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  1. I think you're trolling now, I hope not all along, since I gave this documentation just two posts of mine above, plus testimony on how Lee and Marina property was conveyed including any papers in metal boxes, nothing to do with hitchhiking. On seven metal boxes total taken, thought to be Oswald's, report of J. L. Oxford: "about 7 metal boxes which contained pamphlets and literature from abroad", http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/oxford1.htm. For 3 of those metal boxes turning out to be Ruth Paine's taken by mistake, leaving the remaining 4 as Oswald's, below. You can have any last word
  2. There were ca. 7 metal boxes. 3 were Ruth Paine's, later returned to her. Ca. 4 were Oswald's. Oswald did FPCC activity in New Orleans and in Dallas, whereas Ruth Paine had no known involvement in any pro-Cuban or anti-Cuban activity. None of Ruth Paine's metal boxes had that kind of material in them according to every, without exception, law enforcement officer who looked at the contents and reported on the contents of Ruth Paine's files. On the other hand DPD records show extensive material among Oswald's belongings related to his FPCC activity, activity which is disputed by no one. The
  3. Although this is slightly off topic, I would like to make a correction concerning Buddy Walthers, out of fairness to Walthers. The way Walthers' partner, Bill Courson, told it, Walthers never was in the Texas Theatre or part of Oswald's arrest inside the building--that Walthers just made that up in his report and testimony. In the Eric Tagg book, Brush With History, recommended by Larry, Roger Craig also said that Walthers never was inside the Texas Theatre. Craig would not have had personal knowledge, but endorsed Courson's story over Walthers'. I would just like to say that after studying th
  4. It is clear DPD and Walthers from the sheriffs dept picked up some of both Oswald and Paine belongings in their search warrant to take Oswald's belongings. It is clear from the police report you cite that there were ca. 7 metal boxes taken, that number also mentioned by Walthers, however it is also clear later that only 3 metal boxes were identified by Dallas police as being Ruth Paine's and returned to her. That means some of the metal boxes which police took thinking they were Oswald's, were Oswald's. Walthers under oath in his WC testimony that although they took ca. 7 metal boxes, he only
  5. That makes sense Pat Speer. I have thought Kinney's behavior as told privately to his friend Loucks, also Kinney's public silence throughout his life about it, makes sense on the supposition that (a) Kinney found the bullet in the limousine, but (b) did not turn it in immediately for whatever reason (holding it to turn in later? keep it as a keepsake?), then it became a "hot potato" in Kinney's hands as he realizes if he does turn it in straight and above-board now he will be subjected to withering scrutiny over not doing it properly, making him look bad and/or blemishing his job record. That
  6. The metal boxes and papers and materials therein belonged to Ruth Paine--nothing of Michael's as I recall. Why are you saying "Michael tried to implicate Lee regarding them"? Explain? I am not aware that Michael had anything to do with those metal boxes or their contents, let alone trying to connect Oswald to anything in Ruth's metal boxes. What does Michael have to do with this? No, Lee did not tote around Ruth's metal boxes or any of Ruth's contents therein in his travels, agree on that point. Ruth has told many times that her files and papers were folk dance records and such. Ruth
  7. See my comment on the "Creating the Oswald Legend: Part 6" (Vasilios Vazakas) thread, concerning the Walthers claim of seeing files of Cuban sympathizers in Ruth Paine's metal boxes (mistakenly supposed by Walthers at the time to be Oswald's metal boxes). Since Ruth Paine's files and records in those metal boxes were unrelated to Cuban sympathizers according to Dallas police and all others who reviewed and reported the contents for what they were, and since Ruth Paine had no involvement in a Cuban sympathizers' organization by which she would have had occasion to have accumulated any such file
  8. Thanks very much for bringing these two videos to attention Vince Palamara (from 1978, and 1993 Frontline, both new to me). These video interviews clear up a puzzle and establish and confirm the date of the visit of Leopoldo, Angel, and Oswald to Silvia Odio's doorstep: the evening of Wednesday, Sept 25, 1963. Oswald was on a bus departing from the Houston bus station at about 2 am that night. The Warren Commission spent a lot of energy fruitlessly trying to work out the timeline. They could not find how Oswald got to Houston. They also thought the Silvia Odio visit was on Thursday night and t
  9. Buddy Walthers said he saw notecards of Cuban sympathizers in metal boxes which Dallas police took, taken mistakenly since it turned out those metal boxes belonged to Ruth Paine. In other words they were wrongly taken. Ruth Paine has said numerous times what were in those metal boxes--college papers, folk dance organization records, and so on. You dismiss that as Ruth Paine lying. None of the other officers in the search of the Ruth Paine garage that day--Rose, Adamcik, Moore and so on--although they confirmed the metal boxes, none confirmed the detail about addresses of Cuban sympathizers. Yo
  10. What evidence that contents disappeared from Ruth Paine's metal boxes like the one you show above? I read through the pages of the link you gave and while there is discussion of this claimed fact, I never saw a link or document that established that fact exists in the first place. Could you provide that? Are you claiming Dallas police, or the FBI or Warren Commission, never returned to Ruth contents of her boxes that were in them after they were through reviewing, i.e. destroyed or disappeared her property?
  11. James DiEugenio--I follow and appreciate your description of the issues to some extent. But what you refer to as evidence miraculously appearing from the Ruth Paine house indicating that Oswald had taken a trip to Mexico City is a little misleading if the intention is to single out Ruth Paine. I think the more accurate wording would be evidence "appearing". For example, Oswald's address book has in it addresses of the Mexico City Cuban consulate, also the name and office phone number of Silvia Duran at that consulate. That address book was found at Oswald's room on Beckley on Nov 22. How in yo
  12. Run Bulman--you mean why were the Paines' personal property returned to them because it was not part of the search warrant for Oswald's things? I don't know, why don't you do the research and check that out. Why do police return people's property to them that was taken by mistake? Good question.
  13. I was commenting on three points with the most important one being the third, which in a normal universe would result in a simple note of thanks for bringing that to your attention and that you would get it corrected. What you did is go ad hominem on Steve Roe, then act like a street fighter with me, attacking me with what about this and what about that over there. On the above, I do not wish to put words into your mouth, but it is frustrating addressing what I think you mean if it is not stated directly, for fear of misrepresenting you (I do not wish to do that in all seriousness). For e
  14. Again on Ruth Paine, the same mix of blizzard of argument from associations and circumstances and suspicion, without evidence in all this time that Ruth Paine had anything to do with the assassination, framing Oswald, or being an operative for an intelligence agency. Not only is there no evidence or proof of guilt, influenced by having known her I believe she is factually innocent and there will one day be a burden of karma on those who out of zeal worthy of inquisitors of old, smear and destroy innocent people without qualms thinking that is doing justice for the Kennedys and King. Clay Shaw.
  15. Bill the WFAA-TV news footage can be seen here, the full 2 mins 20 seconds Tippit news story from 11:15-13:35, with the wallet and Tippit revolver seen at 12:37-47, where the two items are (mistakenly) identified in the voiceover as being the gunman's pistol and Tippit's billfold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxbl8phBKSw On timing, Myers, With Malice, has the return of Callaway and Scoggins to the crime scene as shortly before 1:37 pm when officer Summers at the scene broadcast a description of the Tippit killer obtained from Callaway. In Myers' reconstruction police commanders Owens
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