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  1. "Q. Isn't that strange, that the brain just disappeared?" "A. It's very strange." Rueful chuckle.
  2. Thanks for notice. I shall have to get his book. I promise never again to confuse Prof. McKnight with Prof. McAdams.
  3. I never could stand that pusillanimous putz. And then I learned he was CIA.
  4. Funny, sad and true. What's a hoot about the drawing is that when the non-conservative moves to meet in the supposed middle, said person goes more than half-way to where the conservative was originally. The non-conservative moves to nearly stand where the conservative was in the first place.
  5. Chris, I gather that Mr. Palamara would as soon we get from his book what we can. Fortunately I own Survivor's Guilt. Just an accident I haven't read it yet.
  6. The person responsible for dislocating the press photographers and reporters could have had prior knowledge what was coming. Now I'm curious who made this change, what was the stated reason.
  7. Clips are good for me, living in the boonies. Lackluster bandwidth. But, the first-day press accounts are so fascinating. This one in particular. The switch to the passive voice is usually a tell, for a journalist, am I right? "We are told that the... fatal wound... entered at the base of the throat..."
  8. "Mrs. John F. Kennedy left the hospital at approximately the same time the coffin carrying the body of her husband left. The coffin went to a private air installation at Dallas' Love Field. It either had left or will leave Dallas-Love Field in a matter of minutes. We are told that the gunshot wound, the fatal wound inflicted on the President of the United States, entered at the base of the throat and came out at the base of the neck on, uh, the back side." Vince, you've been on fire lately with the YouTube shares. I thank you. Jackie left "approximately" the same time as the coffin.
  9. Great call, Chris. Major General Smedley Butler, "the fighting Quaker," was "present at the creation" of the American Empire.
  10. Reflexively, I avoid Amazon when possible. I gather that The Devil Is In The Details, being independently published, is unlikely to be available elsewhere. Although, strangely, they do have a listing for the book on Powell's.com, but indicate that the book, published November 3rd, is out of stock.
  11. Ye gods. Anyone like Kirk, or me, wishing North Carolina would update it's presidential election tally, will have to wait, likely until November 12! It's complicated. Explained here: https://cardinalpine.com/story/close-races-from-2020-election-will-have-week-wait-for-results/
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