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  1. An interesting communication from John Simkin: There is an article by David Minier (Santa Barbara County district attorney in 1967-75. He also served as the district attorney and a judge in Madera County) in the Santa Barbara News-Press about CIA agent Claude Barnes Capehart. Does anyone have any more information about Capehart? https://newspress.com/the-capehart-case-what-is-the-cia-hiding/ The Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t want you to know the truth about Claude Barnes Capehart. Mr. Capehart claimed to have been a CIA asset present at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The CIA has hidden the truth about Mr. Capehart for almost 60 years. Surveys show that most of the public believe the crime is still unsolved, and only 20 percent believe Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. Next month, with the government’s final release of secret J.F.K. assassination documents, the truth about Mr. Capehart may finally be known. Claude Barnes Capehart was living in Chowchilla in California’s Madera County in 1978. When most newspapers printed a government request for information about three persons of interest in a photograph taken at the assassination scene, Mr. Capehart’s girlfriend, Faye Weaver, recognized him as one of them. Mr. Capehart first denied, then confirmed it was he. He told her he had worked as a “hit man” for the CIA on numerous occasions, retiring in 1975. He told Ms. Weaver he was present with Lee Harvey Oswald at the scene of the J.F.K. assassination. He said two others were with Oswald, and it was not Oswald who shot the president. Ms. Weaver related this to Chowchilla’s resident deputy sheriff, Sgt. Dale Fore. She told Sgt. Fore that Mr. Capehart was “paranoid” about his photograph in the newspaper and left Chowchilla a few days later, after threatening her not to talk. Ms. Weaver said Mr. Capehart had passports bearing his photo but assumed names, and numerous firearms, including a high-power rifle with scope and a silenced handgun. She also saw items taken from the CIA spy ship Glomar Explorer and the Soviet nuclear submarine K-129, which the spy-ship had secretly raised from the ocean floor. Capehart carried a pistol both on his person and in his car, Ms. Weaver said. Sgt. Fore had met Mr. Capehart on several occasions, and Mr. Capehart told him he had retired from the CIA. He operated a well drilling business, and Sgt. Fore noticed he always had “a bundle of cash.” When Ms. Weaver showed Sgt. Fore the newspaper photograph of three persons of interest, Sgt. Fore found one to be a “dead ringer” for Capehart. Sgt. Fore recorded several conversations with Ms. Weaver. As Madera County district attorney, I also interviewed her, as did FBI special agent Tom Walsh. We all found Ms. Weaver credible. Sgt. Fore took his evidence to Washington, D.C., where he met with Richard Billings, editorial director of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and FBI agents. The committee never investigated Mr. Capehart’s claims about the J.F.K. assassination because its final report was already in preparation. A committee memo suggests Mr. Capehart be interviewed by the FBI, but it never happened. The committee’s final report, however, released in 1979, supported Mr. Capehart’s statements. The assassination, it concluded, was the result of a conspiracy, with at least one gunman other than Oswald, and with gunshots coming from two different directions. Later, both the committee’s editorial director Billings and its special counsel, Robert Blakey, faulted the CIA for lack of cooperation and withholding information. In 1988, district attorney investigator Dan Poole traced Mr. Capehart to Parumph, Nev. Mr. Poole and I planned to confront Mr. Capehart at home in an attempt to find out his true relation with the CIA. We arranged for a Nye County sheriff’s sergeant to accompany us and agreed upon a date in two weeks. A few days later, Mr. Capehart was found in his front yard, dead of an apparent heart attack. Seeking answers, I filed a request with the CIA in 1992 under the Freedom of Information Act. I asked if Mr. Capehart had ever been employed by that agency in any capacity. The CIA refused to confirm or deny, because that information “would reasonably be expected to cause damage to national security.” I then sued the CIA in federal court for the information. The CIA