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  1. Running short of time today, Greg. First of all, I acknowledge your weather data. I use a different one but it's pretty much the same. I don't dispute that. I'm more interested in what is verifiable, as the true facts of the case. As I see it, this Furniture Mart sighting doesn't square up with the facts, even though it could be construed as pointing to Oswald's guilt. When I get more time, I'll look further into this. In the meantime, if you take a look at Commission Exhibit #2976, the FBI interviewed Mrs. Dominey (Gertrude Hunter's friend in Houston). It's not very flattering and points to credibility issues with Mrs. Hunter. As I stated earlier in a post, Mrs. Hunter came up with another wild story of seeing Marina at a gas station in the Hunter/Whitworth/Marina testimony. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XXVI (maryferrell.org)
  2. Greg, you cannot bend testimony to fit your theory. Mrs. Whitworth was extremely specific about the date, as well as Mrs. Hunter. She most certainly said it occurred before the Richland Hills vs. Irving football game. Whitworth, Edith - 7/22/64 (maryferrell.org) Mrs. Hunter said in her testimony that she didn't leave her house before 2:00 PM because she talked to her daughter before she got back off her lunch break at Commercial Title. That doesn't jive either. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) If it was November 11th, don't you think both Whitworth and Hunter would have said Veterans Day???? Everyone knows it was a long holiday weekend, yet both these women made no mention of that at all. Yes, most retail outlets were open on Veterans Day. Sorry Greg, not buying it.
  3. First of all, I enjoy this discussion and puzzle solving if you will. This story pique my interest because the manager of the Wyatt's Grocery Store in Plymouth Park Center in Irving, (same place Ruth Paine took Oswald for driving lessons), Edward Leon Humberson, was a distant relative of mine (now deceased). Wyatt's Grocery store was a Kroger food chain store, now gone. I agree there were similarities, apartment, one baby, one girl child. It looks like a case of mistaken identity to me as I find it hard to believe both of the ladies made the story up, but Mrs. Gertrude Hunter apparently had an over-active imagination. I have no idea who that couple were, but it could have been anyone. Perhaps the man was getting ready for deer season, which was mid-November in 1963. As I looked through the record, I don't recall either lady mentioning the Oswald name or Lee/Marina while in the Furniture Mart. They were both going on sight only. So, was the FBI search on the Baby/Family Oswald name only? I know they did a search of Oswald's in the general area and couldn't find anyone who had been to Irving Sport Shop in the Oswald name. The reason I reject this sighting of the Oswalds in the Furniture Mart is the inconsistencies put forth. As you know Ruth Paine flatly denied it happened for her own reasons. When the WC got Marina, Mrs. Whitworth and Mrs. Hunter all together (July 24, 1964), here's one inconsistency. The time Mrs. Whitworth said they came into the store, 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. That of course doesn't jive with Ruth Paine returning at 2:00 PM. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) Here's another inconsistency, Mrs. Hunter said she recalled the day was on Wednesday or Thursday right before they discussed getting football tickets. That doesn't jive because November 11, 1963 (when Oswald was at the Paine home) was on a Monday. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) And here when Mrs. Hunter testified by herself (after 2:00 PM) Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) Now let's discuss a pivotal point here, that football game both ladies mention and attended, Richland Hills (In Fort Worth) and Irving. They were very specific on that football game. That seems like a solid anchor to me on timing. When was that game? It was on November 8, 1963. Both teams were 4A in the same division. Source of that was Fort Worth Telegram, Friday November 8th. I have the clipping mentioning the game to be played that night. Mrs. Whitworth backs up the football game story here: Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) And she states it here on timing: Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) Here's where it gets weird Greg, maybe you can comment on this. Mrs. Hunter declares she saw Marina several times before this Furniture Mart event. See the inconsistency? All of a sudden from recognizing her on TV, she comes up with this story. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org). Keep scrolling to see this story, just amazing. Here's another inconsistency, Mrs. Whitworth claimed "Lee" said they were living in an apartment. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) Back to your car question, Mrs. Hunter says it was a Ford Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XI (maryferrell.org) I strongly encourage you and others to read through the testimony of Whitworth, Hunter, Marina, Liebeler (WC), William McKenzie (Marina's lawyer) and Peter Gregory (interpreter for Marina). It all falls apart, like a hard-shell taco in your hand. As much as I would like to pile more evidence on top of Oswald's guilt, I can't buy into this at all. There's one way we can get to the bottom of this Greg, I can make some inquires to Ruth Paine what color Michael's 1955 car was. Both ladies were adamant about a white over blue two-tone vehicle.
  4. Valid point Greg. Here's my first observation (there are others). It all boils down to whether Oswald drove Michael Paine's 1955 Oldsmobile sedan to the Furniture Mart. As per your article: Mrs. Whitworth, Warren Commission testimony: “I would say it was a blue and white car and I have always said that it was a Ford or Plymouth—it was something with fins on it.” In Michael Paine's WC testimony, he was a little wishy-washy on what year that Oldsmobile was (1955 or 1956). As you mentioned in your article, the DPD did observe it as a 1955 Oldsmobile. Let's assume that as fact. In your article you mention correctly, Ms. Hunter's account of the vehicle: “By letter dated August 6, 1964, the President’s Commission advised Mrs. Gertrude Hunter, Irving, Texas, had furnished certain information alleging she had observed Lee Harvey Oswald in Irving, Texas, in November 1963, in an automobile she believed was a 1957 Ford, blue and white in color. Mrs. Hunter expressed the opinion this automobile was similar to an automobile owned by a Houston couple whom she identified as ‘Mr. and Mrs. Dominick’ [sic; Dominey] (…) Mrs. Dominey was questioned regarding the description of all automobiles owned by her family during 1963 (…) the only passenger automobile owned by the family during 1963 was a 1958 model Ford sedan. This automobile was purchased in 1958 and the color was originally turquoise and white.” (FBI, 8/14/64, https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1142#relPageId=492 My point here is that 1955 Oldsmobiles did not have fins as described by Mrs. Whitworth. They in fact had rounded tail ends. 1957 and 1958 Fords did have noticeable tail end fins. You can check me out on that to verify.
