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  1. Did Greg Stone mention Sirhan firing blanks, Mr. DiEugenio? No, he would have laughed that off, and rightfully so. So, did Sirhan fire blanks?
  2. Oh, so Lowenstein destroyed the Kranz report.....really? showDoc.html (maryferrell.org)
  3. In regards to the RFK assassination, I do not believe or subscribe to a conspiracy. Studying the facts over the years, it was Sirhan and Sirhan alone that gunned down the Senator. I do not believe in the Manchurian Candidate fantasy. Also I do not dispute Noguchi's autopsy findings of a near "point blank" shot to the head, behind his right ear. Despite all the reports of Sirhan being some distance away, it was clear that he lunged toward RFK and fired the shots. By accounts I have read, that was the first shot (head). Not Thane Eugene Cesar, who had a .38 service revolver. If it was Cesar, then why didn't they jump him? Does that make sense? I prefer to read and study the actual reports, first hand to form my opinion. I am not swayed by the many books on RFK's murder promoting conspiracy. I do not have a closed mind, because I have examined many of these claims and they prove to be false, misleading and/or under-researched. You stated this: "MHO opinion the assassinations of the 1960’s should be looked at as a collective, not as individual unfortunate happenings. Look for patterns, not coincidences." Response: I strongly disagree with that statement. You cannot assume every murder, in this case, political assassinations are part of a conspiratorial pattern. That's absurd. Each case should be studied individually, examining the facts, the evidence and testimony of witnesses. That's my opinion.
  4. Yes, I have the Kindle version of Lisa Pease's book, "A lie too big to fail". No, it's not a new revelation of other shooters. Of course Thane Eugene Cesar is the most well known. But what Pease does is expand her fantasy to other shooters. Here's a direct quote from page 289 (Kindle Version) of her book. Knowing Sirhan was going to be firing blanks, other conspirators simply had to wait until Sirhan fired his first shot. Then, while everyone else in the pantry froze in shock and fear, assassins moved quickly to get the job done. This scenario fits all the known evidence. Sirhan was like a magician’s assistant, providing the distraction by firing blanks. All eyes went to his gun, leaving the actual assassins to do their job. The actual shooters could have used suppressors and kept their weapons well hidden, perhaps in rolled-up posters or under a newspaper or a busboy’s towel. With several people firing at once, it became impossible to tell how many shots are fired. That explains why the shots sounded like firecrackers to such a large number of witnesses. Pease, Lisa. A Lie Too Big to Fail (p. 289). Feral House. Kindle Edition. Does this sound credible? The book is chock full of "what ifs" and her speculation which are absurd in relevance to the facts.
  5. Statistical impossibility, huh? I see you believe the conspiracy nonsense. I will link this document for you and others to read. It's lengthy and no doubt there will be people who do not want to take the time to read and study. It's a primary document, not a conspiracy book by someone expressing their opinion. For background, a Special Council was appointed in 1975 by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to independently investigate the murder of Robert Kennedy. His name was Thomas Kranz, and he reviewed trial documents, evidence, witness interviews, etc. In short, a very thorough investigation. As I stated before, reading Kranz's investigation report requires concentration and attention to the detail. You will not find this exhaustive investigation in any of the various RFK conspiracy books, such as the sham book written by Lisa Pease. As most of you know, Lisa Pease believes Sirhan shot blanks out of his eight-cylinder Iver-Johnson .22 revolver. I've asked Mr. DiEugenio if he believes this, and he refuses to address the question, even though he reviewed Ms. Pease's transcript and highly praised the book. Here's the Kranz report https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=99873#relPageId=14&search=sirhan_bullets
  6. There's some crass remarks being made here about the Kennedy family. I would like to remind you that it was their father, not yours, that died because of Sirhan. RFK Jr. has a history of nutty conspiracy theories, including the Covid Vaccine aimed at Afro-Americans. And there is more..... The rest of the immediate Kennedy family don't buy into nutty conspiracy theories, so they are not gutless, in denial, ad nauseum. Just because you buy into this fantasy about Sirhan being innocent of anything.......you can't selfishly demand they do. Think about what you are saying.
  7. So Mr. DiEugenio, did Sirhan really fire blanks from his .22 Iver-Johnson revolver, as your close associate, Lisa Pease has repeatedly said?
  8. Mr. McBride, as of today I see nothing that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend supported RFK Jr. and Douglas Kennedy's recommendation that Sirhan be paroled. Maybe you have a source that I am not aware of. I do acknowledge that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has supported RFK Jr.'s call for a "Re-Investigation" in the 15th Parole hearing, not a Parole Release.
  9. Ron, so what was Sirhan doing there with his .22 Iver-Johnson revolver? Firing Blanks in the air?
  10. In addition to Kerry Kennedy, the eldest son of RFK, Joseph Kennedy has voiced his disgust with the Parole Board's recent ruling. Now it will go to the larger Parole Board, and then ultimately to Governor Gavin Newsom. You can bet your bottom dollar they will fight this. I support their efforts to get this overturned. I am confident Sirhan will remain, where he should be, in prison for the rest of his life. Assassin's parole recommendation condemned by Kennedy's daughter (newsnationnow.com)
  11. Jonathan, sadly it never ends. As you can see, some people will never accept anything and go to extreme depths of absurdity to confirm their emotional beliefs.
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