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  1. No, I don't think the Zapruder film should be used as a standard because seen in isolation it's very misleading. For example, when I see the Z-film I see the victims reacting twice, which implies only two shots were fired. When I look a little closer I see a very noticeable jiggle from Z190-Z210 which tells me Zapruder was reacting to the first shot which was probably fired during Z180-Z185 (Charles Wyckoff suggested Z186 for the shot in 1967, and Luis Alvarez suggested Z177 for the shot in 1975, so I'm not alone in thinking this is an important aspect of the film). However, the victims fir
  2. Indeed Eddy, any witness saying bang-pause-bang-bang is not consistent with the modern lone gunman theory (shots near Z150-Z220-Z310). I also really struggled to find any witness who said they heard the Z150 shot, and I find the Zapruder film absent of any obvious sign of gunfire before Z190. For example I would have assumed the secret service agents would have started to spin around well within 2 seconds of hearing a shot, but they don't start moving noticeably before Z195 (when a few of them start turning to their heads rightwards before they disappear out of frame). Some witnesses re
  3. The statement from Carol Hughes is curiously terse with very few useful details. Here is a floor plan that I found which helps orientate things somewhat: I think the door marked "PRIVATE" leads to the small room we are discussing. I assume there are some wall partitions missing between the offices, and toilet areas? It could well be a ceiling light. The photo below gives us a slightly clearer view as the photo is a higher resolution and the top part of the window looks clear (if you download the image and zoom in you should see what I mean): The comment states th
  4. The issue of authenticity is always important in this case. Unfortunately there have been proven examples of photo manipulation such as the touching up of the shoe in the presidential limo that was done some time soon after the assassination: Then there was the more recent Photoshop job where someone pasted an image of Lee Harvey Oswald onto the Dillard photo: https://vincepalamara.com/2014/11/08/photo-of-lee-harvey-oswald-in-window-after-jfk-assassination-fake/ Thankfully it was easy enough to expose both, but it does demonstrate the value of a keen eye and skeptic
  5. I think this version of the Wiegman film is generally darker, but otherwise it looks consistent with the lighter still frame. That window seems to be in full view of the first few seconds of the film and I don't see any movement or changes in the various versions I have seen. Judging from my animation and the speed calculations of the cars turning that corner onto Elm Street, I think the first clear frames were exposed around Z285-Z340 so the lack of a gunman suggests to me that the head shot wasn't fired from that window. Also, if the shot(s) that hit the victims were fired Z190-Z220, I do
  6. That's a really interesting backstory, which I didn't know about so thanks for mentioning it. The Mauser angle is deeply troubling as there were reports on the day of a Mauser being found in the search of the TSBD. I shall have to put the Mauser and Caster issues on my reading list for the next week or two! I completely agree with this reading of the police and the FBI from 1963, as they clearly felt they had caught the culprit: he worked in the building where the witnesses said the shots came from; they had a photo of him with the gun found in the TSBD and the gun used to shoot Tipp
  7. A shot from a second floor TSBD window would be a good candidate for a single bullet going through JFK and then hitting Connally. The Wiegman film has a great view of that specific window while the shots were still being fired: The window looks closed I think, but the photo you reference from 12:42 seems to have the sun-blind slightly further down so somebody must have been in that room I would say. Another comparison is the Weaver photo taken about 30 seconds before the shooting started: From a similar time as Weaver but from another angle is Moorman 3, which suggests th
  8. I tend to agree, the back wounds to JFK and Connally only make sense as entry wounds, with the shot(s) coming from the rear. As the limo comes out from behind the sign in the Zapruder film the victims seem to react at the same time so either the single bullet theory is correct (I'm not sure which location the shot was fired from), or there must have been two shots fired at exactly the same time. I don't think there is a way to prove with certainty what happened (although I'm happy to be proved wrong!), but those are the obvious options that would explain the evidence we have. The limo d
  9. Thanks Greg. Despite the huge amount of information we have, it's a surprisingly difficult crime scene to explain. This is why it's well worth exploring different options to see which is consistent with most of the crime scene evidence, and which has the fewest loose ends. I do agree with you that the single bullet theory is tricky to explain, but it seems to create even more complexity when you get rid of it, as many more shots seem to be required and that's very hard to match with the autopsy. This is one of the reasons I have considered that the SBT may have come from somewhere othe
  10. The angle seems possible, but what about the shot itself? Do you think it goes through JFK and the back wound is an exit wound, or is that from a different shot? I'm trying to understand the general scenario required by the theory. For example, this also requires a shot from the rear that hits John Connally.
  11. I haven't previously looked at the idea of a shot going through the windshield, but I did have a look at the video. The first thing that occurred to me was that if a shot went through the windshield, a good view of this angle would be the Altgens 6 photo here: We can just about see JFK, so presumably an assassin firing from the front could also see him. From the position of the hole mentioned in the video, a sniper would have to be somewhat to the south side of the railway bridge over the triple underpass. Alas I don't have a 3D model so I can't check the exact trajectory but on a
  12. Hi Eddy. No stone should remain unturned, so a frontal shot should be examined as a possibility. The first shot or shots that were fired seem a bit of a mystery as I struggle to make any theory work. For example the official single bullet theory is problematic because the vertical angle from JFK's back wound to his throat wound seems flat, and yet the downward angle from the sixth floor window gunman is about 20 degrees. All of the models I have seen where the back wound is faithfully placed ends up with the shot exiting JFK's chest which we all know is completely wrong. The only way to m
  13. The HSCA diagrams of the single bullet theory are truly appalling! Getting the SBT trajectory to work from the sixth floor window at Z220 is already very difficult, but at Z190 it's almost impossible as the angle is even greater, hence the geometric gymnastics. And why did the HSCA say Z190 and not later? The dictabelt strikes again! For what it's worth I'm not against the general idea of a single bullet going through JFK and Connally, but it seems to me that the natural angle is much flatter than the 20+ degrees from the TSBD. A 10 degree angle would seem a much better fit for both s
  14. It's a good question, so I shall explain what I did to arrive at the conclusion I did about the gap from the shots to the sirens. In a nutshell it boils down to the synchronization between the two channels and the real time clock that the dispatcher periodically mentions. Firstly, the judgement of the shot timing is done on channel 2 as we hear Curry mention he was approaching the triple underpass. 10 seconds later the dispatcher says it is 12:30. About 10 seconds after that Curry starts transmitting again and we briefly hear a siren in the background and it is clear that the shooting
  15. Yes, this is the shot I think was fired near Z185 (the massive blur in the Zapruder film Z190-Z210 indicates Zapruder was startled by the noise). A couple of witnesses saw something hit the road by the limo (Royce Skelton & Virgie Baker), and other witnesses like Mary Woodward said nothing seemed to happen in the car. John Connally said he wasn't hit by this shot. This is my assumption as the Z-film shows them both reacting at the same time Z225-Z230 (presumably this shot was fired somewhere Z210-Z220). This shot may have come from the TSBD or may have come from another window n
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