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  1. We’re here to have an open discussion and opinions, so thats cool, i don’t mind you disagreeing. But, I will point out a mischaracterisation of my statement. The homicide rates from the 1960’s are publicly available, so, I am not asserting that every murder in that period was connected as part of some conspiracy. I am merely stating that four of the most prominent American political figures of that period are murdered in quick succession, which defies mathematics and probability. So is the absurdity to accept coincidences or put things down to happenstance? Personally, I like probability. Only two sitting senators have been assassinated, Robert F Kennedy and Huey Long. Both with ambitions for the presidency. I agree with you there. What do you make of the evidence that is contrary to your view? What is your qualification process? Trust in the LAPD? I would hasten to point out the Rampart scandal and wide-scale corruption that was exposed in the decades after. Can the evidence be relied upon? This one is easy. Do you have any idea what it would be like to be in a confined space with multiple shots going off? The sound, the confusion, the chaos? Essentially, your reaction wouldn’t be a conscious one, it would be your subconscious that takes over, you’re in survival mode, trying to stay alive. Your eyes would be drawn not to Robert F Kennedy but, to Sirhan firing, its perfectly plausible that another gun could go off more than once and barely anyone, if anyone would notice. If you were the architect of such a plan, it works well.
  2. I think you’re spot on about Marxism. It isn’t the cure for anything. As for CNN; Vanguard & BlackRock. Who owns them? Vanguard! Who owns Vanguard? A bunch of private shareholders, I suspect some of the names are the families we loosely accuse of the JFKA here.
  3. Of course Bush is, as the only route to liberty for the masses seeking freedom and democracy is civil disobedience, rebellion or revolution. Marx (who I generally dislike) looks to have been right about the end days of Capitalism. You’d end up with oligarchs cannibalising government institutions.
  4. I may have misunderstood where you are coming from here. So, you agree there was a conspiracy to kill Senator Robert F Kennedy (one of two Senators to be assassinated in US history, the other being Huey Long) but, you disagree with Lisa’s hypothesis?! As to whether blanks being fired as a distraction, it seems plausible, I mean the noisiest rounds possible to draw attention to Sirhan, but, it matters little if he is firing live rounds. You might draw a comparison between people firing from the TSB vs the people firing at the picket fence. The crux of the matter is Noguchi, and his testament to the kill shot being behind the ear and a few inches from RFK’s head. That and the panels removed with bullet holes in them and being destroyed by the LAPD. We have all of the motive in the world to believe that RFK being killed by a conspiracy. IMHO opinion the assassinations of the 1960’s should be looked at as a collective, not as individual unfortunate happenings. Look for patterns, not coincidences. Of course, it’s a persons right to disagree, but, logic has to prevail in any coherent investigation.
  5. Out of interest, have you read Lisa Pease' book, "A lie too big to fail". It wasn't a new revelation that RFK was assassinated by someone other than Sirhan Sirhan, it was thoroughly researched and expanded on.
  6. 100%, it was the modern "day of infamy". Perhaps while we are at it we may look at the attack on the Phillipines, Guam and Hawaii, with a more critical eye. It's another where intelligence was ignored of the coming attack. Roosevelt did 3 drafts of his public announcement, the term "Pearl Harbour" was seen as more catching and relatable to the average white American. Historically, we remember the event as an attack on a US base in Hawaii, not on the Phillipines and Guam. The USA stopped selling the Japanese oil, just 3 days before the attack. 9/11 - Passed the patriot act (anti terror laws in Europe), the public lost freedoms and the state could legally surveil us and view our data. Also we could hold terror suspects indefinitely and have secret courts ruling over peoples fate's. - 20 years of war waged for profit, for any spurious reasons or loose connections to figments of the security apparatus' imagination. - Banking systems changed in those countries that experienced regime changes. The Bank of International Settlements and Co were straight in. Along with all manner of globalist organisations expanding their markets. And so on .... The World looks very different after this event. Anyway, that's me done for the evening, off out fishing.
