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  1. Never mind Hootkins until the prior issue of whether the customer was Oswald is first established. You are right I earlier proposed Wesley Frazier as the boy at the beginning when I thought it was Oswald, but that was wrong. I have also come to realize that in my discussion with Greg Parker, once I realized it was not Oswald, I was also mistaken in supposing Shasteen had conflated sightings of the real Oswald (at the pharmacy; in Ruth Paine's car across the street) with his non-Oswald barbershop customer. I now see that too was incorrect and that all of Shasteen's sightings were of the same in
  2. Yes your analysis seems sensible. The window looks closed at the time the fatal shots were being fired, and the timing does not easily allow a shooter to have fired a shot and then closed the window within several seconds. But a point you mentioned earlier seems very significant, when you noted a difference in position of the sun shades on that window between the photo above, taken at about the time of the final shots at 12:30 pm, and the James Murray photo at 12:42 pm, indicating that someone was in Caster's office who was not Caster, in those minutes. If they were not a shooter, then t
  3. The Shasteen barbershop customer never claimed he was Lee Harvey Oswald, never spoke of himself as a Marine, never mentioned being in Russia, did nothing by word or action to represent himself as Oswald. Therefore there was no impersonation. It either was Oswald or it was a mistaken identification, one or the other. Shasteen had noticed Ruth Paine's station wagon in her driveway because it was near a rental property Shasteen visited. After the assassination, Shasteen remembered he had seen his unusual, unpleasant customer get out of a vehicle with two women in the parking lot of Hutch's G
  4. The following is a document I have as a printout, but do not know where I got it and now am unable to locate it either on the Mary Ferrell site or via google. I am keying the entire document here in hope that someone can identify and provide a link to it. My printout has a stamp at the top reading "Reproduced at the National Archives". Here it is in full: Witness: Clifton M. Shasteen Examining Attorney: Albert E. Jenner, Jr. Place and date of Examination: Dallas, Texas, March 25, 1964 Mr. Shasteen lives at 2214 Fairfax in Irving, Texas. He is owner and operato
  5. Mark, thank you for these additional photos and comments. If that window was closed during the time the shots were fired then that is decisive; a shooter could not have been in the Caster office. The window does look closed in the Wiegman film frame you show in the sense that it looks like dirty exterior glass panes that have not been cleaned for a while, just like the panes in the window to the left. But just to be sure here: is that "dirty exterior window" appearance really that, or is it an artifact of level of contrast/static? If you will check at 0:09 seconds in this copy of the Wiegman f
  6. Interesting Mark. On the shot originating from lower than the sixth floor, and also the evidence in your video clip that bullets shot through tree branches and leaves go straight and are not deflected, is it possible the shot was fired from the half-opened window, fourth from the right, on the second storey of TSBD facing Elm Street (the lower left window in this photo identified as taken at 12:42 pm Nov 22)? https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ad/f2/9b/adf29b8dd4e97d0f73cb1159303dc20f.jpg The reason that window in particular might be of interest is because it is the window of an office, locked
  7. There is no demonstrable untruth on the part of Ruth Paine regarding Nicaragua, or that she was surveilling on behalf of an intelligence agency in her photographs and notes. There was only voiced suspicions in Nicaragua, none of which had any demonstrated substance. For what it is worth, I know of no one in the St. Petersburg Friends Meeting who believed that was true of Ruth in Nicaragua. The Secret Service's isolation of Marina in the days following the assassination for purpose of debriefing her is completely and fully explicable in terms of standard interrogation practice and purposes, and
  8. One more comment on Ruth Paine and the destruction of her good name. Her father's AID work and sister's employment as a psychologist with CIA was unrelated to the covert-assassination ops of CIA and does not mean Ruth was CIA for which there is no evidence. Probably most have known a friend who has siblings or a parent who has been career military, if not coming from such a family yourself; that does not mean that friend or you yourself are covert military. There is no evidence of CIA employment or involvement in Michael Paine's family at all, let alone in Michael's own history. Ruth has denie
  9. Too far-fetched, nothing in documents showing operational use of such. That the autopsists speculated it is irrelevant, just as if the autopsists speculated divine intervention that would be irrelevant.
  10. Many thanks to the high quality discussion, especially of Steven Kossor and Mark Tyler but everyone else too. I read the second half of Josiah Thompson's new book arguing for rehabilitating the dictabelt shots, but it was heavy going (even though the book is well written) and I could not follow the technical side of it. Based on the discussions here and the oral history of Officer McLain in Sneed, No More Silence--the sirens, the human whistling, and McLain's insistence on an easily recognizable different sound of a three-wheeler--the negative argument looks stronger, not that my non-expert re
  11. Thanks Jeff but I'm not so sure about that. Police document examiner Joseph McNally testified that whereas Lee wrote the date and "to my friend George", the "hunter of fascists ha-ha-ha!!!" in Russian was not a match to Marina or Lee or George. But if McNally's experience was with handwriting in English and not in Cyrillic, given the small sample size in a language he could not read I am cautious of that expert testimony. If that testimony is correct then you are right, one would be looking at Jeanne or one of the other White Russians or Ruth Paine. But Jeanne would conflict with Jeanne's test
  12. DeMohrenschildt did say in I'm a Patsy that he only discussed the BYP confidentially with close friends such as the Fords but he also said he discussed it with Life magazine for a story and invited the Paines over for dinner in 1967 prompted by discovery of that photo in order to see if the Paines could shed light on it. That is reasonable as to how that dinner happened. Neither George nor Jeanne DeMohrenschildt said they knew the Paines well before that dinner in 1967 nor is there any other evidence conflicting with Ruth's testimony. But George wrote sympathetically of Ruth Paine after that e
  13. In fairness to Ruth Paine, there is nothing presented in Destiny Betrayed indicating Ruth Paine was concealing anything about her relationship with George DeMohrenschildt. The paragraph from Destiny Betrayed reads: "The official story has it that Ruth never met George [DeMohrenschildt] until then [February 22, 1963, Glover home gathering], and she never had contact with him afterwards.[fn 88]. When Garrison questioned her on this point before a New Orleans Grand Jury, this previous tenet of hers was shown to be in error. Garrison managed to get her to admit that she and Michael were dinne
  14. James D., a personal note to add here: the recovery of the Republican Party after the Goldwater disastrous loss in 1964, to the point of the 1968 election of Nixon, has been credited to, more than any other single person, the work of the Republican National Committee chair from 1965-1969, a former Ohio State Republican Party chair, named Ray Bliss, from Akron, Ohio. Bliss never ran for political office himself and was not in the headlines or public limelight but was a kingmaker well known to every insider in the Republican Party. He also, as was noted in comment by some peers in obituaries, ha
  15. I think you're trolling now, I hope not all along, since I gave this documentation just two posts of mine above, plus testimony on how Lee and Marina property was conveyed including any papers in metal boxes, nothing to do with hitchhiking. On seven metal boxes total taken, thought to be Oswald's, report of J. L. Oxford: "about 7 metal boxes which contained pamphlets and literature from abroad", http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/oxford1.htm. For 3 of those metal boxes turning out to be Ruth Paine's taken by mistake, leaving the remaining 4 as Oswald's, below. You can have any last word
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