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  1. I don't think anyone has proven it to be fake, and the content of the Z-film looks consistent with the other photos and films. Given that certain frames were published within days of the assassination by Life magazine, I can't see how there was time for any sophisticated faking. Some other photos and films were broadcast within hours of the assassination so they cannot have been tampered with at all (such as the Wiegman film, and the Altgens photos). The only faking or touching up I have seen proven relates to the shoe photo in the limo as it sped to the hospital, or the faked image of
  2. The back door was apparently open throughout the motorcade. In this Stoughton photo from Main Street you can see it open again:
  3. Indeed Robin, I came to the same conclusion when I finished my animated reconstruction. There are many odd aspects to this case that I can't explain or understand, but the visual record is one of the few areas of consistency.
  4. Another name for this list would be Josiah Thompson who explored the possibility of two head shots in his recent book "Last Second In Dallas", and concluded that the shape of JFK's head seems to change around Z330 in the Zapruder which suggests a second shot hitting near that point. Sadly the autopsy was so flawed it's hard to be 100% certain of anything regarding the head shot. This cuts both ways of course, so not only is it impossible to prove multiple shots, it's equally impossible to prove just a single shot hit the victim. Judging from the damage to the windshield and chrome t
  5. Indeed, which is interesting considering how in the Zapruder and Muchmore films the hair was disturbed during the explosion at Z313 and not before. Hickey said the last shot caused JFK to move forward and to his left, which seems to be what we see in the Z-film after Z330. David Powers mentioned that JFK was hit by the first shot and he moved to his left (as we see in the Z-film after Z225). After the second shot he said shot Connally seemed to disappear, which could be near Z300 when he collapsed onto his wife. Finally Powers said the third shot hit JFK in the head which is presumably
  6. Indeed Denny, the only unified aspect of the lone nut side of the debate is that they reflexively reject all evidence that doesn't support their theory! I have heard it suggested that the Tague wounding was related to a fragment from the head shot bullet. With a fragment having hit the chrome topping, it's certainly possible that another fragment flew slightly higher and passed over the windshield. The early missed shot makes no sense to me whatsoever. If the target was missed slightly then fair enough, but to completely miss the limo seems to suggest either incompetence or a deliberat
  7. Thanks for the info Andrej. When I look at the Z-film, JFK and Connally seem to first start reacting to being hit at frame Z225, so working backwards they must have started to physically react immediate after Z224 was exposed. 200 ms is about 3-4 frames so I would estimate the latest a bullet impact could occur to be Z220-Z221. The demeanor of JFK and Connally in the few frames before Z225 seems roughly what it was when they went behind the sign so I doubt there was an earlier bullet impact on the victims. The massive blurs during Z190-Z210 of the Z-film are also matched by Phil Willis
  8. There were a large number of witnesses who described two shots around the head shot. If two shots were fired within a second of each other I suspect it would be difficult for a witness to know whether the Z313 shot was the first or the second in the sequence (what with the bullet travelling faster than the speed of sound over several hundred feet).
  9. I agree, the audio aspects of the gunshots is somewhat confusing for the witnesses to know exactly what really happened. With so many witnesses in different positions in a fair sized area with tall buildings nearby, it's not surprising we get so many different witness reports. It's not that the witnesses were wrong as such, but that they were simply reporting what the sound waves were doing in different regions of Dealey Plaza.
  10. I agree Joe, based on the firing tests Oswald couldn't have fired twice in less than two seconds (or even 3 seconds if he aimed the gun), so any witness reporting that kind of rapid fire must be referring to at least two gunmen.
  11. Thanks Robin. The outtakes video looks to have the most complete version of the Atkins film scenes from Dealey Plaza (only about 5 seconds worth of footage in total).
  12. I agree Eddy, that pattern is so common in the witness statements it must feature somewhere in the shot sequence. If just three audible shots were fired then the final gap needs to be shorter than the first gap due to the large number of witnesses mentioning it. A few witnesses mentioned that the shots were equidistant, but I think they are a minority. Using my burst theory earlier, audible shots at Z185, Z310, Z372 would qualify as the gaps would be 6.8 and 3.4 seconds. As I recall several witnesses mentioned the first gap was roughly twice as long as the second, so this matches that patt
  13. Coincidentally, one of the witnesses (AJ Millican), did refer to 8 shots being fired: "Just after the President's car passed, I heard three shots come from up toward Houston and Elm right by the Book Depository Building, and then immediately I heard two more shots come from the Arcade between the Book Store and the Underpass, and then three more shots came from the same direction only sounded further back." 19H486 - https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh19/html/WH_Vol19_0252b.htm Millican was standing just to the west of a lamppost visible in the Z-film (wearin
  14. I was recently reading a forum post where a lone nut believer was teasing conspiracy believers that there was no grand unified conspiracy theory about what happened in Dealey Plaza. It occurred to me that the lone nut side of the debate is just as split, but regarding when the so-called missed shot was fired. Although most believe it was fired a few seconds (or more) before the single bullet theory shot circa Z220, they can't agree on exactly when. Was it Z150, Z166, or even before Zapruder started his camera? There is no consensus. Even the Warren Commission back in 1964 didn't know when
  15. Thanks Ron. Although the bigger picture of this case can never be resolved with this kind of narrow technical analysis, I do think it has value in understanding some of the witness reports. For example we can use the Zapruder and the Nix films to demonstrate that the Presidential limo went from travelling over 12 MPH down to 8 MPH in just a second or two, which is rather rapid. This explains why the nearby bikes suddenly gained on the limo and why some witnesses referenced the limo stopping (maybe an optical illusion heightened by the brake lights showing for a second or two). Thes
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