claimed national security. The court ruled for the C.I.A., and I appealed. In 1994, an appeals court ruled the CIA was exempt from the Freedom of Information Act’s disclosure provisions. But it observed that “concerns about the role the C.I.A. played in the Kennedy assassination have not yet been laid to rest.” Later, an Assassination Records Review Board was created to collect all relevant J.F.K. assassination records. In 1998, the board issued its final report. It confirmed that Claude Barnes Capehart was employed on the CIA spy-ship Glomar Explorer, but only as a crane operator. As for other involvement, the board found “no evidence … to suggest that Capehart worked for the CIA on any additional contracts nor in any capacity directly or indirectly.” The C.I.A. still claims its only connection with Mr. Capehart was his employment on the spy ship, from 1973 to 1975. That claim is false, and formerly secret documents prove it. Only four days after President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, the CIA requested a “name check” on Capehart from other federal agencies. Secret government documents about Capehart include, in “one (1) sealed envelope,” information “for the inclusive dates of 1963-1975.” And a 1973 CIA “letter of assignment and investigative transmittal” designates Capehart as “covert,” instead of “field.” The CIA’s secret documents about Mr. Capehart end in 1975, the same year he told Sgt. Fore and Kay Weaver he retired from the agency. Ted Gunderson, former special agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, told me an informant, Bob Brownell, claimed he knew Capehart when both were employed by the CIA. Mr. Brownell said Mr. Capehart had retired around 1978 “with a lot of money” and was buying oil well drilling companies. Last year, I contacted Josh Dean, author of “The Taking of K-129,” an account of the Russian submarine raising by the CIA spy-ship on which Mr. Capehart was employed. Mr. Dean then contacted a crew member who still had a copy of the ship’s “white” manifest that listed crew members by their true names. Mr. Capehart’s name was not on it. There was another manifest, the “black list,” for those aboard under “cover names,” the source said. If Mr. Capehart’s only connection with the CIA was his employment on their spy ship, why was his true name not listed on the ship’s “white” manifest? Why did an informant tell FBI agent Gunderson he knew Mr, Capehart as a fellow CIA asset? Why did Mr. Capehart have false passports and firearms, including a silenced pistol? Why is there a CIA “letter of assignment” designating Mr. Capehart as “covert”? What is in the “sealed envelope” about Mr. Capehart’s activities from 1963 to 1975? Why was Mr. Capehart a “dead ringer” for one of the persons of interest in the newspaper photograph? And why, just four days after the assassination of President Kennedy, did the C.I.A. ask other agencies for a “name check” on Capehart? In 1992, Congress passed the J.F.K. Records Collection Act, requiring all unreleased J.F.K. assassination documents to be made public in 25 years. In 2017, President Donald Trump, at the urging of the CIA, withheld from scheduled release thousands of secret documents for another three years. Until next month. Will President Joe Biden release those documents? If he does, will the truth about Claude Barnes Capehart finally be revealed? With images: https://www.fresnobee.com/opinion/readers-opinion/article254681767.html
  2. FYI we’ve had a fuel shortage driven mostly by MSM in Britain over the past week and we’ve lost a couple of energy providers too. Are you seeing any such thing in the USA? Makes me think of this quote: “In [totalitarianism] shortages of material goods, even of necessities, were not a drawback but a great advantage for the rulers. These shortages were not accidental to the terror, but one of its most powerful instruments. Not only did shortages keep people’s minds strictly on bread and sausage, and divert their energies to procuring them so that there was no time or inclination left over for subversion, but the shortages meant that people could be brought to inform, spy and betray each other very cheaply. . .” Theodore Dalrymple
  3. I cam across this BBC production the other day, Orwell’’s final warning, which is very moving. Turns out that Aldous Huxley was his French teacher at Eton, what are the chances?! Those two are looking very prescient in 2021.
