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  1. Thank you. Maybe I need to see the place. I can't imagine I would have chosen the spot he took, with the Stemmons Freeway sign in the way.
  2. Kennedy's luncheon speech should not have been planned for the Trade Mart, a rotten venue in terms of security. That also meant the parade had to take Elm to get to Stemmons Freeway, but it didn't have to make that 110-degree turn from Houston to Elm. Did it? They could have taken a ninety-degree turn off Main a block or so earlier, and picked up Elm sooner, again with a normal turn. That would have been less violation of Secret Service procedure. And without that violative turn from Houston to Elm, I guess the limo could have been doing twenty MPH or so, down Elm through Dealy Plaza. Would th
  3. Perhaps some here agree what we got after Zapruder was a non-traditional police coverup. CNN's article on Darnella's video reposted by Yahoo. I guess the NAACP author associates the broadcast of the Zapruder film on Geraldo Rivera's show in 1975 with the House Select Committee on Assassinations finding years later that it "believes" a conspiracy "probably" included Oswald, who was the killer.
  4. One thing for sure about that list is Lee what's his name. He said himself, and I tend to believe him, that he was a patsy.
  5. In the meantime there is The Last Investigation, Chris, by Gaeton Fonzi. Somewhat dated, now, but an inside account. If you haven't read that. I really couldn't put it down. Me, I have to snag The Assassinations.
  6. Sure, Josh. Of course, DuckDuckGo reveals it's on the Internet. And, of course, Douglas Caddy found it long ago, and linked to it here. Heck, you can download it from Internet Archive. I'm slogging through the recording I made. The Secret Service did a really good job securing the Trade Mart. So relieved to hear that. Somebody got cute with the title of the thing. It alludes to "Seven Days In May." A story about a military-led coup attempt in present-day United States. Rushed into film production at JFK's behest and with his assistance. To title this thing that way is like
  7. You all have seen it plenty I reckon, but 1964's "Four Days In November" is coming on Turner Classic Movies at 3:45 PM Eastern DST 6 April 2021 (DirecTV).
  8. Awesome. Previously I had thought the official JFK portrait, the one where his head's tilted down, arms folded across his chest, was by Wyeth. Similar style, but painted by Aaron Shikler. I don't cotton to that one as much.
  9. "Q. Isn't that strange, that the brain just disappeared?" "A. It's very strange." Rueful chuckle.
  10. Thanks for notice. I shall have to get his book. I promise never again to confuse Prof. McKnight with Prof. McAdams.
  11. I never could stand that pusillanimous putz. And then I learned he was CIA.
  12. Funny, sad and true. What's a hoot about the drawing is that when the non-conservative moves to meet in the supposed middle, said person goes more than half-way to where the conservative was originally. The non-conservative moves to nearly stand where the conservative was in the first place.
  13. Chris, I gather that Mr. Palamara would as soon we get from his book what we can. Fortunately I own Survivor's Guilt. Just an accident I haven't read it yet.
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