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  1. Jackie had limited memory of her behavior at the time of the shooting, which is to be expected. Her instinctual reaction was to try to put her husband's head back together after it exploded right in front of her face. That is why she appears to touch his head right before crawling onto the trunk, where she is unquestionably grabbing either brain matter or a skull fragment.
  2. One of the cool things about drummer Ed Cassidy was that he was 45 years old when Spirit first saw success. That was considered ancient back in 60s!!! As far as that WaPo thing, it is indeed bogus. The amount of false equivalences being tossed around is truly offensive. It does serve to demonstrate that the term "conspiracy theory" has been weaponized, and keeping JFK research focused on facts and intelligent discourse will go far in keeping the subject in the "True Crime" domain, rather than moving it to the "kooky conspiracy theory" realm that it appears far too many entities would prefer.
  3. It's only my opinion, but I think too much is made of Oswald getting the TSBD job as part of any plot. I think that was dumb luck. In alternate scenarios, who's to say someone else couldn't have been set up? Or that Oswald couldn't have taken the day off from a different job and been somewhere else on the parade route just as easily?
  4. Ron, IIRC, the stuff about Bush and ship's names first appeared in Mark Lane's Plausible Denial book.
  5. I'm going to make a point of gifting a copy of In Denial to father-in-law, who is a former right-winger, and a retired Navy veteran. He participated in a full dress rehearsal for a land invasion in the Caribbean in 1964. I should discuss that with him again. Btw, I encourage everyone that buys Larry's books on Amazon to leave a review. It will be printed and there will be an addendum added saying it was a verified purchase. The reviews there carry weight and a wide reach, and I imagine are extremely helpful. I will be writing one up in the near future.
  6. Halpern tried to blame the Kennedys for anything he could think of. A bitter man. Wasn't he Gus Russo's source for that weird Live By the Sword book?
  7. I thought Ron's suggestion yesterday that LHO could have been guarding the freight elevator and back door was very intriguing as well. I hadn't heard or considered that idea before.
  8. If she left the building at 12:25, then she would have missed the motorcade as well, if it had been on time. Right? That's why her original statement to the FBI 4 days after the assassination about leaving to go outside between 12:00 and 12:15 makes more sense.
  9. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/A Disk/Arnold Carolyn/Item 10.pdf
  10. Good point, Ben. I think my assumption on this was always that if the heat got too strong, and LHO's links were exposed, the exiles would be the ones to take the fall next. The JMWAVE characters would claim they had either had no connection to them or had "cut off ties with them because they were uncontrollable."
  11. Good stuff. I'll add that if you're going to have a patsy, that patsy can't have an alibi that could exonerate him. That would not be a negotiable risk. So that must be reconciled.
  12. If Oswald participated in the event, yet wasn't guilty of killing the President, I feel like he would behave exactly as he did while in custody: Claiming innocence while refusing to cooperate, since there were still major problems with his behavior that day. Guilty of one thing but not the other thing. A no-win situation.
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