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  1. Hi Larry, I haven't read Shane's book either, so I am no sure. Perhaps it's in Lisa Pease's book "A lie too big to fail", it's he only dedicated RFK assassination book I have read (audiobook). I'll bring the thread back to life when I find out which book it was in, I seem to remember a fair bit about Morales, including someone who served with him telling a story of a confrontation in Vietnam, where he and Morales were very outnumbered and, Morales fronted them up with a show of temper and directness. Cheers Chris
  2. Hi Larry, That sounds fair enough. I did read something about him in the Phoenix program or something like that. It was Ruben Carbajal. This has come from WIKI bu, it's printed in a book somewhere, roughly along these lines: "Some researchers — among them Gaeton Fonzi, Larry Hancock, Noel Twyman, and John Simkin — believe that CIA operative David Morales was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Morales' friend, Ruben Carbajal, claimed that in 1973 Morales opened up about his involvement with the Bay of Pigs Invasion operation, and stated that "Kennedy had been responsible for him havin
  3. Hi John, Is i an optical illusion or is he taking the image before the limo passes him? ie i's still oncoming, as opposed to passing/directly opposite? The road slopes down to the underpass, right? What I am trying to check is what we should be seeing in the reflection. For that we'll need to know the height of his eyeline/camera, the car height and height of what should appear in the reflection. A slight upward or downward angle yields a different result. Thanks Chris
  4. Hi Larry, thank you for the in depth reply. I am certain the research work is exhausting and it takes you down a lot of blond alleys. I'll try to think which book it's in or where I read it. It was along the lines Morales becoming more loose tongued as he got older and disenfranchised. The quote allegedly from Morales lips was asserting that he had been in LA at the time of the RFK assassination. The person relaying this also alleged the death of Morales may not have been an accident. From memory the person went into detail about Morales trips using a black card or something which enabled him
  5. You don't need to stop responding, was the admission by Morales made up, fiction to sell a book? I can't remember which book I read it in now. hat part of the video looks ominous. I am sure I have seen another clip where he same dark skinned gent is behind a reporter or something, earwigging after the assassination.
  6. The BBC report also was apparently wrong about David Morales, a swaggering paramilitary expert known for his counterintelligence network in Cuban Miami and for his hatred of both John and Bobby Kennedy. Family members insisted that the man caught on TV news cameras at the Ambassador was not Morales, pointing out that the man in the news footage looked more like a light-skinned African-American than a Mexican-American. The man said to be Morales appears only in the background of video footage from a TV camera on the other side of the hotel ballroom. The image is both small and blurred making re
  7. Thanks Ron. All this does paint a picture. I would love to see a list of where al the other generals were too.
  8. Just something I may have picked up on here, after reading the comments below a link about LeMay being at the autopsy. It suggests he was visiting a base outside of Toronto. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_X This base also carries the name; ‘The Farm’. It was used by the OSS in WWII. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Peary In James W Douglass’ book; The Unspeakable or Brothers by David Talbot (I forget which) there is reference to Dulles being at a CIA facility the whole weekend. Is it possible Dulles could have been at the same facility as Le May?
  9. I've just seen this which is much higher res: https://riversong.wordpress.com/rfk-the-other-kennedy-assassination/
  10. Hi guys, I just watched this video and one person in the comments points out this one guy, centre screen at 4mins 28 secs, who seems to be the only one in the crowd not enjoying himself. His behaviour is a stark contrast to everyone else cheering. Those of you who have done extensive research; does he look like anyone you have seen before? This could just be random, as you look at a crowd of 100 people and someone is always depressed or angry, no matter what is going on. Are the guys behind him also with him? Is that David Morales also looking about? I am looking at images of Eugene Hale '
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