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  1. Cheers Vince. Re Gary Loucks... I concur. D.P.U.K. held an annual Zoom meet last week & I put forward recommendation for you to speak at one of our forthcoming monthly Zoom seminars on your 'Honest Answers' publication out in March. Recommendation was accepted, so someone should contact you soon on that. Regards.
  2. Vince, There is a very brief vid at the 15:00 minute mark of S.S. follow-up driver Sam Kinney. You contacted and interviewed him back in '94. Was he the agent that cleaned the blood & gore out of the pres. limo at Parkland? In a recent publication. 'The Lone Star Speaks' an interview with Kinney's 'friend' Gary Loucks includes :-"He said he was the one who placed the bullet on the gurney in Parkland Hospital." Kinney found the 'pristine bullet' lying in the President's limousine as he cleaned the interior. This is a book full of 'hearsay' and unsubstantiated statements. W
  3. Fascinating post Mr Caddy! Reminds me of Robert Graves' quote from 'I Claudius' “Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.”
  4. Just ordered 'The Lone Star Speaks' Thank you for the reviews on this thread...Jim, Lawrence & Andrej. Amazon showed +Ve reviews too, e.g. "Really liked it. The material on Tom Alyea alone is invaluable."--Bill Simpich, attorney at law, Richmond, CA.
  5. Still far and away the best English football anthem....and I'm not a supporter of Liverpool F.C. RIP Gerry Marsden!
  6. Of many coincidences. Dulles was in Dallas five weeks prior to the assassination. Invited to speak at the Dallas Council on World Affairs. (Of which George de Mohrenschildt was a member.) I strongly advise getting a copy of Poulgrain's 'JFK vs Allen Dulles' which documents the links between Dulles and de Mohrenschildt going as far back as the 1930's. Information that George didn't disclose to the WC's Albert Jenner....commission sessions attended by Dulles!
  7. Greg, while I was aware of Callaway's taking of Tippit's revolver, the involvement of Ken Holmes and the wallet is interesting. No less so because Ken Holmes Jr., drove me around Dallas in 2003 & among the places visited was 10th & Patton. Too late now to ask questions! As for U.K. police stitching people up, that's a given! That old Monty Python sketch was accurate!
  8. O.K. It's all very interesting, and I've finished 'Tipping Point' on the MFF site. I do just wonder that higher plotters than Cuba Project alumni were required. Lots of factors involving multi agencies seemed to fall into place very quickly i.e. Secret Service, D.P.D. F.B.I. Anyway, I forgot to ask, do you have a publication date for 'Tipping Point'?
  9. Ex Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls on Joe Biden to end financial support to Israel. Every recent US administration has performed a perverse ritual as it has come into office. All have agreed to undermine US law by signing secret letters stipulating they will not acknowledge something everyone knows: that Israel has a nuclear weapons arsenal. Part of the reason for this is to stop people focusing on Israel’s capacity to turn dozens of cities to dust. This failure to face up to the threat posed by Israel’s horrific arsenal gives its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, a sense of power an
  10. Larry, Do you consider, even after his exit from CIA in November '61, Allen Dulles was still able to input his agenda onto his old colleagues in '63? We know Ike gave green lights to get rid of Lumumba, Castro & Trujillo. But the killing of Dag Hammarskjold in September '61 was given no presidential authority, yet Dulles and ZR/RIFLE were involved. Having read the recent brilliant publication by Greg Poulgrain 'JFK vs Allen Dulles' that documents the 30 years of Dulles fingers in the pie of Indonesia, that required the removal of Sukarno & JFK, which resulted in the regime change in
  11. Yeah Ron, correct. October '61 Angleton introduced Harvey to British CI (MI5) agent Peter Wright. Wright went on to publish the book 'Spycatcher' in the 1980's which P.M. Margaret Thatcher attempted to ban.
  12. Rude? Not at all. I fully applaud your approach. I have a similar courtroom attitude to the JFK case.
  13. Mervyn, you should have been a member of the Warren Commission!
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