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  1. Robert, I wish you well. Trust in government plummeted, coincident with the sixties assassinations. Now we have apathy, confusion and schism. With leaders too scared to lead. Would the truth about those assassinations help? I'd sure like to find out!
  2. It's fascinating to consider Tippet's murder unrelated to Kennedy's. Occam's Razor is a blunt instrument when it comes to the JFK assassination, I reckon. Still I looked up homicide statistics for Dallas in 1963. https://www.centraltrack.com/dallas-annual-homicide-count-for-every-year-since-1930/ 113 murders for the year. Less than one every three days, on average. Here you have two within the hour.
  3. Both terms used in the title reflexive to both men. To my way of thinking. Thanks for the heads-up. Guess I'll mosey over and see if Jefferson Morley has reviewed it yet.
  4. Just now I got Mr. Caddy's joke, in bringing this up. Sometimes, I really put the "oh" in "slow."
  5. If I remember correctly, Chris, from when Douglas first posted that pic, the link worked, and, yeah, now doesn't. My impression at the time was, it is a picture which can be found in John Armstrong's Harvey And Lee. Oswald, seated at a desk in a classroom, smiling broadly for the camera from some feet away. He appears to be missing a tooth.
  6. The above from Crossfire by Jim Marrs ("Aftermath," pg 340-341 in the revised 2013 edition). Marrs interviewed Christian radio host Jack Davis, who on the day of the assassination went to the Texas Theater and got seated in time to watch the opening credits of the 1 pm show. Marrs quoted Davis further. The house lights went up some twenty minutes later. Davis went to the lobby to learn why, and saw policemen running in the front door.
  7. I had forgotten that Mr. Caddy once posted on the Forum a link to the fascinating UNZ Review. Laurent Guyenot last posted there towards the end of August. (Article title: "9/11 Was a Straussian Coup.")
  8. Yikes! I maxed out contributing to Bernie's 2020 campaign. Before the Iowa Caucus. I still support his efforts, especially his recent push for a Climate Conservation Corps. But I have to say, I have wondered about Devine, for years; never in this connection. Hm. You can't spell "Rasputin" without "Putin."
  9. Fascinating, Greg. Now I'm wondering where you go, if you are headed West on Jefferson. In trying to figure that out, I had to fight my way out of Google Map. Which led to grokking Dallas Love Field with respect to Dallas downtown. Which led to a portion of the Robert Hunter lyric to the Jerry Garcia song, "He's Gone." Nine-mile skid, on a ten-mile ride. Also how high in the sky Challenger got. Sorry for the multiple digressions, please, y'all carry on.
  10. Eh, it's thirteen U.S. now. NBC News last night had a clip with a U.S. commander explaining there had to be pat-downs of people boarding. That Taliban were pre-screening. Taliban has stated, in line with its declared general amnesty, that it will facilitate evacuation of stranded U.S. and Afghan evacuees even past August 31. Taliban both denied an attack by everyone's enemy, ISIS-K, was coming, and condemned it when it happened. Remember, you can't spell "clusterf*ck" without "U.S." How far along are we with robot transportation security guards?
  11. I'll have to get acquainted with that story, Joseph. Interesting that in the introduction to Whitewash III, Weisberg, writing in 1967, mentions effort on his part to stay away from what Garrison was doing in New Orleans, as a way of helping Garrison's cause. And here I was, getting all hepped up about Weisberg being a former O.S.S. analyst. One gets so tired of all these former O.S.S. types turning out to be suspects in Kennedy's murder.
  12. Flinty. His difficulties getting published perhaps extended to getting edited. Currently I'm listening to this interview about Whitewash II, while reading Whitewash III. Whitewash III is about the photographic evidence which should be in the Warren Commission exhibits, but was instead suppressed. Ironically or not, the .pdf reprint of Whitewash III itself has no photographs.
  13. Hot dog, I will be on the lookout for the Aspen film now.
  14. I'm counting on it being broadcast. I'll take half a loaf. I don't live where bandwidth makes for very satisfactory video streaming. However, I have no problem rewarding Fox Nation for putting it on, to drive their view numbers up, even if I get a buffering headache.
  15. Sorry for a bit of thread-jacking. Couldn't resist. I appreciate knowing of your project jfk pending announcement, Bill. In No More Silence, by Larry Sneed, you can find an account of Bookhout's behavior which bids fair to be at the same time as implausible and as deranged as him being a Ruby imposter triggerman. According to Prayer Man website page devoted to Bookhout, here Bookhout asked L.G. Montgomery what happened in the basement. L.G. Montgomery confronted him.
  16. A good scholarly bookstore could acquire from its distributor a recent back issue of a periodical such as Paris Match. I reckon. I stumbled across the ten-minute interview Oliver did with France 24 TV. Pardon if I missed this was shared already.
  17. Coincidentally, in the thread just started by Bill Simpich entitled, "CIA Index of Press Reports on 11/22 - the First 45 Days," Ron Bulman posted these "Gems from the 26 Volumes: by Vince Palamara." https://jfkassassination.net/parnell/vp1.htm Therein, Palamara quotes Penn/Shaw with respect to an attempt to stop the motorcade.
  18. I don't remember details, no cite, but was there not an account, mentioned, if I recall correctly, on this forum, that someone hurled themself bodily out in front of the motorcade, or attempted to, crying out to warn Kennedy, making a commotion, at an earlier point during the motorcade itself? One mustn't overlook: "Flo, they're going to kill him. They're going to kill him when he gets to Texas." — Anti-Castro activist John Martino, according to his wife. Martino confessed his involvement to his family and a few others. more » https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/John_Martinos_Confessions.html Bonus Larry Hancock interview there.
  19. Richard Basehart's narration couldn't redeem "Four Days In November." Just sayin'.
  20. Now I know there is someone besides me who won't create a free New York Times account. If someone who has an account wanted to, that person could use this facility to capture the webpage. You drop the desired URL in the slot, and the webpage archive app reproduces the page in a neutral Internet location. You'd then share the archived page. It can be useful as well to preserve the historical record of an evolving narrative. Then schmoes like Ron and I wouldn't have to bow to the likes of the Grey Lady.
  21. Gil, if you haven't seen what Sandy Larsen posted last May, that may answer your question: Use an image hosting service Being digitally challenged, I saved the link, intending to study the matter at some point.
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