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  1. I have listened to the Black Op Radio podcast #963, October 31, 2019, twice regarding John Armstrong’s essay Escape from the 6th Floor and studied the essay for a good 3 hours. Although I am not in the construction business as John is I am an attorney and in that regard I pay close attention to evidence. I am intrigued by John’s escape theory via the passenger elevator, but there are some weak spots. One regards the the egress logistics, John writes: The elevator cabin had to be stopped in place on the 4th floor, waiting for the men on the 6th floor. As the Presidential pa
  2. Greetings I am a former New York attorney currently living in Greece. I have been reading and following the JFK research community since 2011. I attended the Lancer and COPA conferences in Dallas in 2013. I look forward to belonging to this forum.
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