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  1. I think fundamentally, a lot of the employee’s believe in what they are doing. I was going to mention the PRISM program and Snowden in the previous post, some don’t seem to accept that here. I saw that with Parler too, it was very contrived. It’s thought that Gates and Zuckerberg are INTJ’s, (some psychologists like Myers Briggs, some don’t give it much merit) the very logical thinking personality types that lack empathy, I have only seen Dorsey on Joe Rogan and in a hearing, he comes across that way also, lacking empathy whenever he responds spontaneously or naturally, though when w
  2. Oh right :-) You are being obtuse, i’ll take it with a pinch of salt. Bereavements often make people emotional and impair logical thinking. Just for the record; you accept the WC findings but, not the HSCA.
  3. That stuff makes sense regarding healthcare and dentistry, i’d like to see it. Last time I looked the US defence spend was 10x that of any other country. Is the real reason that doesn’t happen; the rackets that are at play in the military and healthcare industries? I happen to be among the minority here in believing some, if not all of these tech giants are in bed with the government on a certain level. Yasha Levine’s “surveillance valley” backed what I thought. The USA is by far the most powerful country on earth, why do we think these very powerful companies are allowed to operate and
  4. I suspect he is right on that and a few things. But, it doesn’t change the fact that we shouldn’t be condemning a man for a crime in absentia, when there is insufficient evidence to do so. That’s not justice.
  5. It’s the censorship side that worries me, clever algorithms, putting information that may be relevant so far down search results that nobody will find it. That and the propensity to have a modern book burning (digitally) in a round about way. There are so many tools available now to stifle dissent and right now the most powerful has become the public itself, as through ‘operant conditioning’ they now get a dopamine rush from social media ‘likes’ or seeing their social status elevated when they are virtue signalling or supporting causes or positions propagated by governments and their media ass
  6. I’ve been saying this on another thread, which some don’t find palatable as it challenges what we think of our media networks and establishment. Critical thinking is almost totally absent from society, laziness brought about by tech and reluctance to have any proper public discourse without cursing each other down, has left us in this horrible position. My question as always is; how much of this is a result of a natural societal trend and how much of it is a result of a deliberate conditioning of society? It’s very difficult to separate the two. Looking at the outcome we are becoming very comp
  7. Then doesn’t an official body as part of another comprehensive investigation have to determine that to set the record straight?! The answer is ‘yes’. As I am applying the same logic I would to the WC and its findings.
  8. James Corbett has featured this issue a couple of times, certain individuals responsible for numbers of edits that seems completely out of the realms of possibilities. Most of the public trust it implicitly.
  9. Sorry, I don’t agree with you in part here. The HSCA decided it was probable that there was a conspiracy to kill the president, based on the acoustic evidence. Historically, that should be reflected in academia and fact checking sites. LHO should not be listed as the sole assassin, he was never convicted and the evidence from the HSCA was the last investigation (though be it another sham). There are plenty of other things we can pick at in terms of evidence but, if you recognise or legitimise the Warren Commission, then so should the HSCA be recognised, and more information was available at th
  10. Just for anyone who missed this video posted by another member on the Nixon V Helms topic the other week. Here is Frank Sturgis stating Nixon was lucky he didn’t get assassinated like President Kennedy:
  11. In film or in reality, most conspiracies work best with few people involved and the logic used is that there are fewer mouths to talk. i would agree it is best to keep things as small as possible. Most of our logic on this is formed on that basis but, in the JFKA case or CIA covert ops, there is a different logic and i’ll explain why. All you need is to pick CIA assets to do the job that are: 1) Completely loyal to the cause, who despise the target and view the president as treasonous or undermining the strength and security of the USA. It’s easy to see with the failed Bay of
  12. I see what you mean, same on my iPhone. It seems like its just not opening them or the files are empty.
  13. Do you have original url’s? As they might be backed up by the WayBack Machine.
  14. That’s my logic too, the hierarchy in the US military decided on March 1st 1954 that they’d go ahead with the Castle Bravo nuclear test, despite knowing there was a small chance they’d set fire to the earths atmosphere and kill every soul on earth. The test was much more powerful than they calculated. They’ll do anything ...
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