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    I am readying for publication on Amazon Kindle my work, JFK-Scorpio Rising: A Historical Analysis of the Causes of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Not a whodunnit but a more classical historical approach to why. Other interests are the slow revelation of UAP's vis-a-vis the Invisible Government, spirituality and science.

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I've followed the JFK assassination since 1966 when my uncle brought me a copy of Mark Lane's Rush to Judgment to try to jog me out of  amnesia a month after I was critically injured in a car crash. It worked the next day. I later learned he picked that book because of where he was and who he was associated with - many of the characters in Las Vegas whose names appear throughout the years in connection with the assassination. I'll never know if he was CIA or ONI (Navy - WWII) even though my guess is he was intelligence on some level. It was more than a little odd that he brought me Lane's book as an intro to him after five years silence. Bud was always a mystery to us.

My book may or may not make a dent in JFK assassination consciousness among younger students of the event. For all of you, it won't be anything new. I'm writing it primarily for the young generations who may not have much background. Hoping to attract history students, I address the event from the historical perspective beginning all the way back at the formation of the state of Texas, describing the economic, racial and power conflicts and their effects on future generations right through the Civil War. The post-Civil War anger passed down through the great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers, direly impacting the orientation of those men who as the centers of power in Texas and the United States, we can fairly safely conjecture, were players in the assassination. Texas history impacts our understanding of why he was killed in that state and the likely power centers whom we all are pretty certain were the responsible parties, some creating the climate, some providing leadership against Kennedy's entire approach to government, others possible more directly responsible. As you all know, some of the testimony of possible participants who admitted their culpability in the ensuing decades of the Twentieth Century has the ring of truth. Others, not so much. What do we do with the final words of people like E. Howard Hunt? 

I'm also a former special ed teacher, businessman, and an ordained pastor of the Progressive Christian Alliance because of everything I integrate into my belief system, not least of all the most progressive edges of science. I grew up rough and softened as I learned about life during the past couple of decades. In my fifties, I became a strong family man with an amazing wife, fourteen grandkids, now raising my youngest granddaughter (age 9) half-time.

Elected to local office as a Republican during the 1970's and seen as a bright-shining up-and-comer, I had worked as an Advance Man in both Reagan's and Ford's campaigns. My role was working with the Secret Service, local and state officials on their visits to cities, including motorcade route planning. That gave me extremely specific background for understanding what happened that day in Dallas and what did not.

I grew up  with grandkids of Al Capone and other mafia figures in a mafia-penetrated city at a time when much larger organized crime was beginning the process of making the mafia a much smaller player. But, then, when I stood in the City Council and publicly opposed a multimillion dollar project (the local media loved me), the local mafioso mouthpiece (a barkeep) threatened my family if I wouldn't go along with it. I shortly thereafter resigned my office and left the city never to look back. Need I say that also informed my understanding of the possible role of the mafia in the assassination?  

Hopefully, I have shed a little light on who I am. I have enjoyed reading all of you for many many years as I have dug and researched, and am pleased to join the forum.


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