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  1. Indeed. https://sarahwestall.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/THE-VACCINE-DEATH-REPORT.pdf Pfizer has redacted about 20% of the ingredients in their jab because its so safe and transparent. https://thehighwire.com/videos/ican-demands-pfizer-reveal-vaccine-ingredient/ Also, have you seen Peter Doshis (of BMJ) testimony from the FDA booster panel?
  2. What a shock, self assembling nano bots found in all the injections that are being needlessly and incessantly pushed and mandated. https://everydayconcerned.net/2021/09/27/press-conference-by-pathology-institute-in-reutlingen-germany-reveals-deadly-ingredients-in-covid-vaccines-unusual-tissue-blood-damage-death-by-vaccination-undeclared-components-of-covid-19-va/
  3. As Chris pointed out, it is far worse than in the mockingbird days. If you actually pay attention to various whistleblowers and contrast real media with MSM, it is rather obvious these companies are practicing a form of mind control of a simulated reality. I highly suggest digesting everything Whitney Webb has done with the big tech companies. Google, facebook, Twitter, etc… were actually designed and furthered by US military/intelligence from the beginning. They are social control mediums and highly censor everything that goes against the desired narrative. This is key to understand as figures like Gates and Bezos do not look the same after realizing this. As with most covert operations nowadays, the alphabet agencies activities have been significantly privatized allowing them to get away with crimes with even less oversight. This has been well blended with western “media” to the point that they are two sides of the same coin and constantly deliver the chosen narrative with a healthy dose of fear and misinformation. I mean, the government releases a report saying UFOs are real but we have no idea what they are and no one in the media asks how its possible we have classified space weapons but cant identify a flying object in our atmosphere with our advanced radars? Furthermore, no one points out that the videos showed very similar technology to what has been reliably reported (see Larrys book) for over 70 years. It’s difficult to believe that those videos represent the latest technology possessed by the globalists. The D-wave people talk about quantum computing in other dimensions for crying out loud. Another. No one in MSM bothered to ask the World Economic Forum one of the most important questions of our times after they said “you will own nothing and be happy” by 2030. I think the obvious question would be, “well who do you think will own everything?” But i guess we will just ignore it while events unfold just like the WEF and others like them said. In 2016, Klaus Schwab said in an interview that within 10 years, everyone will be “chipped” and you will be able to call a friend by thinking they’re name, digitally integrated. The interviewer failed to ask what would happen to those who wish to maintain they’re human status. Maybe they are going to follow up with Klaus and ask “according to what you said in 2016, everyone will be digital by 2026, when will you roll out this massive program to the world?” Just two examples of huge topics that are completely devoid of reasoning and logic in the MSM. Best advice is to turn off the fear porn TV entirely imo.
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/09/21/wuhan-scientists-planned-releaseskin-penetrating-nanoparticles/
  5. The Jordan Hayes story is relevant here. He completely screwed over his family by getting himself injected and leaving his wife with medical bills she wont be able to pay. Good thing he virtue signaled to his lib Twitter followers before finding out the vaccine “worked” on him. https://thecovidblog.com/2021/07/26/jordan-hayes-33-year-old-new-york-man-calls-the-non-vaccinated-idiots-and-morons-dead-14-weeks-after-covid-19-vaccine/ btw, official MA CDC data has 34% of the currently hospitalized patients as “fully vaccinated”. Of course, there is a built in perversion of the data because anyone in the hospital for a vaccine reaction within 14 days is listed as unvaccinated. So 34% is low. By how much is the only question. Also, vaccinated people are only tested if they are hospitalized, and are tested at a leas sensitive level than unvaxxed. This is a joke of scientific inquiry. But go on thinking this is about democrats and republicans if you have to. At least the NEJM has some level of integrity. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/new-england-journal-medicine-backtracks-now-admits-covid-vax-may-not-safe-pregnant-women/ still waiting on the testing/vaccine mandates for people illegally flowing over the border….
