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  1. Very well stated Greg. Ruth Paine has been dragged through the cesspool of false innuendos and outright lies for too long. I appreciate your efforts to set the record straight.
  2. AFFIDAVIT OF MRS. ESTELLE TWIFORD The following affidavit was executed by Mrs. Estelle Twiford on July 2, 1964. PRESIDENT'S COMMISSION ON THE ASSASSINATION OF AFFIDAVIT PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY STATE OF TEXAS , County of Harris , ss: I, Mrs. Estelle Twiford, 7018 Schley Street , Houston , Texas , being duly sworn say: 1. I am the wife of Horace Elroy Twiford. 2. In late September of 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald telephoned my house and asked t
  3. Mr. DiEugenio, respectfully I'm not here to simply "amplify" Mr. Doudna's comments. I happen to agree with him, as he thoughtfully researched this topic, and I am of the same opinion regarding the misinterpretation and character assassination of Ruth Paine. Now regarding your link to the "Melbourne" article which raises the question about the Oswald letter to the Soviet Embassy about how Oswald had foreknowledge that Cuban Consulate Azcue was going to be replaced soon by a successor. Alfredo Mirabal Diaz (who succeeded Azcue) was in the Mexico City Cuban Consulate at the time of Os
  4. Mr. DiEugenio, I could care less if you find me "Not Credible". What's not credible is your diversion away from Mr. Doudna's points regarding Ruth Paine. He's asking for source material cited in your book, Destiny Betrayed, regarding the Probe article. Evidently you will not provide it, or you missed his point. I agree with Mr. Doudna's assertions that Ruth Paine has been unfairly victimized by reckless researchers and various book authors over the years.
  5. Cory, I agree. I do have evidence of GHWB in Tyler at the Kiwanis luncheon (held every Friday) in the Blackstone Hotel (downtown Tyler). Mr. Niederhut has made up his mind, or convinced himself it was GHWB standing in front of the TSBD. There are obvious doubts to this, of course. GHWB declared his candidacy for Texas Republican Senate back in September 1963. Tyler was just one of his campaign stops at luncheons, civic groups, etc. He had stayed in Dallas at the Sheraton, giving a speech at the API the night before. He then travelled onto Tyler, about 100 miles away to attend the Kiwanis Club
  6. I saw the "arguments" and photos. Seen them a hundred times before. That's not GHWB. It is only "your interpretation" and others that it is GHWB, based on a couple of photos. One of them doesn't even look like him. I haven't ignored it, and it's not him. Period.
  7. Why post evidence? Seems you guys got it all figured out that GHWB was there. Nothing is going to change your mind anyway.
  8. That is not GHWB. Period! This is old debunked nonsense. Bush said he was in Tyler and there's proof that he was. If you want to believe it was, then fine. Weak-minded people, huh?
  9. No it's not Landsdale in Dealey Plaza. I believe Rob Clark covered that very well in his podcast. Prouty (aka Mr. X) was debunked. Time to move on.....
  10. ST, wasn’t Rob Clark a guest host interviewing Fred Litwin? I know it’s on the Lone Gunman podcast, but can you explain to everyone here why you pulled it off your MWN podcast roster?
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