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  1. William Martin strikes me as one of the important, early CIA spies inside the Garrison investigation; like others, he seemed determined to lead Garrison in the wrong direction, which is what I believe was the plan they used to discredit him. As far as the "useful idiot" quote, I think it is important to remember that term was used for people who were believed to be being used, often by Soviet or Cuban instigators; perhaps Kent said that about Oswald in order to continue to promulgate the BS Company line about Oswald's motives. I doubt Kent would tell anything truly revealing to anyone, i
  2. Woolsey always struck me as one of the creepier characters in the modern CIA; I never trusted a single thing he said. The idea that Russia would want to kill JFK is absolutely ludicrous and devoid of any basis in fact.
  3. That's Bill O'Reilly doing the narration there. I believe it's from a segment he did back in the 90s when he worked for Inside Edition. Can't say I'm a fan of Bill O'Reilly these past couple decades...
  4. Yes, Rosemary James really had the knives out for Garrison. I had never heard of this service station they reference that they say Oswald hung out at. Also wasn't aware Quiroga was never questioned by the WC, which just seems bizarre.
  5. There are a couple interesting things in here regarding Oswald that I wasn't aware of... https://www.nola.com/news/politics/article_d4a62550-e925-50e5-b5cd-5fdcda821837.html
  6. 98, dang. That's a long lick of the lollipop there.
  7. Jim and W- thank you for your thoughtful replies, you both make excellent points. It's likely we're engaging in a discussion that will go on for decades. It is true that LBJ, Nixon and Bush killed more people, and their behavior was criminal in doing so. Perhaps it is the fresh wound of Trump's crimes that fuels my venom. I don't think I ever thought those other guys hated the country though, and I'm convinced Trump secretly does. Jim's point about the republic ending in '63 is well taken; there is the country that existed before the assassination, and the one we've been living in since.
  8. Trump killed more Americans than any war has, and then tried to end the Republic. It is laughable to think any other President has been worse than that.
  9. Good to hear he is writing about Oswald. As Blakey so aptly put it: "Any effort to explain what happened in Dallas must explain Lee Harvey Oswald."
  10. The quote about RFK that is attributed to Morales by his friend Ruben Carbajal is in Gaeton Fonzi's book "The Last Investigation".
  11. At the time of the autopsy Friday night, Lee Oswald was still alive and had only been in custody for about 5 hours. There was no guarantee he wouldn't spill the beans on what he knew about what had happened. If there was assassination conspiracy-related chicanery at the autopsy, how would those committing that know what direction to take when they had no idea what Oswald's story was going to be?
  12. Not happy about what happened, but wow, what a buffet of characters and intrigue for political conspiracy fans like ourselves. Zip Tie Guy, Bullhorn Lady, Scarf Man, and on and on. We live in interesting times.
  13. Not quite sure where to post this, but the Capitol police officer that committed suicide yesterday was friends with Roger Stone, as his father, former Senate aide Howard Liebengood, and Stone were very close.
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