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  1. Good on you, trying to nail that down. Unfortunately, I don’t recall. Could be it’s in the book Fetzer edited. I can check that.
  2. No mention of the film depicting the turn onto Elm from Houston. The Feds claimed Zapruder started, then stopped his film, only restarting his film after the limo was pointed down Elm. Zapruder was certain he had kept filming continuously.
  3. @Christian ToussayHi, Christian. Sandy Larsen provided links to tips how to free up space here, and use other mage hosting sites to get your points across here. https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/24803-forum-tips-tricks/
  4. Morley is the Sgt. Joe Friday this case needs.
  5. Thanks for the tips, y'all. @Sandy Larsen Sandy, there is one image I posted in 2020, located here: I can't edit that post to delete that ridiculous, large image (3.25 MB). That thread is pinned and locked. Any chance someone could delete that thing for me?
  6. Sure, Sandy. Me, I just flat need to do my homework. But, once again I am imprecise. Second part of my post was a non-sequitur. "This" thread, Roger's thread, was what I meant. Other threads trying to put the JFK assassination in the context of today. Is Kirk right? Are the actors today that different?
  7. Citation? I seem to recall this is disputed. Thought he was a Hollywood guy. This is a deserving thread... in the Politics folder. One won't get cooties, if one goes there.
  8. Thanks for the link, Robert. I pulled a quote from the transcript of this Democracy Now segment. Boy, does this sound familiar. https://www.democracynow.org/2024/2/22/malcolm_x_assassination_security_guards
  9. Copy and paste fail. Deleted thread no good now. Me and my big mouth.
  10. Yow! I am imagining a Quantum of Solace motion picture-like scenario, for when the seventy or eighty of the planning board met. Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Milhous Nixon, planners, but no LBJ? Having this all down in one place is a big help. Maybe I can get a vegetable garden in this year. I feel a haiku coming on.
  11. The congressman from TN-09, Memphis and Shelby County. His online press release has a quote from the letter, and a link to the full text of the letter. But, in the span of three days, that full text link doesn't work, for me. Let's see if I fiddle with Firefox if... nope.
  12. Charles Pierce wrote a piece regarding the Superbowl ad. https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a46751225/rfk-super-bowl-ad-kennedy-family/
  13. Eh. If I have to choose whether to give a buck to Amazon, or Google, owner of YouTube, I will save a buck, and go with Amazon. Those with fat pipes may gain from the HD version available from AppleTV.
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