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  1. Thanks Jeremy, I am always trying to be logical, I have done all the water droplet type photography (digitall) and I did wonder if it wasn’t captured at all, given the speed. In fact before ever watching the Z-Film all I expected to see was a head recoiling. How do you feel about the explosion of blood (blurry mist) and the directions of it? Its very difficult to view the video without the autopsy/parkland information in mind. Given the slow speed of the car and motorcycles almost hitting the bumper at this point (having to brake)+ wind direction and speeds - I don’t think
  2. 30 mins in... it’s great. Thanks for sharing.
  3. @Robin Unger @Jonathan Cohen @Mark Tyler Alright guys, just read your comments and wanted to check some things. - You guys think the Z-Film is absolutely kosher? - As a result do you think the FBI chap (forget his name) who talked about his original viewing of theZ-Film was mistaken or attention seeking by saying he saw something different? I’ve seen others on here go to great lengths to prove the Z-Film was altered, each camp seems equally convinced. There is at least one thing that I believe was altered and it’s the blood spray we see in the remastered colour GIF here b
  4. Great GIFS - thank you very much for sharing
  5. Cheers Chuck, i’d read bits of the Bolden stuff. It’s highly suspicious that there is no record of the two arrested and no follow up on the other two that shared the room with the arrested two. Presumably because two men were arrested as well as Vallee, the secret service must have been informed, yet none can corroborate Bolden’s story. Hmm Some very striking coincidences there. Is there somewhere that has the alleged Miami plot details? Did JfK have to get a chopper out or something?
  6. Thanks Chuck. I have always wondered if you cross referenced diaries and alibi’s with the dates of the Chicago & Miami alleged plots, if there is an incriminating pattern? DAP, Lansdale, Hunt, Sturgis and so on. What were the cubans doing too?! Was Dulles at the Farm on all occasions?! It’s interesting, someone must have had a go.
  7. Thanks. Some interesting ideas here, Paul. Are you one of those who subscribes to the idea that Zapruder was put there to film this, as opposed to going of his own free will? Another thing that occurred me is; didn’t they change the motorcade route quite late on? In which case would SS men be asking why we are photographing a route we aren’t taking? I think both of the above then expand the list of people who may have wind of the conspiracy. Some here think it was a handful or so that were in on the actual killing but, I think you’d need many many more as all those taking s
  8. Hey Chuck, you make a logical case. I couple of things though, I am sure I read Lansdale was in Texas on the day (I know it’s a huge place) and Prouty sounded pretty adamant that the gnarled hand image by the tramps was Lansdale. He stated Krulak agreed but, then I think Krulak didn’t corroborate that. If I had to ID a work colleague that I saw daily from the back by their posture, I probably could in many cases. I know this one has been done to death on this forum and it is a pretty even split. If you were Wallace i’d think the last person you’d want as VP would be LeMay, he makes L
  9. This is what I asked you, Paul. To assess what is plausible, you can only do so with the context of the possible alternatives in mind. I believe it’s the Nix film that shows the stop from the reverse angle, do you destroy/lose that one too? What do the public conclude? There probably was enough fishy stuff going on without saying you have lost the most important video in history at the time. The first time I watched the Z film I thought he was shot from the front but, I have hunted. I would guess a lot of the public haven’t, and they watch the Z film and come to all sorts of conclu
  10. Yes, I understand and agree, just because he commits war crimes it doesn’t mean he was implicated in the JFKA but, it does set the scene with his character. I always think about how much of a step it was planning and killing foreign leaders to doing it to your own president. If the culture was in the CIA to hate the Kennedy’s, over the BOP and other things, it would have been very easy to find those willing participants and people who could keep their trap shut. You could possibly argue that it would be easy to find those same die hard patriot sorts of people at Fort Benning. Yep, th
  11. I think that’s the beauty of what you have suggested and the potential cover of other such false flag events is that you turn around and say it was a security drill or something similar if such a plot becomes known by the public. 9/11 & 7/7 both have anti terror drills running at the same time as real terror attacks. Startling coincidences perhaps. With Lansdale, and the JFKA, you need a logistical planner, we perhaps think of Angleton or Dulles but, it can be the newly retired Lansdale. It might do to think of him as CIA instead of military first and foremost, Prouty descr
  12. I have heard Prouty make the case that some generals and military high-brass would appear as Army, Air Force or Navy but, the salary would be paid by the CIA. If Lansdale was paid by the CIA, he always would be CIA, regardless if he appears to be doing anything else, they are paying the wages. it’s always difficult to judge as what is said in one moment may change a moment later. I have listened to Lansdale being interviewed after retirement and I did wonder how much was being said for posterity. It’s interesting hearing him talk on Vietnam: Because Lansdale app
  13. It does to us, but, did it to most people upon it’s release? They had no internet/youtube, You’d have only likely seen a quick clip on TV. Also they weren’t working digitally with Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro. There would have been creative limitations on what could and couldn’t be done in the required timeframe. Editing would have been limited, particularly as you needed to show a version of the film that roughly depicted when Abraham Zapruder started recording and finished recording (ie the whole time the limousine was in his view). If you showed an abbreviated seq
  14. Hi Matt, no offence taken, I understand why you may feel that way but, the same thing is happening in the UK, France, Germany etc. It may look a little different, be taking slightly different forms but, it's ostensibly the same. Freedoms being lost, democracy being eroded and censorship are happening here too. The race baiting and dividing of society is happening here too. I think it is great that you are selfless, passionate and are tackling causes local to you. We can find common ground there as like you, I want a better place for my children to grow up in. IMO that's the big issue today
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