  4. Hi William, I posted this 3 hour long audiobook called “Nietzsche & The N____” by Stephen Hicks the other day as I thought it would be an interesting read for you guys enthused about history or psychology. What the author does is highlights the origins and motivations of some of these key figures like Hitler and Goebbels and analyses their motivations and what shaped them. TBH it isn’t the MSM narrative we are mostly fed or, what or was taught at school. There is a really good breakdown of the psychological reasons and also the way Nietzsche was interpreted correctly and incorrectly by the NZ’s. It may not be convenient but, their ideaology (NZ’s) does come from the left and morphs into something else, again collectivism and the greater good is the facilitator. It’s very interesting. This author isn’t alone in thinking these thoughts, Jordan Peterson’s lectures on this topic also reflect similar findings. He doesn’t think Hitler was a mad man in general (only in the sense that he chose to use resources to kill more Jews, gypsies and Slavs, over actually trying to win the war) or a guy driven by failing to get into art college in Vienna, there was so much more to it than that. i’d highly recommend you have a listen, if you have time. I didn’t even know the book burnings were by students, as opposed to a party organised event. They were a product of the Prussian style education system and propaganda. Does that sound a bit like ‘cancel culture’ and the post modernist blight on academia now, combined with the MSM propaganda and censorship? My German friend had a read of it and he agreed with this point of view. Cheers, Chris
  5. He also tried to get the Jews out of Germany, warning a catastrophe would happen and asking FDR to start taking them as the US immigration quota (100K). FDR said “it’s not our problem.” That is also in Nasaw’s book “The Patriach”. Yet Wiki says he is an anti-semite.
  6. Well, let's look at the path of the third reich in WW2. Their rise and recruitment was under the guise of socialism and a leftist ideology. Then when in power, they did all of these unthinkable things that we remember as the right. The truth is the path to tyranny is most easily facilitated through 'collectivism' and the 'greater good'. "Beware a wolf in sheep's clothing ..." Recent events are making Orwell & Huxley seem very prescient, in many ways. If anyone wants me to elaborate on that, I am happy to. We're so unfamiliar with how tyranny takes a grip and where it leads, our comfort, timidity and apathy is the greatest threat to our existence, all were clearly outlined in the words of RFK's 1965 south Africa ripples of hope speech.
  7. Cheers David, that's well worth a look, particularly for those who are more sceptical. I have read 3 or 4 of her books, she's a pretty good author. "The Pentagon's Brain" is the one I thought was the best, a real eye opener,.
  8. That's exactly it, it's "papers please" to do something that was free before, reminiscent of communist states and Germany in WW2. We lose something, the authoritarians gain. The China situation is so dystopian, the state powers and social credit scoring system which was mentioned much earlier in the thread is a nightmare for anyone who cherish freedom. Such a system eliminates any dissent of government, as you'd be tyrannised just for speaking up. To put that in context, the freedom we express in the 'last 56 years thread' would see us unable to leave the country for our comments and having state privileges revoked. That's right now, how long until we emulate gulags? And all the rest of it?! This vaccine passport (biometric ID) was in the pipeline before the virus was even leaked from that lab, it's in the EU website literature from 2019. That should really bother people. It isn't solving the problem with the pathogen, any educated person who has read a little can see that. How can we ask people to take something that isn't the cure and as myself and others have pointed out, has a risk factor that is underplayed in the most deceitful way. We know it's 10X whatever the Yellow Card or VAERS system of self reporting is disclosing to the public. I can't blame anyone for not taking it, I have to ask why the very people so intent on population control and climate change, are the ones most keen to see everyone have the jab and those who don't be punished. That in itself is 'doublethink'. What gets me is we are seeing the biggest transferal of wealth upwards in history, we are wiping out the middle class and making citizens state dependant. It's not the 1% it's more like 0.01% and those are the guys funding these medical institutions and advocates of the 'great reset' and restructuring of systems. It gives those who care about the present of future so much to ponder. Those born after WW2 in the west, have lived in a very good time comparatively, we have been very lucky, but, that appears at an end. Cheers Chris
  9. For those of you who are students of history or psychology, this is a fantastic 3 hour audiobook (free). It covers the build up to WW2 and a profile of the key third reich politicians and their motivations. It also covers how Nietzsche was interpreted and misinterpreted. You'll see parallels of what we see today and what we have read about the JFK era.
  10. Is there fear in the air stateside amongst the political elite? Society divided so much that we can't talk to eachother, this has been driven by our leaders. They divide society as many ways as they can. Dan Andrews, premier of Victoria, Australia. Tyranny ... Why do they?