  7. Hi Greg, I think we're all here for debate or should be. If remarks are disparaging or discourteous, then we risk descending into the petty insults, as opposed to constructive debate. I think your tone in the reply to me is why you have so many replies. I am no shrinking violet or seeker of an echo chamber, as you'll see in other threads. I am perfectly prepared to have conviction about things on these topics that are not widely accepted by the herd. You are more than welcome to start a thread on the 2017/18 document releases and have discourse/debate on them. I am sure you'd receive some engagement. One of the problems with those releases is that the authorities have had 50+ years to cleanse the data, you'd be relying on incompetence to find anything useful. n fact, there may even be plants in those docs to influence us. It would be discourteous for me to say; it never ceases to amaze me how much store people put in classified record releases by the government, to be authentic and not highly screened, redacted and manipulated. I've read the AARB related critique of Prouty, is it a case that you can't look past that? Is it not important that he had a day to day working relationship with some of the people we are alleging as to have been involved? That he was a senior official? I can tell you, I could 100% ID my father, brother, best mates etc from a photo from the back, hairline, posture, etc. Where is the upside for Prouty to allege this stuff? He becomes a social pariah, could he lose pensions? His reputation at stake. The risk to his mortality in saying such things? For what, book sales and a bit of worship from assassination researchers? It's an illogical move in my opinion. Thanks Chris
  8. I think that’s the big issue here, people haven’t read his stuff or listened to his audio. For whatever my opinion is worth in the psychology field, I agree, he seems absolutely credible and genuine, infinitely more so than many of the politicians that people here are voting for. The same destruction of reputation Garrison, Stone and Sprague started to experience, seems clearly applied to Prouty. The trouble is; that’s too wider conspiracy for many here, ie the media being involved, despite the CIA’s operation Mocking Bird and so on. There are few in a better position to have an opinion on these things, than Prouty. I believe he was honest.
  9. - It’s an unsolved crime. Discussion is important, so much of the information gained is because many many people have talked through theories, some valid, some not. If you think the names you mention were not influenced in their thinking by others; then you’re mistaken. If you’re not bought into this theory, it shouldn’t irk or agitate you, just scroll on past, it’s as easy as that. - What were Prouty’s motivations for lying or misleading people? Book sales? Fame? - Do you have some issues with Lansdale being involved, or just it just seem far fetched? What are his credentials? Is he someone who might be useful in a coup d’etat? Or, someone who wouldn’t be of use?
  10. It’s probably the worst time to speak out, given the reputation destruction for everyone else who goes against the grain these days. It’s pretty ruinous accusing the state of anything. Which is why I commend RFK Jr on most of the work he is doing, it would be far easier to just live off his inheritance. It’s easy for us to point the finger when we have little to lose or risk in what we are doing. I think few people here can relate to what it is like having constant constant threats to their lives or the lives of their children. A few years ago the FBi released information about the threats made to Ted and the way they were directed at the young children. Just imagine you getting a letter through the post that says acid will be thrown into the eyes of the kids while they leave school etc. The way it would affect you or your partner psychologically would be immense. For the family, they must think that justice doesn’t exist, that’s a theatre for us to buy into.
  11. James Files!! Picket fence!! Remington XP100!! Bitemarks on casing!!........JFK murder solved!!!!!!!!!! For me, the Files story was a dead end from the moment FBI agents called him surprisingly credible.
  12. i just saw this one on Twitter. There is a quote or two from Richard Holbrooke’s diary before his death, from a conversation with Joe Biden. When I mentioned the women’s issue, Biden erupted. Almost rising from his chair, he said, “I am not sending my boy back there to risk his life on behalf of women’s rights, it just won’t work, that’s not what they’re there for.” [. . .] He said it ain’t going to happen, he said I don’t understand politics, he said we’re facing a debacle politically, he said we’re going to lose the presidency in 2012 if unemployment remains high, and Afghanistan was the other issue that could pull us down and we have to be on our way out, that we had to do what we did in Vietnam. This shocked me and I commented immediately that I thought we had a certain obligation to the people who had trusted us. He said, “xxxx that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.” https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/joe-bidens-world
  13. I have a rather sizeable bet with a friend that they’ll be some kind of invading force back in Afghan within 2 years (inc. UN). UK media looks like it is manufacturing consent again.