  6. Benjamin, the case for Hiss being a traitor is thin at best and VENONA certainly proves nothing. For starters, the original VENONA papers do not exist and no one ever was able to verify who "Ales" was including a 20 year hunt by the FBI. VENONA cable 1579 mentions the name Hiss in this context. "...has reported [gobbledygook] from the State Department by the name of HISS." Considering that Hiss was of course known to the Soviet Services as he actually held an official government position, this is a long way from proof of anything. The idea that a double agent would be referred to by his actual name or even "Ales" is a bit ridiculous and combined with no originals, is worthless. Russian general Vitaly Pavlov, who was head of KGB foreign intel in 1940 and working there the whole time this episode was going on, said "All of this is pure fabrication" in regards to Hiss and Hopkins. And it was. In my opinion, when you couple the Hiss/Hopkins/White saga with what happened to Wallace (by the Democratic party bosses), it seems rather clear that the deep state forces hated the psychological and political progress of the New Deal Democratic party.
  7. If your going to use the LAPD as though they are credible in this case, I think we are done here.
  8. Boy, that’s not very tenable imo, but I’ll bow out before we rampantly speculate the numbers.
  9. Yikes Steve. The brilliant Allard Lowenstein destroyed the Kranz report in 1977. I don't consider Kranz independent at all. He was active in the case blocking testimony, he was special counsel to the DA's office and admitted he wanted to become a DA. Real independence there. He never mentioned ANY of the MANY witnesses that described a point blank shot and cherry picked from their statements. “You must acknowledge that no one saw much of anything. And that’s what has always troubled me.” - Kranz again, good chuckles here
  10. W, check link below for further discussion. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/vaccine-mandates-results-dont-safeguard-childrens-rights-or-health-how-did-we-get-here/ This link addresses that statistical manipulation. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-manipulated-data-create-pandemic-unvaxxed-narrative/
  11. The same way I would explain Democrats slamming Trump for withdrawing troops at that time and now supporting this mess, politics, theater, blame-game. Every cheerleader for any POTUS ever always seeks to blame negative things on the “other” guy. Considering what Biden did yesterday, I would've gambled on literally anyone else for POTUS. Naomi Wolf is right. https://rumble.com/vmas3g-a-biofascist-coup-was-declared-today.html
  12. How is Afghanistan an example of Trump being a sociopath? He didn’t start it and he brought some troops back if I remember correctly (which he was harshly criticized for on the left). He may or may not be a sociopath, but I completely fail to see Afghanistan being an example of that. The Biden withdrawal disaster had to have been planned imo and makes little tactical sense to choose the Kabul airport over other more easily defended options. I personally think the missing element to this is what Assange said in 2011 about Afghanistan. There are a lot of people with certain knowledge and documents that powerful people want to disappear that likely involves the missing $21 trillion in “unaccountable adjustments”. Assange called them the “transnational security organization” i think, something close to that anyway.
  13. Not even a coherent statement, it sounds like you read an MSM piece about RFK Jr instead of his actual works. He just won a big case against the FCC, apparently the courts find RFK Jr of sound mind. I’m sure you thank him for his heroic effort on behalf of all humans, the MSM didn’t. but this did get a laugh, thanks I love fantasies that involve statistical impossibility like more bullet holes/sounds than Sirhans gun could even hold, blanks or not.
  14. For those hypotheses referring to a lower level CIA plot…. How does a low level plot manage to get flag staff (and probably even JCS) officers into the autopsy room directing the operation? How does a low level plot get the intelligence agencies to remove the flash warning on Oswald? How does a low level plot have at least 1, but possibly 2-3 other similar plots involving different people and involve state department cover up help in the Chicago case? How does a low level plot get the secret service to illegally take the Presidents body at gunpoint? How does a low level plot get a civilian Dulles into a CIA facility that weekend doing god knows what? There are many more of these types of things, but without veering too deep… if the “official” narrative of this case and the 3 others like it at the same timeframe is to lie about the circumstances 50+ years later, a logical supposition would be that the forces with the most control over public information flow would be in some way responsible. Considering those forces are also the same forces with access to the alphabet agencies, I see this discussion as possibly intriguing, but ultimately limited in usefulness. If we can never get access to the critical information that would definitively answer these questions, we can never 100% know where the plot started and ended. Even if we could track it concretely to Dulles, you will never know if David Rockefeller asked him to do it in some way or not. Does anyone think the Bilderbergers were upset about the murder? In terms of history, viewing the 60’s assassinations as separate events is a shallow analysis that misses a big forest that is too important in understanding the modern world. In my opinion of course.
