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  1. Jeremy, Thanks, for your above links, and comments about the "14-year-old boy" , Oswald, and Cliff Shasteen. I read through Greg Parker's work, interesting that Ruth Paine's work with the Jewish teen Hootkins, relates to her previous work with elderly Russian/Jewish immigrants in Indiana in the 50's.
  2. I'm being totally "tongue-in-cheek" , maybe he only drove well, when he had on his yellow shoes. Some of this you just can't make up. "and the only time I ever saw him smile he had on a pair of yellow house shoes and I never saw any like them before.:
  3. Denny, very nice write up. Makes you also wonder who the 14-year-old boy was? Mr. JENNER. Was there ever an occasion when you saw him driving up that he had the 14-year-old boy-with him?Mr. SHASTEEN. Yes; the night he got the haircut.
  4. Here's another pic, with the "supposed" clip in a non-blackened in state. And yes, it is a slight different view, as the man straight in back, with neck tie, is now facing them.
  5. Richard, Read this about Manny Pena, the later connection to RFK, and CIA link to him, and see what you think. https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKpena.htm
  6. Thank you Bart and David for all the great information you both post. Either these 2 pics are of a different gun, or it has been totally taken apart in between. None of the slots in the slotted screws are in the same position, in both pictures. And it may be the angle view of the second pic, but the machined surfaces are machined in a different radius, probably when the barrel was installed.
  7. This is from memory, but I believe Mr. Marvin also says in that video in his Army special sniper training they had a model/table of Dealey Plaza set up, as the perfect ambush situation.
  8. To me, the shadows in the “non-mic” picture also show the flash was up in the air. Several hats are above their shadows by quite a bit.
  9. Just a newb, 2nd post, not sure l linked the correct way, or how to attach. This link shows Carriles had a odd assortment of jobs, including some time with Firestone Rubber in Akron, OH. I noticed, since I grew up near there, what’s the odd connection with “Pan Am Exterminating Co.”, at 275 SW 6th ST. Miami Fla.? A search of that address brought up FBI document record number: 124-10198-10304. Agency File Number: 92-2782-709. Record Series: HQ Date 4/17/1963 Top Heading is: JFK Assassination System Identification Form. FBI was checking leads Santo Trafficante was trying to purchase the Pan Am Exterminating business. I didn’t know what the connection might be? Thanks Dan
  10. Just a newb, first post. What might our sunglasses wearing agent inside Parkland be holding in his hands? Looks like the way you would hold a shot glass, or small cup. Not that it matters, or important, just wondered.
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