  14. He was the guy who wrote the Iraq War strategy for Bush II. After public outcry, he then replaced Henry Kissinger as the 9/11 Commission as Executive Director. Then the public learned he wrote the Iraq War strategy, toward the end of his time with the 9/11 commission. Earlier this year he was asked to help with the planned Covid Commission. The commission was set up to fail, there are some striking parallels with the Warren Commission. Learn history with Philip Zelikow https://www.corbettreport.com/learn-history-with-philip-zelikow-video/ The 9/11 Suspects - Philip Zelikow https://www.corbettreport.com/911-suspects-philip-zelikow/
  15. Hi David, I totally take on board what you are saying. This was actually my biggest fear, that a crowd of the disenfranchised pushing their way in to the Capitol on January 6th, would be used to pass domestic terror laws, which would in turn be used to curtail, stifle or, stop future protests completely. Democracy loses. If it was proven that 9/11 was an inside job, are they the right circumstances for the whole country to get out and protest and demand a new enquiry? I think if we start censoring, we are working against democracy and liberty, not working for it. We might ask ourselves, whether 'conspiracy theories' or, the government is more dangerous? What is the death toll caused by each? Would the founding fathers support the censorship? "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." It seems clear to me but, some will argue the new tech advances means the founding fathers may not have full understood what the future may look like, and some would argue the principles are the same. What is happening is, for the most part the censorship is tech driven or it's unclear exactly who the advocate of it is. The government should be extolling the virtues of the first amendment (IMHO). Back to a JFK quote" "For democracy to survive, people must be educated, vigilant and ready to rise up should their freedoms be threatened with being taken away." I honestly have seen very little of this QAnon thing, is it possible that the first paragraph could correspond to this also? The result is that major news networks have run stories about how dangerous 'conspiracy theories' are. The knee jerk reaction from most of the public is that CT's are dangerous and must be stopped. The result is that society is afraid to post any concerns that don't fit the MSM narrative. It stifles dissent. Who was behind this QAnon thing? IMHO It's always interesting to flip the narrative 30 degrees and to analyse it, and question the consequences of actions and inaction. Best wishes, Chris
  16. Thanks for your reply Kirk and for finding it within your pride to address me directly again. We can all get along and discuss things if we are not nipping at eachother. What is interesting to me is what is triggering you here. You have taken exception to Kiyosaki but, I don't think you actually addressed what triggered you in this reply, it was something else. He is an interesting character, he's had his critics which you have pointed out. I have read his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and from what you are saying here, I don't think you have read his book, which actually is enormously useful (IMHO). He maintains that being poor is a mentality in the west, it starts with words and becomes flesh and bone. So much of it comes from the mentality of your parents and the example they set. Successful people think differently and like so many things, it boils down to psychology. Kiyosaki makes a very valid point which fits in with this thread, that is that we don't learn about money in school, in fact it's obvious that it's the most important thing we could learn about, managing our finances and there is no education on it. What we are doing is sending people out into he world like lambs, waiting for wolves (financial institutions) to lure them into debt and servitude. I am very pleased someone is pointing that out. You can judge Kiyosaki for having a bankruptcy on his record, but, that's going to be a lot of us when this pandemic is done, including your friends, neighbours, maybe even family etc. I can see the criticism of Kiyosaki online, he doesn't pay any taxes or very little and openly points out that those loopholes are there for everyone to exploit, if you wish to be 'self-employed' instead of 'employed'. Google paid zero corporation tax last year, was it the same for Amazon? Are you using both of those services? If so, where is your outrage? What that might do is put your nemesis, Trump, in the same boat as Google and Amazon. It's so interesting the way media driven narratives make one person a hero and another a villain, as always the devil is in the details. Just remember, your political system makes and upholds the laws on taxation and leaves loopholes in for wealthy people, whether they be Dems, Reps or independents. It's the same in the UK. It hasn't escaped my attention that you are trying to attach me to Trump, as a means of a smear. Much like Benjamin, at times if we are comparing DEMS and REPS, I might side with the REP over the DEM or vice versa. I may side with JFK over Nixon, or Trump over Hilary on some things. And in some cases (very often), I think the whole system is corrupt and filled with morally reprehensible people on both sides, and that it amounts to theatre for people like you who are thoroughly bought in and invested in this tribal, red/blue, divide and rule system, which works for one class of people and not the majority of the electorate. You have mentioned 'Climate Change' and you are surprised that very little is mentioned about it on this thread, as if it casts a suspicious spotlight on me. You are a contributor here, if you feel you have things to say about it in terms of conspiracy, please feel free to contribute, we may even find some common ground on the topic. This has become a thread addressing a diverse spectrum of issues, frankly I welcome more issues to be added. My personal views are that we are destroying the planet, every food we eat is contaminated with something, I am personally involved in some forms of activism regarding what we are doing to the sea. I also am intelligent enough to realise that not everything under the 'Climate Change' banner is being presented exactly as it is. I do believe we'll have a carbon debt attributed to us all after 2030 and the same people who profited the most from the destruction of the planet, without punishment, will be the ones who profit the most from future systems. Just to address another paragraph of yours, I think we're in the last days of capitalism before technocracy fully moves in. Though I don't really subscribe to Karl Marx, he seems to be exactly right about what we'd see in the end days of this unsustainable system, Oligarchies moving in like vultures. Using your words, perhaps you have been duped by your political class and you are not aware of that? You voted didn't you? You mentioned a conspiracy theory about Biden dying, I think it was more than clear he is in cognitive decline before the election, why wouldn't people think he may not see a full term based on age/mental faculties. Was it the 25th amendment from 1965 that allows a president to be replaced if they lack the presence of mind? One thing I would hasten to add here, I am not keen for this thread to me a red/blue thing, I know you guys love to talk about that but, I have no control over that, I am just conscious we already have one thread that is covering that and is very popular. Cheers Chris