  15. My opinion is close to the opposite. There are almost always plots to assassinate leaders of state, very few succeed. The JFK plot clearly required "inside" covert help on a fairly significant level (secret service, car route, silencers, radios, transporting shooters, a patsy with pre-made backstory, penetration of DPD, FBI, etc...). That help only comes when the plot has been sanctioned at a higher level, not necessarily a higher level of "government. To me, the debate would be exactly what do we mean by "the top". I imagine after the steel crisis, David Rockefeller must have had some angry conversations with Dulles that would have given Dulles the "read" of the higher level and their intentions/desires. "...and he's screwing us in Vietnam, Cuba, Congo, Indonesia, Israel... between him and his damn brother...." They were potentially looking at more than 15 years of Kennedy political rule in this country, that would have likely destroyed the "Free market" globalized world plans that the Trade Mart/CFR types wanted (and now largely have obtained) so badly. The Democratic party would have likely been able to sustain itself as the New Deal party much longer and probably would have avoided the Clinton/WallStreet/NAFTA take down and disintegration of those remaining party elements. A statement as simple as "With RFK and Ted, we could be screwed for the next 20 years! That cannot happen!", from someone in the realm of a Rockefeller would likely have been enough to embolden the security/military people to assist a plot hatched at a lower level that they would have obviously been aware of with the anti-Castro people. The people "at the top" are the ones with the most to gain/lose and have a history of involvement in such things. The Morgan plot on FDR being one example. I would also put Dag's assassination in this category too, that certainly had a ton of risk, but these groups view themselves as invincible due to their control of the secret services and media outlets. Just because the top of the conspirators food chain is rarely revealed, does not mean that the conspiracy stopped at those we can identify and we all know that covert operations are designed that way from the ground up as a function of their purpose. We still don't even know what domestic operation Clay Shaw was a part of (to my knowledge) and he was exposed! Obviously, no public official would commit their name to a domestic murder operation, but I see it as unwise analysis to think that those people never had anything to do with illegal domestic operations, its a provable falsehood actually. I think the MLK, RFK, Malcom, and JFK cases taken together prove (to me anyway) that these events could have ultimately only come from the top as they show clear continuity of purpose, namely to alter the political power within the country by eliminating the most powerful leaders. I mean, the next Democratic presidents were Vietnam war starters, Trilateral Commission members and CIA drug traffickers. The 1960's was a crossroads for the world, but especially for America, whose course was dramatically and permanently shifted away from sovereign rule of law, to the rule of secret police forces and unaccountable covert operations/weaponry/banking. This shift could not have happened on the timeframe that it did without the majority of those assassinations in my opinion. They had too much public support to attempt to smear them or use the other control/blackmail solutions often employed.
  16. Remember, if you are attempting to remove America as the world's superpower, you need to embarrass the leadership to the rest of the world amongst many other things. In my opinion, this is another page in that chapter which will continue for several years. Remember that olive oil factory the US Army recently attacked (in a drill) by accident overseas?
  17. Roger, would you care to explain absolute vs relative risk in regards to that 95% figure? Have you seen the Israeli data showing vaccinated people dying at higher rates than non? The UK data showing the same? The MA CDC July study where 80% of hospitalizations and 74% of symptomatic cases were vaccinated? Have you seen the Pfizer bio-distribution paper out of Japan showing spike proteins going everywhere in the body? Have you heard Dr. Malone (co-inventor of mRNA vaccines) talk about the vaccine? Have you seen the Japan health minister stop over 1.6 million doses due to an unknown magnetic “contamination”? Have you seen the natural immunity study proving 13x more effectiveness than vaccines (Israeli study)?
  18. Me too. https://chriswaldburger.substack.com/p/bombshell-uk-data-destroys-entire https://mark-skidmore.com/2021/08/28/new-israeli-study-finds-fully-vaccinated-people-are-at-greater-risk-of-hospitalization-and-13-times-more-likely-to-catch-covid-19-than-those-who-have-recovered-and-have-natural-immun/ https://m.theepochtimes.com/japan-suspends-1-63-million-doses-of-moderna-vaccine-after-reports-of-contamination_3966233.html
  19. Much like how the JFK only gets any chance at objectivity on Fox, thus it is with covid. W, this should help your recent concerns. I mentioned this scientist earlier in reference to the Pfizer bio distribution study out of Japan. https://rumble.com/vksa5n-immunology-professor-byram-bridle-there-is-no-pandemic-of-the-unvaccinated-.html
  20. And now the majority of Democrats support another fascist, yet we are still talking about the old one... FASAB 56 was probably the most important thing that occurred under Trump in my opinion, much worse than anything he said. We have trillions of dollars missing and that will ensure that transparency never comes about. Trillions buys a lot of advanced technology and application of it for whomever took it. I would start by asking those who control the federal reserve. I’m sure Biden is preparing that thorough national security saving investigation with his AG as we speak... The fact that the above statement is unimaginable for either political party speaks volumes to me and has for a long time. At this point, the US is akin to a central bank vassal state with very little sovereignty. If anyone has read Princes of Yen or Adults in the Room, you might understand where this is headed. It’s not pretty.