  11. For anyone interested in how politicians lead us into tyranny, this is a great bite-sized video that explains things from a psychology perspective.
  12. i think if we look for patterns or past form, all of these America or previously British organised or assisted coups and regime changes, they most look like ruthless unsophisticated thuggish factions carried them out. Until you look at where the dissidents funding and support came from. By design, if you’re going to get away with this stuff consistently, then your plots had better lead the masses to everyone else but you and the more logical the paper trail is, the better. In the JFKA case, the Cubanos and Mob were already on the payroll to help kill Castro, in a way that could be denied in a heartbeat by the govt agencies. So your thugs to enact regime change are already there, trained, motivated and financially supported. Ultimately, it’s Yale or ivy league guys making those decisions to do that stuff at the CIA in those days and their frat buddies making the profits from the wars JFKA wanted to stop. How many presidents or prime ministers do we have to hear mouth the words “new world order’ to upgrade it’s status from a ‘conspiracy theory’ to something bonafide. It seems that class treats the term or the term globalist as a badge of honour, not something to keep hidden now, only the press do that. i know some people here will think that the mentioning of this angle detracts from the JFKA research and smears it but, its the same people smearing both and there is genuine validity, I am also offshore, but the pace of which this pandemic and related issues are moving at, leaves me and friends little room for talking about much else, especially seeing whats happening in France and Australia. Oddly, I won’t mention the JFKA in those circles, as despite the significance I give it as a seminal moment in history, they maybe have a point that in the wider context, its just another wrong in sea of deceit and corruption and solving the present issues are a greater pressing concern than correcting this one.
  13. I see it a bit like some have depicted it, a few east coast elites smoking cigars and drinking brandy, lamenting the direction JFK was taking and their free reign of profiteering from rackets like war and oil being reduced. Someone then has a whisper of encouragement to Dulles or a military general who these elites have been benefactor to. The words are never directly spoken but, there is understanding. Then you have someone like Dulles and Angleton having a 1 on 1. Nothing is written down but, a strategy needs putting together. Just as Dulles factors in a fail safe, so it never leads back to him, Angleton does the same and so on down the ladder. That hateful group who have all of the motivation to do it, mafia, cubans or just a CIA wet work team, may even feel like they are the ones doing it but, they know one important thing, that’s that someone from above has given the nod. Makes me think of the line in the Irishman (Scorcese) when Pesci’s character references someone at the top. Nobody really knows anything apart from the person above them and they have no proof or evidence, should things go tits up. It also reminds me of the Cohen trial (Trumps former lawyer), when he claimed Trump never ordered him to do corrupt things, he just knew that was what Trump wanted. You might also note the Joseph P Kennedy alleged advice to JFK, if you ever have to give that kind of an order, never write it down. I agree but, I think they’re more likely to be found amongst the die hard operational types than the east coast money men. The cold war made the latter very wealthy, the former were conditioned, agitated pawns in the equation. Those pawns willing to take he risks could be ideal in this plot. Thats not to say that the person firing the kill shots was one of these, on one hand he may have been a Fort Benning or Fort Bragg type, or he could have been a Frenchman fulfilling a contract. Cubans and Mafia may have been the second lines of patsies or scenery. If we look at the MSM or even many of our own journeys to find truth in the JFKA, our path starts with Ozzie being the man its pinned on and then takes us to the mafia or cubans, the right winger types, and eventually the CIA. By the time you get to the CIA, the water is so muddied by the rest of it, it just becomes a mess that nobody dan decipher. If we take that aside and use ‘cui bono’, it skips most of the above and takes us to the money men/power elite IMHO. And the possibility that the true assassins had two motivations, getting paid and getting away. If we veer away from it being a cuban, mafioso or cia unit with a grudge, it can just be a professional or two, with an exit strategy. We talk about the south knoll as a potential kill shot and throat shot point, whoever shot from there had an easy exit. IMHO you may be right and I may be wrong but, it may be the other way around. We’re very well trained to buy into heroes and villains, grudges, revenge etc but, the killers may just be pro’s without a care in the world for American politics. You need a suspect, as it enables others do get away and even some stopped by cops or in custody to be released, Tippitt getting shot turns all eyes on LHO and a like pre-prepared media narrative immediately fingers LHO, a communist has done it. Case solved! Misdirection is essential if the real killers are to get away. Was one of them on the military flight suggested by James Douglas? Who knows. it’s fascinating though! I do like your thinking on a lot of this.