  5. My apologies Greg, I only scanned through your document. You indeed address this screw hole issue with this on page 18 of this link: Irving-Sport-Shop-109-pdf.pdf (scrollery.com)
  6. Greg, there's a problem with this. This claim ticket mentions: $4.50 for "drill/tap" new mounting holes ($1.50 per hole Hutson, T. A. (maryferrell.org) ) for the side mounted scope and $1.50 for bore sighting the rifle, grand total of $6.00. Here's the problem, the scope on Oswald's Carcano has only 2 mount screws. That is confirmed here. Hutson, T. A. (maryferrell.org) Additionally, I did check with a friend of mine that has the exact model scope on a model 91/38 Carcano......two mounting screws. Something's not adding up here. This call from WFAA Channel 8, which DPD Detective Fay Turner got the tip from (Ray John WFAA) was either a hoax, or a big misunderstanding.
  7. Greg, this is not making sense. Now you say Oswald did enter the Irving Sport Shop from the info provided by Ms. Whitworth, which is highly questionable itself. So, was the claim ticket for Oswald's gun or not? And why would Ryder say in his testimony he hung up the phone on Schmidt with "no comment"? Jim Lehrer of the Times Herald witnessed the Schmidt to Ryder call, and it went on for a few minutes. Lehrer, James (maryferrell.org)
  8. Greg, You place a lot of faith on Dial Duwayne Ryder's story. If you read through all the FBI reports, his WC testimony and the most damning the Hunter Schmidt testimony, you will find mega conflicting accounts. Even a Dallas FBI agent doubted it FBI 105-82555 Oswald HQ File, Section 160 (maryferrell.org) Dallas Times Herald reporter Hunter Schmidt broke the story, after finally locating Ryder in Irving and calling him on the phone. Ryder then denied it. That's when Ryder began getting really fuzzy on details. Liebler tried to get to the bottom on it, because one of them was obviously lying. Would a Times Herald reporter just make this story up out of the blue? Of course not. I know Greener tried to paint Ryder in a good light, but the kid obviously got caught.
  9. Didn't Brewer say when the house lights were turned on, he saw Oswald get up from his seat, attempt to move and sat right back down either in his same seat or nearby? What's that all about Tom? Yes, Brewer did ID Oswald for the cops from the left side of the stage (facing screen). Absolutely. McDonald heard Brewer explain to the other cops, either Hutson/Walker/Hawkins where Oswald was sitting. So, he went down the aisle, searched two guys first for weapons and then worked himself up to Oswald. Then he did the same with Oswald, had him stand on his feet, then Oswald suckered punched him. What's that all about Tom? Then Oswald pulled out his revolver and the fight was on. Why did Oswald pull out his revolver Tom? See anything suspicious going on Tom? You said: Did Oswald kill Tippit? I don’t know, and neither do you. (DiEugenio said repeatedly Oswald didn't shoot Tippit, does he get a pass too?) That's a pretty amazing comment Tom, since you and Ben Cole declared the Walker bullet was steel-jacketed and not the actual bullet in the National Archives. See the contradiction?
  10. Seriously Tom? I don't know if you have ever been to the Texas Theater, but I have, as well as Bill Brown. Both of us have been back there on the stage, behind the stage, the fire escapes etc. You said this extremely dubious question: You don’t think a guy standing on the stage with the lights on with a bunch of cops literally pointing at him might’ve been a bit of a clue? What did Johnny Brewer say?Just before they came (Police), they turned the house lights on, and I looked out from the curtains and saw the man. Warren Commission Hearings, Volume VII (maryferrell.org) Johnny was peeking through the curtains, OK? He wasn't standing front stage in front of everyone with the cops, pointing out Oswald with the cops. You do recognize this, right Tom?????? Read on the link above. Would you like to correct yourself on this? or not? Ok Tom, the big question to you is this: Did Oswald murder Officer Tippit or not?
  11. I have no idea. Depends on a lot of factors. All hypotheticals. Do you believe Oswald murdered officer Tippit?
  12. The difference here with Brewer was he identified Oswald in the Texas and pointed him out to cops as the same man standing in the alcove of Hardy Shoes. Oswald murdered J.D. Tippit, no doubt about it.
  13. David, I read this laughable article by Cairns. Seems he channeled DiEugenio for this nonsense, like the HSCA concluded it was a conspiracy. What Cairns conveniently left out of this junk piece was the HSCA concluded that Oswald fired the shots from the TSBD. One thing you can say about DiEugenio and his side-hustle K&K site, he's always been consistent on delivering laughable garbage, which he asks for donations after every fluff article he posts.
  14. Have you ever contributed money to DiEugenio on his Kennedys and Kings website?
  15. Here's another good example of Mr. DiEugenio's extreme serious lack of scholarship and accountability. He quotes a highly questionable source to continue his despicable vile grave dancing antics. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/covertaction-magazine-bias/ From media bias fact check: Overall, we rate CovertAction Magazine Left-Biased and Questionable based on the promotion of conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, propaganda, poor sourcing, lack of transparency, numerous false claims, and failed fact checks. (M. Huitsing 08/30/2023) Bottom line here, Mr. DiEugenio has served up more double whoppers than a Topeka, Kansas Burger King.
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