  21. What an amazing lack of imagination. Of course, we don’t need imagination to answer that question at all. We have it straight from the oligarchy. Those people who will “inherit the earth” in the event of mass death are the same people who announced the coup at Jackson Hole in 2019, 3 months before covid and 1 month before the “going direct” part of the plan began with massive overnight loans “direct” to wall street. Murderer Cuomo did his part to kick this off by sending known sick people to infect old people at the mathematical model suggestion of a think tank funded by Bill Gates foundation (WEF partner). This has absolutely nothing to do with health or even a virus, it is the end of representative government as we previously knew it and the transfer of whatever public power was left, essentially to central bankers. Guess who is responsible for the public debt at the end of the day? As for Jeremy’s post... asserting that not getting an injection endangers others is simply telling me you will repeat whatever lie comes next from the CDC. If the injection works, why are you so obviously frightened into your current state? Why do you rush to Google in order to find a Facebook funded “de-bunking” article when you already know they have a massive conflict of interest (WEF partners), conduct massive censorship and are not even close to objective? Why is every biased study given zero critical scrutiny in the same manner except by people who are heavily censored? We have covered why the death numbers are wrong, but you have debunked it I’m sure via a bigPharma outlet as you consistently do. Get the injection if you need it to signal to everyone that you are part of the group and feel safe while you advocate the destruction of the US Constitution and the remnants of a historically unique nation, while also promoting segregation and discrimination. The Nuremberg Code seems lost on you as well, it just takes some good propaganda to tear down everything that people died for apparently. Looks like the Democratic party is going back to its roots... Btw, NONE of the people that caught the delta variant in that study died. 5 out of 470 went to the hospital. What a good reason to have medical mandates. Unfortunately, the CDC will likely not do another study with similar CT values between the two groups as their standing order is to test vaccinated people only if they are admitted to hospital or die and to test them at 28 cycles instead of the 40+ that everyone else gets. It can only lead to one conclusion and is thus not science at all. This “discussion” reminds me of what Allard Lowenstein said about the RFK case.
  22. Richard Feynman just rolled over in his grave. The above = science is dead. Btw, he is kind of an expert on mercury. When you study something for 20 years and are legally involved with cases on that topic, you are certainly close to an expert. Plus, RFK Jr has credibility, something official health agency employees generally do not when it comes to politically charged subjects. It’s bizarre to have to make this point on a JFK assassination forum where this is the norm for governmental response. Im sure you haven’t read the Simpsonwood transcripts or understood the difference between types of mercury etc... Aluminum is the main adjuvant in most vaccines now and its at least as bad if not worse than mercury for neurological health. But hey, you don’t wanna catch those sniffles....
  23. Here’s two items that should end this nonsense about vaxxed people being arrogant and understanding zero science. First, an autopsy of a vaxxed death. https://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/2021/08/07/a-pathologist-summary-of-what-these-jabs-do-to-the-brain-and-other-organs/ Second, the Massachusetts CDC just published a study of 469 “delta” cases in July 2021. 74% of the cases were vaccinated! 80% of those hospitalized were vaxxed! The key point of this study is they tested everyone at the same cycle threshold level. If you don’t understand why thats crucial, please research it before you cackle about how dangerous unvaccinated people are. BigPharma mouthpieces are far more dangerous. This virus simply isn’t killing too many healthy people at all, period. The results from Israel back this study up as well. You are simply delusional if you think vaccinate = safety and its obvious very few of you have looked into this seriously. It wouldn’t shock me if we had Cuomo supporters here at this point, yuck.
  24. I guess the French people agree with Chris. I wonder why CNN missed this story?
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