  14. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cia-mike-pompeo-plot-kill-julian-assange-wikileaks/?fbclid=IwAR0LYNe1jSGAZk_Im52A3pNVtRUwrjya-o_ynDpDnaz42DP1lVfr13b7asE Kidnapping Assange? Perhaps assassinating him? Sounds like something that would go on in Russia or China.
  15. I think It’s somewhere in the middle, Ben. It doesn’t have to be as small as 5 or 6 people but, won’t be dozens and dozens. Realistically, you need people who are very pro removing JFK, who have something to gain by his removal, and who have everything to lose by speaking out. Those things ensure silence, all concerned know the cost of doing otherwise. For sure very few knew the exact details, it’s not something most people would want to know the details of, as it’s a burden. A bit like Prouty referencing military generals who preferred not to know where the CIA were using loaned weapons or hardware. People just want to look the other way and conform to authority. The structuring of the JFKA would be done in a way that compartmentalises everything, with individuals only knowing their role and not roles of others. You would leave no trail and should anyone want to whistleblow, their story would seem less than complete, they wouldn’t have a story, just a small piece of one. Maybe Oswald was lured into his patsy role using such compartmentalisation?! He could have been hanging out and surveilling Ferry and co, as if they were the organisers of the coming hit, he was informing on them, while being manipulated into his role. At the same time a serious team was working on the JFKA with the CIA or military. People like using Ocrams Razor but, this may be far more Machiavellian. The government had plenty of practice with assassinations and regime changes, always came out of them as something other than the suspects.
  16. Interestingly, Rose ends up doing Tippitt, Ozzie and Ruby's autopsy. In his defence he is apparently one of the ones trying to stop the SS guys taking JFK's corpse before a mandatory autopsy is done, at least according to unreliable Wiki.
  17. I interpret as JD Tippitt spent a lot of time in the sun, a tan is the only commonality. They look nothing alike.
  18. Q. Is it fair to assume that Lee Harvey Oswald was not supposed to be apprehended alive? The fact Ruby has to go and kill him in a police station foyer, seems a sub-optimal solution for Ruby as it means his arrest, detention and sentencing. The it’s also sub-optimal for the conspirators as it looks bad Oswald being offed in a police station. I think it would be fair to conclude that something had gone wrong between the time of the assassination and Oswald being arrested. Lets say there was a conspiracy to kill JFK and the security apparatus has procured or groomed LHO as the patsy, fall guy or sacrificial lamb. When LHO realises he’s playing this role, he goes on the run and when things are closing in on him, he goes to the most public place possible (theatre) and calls out that he is unarmed, so he can’’t be executed by cops and can be arrested alive. I would posit that Oswald was supposed to be killed resisting arrest somewhere else and that the Tippett killing adds to Oswalds notoriety, not just being wanted for the killing of a beloved president (in many parts) but, also a cop-killer. His trial was taking place in the public domain before he was even in custody, a place he was never meant to be.
  19. The John Birch Society gets mentioned a fair bit of exposure on the forum in respect to the JFKA but, how many of you have heard this speech by Robert Welch, and what do you make of it? Is it prescient? Does any of this apply to the present?
  20. Back in the late 50’s we had deceitful individuals and agencies influencing press, now we have a whole system compatible with deceit, where in unison the industry sings from the same hymn sheet.
  21. Great little video, William. Thanks for sharing. There are a whole bunch of reasons listed here as to why we can’t see the truth or can only see the POV we have formulated:
  22. Seems like he is the medical fixer. He might be compromised like Bugliosi. A forensic analysis of his accounting/net worth and assets throughout his career would be interesting. I suspect its increased substantially at various points.
  23. Is this the same Michael M. Baden that was involved in the OJ Simpson and Jeffrey Epstein autopsy?
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