re-read that list I rather hastily concocted, Jefferson was on there and LBJ was not. Jim nicely explained why Truman shouldn't be near the top 10 and T Roosevelt is another president that garners far more favorable views by these establishment historians than deserved in my opinion. Garfield was a bit of a joke because I believe most of these best presidents lists are always tilted towards modern history, not sure why, perhaps because the 1800's are boring to most modern readers? Although the slave ownership issue is perhaps not ideal, I do not view Washington owning s
  9. As I feel you were trying to prove a point with this, here you go, it'd be something close to this list. This ranking of presidents questions is bizarre to me and I don't find it very useful. The only agreement ever found on this question is the first 3 as a group, not even the order. 1.) Lincoln 2.) Washington 3.) FDR 4.) Monroe 5.) Madison 6.) Jefferson 7.) JQA 8.) JFK 9.) Arthur 10.) Garfield
  10. I believe you may have missed Robert's important point. Most of the US combat deaths in WWII were between the ages of 18-35. They would have otherwise lived much longer if they were not in a war. With Covid-19, the average person who died had 2.6 severe health issues before covid, like cancer, diabetes, etc.... That is from the CDC. 60% of all deaths attributed to Covid-19 were people 75 and older (most over 85!) who had 2-3 major health issues. The average life expectancy between all states is 78.5. When you add in the fact that the CDC ordered a change in death certificate accounting earlier
  11. Great article. Apparently, despite all of that, the majority of the Democratic party views the Obama time as at least "decent". It's obvious that is far from the case. It amazes me that anyone thinks Biden represents something substantively different from that. As a recent Washington Post headline proclaimed, “Washington’s aristocracy hopes a Biden presidency will make schmoozing great again.” (The Post quickly changed its initial headline to “Washington’s Establishment” but “aristocracy” remained in the body of the article.)
  12. Yes the propaganda and various forms of banker blackmail of the America people was bipartisan and intense, delivered just as faithfully by NBC as any other MSM outlet. This led to "too big too jail" despite open fraud.
  13. Sandy Larsen, I do not consider any list of top Presidents with Truman at #6 to be credible, well informed, or expert in any way, not to mention the very generous ratings for Teddy, Jefferson, Eisenhower and Reagan.
  14. Oh boy. I have a feeling the "Trump is making false accusations again" propaganda is about to elevate to another level.
  15. Yes, those perceptions have ignited an "ends justifies the means" attitude to many citizens who oppose trump. Therefore, when Trump says he wants to end section 230 that protects big tech, the normally civil rights minded left goes silent because those tech companies are helping their "ends" through censorship and propaganda. At one point, Biden said it should be revoked, but he seemingly cannot bring himself to say anything now. As I said earlier, this attitude is at the point where I am not sure Democrats would overturn the election even if they all believed it was stolen. That's not good
  16. That is exactly why i disagree with Joe's, and seemingly Pat's, "Decent job" analysis. The Obama administrations actions (really, inactions) with regard to the massive LIBOR and other cartel banking frauds like HSBC in particular, represent a kind of criminal negligence, very indecent. Instead of jailing bankers for crimes like trading with the enemy, Eric Holder started asking around how the bankers would react to criminal indictments and he not only backed off, but started the "too big to jail" mentality shared by both parties. This reaction to the opportunity of a lifetime is so far from FD
  17. Not if you were analyzing the "power elite" media. To me, this isn't about party, this is about trump being unpredictable and not completely controllable, that seemed very obvious to me since Russiagate began. I'm not saying he's JFK or any kind of savior, that doesn't matter to powerful groups with agendas. For instance, It is unlikely trump would surrender US sovereignty (what's left of it) to a international digital currency as has been proposed as part of the great reset. He would even possibly get in the way of the bio security rollout that is under way by potentially opposing mandatory v
  18. The gif worked for me, a vague graph with no labels from the NY medical examiners office. The graph shows a sharp statistical increase for the years beginning in the mid 60's, roughly the same as when the checkered flag business began 56 years ago.
  19. Credit where it's due. The Obama DOJ gave immunity to bankers for any wrongdoing and even gave them data immunity which is a de facto sovereignty over the DOJ. The failure to prosecute any of the now immune cartel (biggest) banks has set a precedent that is hard to understate. Giving him credit for saving the economy is a bad joke, it's like crediting Bush for his "Mission accomplished" delusion. Obamacare was written by BigPharma. It did contain some good things, largely token items designed to quell public backlash as much as possible, but a real president would have taken his ca
  20. This thread should probably be sub-titled to the above. The most disturbing aspect of this to me is how the liberal circles completely miss any kind of objective political media analysis. Somehow the corporate and social media is able to gain traction with these people despite their horrendous histories of propaganda and recent censorship of any information that does not fit the selected covid and election narratives that they approve of. It seems that this is largely due to Trump's general nature and the emotional reactions many people have to just hearing the man talk. Russiagate
  21. Yes cliff he filed an affidavit with this info, so he should be charged with perjury. Let's see. And the expert witness testifying under penalty of perjury charges. As an expert in fraud, I'm not sure gullible would be applicable to him. If you watched the testimony, you wouldn't have written this.
  22. I assume Stenstrom (and others) are just lying Bob? I hope they charge this guy with fraud then. The chain of custody was repeatedly broken making a straight recount useless. Also, Kamala Harris' photographer is a Dominion technician who was actively involved in vote tallying? https://tennesseestar.com/2020/11/30/dominion-representative-for-fulton-county-was-kamala-harris-presidential-campaign-photographer/
  23. Thanks for the suggestion Kirk, I have a degree in Political Science from a university (I'm not boasting about it, merely correcting your false assumption). His de joy appointment was terrible, as is just about every Biden appointment revealed thus far. Biden has already made it clear he is the corporate cheerleader, not a president. Was trump a great friend of the CFR like Hillary? "I'm glad you moved across the street so I don't have to walk as far for you guys to tell me what to do." (Paraphrased) Does it get worse than that? I view Biden as a continuation of the Clinton version of the Demo
  24. This makes no sense. After JFK was killed, who had a more legitimate claim to the presidency than LBJ as Vice President? How would that have made any difference to the Constitution in regards to ascension? Only if it could have been immediately proven that LBJ was involved in the scheme, which is still debated to this day so it's not relevant to the point.
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