  17. It's an interesting topic. I think I saw her speak about it some years ago, but, at the time it was less #MeToo and more that she was mesmerised/captivated, she had no regrets. The way the world thinks about this has dramatically changed. In the modern era, for whatever reason, JFK seems to get more flack for it than MLK Jr for the same behaviour, ie having affairs. Today, it is not a welcome comment in the public sphere to suggest that they were 'men of their time' as an excuse but, actually it's true. No mobile phones, or connectivity of society meant that there were a lot of affairs. I question why the enemies of JFK did not use his affairs to destroy his chances of re-election and the prominent answers are that rather than because journalists were more honourable, I think every guy in politics was 'at it' or vulnerable to it and perhaps they thought it wouldn't have been enough to change public opinion in a male dominated America?! If we compare it to the Clinton affairs and reprehensible tactics to silence the women, it seems a different thing to me. Dominance hierarchies are as old as mankind, I listened to Jordan Peterson describe rock stars and celebrity, the way women marry on their level or above them, whereas men marry on their level or below them in the social strata. The truth is women do throw themselves as celebrity, rock stars and people above them in the social strata. If we break down this scenario, she was 20, probably very naive but, also a consenting adult. By that age she would undoubtably know the difference between right and wrong, on her part she has not only been unfaithful to her partner but, risked breaking up another marriage or partnership. She certainly waited a long time to tell the story and the dead guy can't defend himself. What I am trying to say is, it's a lot more complicated than a short article or excerpt. It's complicated, there are a lot of grey areas that are frequently discussed in psychology. With all that said, reading Nasaw's "The Patriarch", I think JFK never valued fidelity and this habit or example comes from his father, I think they even shared the same women on occasion. There seems a disconnect with the mother, she seems devoutly religious and a rock in many ways, stoic even. Perhaps the combination of those two made JFK who he is in regard to his relationships/flaws. Whichever way we look at, by 2021 standards, it's not received well, its simplified but, its very complex.
  18. That would have been a good strategy but, if we are to believe that it is a false flag operation that the state carried out (as opposed to a bunch of guys in caves directing novice pilots), then you’d expect all sorts of surveillance of Lee and the project would be taking place. Why would the people responsible leave anything to chance? They’d want to know exactly what was in the documentary, so they could stop it, or put together a strategy to deflect or discredit it. The easiest way is to have someone at HBO threaten to pull the plug based on any number of reasons, including protecting their integrity and reputation (remember they’ll have more 9/11 believers as customers vs people who claim a conspiracy). To me, that my be the plausible excuse. Especially if news outlets everywhere are blasting Lee.
  19. I think that too. He worked on behalf of certain interests that had common objectives that were incompatible with idealism, world peace, and some sense of equality in the world. A structure and system was in place that was delivering perfectly for them and JFK was increasingly a spanner in the works, what is more, his popularity was growing, his ideas were infectious.
  20. Hey Joe, For some of the reasons in this thread here: Basically, for the offspring that are against the parole, Sirhan being the culprit offered them closure. I can see why they wouldn’t want read about the killing, why they just want it left alone. We would go to the end of the earth to find justice for our slain father but, some people just want the tragedy washed away with the ebbing tide, they lock it away in their minds. It can even be a protection mechanism, that they are blocking it. Would they rather live in a world accepting the killing by a loan nut in a random occurrence or, facing the reality that the CIA that organised the killing are still at large and are doing the same stuff? It might consume them and ruin their lives? The angst, the stress, the feeling the need to do right by the father that was taken. There is much to ponder and for some people life is easier to bury your head in the sand. Really, thats most people today, we know the injustice and corruption that Robert F Kennedy fought against is as bad as ever, but, it’s easier to be apathetic, and just live life in the moment. Maybe a question is: did John F Kennedy’s murder consume his brother, Robert F Kennedy? Did John F Kennedy Jr’s life become consumed with the death of his father? Is Robert F Kennedy Jr’s life becoming consumed with the death of his father? To what extent does JFK’s death consume us and our time? And we aren’t related to them and this is almost 60 years on. Cheers Chris
  21. A couple of very thought provoking tweets from today: Robert Kiyosaki wrote a tremendous best seller in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and he has shared financial education with many. That said, what do you think he is implying about the US political system here? Who will Kamala have as VP? The second tweet is one we should all recognise and relate to.
  22. Nice vid, have you watched the Corbett report ones? There are some belters.
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