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  1. Governor Cuomo is facing this current crisis because the NY attorney general did an investigation and found that the many accusations of sexual harassment were true. He can now endure an impeachment trial, or resign. His choice.
  2. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-capitol-attack-antifa_n_602c1319c5b65259c4e52ee6
  3. Which of the rioters is currently incarcerated and which are allowed bail is almost entirely up to the judges that happen to be in a particular jurisdiction. The main factors appear to be potential for further violence or flight risk; many are given ankle monitors. Angeli appears to have preferred garish headwear as opposed to a simple hat to cover his baldness; that choice has led to his photo being plastered everywhere and deemed a symbol of the insurrection. Along with putting a threatening letter on Mike Pence's desk and defiling the chambers of Congress, this appears to be why his judge refuses to release him.
  4. Mr. Miller will be getting a subpoena. I look forward to him being questioned.
  5. There will be lots of attempts to blame others for what happened on 1/6; on the night of the riots Matt Gaetz tried to claim it was Antifa dressed as Trump supporters. Trump's proud army didn't care for that too much. Lately we've heard attempts to blame the FBI and Nancy Pelosi, lol. There is definitely an air of desperation to it. Recall how people tried to blame Castro or Russia for the JFKA. Same type of deflection BS.
  6. 11/22: Right-wing nutjobs claiming to be "patriots" attempt to remove a President they claim is a "traitor". 1/6: Right-wing nutjobs claiming to be "patriots" attempt to remove a Vice-President they claim is a "traitor". Now tell me there's no similarity between 1/6 and the JFKA. How about we not allow a coverup of this one and get to the truth, hmm?
  7. Trying to blame everything on the "national security state" when you have zero evidence to back your position can't really be taken seriously. It sounds more like anti-American propaganda, than an actual attempt to get at the truth.
  8. The government is made up of real people. Whether the government is trustworthy or not is directly tied to how trustworthy the people are that the voters elect. These days, I find it remarkably easy to distinguish who is likely to be trustworthy, and who is most certainly not.
  9. Ben- are you suggesting the videos and photos on the FBI page I linked are all fake? Having a real hard time taking much of anything you're writing lately seriously...
  10. No need for "government-agent provocateurs", Ben. You're going to have to face the reality of who these people were, sooner rather than later. https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/capitol-violence
  11. Once upon a time I followed Glenn Greenwald, but his gradual swing towards anti-democracy beliefs now makes him just sound like an angry zealot. Sometimes people change. As difficult as it is to comprehend, 20-25 years ago Donald Trump was relatively tolerable. People change.
  12. Flooding DC with crazy Trumpers when you're planning on trying to prevent the VP from certifying the election, is just being smart if you're a conspirator. With regard to Angeli's supposed inhumane treatment, I'll assume you're not referring to when it was arranged for him to get an all-organic meal plan while incarcerated... His lawyer has said Angeli has already given to the FBI the name of the person who gave him $500, although I'm not sure if that was before or after he referred to the rioters as "retarded" and "short bus people" in his attempt to gain leniency for his client.
  13. The noose is slowly tightening, and I'm going to enjoy every single minute of it. Thrilled to be living in interesting times, with lots of stories to relay to my grandchildren someday.
  14. I can tell you from my experience working in the music industry, that any website that does not have a DMCA policy is putting itself at risk by almost anyone that wants to cause it trouble. Just because the site has not had any problems with it in the past, does not make it immune to any in the future.
  15. This site should have a DMCA policy, as otherwise it does indeed put itself at considerable risk.
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