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  1. Lawrence, The original manuscript, according to Wiki, is held at Wesleyan University...but has extremely restricted access.
  2. In addition to above, I believe HSCA further investigated these Cubans, and the name of Julio Cesar Fernandes Jr. may relate to this. Escalante lists the name in an Appendix in his 'JFK:The Cuba Files'. Gaeton Fonzi also has information on Fernandes in 'The Last Investigation' linking him with Oswald in N.O. Any info on this too appreciated.
  3. The case of Mrs. L.E. Hoover from the very small town of Martinsburg in central Pennsylvania. She had found a piece of paper a week before the assassination with the names "Lee Oswald" "Jack Rubenstein" "Ruby" and "Silver Slipper". The reference to "Silver Slipper" may not be the Ruby owned nightclub, but the one in Las Vegas later known for money laundering between organized crime and CIA. Mrs Hoover believed that the paper had accidentally come out of a trash can that belonged to a Cuban family with high level connections to the Batista government in Cuba. The FBI climbed all over
  4. No problem Ron. I transcribed Jenkins' Lancer presentation which I sent to William Law when he and Jim J. were putting together their book, 'At the Cold Shoulder of History' (2018). As for my own thoughts on Jenkins' memoir, & the points raised by Joe in his post above....many points are as 'mushy' as JFK's brain. I also concur with Micah above that there are many additions in that presentation that were not disclosed in earlier interviews with DSL decades before, and I seem to recall Mr Lifton expressing those opinions in previous posts on this Forum. It would be great if DSL
  5. Jamey, Re:- TSBD personnel try JFKConversations on Alan Dale's website for his interviews with Greg Parker. Some food for thought.
  6. Transcription of presentation given by Bethesda witness Jim Jenkins with researcher William Law, given at the ‘November in Dallas’ ‘JFK Lancer’ conference at the Adolphus Hotel on Friday 22nd November 2013. J.J.:- The sheets from the head were on the floor and my impression was I had to clean that up. It was picked up along with the sheets that were removed from the torso and placed in the linen room, which was a small room off of the morgue. The examination of the head started as a precursor to Dr.Finck arriving. When I asked who Dr.Finck was I was told that he was
  7. Good question Joe. Who was in the morgue from 18:30 to 20:00hrs? Certainly the room was cleared while X-rays were taken. According to testimony from Jim Jenkins JFK's brain was removed after 20:00hrs with the military in attendance & after the arrival of Finck.
  8. Wasn't it Giancana's predecessor in Chicago, Tony Accardo who was involved in the St. Valentine's Day massacre?
  9. Joe, DSL is really the man to answer your questions above.....but, "the question of JFK's body being removed from the Dallas ornate casket between Dallas and D.C." is strongly implied in Best Evidence p620 when Jerrol Custer recalled taking X-rays of JFK to an upper floor at Bethesda for developing and meeting the arriving Jacqueline Kennedy at the main entrance, with the Navy ambulance outside and therefore the ornate Dallas casket still to arrive at the morgue. According to Rydberg drawings of the Bethesda morgue with the viewing amphitheatre, was all in one room with two autopsy table
  10. Stone explained he is having a hard time finding a distributor. Both Netflix and National Geographic turned down the documentary as a result of an unapproved fact check. “Where are you going to find this information except in this film,” Stone questioned. “If they do a fact check, according to conventional sources, of course it’ll come out like that is not true.” So MSM is still following the W.C.🐑
  11. A cat amongst pigeons. A post on DPUK's FB page today. Firstly, let's dispose of the question mark at the ed forum about whether they had a ledger (questioned because I indicated they did). I use "ledger" and "register" interchangeably. Was that really so confusing for anyone?Here is what Gladys said:Mrs. JOHNSON. You know, I'm sorry I didn't bring my register. I couldn't tell you exactly; I imagine I had about 10 or 12.So no matter the terminology, they kept records in a book or pad of some type. According to Pat Hall in some of her many interviews during the 50th, her grandmother destr
  12. This theory has been around some time. So whose body was Earl Rose performing an autopsy on at 3:15 at Parkland on the 22nd? + Autopsy photographs of J.D. certainly i.d. J.D. & do not resemble JFK in any way. + JFK didn't have 'Tippitt' tattooed on his left arm. + Tippitt had one gunshot wound by his right nipple, which is not visible on JFK's Bethesda photographs. I'm sure of some magic tricks performed that day, but Morningstar's theory I can't buy.
  13. Sibert and O'Neil's 302 report states "The president's body was removed from the casket in which it had been transported and was placed on the autopsy table". As the FBI agents were in the Andrews AFB to Bethesda motorcade they must have been referring to the Dallas casket. Contrary to Dennis David's + others stated arrival time & shipping casket. Another mystery.
  14. A bit harsh David. Cpt Moore passed away from Covid today, but couldn't have a Covid jab because of his pneumonia medication after a recent holiday in Barbados! He wasn't a Battle of Britain vet either. Served in the army in Burma.
  15. Apologies to Larry for resurrecting this thread 😁 Interesting Shane O'Sullivan vid 'RFK Must Die' which includes (approx 1-10minute mark) of Ambassador audience persons of interest. RFK Must Die - The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11sDQFLmPX8&feature=youtu.be Worth watching anyway.
  16. Yeah. Certainly along with Meagher the best book critique on the W.C.
  17. Did he witness the type of casket that JFK's body was in? In David Lifton's 'Best Evidence' Sibert's report states:-"When the body was removed from the coffin and the wrapping taken off". Did he ever describe the Dallas coffin or a shipping casket?
  18. Author of 'Breach of Trust' has passed away in a retirement home in Lawrence, Kansas
  19. Try this Keyvan. irving street dallas texas - Bing https://www.bing.com/search?q=irving+street+dallas+texas&form=ANNTH1&refig=3bd5f39ec28947ddb5f3808509d97aa8&sp=1&qs=RI&pq=irving+street+dallas&sk=PRES1&sc=1-20&cvid=3bd5f39ec28947ddb5f3808509d97aa8
  20. Ok Pat, not much of a big step. Kinney told Loucks he requested the bucket from a Parkland orderly and cleaned the rear seat area of the limo. So, if he then found the pristine bullet....why wander into the hospital and drop this piece of ballistic evidence onto any old gurney? He couldn't know whose gurney it was, nor could he know at that time of any agenda of three shots from behind from the TSBD or anyone known as Lee Harvey Oswald. According to Loucks he was a believer in conspiracy & shots from in front, yet he saw what became of CE399 and kept schtum for fifty years!
  21. Cheers Vince. Re Gary Loucks... I concur. D.P.U.K. held an annual Zoom meet last week & I put forward recommendation for you to speak at one of our forthcoming monthly Zoom seminars on your 'Honest Answers' publication out in March. Recommendation was accepted, so someone should contact you soon on that. Regards.
  22. Vince, There is a very brief vid at the 15:00 minute mark of S.S. follow-up driver Sam Kinney. You contacted and interviewed him back in '94. Was he the agent that cleaned the blood & gore out of the pres. limo at Parkland? In a recent publication. 'The Lone Star Speaks' an interview with Kinney's 'friend' Gary Loucks includes :-"He said he was the one who placed the bullet on the gurney in Parkland Hospital." Kinney found the 'pristine bullet' lying in the President's limousine as he cleaned the interior. This is a book full of 'hearsay' and unsubstantiated statements. W
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